Alone In The Dark Review

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Scared? You will be...


Never mind its 16-year legacy in the games industry and familiar survival-horror trappings ­ Alone In The Dark genuinely feels like something new.

Playing like a big budget TV miniseries - complete with gravelly ‘Previously on Alone In The Dark’ recaps when you open a saved file - AITD is the first game that absolutely anyone can complete. Its unique DVD-chapter device allows players to skip sections they’re having trouble cracking, which proves an ingenious way for the time-starved to enjoy a quality adventure without spending up to 40 hours wrestling with a gamepad.

Thrilling set-pieces, atmospheric visuals and streamlined controls that are simple enough for non-gamers to get to grips with also make AITD a joy to play. Hardcore players will doubtless moan about having to complete certain challenges again and again and how many sections of the game are way too easy. But that aside, this is a fun and enthralling way to bring horror gaming to a wider audience, and hopefully points the way for more developers to cater for console nuts with limited time on their hands.