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20 July 2012
Certificate 12A
Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Josh Pence, Tom Conti, Matthew Modine, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman,
Christopher Nolan
Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan


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OUT 20 JULY 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Genres Drama, Action, Scifi

Film synopsis Eight years after Batman disappeared, blamed for murder, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is a wounded recluse, but Gotham is vibrant — until masked maniac Bane (Tom Hardy) decides it’s high time to bring the city down. Facing this new threat and mysterious cat burglar Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), Wayne decides the Dark Knight must rise, once again.


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Best. Film. Ever.

Gotham Gets Its First Trailer UPDATE: Now with new cast image
Classic Villains Will Populate Gotham Along with a young Bruce Wayne
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Producing Sandman And he may also direct and star
Man Of Steel's David S. Goyer On Possible Superman/Batman Film Titles The Super-screenwriter suggests a few names...
Christian Bale's Hanging Up His Bat-Cape No more Bruce Wayne for him
Gary Oldman Joins Child 44 He'll reunite with Tom Hardy...
Jameson Empire Awards 2013 Are Go! The nominations are here at last
Christopher Nolan Talks Man Of Steel 'It's incredible what Zack's doing...'
Anne Hathaway On Catwoman Spin-Off 'I miss her. I love Selena so much...'
Bane Origin Scenes Deleted? The Dark Knight Rises bonus bits
Dark Knight Still Rules US Box Office Total Recall doesn't get to the party
Dark Knight Still Atop The US Box Office Few watch The Watch
Dark Knight Rises Spoiler Podcast In-depth discussion of the trilogy ender
Dark Knight Rises At The US Box Office Batman makes bank, man
The Empire Podcast #20 Is Here! Christopher Nolan and Ice-T say hello
The Dark Knight Rises In London Nolan's latest premieres
Olly Moss' New Dark Knight Rises Poster Batman goes minimal
New Dark Knight Rises Clip Emerges Morgan Freeman introduces 'The Bat'
Still Time For One More Bane Poster Another Dark Knight Rises IMAX promo
The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack! Listen to the whole thing right here
Lengthy Dark Knight Rises Featurette Meet ALL the characters
New Dark Knight Rises IMAX Poster The light shines on a burning Gotham...
Dark Knight Rises Manhole Poster Bane vs. Batman in Gotham's sewers?
Dark Knight Rises Rating Confirmed 164 minutes 27 seconds of 12A goodness
Fresh Dark Knight Rises Trailer Online 'I'm not afraid... I'm angry'
New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Online France Vs. England Vs. Batman Vs. Bane
New Dark Knight Rises Footage Premieres And a new TV spot to boot...
Dark Knight Rises: Is This The End? Possible spoilers for the third Batman
Four New Dark Knight Rises Banners The Bat, the Cat & the Bane in action
The Dark Knight Rises Over Empire New covers! New pics! Feature preview!
New Dark Knight Rises Character Posters Update: New Catwoman image added...
New Dark Knight Rises Poster Arrives Gotham is heating up fast
New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Lands A storm is coming...
Latest Dark Knight Rises Viral Launches Hunt the graffiti...
An Hour Of IMAX In Dark Knight Rises? Bring it on!
Chris Nolan Talks The Dark Knight Rises Plus, Anne Hathaway on her gym time...
Four New Dark Knight Rises Pics Arrive Bane and Bats square off...
Dark Knight Rises Audio Tweaked? Update: Warners says no...
Anne Hathaway Talks Dark Knight Rises 'Gotham City is full of grace...'
The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Arrives Bane steps out of the shadows
Christopher Nolan Talks Bane And The Dark Knight Rises
New Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster The legend ends
Dark Knight Rises Prologue Report We've seen the footage...
Dark Knight Rises Prologue Confirmed Six IMAX minutes to screen before M:I4
News On The Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy on Bane, and Nolan speaks!
Empire's Dark Knight Rises Cover Is Here Choose Batman or Bane
Anne Hathaway Works Out Puzzler She'll produce and star...
TDKR Prologue To Screen Before MI4? The Dark Knight may rise before Cruise
Hathaway's Full Catwoman Garb Revealed Now with added ears
First Look At Anne Hathaway As Catwoman But why is she riding the Batpod?
Dark Knight Rises Teaser Is Official! Nolan's next is here at last
Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster Arrives Gotham's in a sorry state...
Dark Knight Rises Adds Another Name But who is it?
Matthew Modine On For Dark Knight Rises Tom Conti also aboard
First Image Of Tom Hardy's Bane Online Holy sneak peek at Batman villain!
First Dark Knight Rises Set Pics Appear Let the Bat-Speculation commence!
Cotillard's Dark Knight Role Revealed Along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's
Carbonell Back For Dark Knight Rises The mayor of Gotham returns
Josh Pence Joins The Dark Knight Rises He's scored a key role...
Neeson Won't Be In The Dark Knight Rises But he would like to be if offered...
Nolan On The Dark Knight Rises What's the state of play right now?
Cotillard Rumoured For Dark Knight Rises She could be shadowing the Bat...
Gordon-Levitt Up For Dark Knight Rises? A likely reunion with Chris Nolan
Christian Bale Talks Dark Knight Rises It's his farewell to the Bat...probably
Anne Hathaway Is Catwoman Tom Hardy is the Bane of Batman's life
Hathaway Testing For Dark Knight Rises? Keira Knightley and more up for roles...
Exclusive: The Dark Knight Rises In May So says Michael Caine
Rachel Weisz Up For Dark Knight Rises? She's just one on the list...
Batman 3 Has A Title And you can cross off the Riddler

