Battlezone VR Review

Image for Battlezone VR

Virtual Reality may exist at the bleeding edge of technological advancement, but thanks to The Lawnmower Man and Tron, there’s still a sense that it’s a retro invention. Battlezone VR cements the feeling, with a return to the vector tanks of Atari’s 1980 classic. You tear around a series of neon wastelands in the glittering, humming cockpit of your tank, taking on a variety of missions, from shoot-and-kill to escorts to base capturing. Your vehicle, which can be upgraded after each successful outing, is intuitive to control, and the sense of scale, with gun-tower emplacements looming above you, is convincing. The gameplay is basic but comes into its own when teaming up with others in squad-based combat — so long, that is, as you don’t get motion sickness.