Brutal Legend Review

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Jack Black is Eddie Riggs, the greatest roadie on earth!


Former LucasArts wunderkind Tim Schafer’s latest is marred only in the sense that it’s not quite sure what kind of pad-pusher it wants to be. Part RTS, part open-world hack ‘n’ slash opus, both sides vie for your attention as you headbang through the Secret Of Monkey Island scribe’s ode to the ludicrous album covers and lyrics of heavy metal’s yesteryear.

Despite its shortcomings, the glue that binds this rock ‘n’ roll romp is both Schafer’s affinity for flawed yet roguishly loveable characters, pin-sharp dialogue, a sumptuously realised world of chrome V-8 engines, druidic temples and skull mountains, and it’s star, the belly-busting, Jack Black as Eddie Riggs, the greatest roadie on earth thrust into this weird and wonderful universe after a stage accident.

Slickly layered with a dusting of Norse mythology, and peppered with cameos from lords of rock, Ozzy, Lemmy and Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, Brutal Legend packs in a sizeable amount of tricks and treats as Eddie battles demonic nuns, colossal beasts and devilish armies on foot, in the air and behind the wheel of his hotrod, The Deuce, which can be retooled with everything from Gatling guns to homing rockets. A raucous rock ‘n’ roll epic from the two very funny guys.