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14 June 2013
Certificate 12A
Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Antje Traue, Christopher Meloni, Lawrence Fishburne
Zack Snyder
David Goyer


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OUT 14 JUNE 2013

Man Of Steel

Genres Action, Scifi

Film synopsis During General Zod’s (Shannon) attempted coup on the dying world Krypton, chief scientist Jor-El (Crowe) rockets his son Kal-El, the planet’s first natural-born child for centuries, into space. Crashing on Earth, the child is raised by the loving Kents (Costner and Lane) to keep his immense strength and super-sensory perception secret. But when the Kal-seeking Zod appears on Earth 33 years later, it is surely time for Kal / Clark (Cavill) to reveal himself.


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Best. Film. Ever.

Joaquin Phoenix Wanted For Batman-Superman And Argo's Chris Terrio is re-writing the script
Wonder Woman Will Appear In Batman Vs. Superman And Gal Gadot is set to play her
Zack Snyder Unveils Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short The Big Blue Boy Scout grows up
David S. Goyer Talks Superman / Batman 'We're further along than people realise...'
Ben Affleck Talks About His Batman Casting 'We're going to be Luddites for a while...'
Ben Affleck's Batman Will Be 'Seasoned' The Dark Knight gets even darker
Josh Brolin Confirms Batman Casting Rumours Zack Snyder did approach his people
Bryan Cranston Is (Probably) Not Lex Luthor Rumour mill grinds to a halt
Superman/Batman Film Will Shoot In Detroit The new home of Metropolis and Gotham. Gothtropolis?
Matt Damon In 'Not Robin' Shock And he defends Affleck's Bat-casting
Ben Affleck Is The New Batman For the Man Of Steel match-up sequel
Man Of Steel's David S. Goyer On Possible Superman/Batman Film Titles The Super-screenwriter suggests a few names...
Comic-Con 2013 Podcast Special: Marc Webb, Hayley Atwell Just what went on at the con?
Comic-Con 2013: Batman / Superman Film for 2015? Flash races in 2016, Justice League may land 2017
David S. Goyer On Justice League Plans Exclusive: 'Man Of Steel is ground zero for a greater DC universe'
Empire's Man Of Steel Spoiler Podcast Special Featuring director Zack Snyder and writer/producer David S. Goyer
Man Of Steel Flies High At US Box Office Superman scores the top spot
Podcast 65: Man Of Steel, Dominic Cooper, Antje Traue What are the greatest opening titles ever?
Man Of Steel UK Premiere 'This movie is ridiculous and huge'
Man Of Steel Sequel Ready To Fly David Goyer & Zack Snyder already involved
Podcast 64: Michael Shannon And Damian Lewis KNEEL BEFORE POD!
Final Man Of Steel Trailer Lands 'You can save them. You can save all of them...'
Dozens Of New Man Of Steel Stills Fly In Look, a plane! No birds, alas...
13-Minute Man Of Steel Featurette Crash Lands Kiss goodbye to (some of) your lunchbreak...
Zack Snyder Plans Superman Short For DC As a new Man Of Steel featurette touches down
Latest Man Of Steel TV Spot Highlights Jor-El Russell Crowe has another chance to shine
Action-Packed New Man Of Steel Trailer 'You will not win...'
New Man Of Steel Character Posters Online Supes and co. lead off the image march
New Man Of Steel Video Flies In And Supes goes head to head with Zod in new banners
Why Man Of Steel Wasn't Called Superman Writer and producer David S. Goyer speaks
Two New Man Of Steel Posters And another TV spot
New Man Of Steel TV Spot Online Plus score snippets and new poster
Podcast 59: Rian Johnson, David Goyer Man Of Steel, Godzilla... Da Vinci?
Latest Man Of Steel Poster Lands Here comes Supes!
Kevin Costner In Black And White Reuniting with director Mike Binder
Michael Shannon On Zod's Humanity That's General Zod to you, mister
How Man Of Steel Tackles Smallville That's the town, not the TV show...
Zack Snyder On Man Of Steel Sequels Should we cross our fingers...?
Man Of Steel Empire Covers Revealed Kal-El and Zod in all their glory
Extra Man Of Steel Still Arrives It's behind you, Supes...
New Man Of Steel Trailer Flies In 'It's not an S...'
New Man Of Steel Images Soar Online For Zod's sake...
General Zod Has A Message For Us All Have you seen his Kryptonian pal?
No Kryptonite In Man Of Steel Zod on Earth...?
First Man Of Steel TV Spot Soars In 'What do you think?'
Hans Zimmer Talks Scoring Man Of Steel 'It was daunting...'
J.J. Abrams Talks Superman Flyby Reveals his vision for the Man Of Steel
Man Of Steel Toys Reveal Suits Jor-El, Superman and Zod action figures
Empire's Man Of Steel Cover Is Here No, it's not a bird or a plane
New Man Of Steel Pic Superman gets stoic
New Man Of Steel Trailer Is Here! First look at Michael Shannon's Zod
Christopher Nolan Talks Man Of Steel 'It's incredible what Zack's doing...'
New Man Of Steel Poster Arrives Supes gets cuffed
Man Of Steel Will Fly In 3D Warners confirms IMAX too
Justice League Aiming For 2015 DC vs. Marvel in blockbuster battle
Ben Affleck Joining The Justice League? Update: No, he probably isn't.
Two Man Of Steel Teasers Fly Online 'You're not just anyone...'
Comic-Con: Man Of Steel Lands And the poster is online
Comic-Con Photos: Superman's Suit Plus Pacific Rim and After Earth kit
Hans Zimmer On Scoring Man Of Steel 'A little fear has gone a long way...'
Hans Zimmer Scores Man Of Steel Gig He'll write the music
Man Of Steel Has A New Logo And a Super-Facebook page...
Lionsgate Planning To Heist Action No. 1 The tale of Nic Cage's stolen comic...
Richard Schiff Added To Man Of Steel He'll be Dr Hamilton
Will Shannon's Zod Not Ask You To Kneel? Man Of Steel's foe says the jury's out
Superman Has A New Mum Ayelet Zurer replaces Julia Ormond
First Look At Henry Cavill As Superman The Man Of Steel Is Here
Laurence Fishburne Is Perry White In Zack Snyder's Man of Steel...
Man Of Steel Moves Back to 2013 Some things even Supes can't beat...
Harry Lennix On For Man Of Steel Everyone salute General Swanwick
Christopher Meloni Joins Man Of Steel But who is he playing?
Julia Ormond Could Birth Superman She's in talks for Lara Lor-Van
Russell Crowe Joining Superman? He's in talks to play Jor-El
Superman has a Villainness Antje Traue will go bad for the role
Michael Shannon Is Superman's Zod Zack Snyder picks a nemesis...
Exclusive: Zack Snyder On Superman 'Chris Nolan is amazingly generous'
Amy Adams Lands Superman's Lois Lane We have an intrepid reporter...
Diane Lane Is Superman's Martha Kent She'll be his adoptive mum...
Kevin Costner On Board For Superman He's Pa Kent...
Henry Cavill Is The New Superman For director Zack Snyder

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RE: very warm and touching
This is looking sooo good. Can it really live up to the trailers and buzz? Yep, I think it can Great cast too... Costner, Crowe, Fishburne, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, and of course Henry Cavill. Interesting feature on what the stars of the new Superman movie "MAN OF STEEL" are worth. And it is BIG bucks! enry-cavill-kevin-12159645.html?cat=40  More

Posted by belcher77 at 22:34, 06 June 2013 | Report This Post

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