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The Mummy Returns... Again

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The Mummy Returns... Again - 8/9/2006 10:56:32 AM   
Empire Admin


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Post your comments on this article
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- 8/9/2006 10:56:32 AM   


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Why???? The Mummy Returns was so bad that I never bothered with The Scorpion King. Why should I bother with this???

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- 8/9/2006 11:30:57 AM   


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it makes no sense 2 make a third, all the ends were tied up and should be left tied up and this film should never to see the light of day, esp. with out Sommers. Come on Hollywood where is all the inspiration new films not more sequels

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RE: The Mummy Returns... Again - 8/9/2006 11:38:29 AM   

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It remains to be seen, but if Fraser is the only star to return and Sommers isn't directing (not that I think he's that good anyway), this could fall into a straight to video low budget disaster....  Bad idea all round.


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SEVEN YEARS is too long. - 8/9/2006 11:42:39 AM   


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There won't be much interest in it.

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RE: SEVEN YEARS is too long. - 8/9/2006 12:19:12 PM   

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i'd see it, although i have no clue whats happening. steven somers IS NOT DIRECTING so thats pretty good i think!!


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Maybe - 8/9/2006 12:37:26 PM   


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Maybe they had Breadan Fraser's Character go on an unmummy related adventure. I would watch it

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- 8/9/2006 1:35:46 PM   
Masked Dave

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From: Manchester
The Mummy.
The Mummy Returns.
The Mummy Forever?

Which of course means we get unfortunate mess of a film that will be The Mummy and Robin before going back several years later for the an awesome prequel The Mummy Begins.

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Tee hee - I like that - 8/9/2006 2:43:21 PM   


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Rachel Weisz probably won't be returning for The Mummy 3 and then the next story: Rachel Weisz is a Smart Person. Do you did that on purpose Empire!

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- 8/9/2006 4:00:54 PM   

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From: Harrow
The Mummy remain Sommers' sole good movie.

I like Brendan Fraser, but it'll be pointless to just rehash Imhotep once more and I'd be surprised if Weisz returned.

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- 8/9/2006 5:50:16 PM   


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Stephen Sommers directed a great B monster movie 'Deep Rising'

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back again - 8/9/2006 6:31:04 PM   


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Joined: 20/5/2006
From: england
i'd go and see it even though it has been a long time. they are both good action, comedy, adventure movies. not scorpion king though that was rubbish

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EXCELENT (CUE AIR GUITAR PLAYING) - 9/9/2006 1:06:11 AM   


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im lookin forward to this! Fraiser is a great actor (just watch his eps of scrubs for proof! i cried like a child when he died!) and im not so sure about wiez turning it down! Didnt she recently get booed at her latest film? Shes done a risk movie now its maybe time to do something safe! Maybe they could do a film with Fraiser's character exploring with his son! (altho not the annoying kid from returns!) but surely they need some kind of mummy related villian for this too actually work as the mummy three? And just so you all know THANK GOD SOMMERS ISNT GETTING WORK ANYMORE! VAN HELSING WAS SHIT, BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN FANTASTIC IF NOT FOR SOMMERS INVOLVEMENT IN THE WHOLE BLOODY TRAINWRECK OF A FILM!

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RE: The Mummy Returns... Again - 9/9/2006 10:53:06 AM   
Daniel Kelly

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Joined: 6/4/2006
From: warkham
Yeah doesn't sound to good. Didnt like The Muummy movies that much anyway and the only piece of work Sommers did that I am fond of is Van Helsing and thats only because its so bad its good!


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"Cut him down!" - 9/9/2006 3:51:49 PM   


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Joined: 23/8/2006
I loved the Mummy movies, and if you watch the second one it's an object lesson in how to do a proper summer blockbuster, it has humour and story and a big action sequence about once every 10 minutes. Too bad Sommers aint gonna be back, I heard he might have been working on a remake of Jason and the Argonauts?

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Post #: 15
- 9/9/2006 7:02:55 PM   


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Joined: 14/10/2005
I liked The Mummy and I enjoy Smallville so a combination of the both should be good. However, my only complaint would be that Smallville is sometimes very linear, whereas the Mummy 1 & 2 never had this problem, lets hope that this is the case for the closing chapter, rather than a dry predicatable kids film (a 15 cert would be nice).

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- 9/9/2006 10:14:53 PM   


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Joined: 6/9/2006
From: Ipswich
I'll admit we don't need a new Mummy movie at all, actually we didn't need The Mummy Returns. Does this mean I'll give The Mummy 3 a miss? No! Of course I'll watch it. I loved both of the movies and they were what cinema desperately needs, light entertainment. Pirates did it well and The Mummy as well. With Indiana 4 seemingly taking forever we might as well go for the alternatives. It'll be pure pop corn entertainment. :(

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hmmm... - 14/9/2006 3:57:48 PM   


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Joined: 7/3/2006
i'm a little less than enthusiastic about this one. but, having said that i enjoyed (and own actually) both previous mummies. so, i won't say this is a waste of time coz it's not, it's not needed, but if it turns out alright it'll be worth going 2 see it.

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RE: - 16/9/2006 7:33:58 AM   

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ORIGINAL: fanappy

it makes no sense 2 make a third, all the ends were tied up and should be left tied up and this film should never to see the light of day, esp. with out Sommers. Come on Hollywood where is all the inspiration new films not more sequels

I can understand them wanting to cash in on a third but like the article says.  Brendan Fraser is not the big star people thought he'd be after the Mummy films also its been 7 or 8 years since the last one.  Maybe i'd go and c this but i dunno...i personally liked the other films.

(in reply to fanappy)
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RE: RE: - 17/9/2006 3:24:36 AM   

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From: England
Maybe, just maybe, Sean Connery could play his father. He'll run away from boulders and such and... ah nevermind, it'll never work. Quite frankly I can see this film going the same way as every other '3rd in the series!' movie lately. Over bloated, over the top with SFX, lacking in plot(s), full of holes and leaving you wondering why they haven't stopped already. I won't believe this film will be worth watching until it comes out, hopefully it'll prove me wrong and be a great romp, more than likely it'll crash and burn as far as quality goes, but still cash in.


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Indy VI - 19/9/2006 8:33:32 PM   

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You lot arnt saying no to indy four are you and that will be 25 years since last one...or even when the first star wars trilogy finished, like 2 dacades later and we got another trilogy, you lot wenrt moaning about another trilogy, and return of the jedi did falter there.....

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