Armed And Dangerous Review

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Absolutely nothing to do with the 80's John Candy movie.


With a rip-roaring tale of rebellion against a dark overloard, a ragtag group of heroes and a handful of beautifully timed Star Wars gags, Armed And Dangerous has the LucasArts seal of quality stamped all over it. Sadly, however, this ambitious adventure lacks the depth and polish of it's classic label mates such as Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic and Rogue Squadron series.

Initially the blasting action is tremendous fun, giving players access to dozens of outrageous weapons - including the Land Shark Launcher that shoots Jaws-scale predators under the ground to devour enemies - that can be used to butcher thousands of villains in a selection of imaginative alien worlds. But the thrills soon wear thin; the enemies aren't smart enough to put up a decent fight, the targeting system does most of the hard work for you and a measly selection of rival soldiers means the melees eventually become tiresome and dull.