Its My Birthday! Review

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Kids' party perfection


Unlike most games aimed exclusively at children, there are a lot of good things to say about It’s My Birthday!

For starters, the concept is ingenious, offering parents everything they need to stage a nipper’s birthday bash in a single box, including a disc featuring over 20 Wii minigames and a wealth of real-world party decorations, invitations and colouring pages that will help any kiddy party go with a bang. The package price point is also perfect, the £20 tag representing great value for money for long-suffering parents as it’ll keep most youngsters occupied for the duration of the festivities and save them having to splash out on more retina-sizzling tat to transform their kitchen into a gaudy party venue. Best of all, though, the options provided in-game to customise the digital soiree and make it feel unique are fabulous, and will delight kids as they’re able to see their virtual shindig taking place in a world normally dominated by Mario, Donkey Kong and other Nintendo favourites.

On the downside, though, once this party is over there’s no reason to return, and it’s unlikely any child will want to play the game again once they’ve cracked all the quick fire challenges with their friends. But It’s My Birthday!’s biggest shortcoming is that its colourful, wholesome action is only suited to very young children, and any youngsters approaching the age of 10 would probably be happier slaughtering hookers in their older brother’s GTA than wiling time away on these juvenile mini games.