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31 July 2014
Certificate 12A
Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, Lee Pace, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan
James Gunn
James Gunn


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OUT 31 JULY 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Genres Action, Scifi

Film synopsis Kree terrorist Ronan The Accuser (Pace) wants ‘the orb’ so he can trade it with Mad Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin) for destroying planet Xandar. But Ravager Peter Quill (Pratt) finds it first, prompting his mentor (Rooker) to put a bounty on his head. Meanwhile Quill, Ronan’s stooge Gamora (Saldana), bounty hunters Rocket (Cooper) and Groot (Diesel), and convict Drax (Bautista) join forces to sell the orb and defy Ronan.


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Best. Film. Ever.

Chris Pratt Is A Cowboy Ninja Viking In Universal's comic action movie
Guardians Of The Galaxy Spawns Animated TV Spin-Off Peter Quill and co. will hit the small screen
Guardians Of The Galaxy Still Reigns At The US Box Office But it's a very slow weekend...
Guardians Of The Galaxy Stays Atop US Box Office As Above, So Below is fourth on a sluggish holiday weekend
Guardians Of The Galaxy Rockets Back To The Top Of The US Box Office Sin City's sequel suffers a big fat loss in eighth
First Ant-Man Photo Released Say hello to Paul Rudd's Scott Lang
Exclusive: James Gunn On Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 What of Thanos?
James Gunn On Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Credit Sting So how did all that come about?
Guardians Of The Galaxy Spoiler Podcast Feat. James Gunn Are you Groot?
Guardians Conquers The US Box Office Galaxy Get On Up struts into third
Podcast #122: Chris Pratt, The Inbetweeners Pod wankers
Comic-Con: Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Release Date Confirmed James Gunn & co back in July 2017
James Gunn Reportedly Writing & Directing Guardians 2 According to co-writer Nicole Perlman
Raccoon Rule At Guardians Of The Galaxy’s London Premiere It’s a marvellous night for a racoon dance
Extended Guardians Of The Galaxy Promo Online 'First you gotta go through us!'
Exclusive Guardians Of The Galaxy Stills Galaxies will be guardianed (or something)
Guardians Of The Galaxy Launches Viral Travel Site Head off to Knowhere & more...
Guardians Of The Galaxy UK Footage Screening Announced You'll be welcome July 8
New Guardians Of The Galaxy Posters Land Groot, Gamora & Rocket feature in fresh images
Latest TV Spot For Guardians Of The Galaxy The best in the business
Empire's Guardians Of The Galaxy Covers Are Here You're welcome!
New Stills From Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocket bares his teeth
New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Online Thieves, thugs, murderers and maniacs
Character Posters For Guardians Of The Galaxy Online Update: Here's Drax! And Star-Lord!
James Gunn Talks Guardians Of The Galaxy 3D 'The changing aspect ratios are part of the storytelling'
Josh Brolin Is The Voice Of Thanos In Guardians Of The Galaxy and beyond...
Latest Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Lands You're still welcome.
New Guardians Of The Galaxy Stills Universe, meet Star-Lord!
Three New Guardians Of The Galaxy Stills Sneak Online Galaxies will be guardianed (or something)
First Full Clip From Guardians Of The Galaxy And there's a new pic to boot
CinemaCon 2014: Disney Hopes For More Hits Marvel and other brands show off their wares
Marvel Assembles Phase 2 Concept Art Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ant-Man included
Meet The Guardians Of The Galaxy Five new character videos and director James Gunn talks
Full Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Flies in Meet the team...
Fresh Images From Guardians Of The Galaxy Chris Pratt & co in action
Get A New Peek At The Guardians Of The Galaxy In toy form, that is...
James Gunn On Guardians Of The Galaxy's Scope 'It's the biggest movie Marvel has made...'
First Guardians Of The Galaxy Promotional Images Get your Groot water bottle
First Official Guardians Of the Galaxy Image The Unusual Suspects line up
Vin Diesel Is Officially Groot In Guardians Of The Galaxy Confirmation that he'll play a talking, walking space tree
Chris Pratt Talks Guardians' Rocket Raccoon 'It’s a very real creature...'
Bradley Cooper Confirmed For Guardians Of The Galaxy We have a Rocket Raccoon voice...
Exclusive: Marvel Chief Kevin Feige On Guardians Of The Galaxy 'You’ll get more than a turn-around-and-smirk from Thanos...'
Chris Pratt On Guardians Of The Galaxy 'It'll be the Citizen Kane of movies other than Citizen Kane...'
More From Vin Diesel On Guardians' Groot Talks mo-cap and Phase Three
Bradley Cooper Could Voice Rocket Raccoon And Elizabeth Olsen is up for Avengers 2's Scarlet Witch
Gregg Henry Joins Guardians Of The Galaxy James Gunn recruits another veteran
Vin Diesel Hints He's Guardians' Groot UPDATE: Vin speaks!
Comic-Con 2013: Guardians Of The Galaxy And Captain America Interviews 'So you're beating up his fist with your face?'
Comic-Con 2013: Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast Assembled And the first footage plays
John C. Reilly Confirmed For Guardians Of The Galaxy He'll be Rhomann Dey
Benicio Del Toro Set To Guard The Galaxy Or possibly destroy it...
Karen Gillan On For Guardians Of The Galaxy She'll be the female Big Bad
Glenn Close Will Guard The Galaxy She'll head Nova Corps
John C. Reilly To Guard The Galaxy? He's in talks to play Rhomann Dey
New Captain America Sequel Art And more about Marvel's Phase Two...
Lee Pace On For Guardians Of The Galaxy As a villain...
Lovibond Joins Guardians Of The Galaxy She'll aid The Collector
Rooker Joins The Guardians Of The Galaxy He'll play Yondu
Zoe Saldana Will Be A Guardian Of The Galaxy...
Captain America Concept Art Online Plus Guardians imagery...
Dave Bautista Is Drax The Destroyer For Guardians Of The Galaxy
Marvel Boss Kevin Feige On Phase 2 The studio head on what to expect next
Jason Momoa As Drax The Destroyer? In talks for Guardians Of The Galaxy
Chris Pratt In Talks To Be Star-Lord For Guardians Of The Galaxy
Gunn Confirmed For Marvel's Guardians Super man makes it official

