Auto Assault Review

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Lose yourself to yet another fantastically addictive MMO.


While the history of video gaming is littered with titles that should have been great, but were rushed onto the shelves to honour a tight release window – movie spin-offs being the worst offenders, natch – the developers behind Auto Assault sensibly opted to delay the game after a pre-release version was panned by gamers and critics alike. Thankfully, the tortuous wait was worth every minute.

A Massive Multiplayer Online game that’s like a cross between City Of Heroes and a Mad Max flick, Auto Assault allows players to create a driver and futuristic vehicle packed with outrageous weapons, then let them loose in a sprawling, post-apocalyptic wasteland where hundreds of other players are battling for prestige, rare weapons and to evolve their characters from underpowered rookies into notorious road warriors.

With the depth of the most complex RPG - right down to crafting skills that allow you to repair damage vehicles and develop specialised weapons - and explosive battles that are more exciting than the leaden skirmishes in many MMOs, Auto Assault offers months of online thrills, only tarnished by fiddly controls and a complexity that may seem daunting to anyone who just wants to blow stuff up.