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RE: The world has got a little stupider

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RE: The world has got a little stupider - 3/7/2006 2:06:46 PM   

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Watched it last week and overall it was just alright. 

The film is visually beautiful - a cross between The Fith Element/Luc Besson/pop-French/Japanese Manga-style, that really overwhelms the eye.  Jovovich is great and sexy (didnt like her hair though) and whoops major balls.  Her character and the world seemed to have a lot of franchise potentional (especially hinted at in the credits and the promitional campaign "Blood War Is On" etc), that could've been a Matrix-esque style story battle between government and Heomogens. 

But that's where the positives stop because someone dropped the ball big time.  While I dont think Wimmer's cut will make the film superb, or better than Equilibrium - I read test reviews over a year ago that were pretty much saying everything bar the action scenes was a little silly - its still a shame that the studio turned everything apart from the action scenes into a total car crash.  Maybe Wimmer's original version made the story and plot more engaging which would've made the action scenes more worth while.  I mean, they are superbly exicuted action scenes, gorgeous to look at and edited skillfully.  Its just a shame that the plot and story are so messy that its hard to engage.

You can see that the studio just binned the film (it was supposed to come out last year) when scenes just stop (the chase scene just ends inside this building).  Villians just pop out of nowhere (who where those Triad guys?).  And the flashback scenes to me felt like they were the introduction of the film rather than being put in to cover plot holes.  Also the CGI is terrible which is an awful shame.  The film has been canned for a year - if it wasnt binned the FX could've been fixed - but Sony didnt bother.  The Bike chase on paper and the way its shot and put together is awesome but the CGI is terrible.  If the studio had faith and put some money behind the film you would've had an amazing scene, but what you get is something that is a mess.   

There are two ways to watch the film IMO.  One is like everyone else and forget the post-production troubles the film had and come to the conclusion that the film is an unwatchable but pretty mess.  Or two - take on board its troubles, forget about the plot and just watch the action and visuals from a director that needs studio backing and freedom.



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! - 25/9/2006 1:48:47 PM   
Mat Sansom


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Que??? - 14/11/2006 4:10:56 PM   
damn im good!

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Okay, I kinda get where Kurt Whimmer was going with the visuals. He invented himself a comic book character and wanted that to transpose into the CGI backdrops he was using. It didn't work.

I get where he was going with the story, and if reports are true that 30mins were cut by the studio then maybe it's not his fault that it makes absolutely no sense.

I watched it. I had one immediate thought..........."I've wasted my life"

My house mate rented it. Due to his bad taste in films, he's now suffering from a swollen eye and a broken jaw. Don't put yourself through it. More importantly don't put anyone else through it.

I liked Equilibrium. Not great, but showed potential. This doesn't.


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RE: The world has got a little stupider - 15/11/2006 10:16:36 PM   

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This is the worst type of film ever!

Its the one where you can see the germ of a good idea and an ambition to make the most dazzling sci-fi spectacle ever and then they gave the director 50 quid to spend on special effects and cut the script in half and hired second rate performers....

My God its SHIT


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TRAGIC! OH SO VERY VERY TRAGIC. - 30/5/2007 3:18:58 PM   

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Some films can be bad and yet still fun. I like some quite bad films, I mean as a bench mark for my taste I think 'Remo: unarmed and dangerous AKA the legend begins' while bad is still great fun. This is just bad. Equilibrium was silly but fun. This is just silly. the weak effects could have been overlooked if the action was any good. The awful acting and script could also have been forgiven if it wasn't taking itself so VERY seriously. The music was a distraction too. The soundtrack was either pounding beats to insist this scene is fast and exciting, OK! Or the music was big and moody to try and give it some kind of emotional gravitas that this film really doesn't deserve. It borrows many ideas, does those badly and wastes it's few original variations. Stay well clear of this.

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- 4/3/2008 11:51:00 AM   


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Its ok, the plot is not as bad as some, and I completely disagree with Empires reveiw, the action was exiciting, the dialouge was poor but not terrible, and the falut of the movie was its lack of action, and the awful chase scene, the background looked like a mix between real-life, CGI, and comic book backgrounds, and it just doesn't work, and is confusing, however though Mila is sexy as ever, and you can tell she's trying to work with the lines she's given, all she has to do is stop doing action movies, try other stuff once in while Milla.

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By and large terrible - 2/7/2009 1:38:30 PM   


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If I hadn't read the review before I'd had probably seen this is the cinema like I did when Equilibrum came out (in fact I watched that twice at the cinema), as I did read the review first I waited well over a year before renting the DVD. And its definitely not worth the wait.

Let's be clear there were somethings I liked about the film, mainly the gadgets. The 'gravity shift', the 'colour changing clothing' (big market there for whoever gets it going) and 'pocket dimensions'. These are cool little ideas, no matter how bonkers they appear. Its just a shame the rest of the film comes upto to same the par.

The excellent gun fights that made Equilibrum fail to be repeated here, mainly because the makers have tried, and failed to turn it upto to eleven, also Milla for all looks she doesn't have Christian Bale's co-ordination. The fights are comic styling (as is the whole film) of the highest order, meaning they lack even Hollywood credibabilty. I could over look the CGI in Equilibrum because it doesn't swamp the film so badly, here is does and to fair I've seen better graphics in the Far Cry game. As for the plot, well it all been done before in some way so there's nothing new being offered there.

If you are keen to check this out I would reccomend watching the fights on Youtube, disregarding the faults I've mentioned they are still the sole draw for the film. It is a shame that this wasn't given more time to develop at all the various stages because we've seen that the director while not a major new talent is certanily better then this.

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- 26/5/2010 3:36:28 PM   
david hayes


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Worst film I've seen in nearly ten years

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