Beautiful Katamari Review

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Beauty is only skin deep...


Stick with us on this one… While playing tennis, the king of the universe accidentally ripped a hole in the fabric of space, a rift through which all his favourite planets and constellations were lost. However, to remedy this wretched situation, the cosmic chief has charged you with rolling sticky balls around the earth to create massive balls of rubbish, each of which can be used to construct new heavenly bodies.

Still there? Then you’re obviously sympathetic to the lure of bonkers Japanese games, of which Katamari is the most absurd and has already bamboozled players on both the PSP and PS2. But while the game is sickly sweet, strangely hypnotic and mad as a bag of monkeys, Katamari’s Xbox 360 debut sticks doggedly with the same structure as its forebears, with little new to seduce fans of the charismatic series. Even worse, the game looks as if it’s running on a PS2 rather than a next-gen console and the adventure is over in a few fleeting hours, making Beautiful the least enticing entry in this ludicrous franchise.