Blue Dragon Review

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Chase the dragon


Before Blue Dragon was released in Japan last December, pre-orders sold out across the country; a huge surprise given that the game was debuting on Microsoft’s Xbox 360, a console that still hasn’t captured the imagination of Eastern gamers.

But with a development team that includes the creator of Final Fantasy and the artist who brought Dragon Ball to life, it’s no surprise that this quest is one of the world’s most anticipated games.

A traditional RPG that plays to the strengths of its progenitors, Blue Dragon boasts the deep storytelling, slick presentation and sprawling game world you’d expect from a Zelda game, but with its own distinctive visual style and perfectly balanced challenges that will charm hardcore adventurers and casual players alike.

Crucially, despite sticking doggedly with RPG conventions, the developers have wisely ditched random battles and allowed players to avoid clashes with roaming monsters, making for smoother exploration and a greater appreciation of the game’s imaginative landscapes.

A title that feels like a time-honoured classic from the moment you turn it on, Blue Dragon is an important Xbox 360 release and an adventure no swashbuckler should miss.