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16 April 2014
Certificate 12A
Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield , Emma Stone, , Dane Dehaan
Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner


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OUT 16 APRIL 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Genres Action, Scifi

Film synopsis When Max Dillon (Foxx) is transformed into living electricity by an industrial accident, Peter Parker (Garfield) — aka Spider-Man — protects New York City from his rages. Having sworn to keep his girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Stone) out of Spider-Man’s dangerous business, Peter struggles with their relationship, but Gwen is determined not to let him make decisions for her.

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Best. Film. Ever.

Sony Planning Superheroine Movie For 2017 In the Spider-Man universe
New Birdman Trailer Flies In This place is horrible. Smells like balls...
The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Pushed Back To 2018 The Sinister Six pic moves to 2016
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoiler Special Podcast Featuring Matt Tolmach, Avi Arad and Marc Webb
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Triumphs At The US Box Office Spidey starts the summer
Marc Webb Hints At J. Jonah Jameson In Amazing Spider-Man 3 'I like the idea very much of him coming up in the next film.'
The Empire Podcast #107: Lukas Moodysson, Marc Webb, Avi Arad Let's go Easter Egg hunting!
See An X-Men: Days Of Future Past Sting On Amazing Spider-Man 2 Wait, what?
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Premieres In London Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone & Jamie Foxx swing in to town
Drew Goddard Set To Direct The Sinister Six He's negotiating to wrangle the Spider-villains
CinemaCon 2014: Sony Goes Superheroic Spidey and comedy are at the forefront
Final Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Lands 'I'm Spider-Man!'
Marc Webb Won't Direct The Amazing Spider-Man 4 (500) more days of Spidey
New Clip From The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spidey meets Electro
Two Amazing New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Motion Posters Land Keep swinging...
Marc Webb Finds Cold Comfort Fox spies a book adaptation for him
Marc Webb Confirmed As Amazing Spider-Man 3's Director He'll stick with Peter Parker & co
New Three-Minute Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Lands Here comes the dubstepper
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Featurettes Go Behind The Scenes Learn the price of being a hero
B.J. Novak's Amazing Spider-Man 2 Character Revealed He's Alistair Smythe
Latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Gets Supersized 'Time to catch a spider'
Two New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Posters Crash In Thunderbolts and lightning: very, very frightening
Roberto Orci Talks Venom & The Sinister Six Movies The Spider-Man spin-offs are a team effort
New Posters For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Online Does that look like a Goblin to anyone?
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Viral Convicts Lizard Does this hint at a Rhys Ifans cameo?
Amazing Spider-Man 2 New Year's Eve Clip Online Sony reveals Times Square shenanigans
Two New Electro Stills From The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Jamie Foxx is electric. Unclear if he has a family full of eccentrics
Latest Poster For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 His greatest battle begins
Sony Announces Its Spider-Man Spin-Offs Venom and The Sinister Six to get movies
The Amazing Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 UPDATE: International version arrives
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Releases New Stills And Marc Webb talks the 'operatic' action
Hans Zimmer Forms Amazing Spider-Man 2 Scoring Supergroup Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr and more involved
Amazing Spider-Man 3 Locks In Writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman & Jeff Pinkner will be back
Chris Cooper Talks Norman Osborn And Spidey 3 'It's safe to say he's on his last legs'
New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Stills Hint At Sinister Six Do you see what they did there?
New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Stills Arrive Online Electro and company light up the interwebs
Marc Webb Talks The Amazing Spider-Man 2 'Peter's a little more complicated...'
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cover Lands! Do movie magazines dream of Electro sheep?
Comic-Con 2013 Podcast Special: Marc Webb, Hayley Atwell Just what went on at the con?
Comic-Con 2013: Amazing Spider-Man 2 Sizzle Reel Reaction Electro causes chaos, and the crowds go wild
Comic-Con 2013: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Will Be 'Operatic' Director Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx talk webslinging
Shailene Woodley Talks Being Cut From Amazing Spider-Man 2 On being held back for the next movie and MJ's signature line
Comic-Con 2013: Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electro Promo Trailer 'You wanna know how powerful I am?'
Marvel Bringing Thor And Captain America To Comic-Con While Sony swings in with Spidey and RoboCop
Mary Jane Watson Cut From Spider-Man 2 She's held back for the third instalment
Sony Plans The Next Two Spider-Man Movies Due in 2016 and 2018...
Marc Webb Posts New Rhino Pic Paul Giamatti gets furious
First Official Jamie Foxx Spider-Man Pic And Harry Osborn, too...
Chris Cooper Is Norman Osborn For The Amazing Spider-sequel
New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Suit Unveiled Don't look around the eyes...
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Now Shooting Colm Feore is now aboard
Giamatti In Talks For Spider-Man's Rhino Felicity Jones also up for a role
Jamie Foxx Talks Spider-Man 2's Electro Could he be Spidey's ally for a time?
Sheen On For Amazing Spider-Man 2 A second serving of Uncle Ben('s)
Jamie Foxx Is Spider-Man 2's Electro 'He's a genius electrician-type person'
Amazing Spider-Sequel Looks For A Harry Dane DeHaan and more in the mix
Jamie Foxx May Go Bad For Spider-Sequel He's looking to energise Electro
No Marc Webb For Amazing Spider-Man 2? Sony boss says he might not return
Amazing Spider-Man Trilogy Confirmed Facebook page makes plans official

