Area 51 Review

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Reworking the clunky arcade favourite as a slick, first-person shooter


Anyone who's ever been stranded in an airport or train station is sure to have wasted time capping aliens in the light-gun blaster, Area 51. Reworking the clunky arcade favourite as a Doom-style first-person shooter, this slick new edition slaughters its coin-op cousin with imaginative graphics, a decent story and stellar voice talent that includes David Duchovny, Powers Boothe and Marilyn Manson.

But while the game looks and sounds better than ever, the cosmetic changes aren't enough to elevate Area 51 to the giddy heights of Halo 2 or Doom 3; the derivative alien-bashing becomes tiresome after an hour or two, even the fiercest battles feel pedestrian, and the multiplayer mode doesn't offer anything you won't find in a million other trigger-happy death-fests.