Battlefield 3 Review

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COD killer?


While Battlefield has long been touted as one of the best online multiplayer experiences out there – thanks in part to furious vehicle and environmental carnage – Battlefield 3 is the first in the series to truly set its sights on Call of Duty’s ironclad single player formula that has captivated the world of gamers and casual players alike. Unfortunately, it misses its mark.

For the most part, Battlefield 3 is a visual feast, complete with its own ludicrous globe-trotting plot that thrusts you into the combat boots of a disgraced US Marine, a tank driver, aircraft gunner and a Spetsnaz Operative, but it relies far too heavily on the idea of cribbing storytelling mechanics from its arch rival and a whole host of celluloid juggernauts. Judged solely on the single player campaign, Battlefield 3 is a highly diluted affair, but thankfully DICE redeems itself almost instantaneously off the back of its highly balanced and thrilling multiplayer modes.

This isn’t Call of Duty, it’s open warfare where the highest levels of teamwork is encouraged to survive and lay to claim victory when the ticking clock reaches zero at the end of an ear-shattering match on one of the game’s many, and impressive, maps. It’s this confidence in encouraging players to work together that sets it aside from the competition – and has done so for so long – that we hope DICE can carry over to the inevitable arrival of Battlefield 4.