24: The Game Review

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It's Jack's time to fight crime on the PS2


While many reviewers have been merciful to 24: The Game – focusing on its lush presentation and mixture of gaming styles to justify decent scores – most fans of the series will be horrified by this shoddy spin-off.

While everything you’d expect from 24 – including a twisting plot, international terrorism and a series of tense deadlines – are in place, the game tries too hard to capture all aspects of Jack Bauer’s adventures, wildly mixing genres but with little success; the driving sequences put you behind the wheel of cars that steer like rowing boats, the gunplay is offensively easy thanks to a simple lock-on targeting system, and the mini games used to simulate bomb disposals and computer hacking won’t pose any challenge for seasoned gamers.

Add to this unbelievably stupid enemies, a camera that can’t keep up with the action and graphics that look like something from a three-year-old PS2 title, and there’s not much left to entice 24 fans or gamers in general.