Bionic Commando Review

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Tricky controls for the slick update of this 80s favourite.


Here’s the rub: as Bionic Commando was rocking arcades in 1987 and became a fan favourite on the creaky NES a year later, the people most likely to get a rise from this slick update are probably losing their hair, working in middle management, or juggling the pressures of raising a family with their passion for videogames. But while the quick thrills offered by Nintendo’s Wii are the perfect complement to a hectic lifestyle, it’s unlikely hoarier gamers will have the patience to get to grips with Bionic Commando’s challenging controls.

Granted, once you’ve spent time mastering the hero’s lanky robotic arm and can use it to elegantly swing through city streets, hurl cars at your enemies and pummel rivals with a flurry of mechanical punches, Bionic Commando is tremendous fun and inherits the flexibility in movement and combat that made the original such a blast. But for anyone whose gaming sessions are limited by life’s crushing responsibilities, it’s unlikely you’ll see the best this ambitious remake has to offer before frustration drives you elsewhere.