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Another good film to expect =))
hahaha another one to look for, hope this review helps for future reader. -of-the-galaxy  More

Posted by tang3li2 at 03:26, 28 July 2014 | Report This Post

RE: Guardians Of The Galaxy
No review thread yet? I have to say, it was pretty damn great. Not flawless, but I think this might take top spot as my favourite MCU movie, pipping Winter Soldier to the top. What I really loved, apart from the overall tone of the film, was how seperate it felt. Unlike the Avengers movies, it never feels obliged to constantly nod to other things happening in the MCU. It's hinted and and noted via Thanos and the Other (Josh Brolin's voice is very recognisable and I thought it sounded grea More

Posted by porntrooper at 22:00, 24 July 2014 | Report This Post

RE: Guardians Of The Galaxy
Oh, there was Glenn Close!  More

Posted by Pandora at 10:42, 24 July 2014 | Report This Post

RE: Guardians Of The Galaxy
Most awaited movie of 2014......  More

Posted by manikunis at 12:10, 23 July 2014 | Report This Post

Where does a racoon keep his nuts?
Rocket adjusting his junk! I think that one little detail sums up exactly how awesome this is going to be!  More

Posted by manufan at 16:18, 27 May 2014 | Report This Post

Ah Ice Pirates, all GotG is missing is a gigantic grey afro.  More

Posted by DONOVAN KURTWOOD at 08:07, 21 May 2014 | Report This Post

It could be the spiritual sequel to The Ice Pirates that nobody (except we who know better sed they needed!  More

Posted by Captain Black at 22:30, 20 May 2014 | Report This Post

but I'd be more excited if it was the original 1960's line up. Plus We've already seen 4 seasons of Farscape and if this ain't Farscape - how else would you describe it....?  More

Posted by ROTGUT at 17:59, 20 May 2014 | Report This Post

RE: Guardians Of The Galaxy
Seen the trailer 3 times in a row and I won't be surprised if I end up watching it a dozen more times this week. It was about as good as a trailer can get.  More

Posted by Chris Boomen at 12:55, 20 May 2014 | Report This Post

RE: Guardians Of The Galaxy
Was there not already a thread for this? Was it lost in the blackout? Yeh, this looks great, definitely the film I'm most excited about this summer  More

Posted by musht at 12:20, 20 May 2014 | Report This Post

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