Animal Quest: Wide World Review

Image for Animal Quest: Wide World

Waste your days away in this genius VR world.


While most games stick with a conflict-driven narrative — lending themselves to explosive Hollywood spin-offs — the benign Animal Crossing couldn’t exist as anything except a videogame. Then again, it’s not really a game at all, more a virtual way of life. Stuck in a world populated by talking animals, your challenge is to do the things you normally hate, such as chores and chatting to needy friends. Your labours, however, reward you with the cash to personalise your environment, a routine that offers a strange sense of satisfaction. Crucially, a Wi-Fi connection allows gamers to visit friends’ towns, letting players across the world hang out. If you’re a GTA nut, you’ll despise
it. But for a unique experience, Animal Crossing is a work of genius.