Asura's Wrath Review

Image for Asura's Wrath

He’s not the messiah, he’s a very ANGRY boy


It’s always refreshing to see a new game such as Asura’s Wrath hit the shelves – a change from the twentieth Resident Evil or sixteenth Street Fighter, to choose just two lengthy franchises from Capcom’s own wheelhouse. Yet while this godly parable of rage is awash with fantastic visuals and big ideas, it’s questionable just how much of a ‘game’ it really is.

Asura’s Wrath’s biggest problem is that success is largely governed by extended quick time events, interspersed with melodramatic cutscenes detailing the title character’s 12,000-year quest for vengeance against his demi-god peers. Brief bursts of crowd-obliterating combat are peppered throughout, with Asura unleashing a mixture of heavy and light melee attacks, ranged artillery and super moves but these sections are usually short, your success ranked on how swiftly and stylishly you complete them.

However, despite all its flaws, Asura’s Wrath is immensely engaging. It’ll suck you into a world that’s equal parts ancient Indian mythology and Star Wars, presented in a unique art style emphasising heavy shading and pencil lines. Though the free combat sections are somewhat repetitive, the outrageously extravagant set pieces make up for them.

At many points it feels like playing an action-packed anime movie, but by the time you’ve punched a fat man off a cliff, seen him grow to the size of a mountain, thrown missiles at him and shot his Star Destroyer-sized battleship out of the air, lobbed him off the Earth and delivered an explosive coup de grâce after he’s expanded to the size of a planet – one of the less impressive battles, by the way – you’ll have soon forgotten that you did most of it with merely a half-dozen inputs and a bit of button bashing.

Asura’s Wrath is unapologetically style and spectacle over substance, but it’s DAMN stylish. For a challenging action game, there are better candidates available but you’ll struggle to find anything that tops it for sheer wow factor.