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RE: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
L: shool Well on this thread it appears I'm in a minority, but I really enjoyed TASM. Much more than the original Raimi. I thought they nailed the wisecracking persona miles better than the Toby Maguire guise. I also thought Gwen Stacy was a great leading lady and the chemistry between them was great. A good Spiderman movie needs more than great action scenes. Plot and character rule. ase I wasn't clear, I really liked TASM and also prefer it to Raimis original. Which is wh More

Posted by Dannybohy at 10:21, 05 June 2013 | Report This Post

RE: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Well on this thread it appears I'm in a minority, but I really enjoyed TASM. Much more than the original Raimi. I thought they nailed the wisecracking persona miles better than the Toby Maguire guise. I also thought Gwen Stacy was a great leading lady and the chemistry between them was great. A good Spiderman movie needs more than great action scenes. Plot and character rule.  More

Posted by shool at 15:22, 04 June 2013 | Report This Post

RE: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
I think the two villains look pretty shit so far! worse than the Lizard!  More

Posted by Dannybohy at 15:14, 04 June 2013 | Report This Post

RE: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
I really enjoyed the recent reboot, but not entirely convinced by the choice of Super Villains for the sequel, but appreciate the fact that they don't want to touch the likes of Green Goblin and Doc Oc, because of the recent trilogy. It will be interesting to see how the story develops.  More

Posted by Samuelpoet at 13:18, 04 June 2013 | Report This Post

RE: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
L: bydabeachman OK it is time for me to be honest about something...... The Amazing Spider-Man was, in my opinion, not well made at all! I really think the director, actors and crew did an amazing job, but for god sake's who is writing these films? Has any of them even read a comic book, even if they havent, why, oh why would you have spider-man giving away his identity to everyone he comes in contact with!?! Also when thinking of a way to transition the scene use other things than thr More

Posted by Dannybohy at 09:18, 04 June 2013 | Report This Post

RE: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Don't care at all to be brutally honest, the last one was garbage  More

Posted by rich at 23:10, 03 June 2013 | Report This Post

RE: amazing
I really liked TASM and hope they aren't making the SP3 mistake of too many bad guys!?. and why have they gone back to the Rami style suit! I loved the suit in TASM because it felt more realistic like he could possibly of made it himself! plus it looked mean! this new one looks crap! like the 1970s TV movie crap!!  More

Posted by Dannybohy at 10:22, 24 May 2013 | Report This Post

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