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Ok so here goes. Most people have heard of Christopher Nolan. Well if you have haven't then why not and for more info so I don't bore you head over to for all the latest on all Nolan's films. I think I better keep this short and sweet, ha, ha good luck me LOL. Firstly DO NOT go and see The Dark Knight Rises without the viewing of Batman Begins (my rating 5/5), and The Dark Knight (my rating 5/5). If you do see it before the viewing of these films, then your an idiot and stupid.  More

Posted by andy24king at 20:53, 04 July 2012 | Report This Post

Yeh perhaps fun wasn't the right word but if its all doom and gloom it kinda impinges on how entertaining the film is. From the trailers it feels a little depressing. Im hoping its not gna be like that  More

Posted by trainedasninja at 14:03, 03 May 2012 | Report This Post

Was Batman Begins and the The Dark Knight fun films?  More

Posted by Fincher at 11:51, 02 May 2012 | Report This Post

Does any agree that this film seems a little...well dark? From the trailers seems abit intense and not much fun  More

Posted by trainedasninja at 09:26, 02 May 2012 | Report This Post

RE: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
This thread's been auto-generated by the main site, no idea why you guys are complaining about it.  More

Posted by Darth Marenghi at 22:50, 02 July 2011 | Report This Post

RE: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
tage Of Batman Filming A Scene With Anne Hathaway Leaked: ses-way_n_888474.html ]ORIGINAL: Spaldron Empire and everyone else!! 8ow lock this thread please mods. as the first thread that came up in the search  More

Posted by TheGodfather at 21:43, 01 July 2011 | Report This Post

RE: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Empire and everyone else!! =328 Now lock this thread please mods.  More

Posted by Spaldron at 21:30, 01 July 2011 | Report This Post

RE: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
L: piccolo135 Viral campaign ramps up] it`s deleted....  More

Posted by TheGodfather at 20:57, 01 July 2011 | Report This Post

  you insert these pointless duplicate threads Empire e told to search for existing threads before starting one, so shouldn't the actual hosts be leading by example?  More

Posted by pete_traynor at 16:33, 03 June 2011 | Report This Post

The first two have redefined the entire genre. I just hope that we get a hat-trick!   More

Posted by neopol at 13:26, 03 June 2011 | Report This Post

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