Brink Review

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Guns 'n' ammo


Bromley boys Splash Damage deliver the guns and goods this month with Brink, its follow up to the bombastic Enemy Territory: QUAKE. The result is a kinetically paced killer stab at a fresh intellectual property that – while featuring a single player mode – stands toe-to-toe with the big boys of the multiplayer world. However, let that last part serve as a word of warning: Brink’s campaign mode may house oodles of content for you to wade through, but ultimately the Bot-based experience is a lot less enjoyable than smashing through this futuristic fable with a team of 15 other players online.

Set in a far flung world where rising sea levels have forced the remnants of mankind to seek solace in a gargantuan floating metropolis known as The Ark, the storyline follows two warring factions: The Ark’s security forces and those that wish to leave the city in search of somewhere better. It’s sketchy stuff at best, but delivered with a little panache thanks to a polished script.

What really catches your eye and positions it nicely ahead of other blasters out there is the eye-catching character and environmental design that art director Olivier Leonardi culled from the likes of Oz sculptor Ron Mueck and comic book artist Jon Foster (DC, Dark Horse). But even if that doesn’t matter much to you, there’s no doubt that Brink is fast, furious and incredibly addictive, so if you’re the kind of gamer that favours teamwork over the solo experience, set aside some time wreak a little havoc in Splash Damage’s floating city.