Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt Review

Image for Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt

Adaptation of the Spielberg produced cartoon


With its crazy characters, razor-sharp writing and infectious songs, Animaniacs has been delighting kids ever since executive producer Steven Spielberg introduced the Emmy Award-winning ’toon in 1993. But despite having all the ingredients for a rip-roaring action adventure, The Great Edgar Hunt is about as thrilling as a Sting LP.

Although the candy-coloured graphics and zany music perfectly capture the style and anarchic mood of the animated show, there are few ways to interact with the environments and only a handful of characters you can speak to, making the bog-standard exploration-and-item-collection routine dull and lifeless.

Completing the quest also has players backtracking through areas they’ve already visited, meaning that you’ll see most of the things this disappointing romp has to offer in a few short sittings.