Bionicle Heroes Review

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Going Bionic on the Wii? Nah! It's time for LEGO to let go


When releasing an old game on Nintendo’s new console, the least a developer can do is use the motion controls to bring something different to the experience. But while kiddy LEGO adventure Bionicle Heroes wasn’t much cop in the first place, its Wii incarnation is utterly shameful.

Although the obvious way to reinvent the game would be to use the Wii Remote to aim your guns during the myriad blasting challenges, the pointer only allows players to pan and tilt the camera, a twitchy and clumsy way to manipulate the action that makes little sense given the simple gunplay on offer, and which slows the action to a crawl as you constantly move a cursor to the edge of the screen to turn your character. And as your hero will continue to shoot in a straight line as you wrestle with the controls to ensure his projectiles find their target, playing the game makes you feel more like a cameraman who’s detached from the carnage, rather than an integral part of the fast-paced carnage.

The second star in the score below is merely a tip of the hat to Bionicle Heroes’ clever story progression, where pre-teen players can gradually earn new powers by collecting a series of magical masks, a structure that gently introduces young players to the basics of modern video gaming and makes Bionicle Heroes a decent training ground for bigger and better action adventures. But with awkward and frustrating controls that completely miss the point, this Wii edition is pointless.