Archer Maclean's Mercury Review

Image for Archer Maclean's Mercury

From the team who brought you International Karate...


Archer MacLean may be better known for Dropzone and International Karate, but the designer’s first foray into console puzzlers is an innovative and compelling experience somewhere between Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball.

Using the PSP’s analogue controller, players have to tilt a series of platforms and move a gelatinous blob through various gates to reach a finishing post. However, as the mercury can be split into smaller droplets by tricky environmental hazards, getting your base metal from A to B requires intense concentration, patience and a considerable amount of luck.

Puzzle fans hungry for a new challenge after finishing the sublime Lumines will be charmed by Mercury’s quirky action, and with over 70 levels to unlock the game certainly warrants its £30 price tag. But as the action becomes mind-numbingly difficult and unforgiving as the levels progress, only those with a will of steel will stick around until the end credits roll.