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I, Robot

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I, Robot - 28/3/2006 5:08:13 PM   
Empire Admin


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I, robot - 28/3/2006 5:08:14 PM   


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From: Boston
Fantastic movie. Brilliant plot and a lot of brains. Keeps youthinking which is never a bad thing.

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RE: I, robot - 28/3/2006 5:37:46 PM   

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From: Maidstone Toon!
I really enjoyed this and  watched it quite a few times when it first came out on DVD. The overall story can be a bit flimsy in parts but it had a bit of everything. Sonny(the main robot) was earily humanlike and the special effects were one of the films top things that made it enjoyable. 4 out of 5.


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RE: I, robot - 28/3/2006 5:55:37 PM   

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ORIGINAL: premierbaron

Fantastic movie. Brilliant plot and a lot of brains. Keeps youthinking which is never a bad thing.

Apart from you can guess what is going on from about halfway through. The story is butchered in order to get some pointless Will Smithisms in, the boy, the grandma etc. Could of been excellent if they had taken out all the adverts and made Smith play it straight without all the wisecracks.


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RE: I, robot - 28/3/2006 6:42:00 PM   


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ORIGINAL: Flatulent_Bob


ORIGINAL: premierbaron

Fantastic movie. Brilliant plot and a lot of brains. Keeps youthinking which is never a bad thing.

Apart from you can guess what is going on from about halfway through. The story is butchered in order to get some pointless Will Smithisms in, the boy, the grandma etc. Could of been excellent if they had taken out all the adverts and made Smith play it straight without all the wisecracks.

I dissagree; I didn't guess the plot untill they acctualy told you (at "Revolution" so sooner than most people) and I thought it was brilliant how they managed to work together all the elements of to plot, right from the accident being a brillient annalogy of the story itself, to the whole ideas of the soul and how the robots related to that.  I thought Will Smith was brill, and his wise crakc were pretty dam ace for an action movie.  It was also great to see heros that were acctuly quite flawed (his paraniod distrust that went to far, her preference of robots).  All the little bits of their chracter were brough out brtlliently. 

And the action kicks ass too; the sheer weight of the situation really kicks in like I never had in any other film.

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RE: I, robot - 28/3/2006 6:43:48 PM   

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I know I'm biased but I thought Alan Tudyk's portrayal of Sonny was excellent, and was really the only reason I enjoyed the film. The majority of it was predictable rubbish.


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RE: I, robot - 28/3/2006 9:46:58 PM   
jor el180

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Very True! I thought it was excellent- would have been better, hasd it not been for so much of the "Smithism" as someone phrased it. But loved Sonny

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RE: I, robot - 29/3/2006 8:57:57 AM   

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They went a little OTT on the CGI, but I don't suppose they can make thousands of robots for real... can they?  However it was good clean fun for the family despite the avid "Smithisms".


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RE: I, robot - 29/3/2006 9:18:38 AM   

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From: Spanking The Re-animator...
I really liked this film. It's a great Saturday night film, with the great Will Smith doing what he does best, and Sonny, who is so much like a human it's scary.

Love the house being demolished scene when he has to rescue the cat.


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RE: I, robot - 29/3/2006 12:46:39 PM   

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From: Harrow
I thought it was excellent. Will Smith was very good and stopped his wisecracks after half an hour, and I loved Alan Tudyk as Sonny. This film wonderfully uses Asimov's philosophies to create a more satisfying action-adventure, and frankly Alex Proyas' vision of the future was well done without going OTT.


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- 18/7/2006 5:41:17 PM   


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From: Croagh

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Shake them til they cry - 20/9/2006 3:40:04 PM   

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From: Plymouth
There's a lot of good to I, Robot, but I have to mark it down for the one reason I don't think I will ever be able to watch it again, the absolutely sickening product placement.

The most blatent, shoe horned in products since Mac and Me, this is like having an ad man and greedy movie exec sticking their c**ks in your mouth and asking you to pay £6 for the privelage of having a suck. Sorry about the imagery but such blatant greed is revolting.

A guy from the future just happens to take delight in products from the early 21st century in loving, lingering completely unrelated shots or just telling you the exact name of the product.

It really makes you want to find out who's responsible and shake them, until they cry and promise never to do it again.

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Thank Proyas for Will Smith - 2/11/2006 3:26:59 PM   

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From: A magical forest
Yes, Will Smith clichés are very prominent in this classy action film, but its what makes the film a work of Genius. His all too predictable wisecracks and his bad-ass cop routine are essential in a film like this. It just adds to the brilliance of the movie.
This film is a wonder to look at, with almost flawless CGI, and a computer-generated character to rival Gollum, Sonny the robot. The plot is thrilling, and the script does it justice, with sharp, witty dialogue that leads you on from cle to clue, like... well Hansel and Gretel.
A class act from all involved, and don't bash Smith, the film wouldnt be the same without him

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Forget about... - 15/3/2007 9:24:52 PM   


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The product placements! can't you just enjoy the film for what it is?? A good story, great effects and a psychotic computer system! WOO HOO

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I, Advertise - 9/4/2007 11:19:31 PM   


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Fantastically entertaining and visually stunning. Smiths presence didn't bode well but the film was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be.

The main minus for me was the clumsy product placement. I don't know if the director was keen to get it out of the way but the first 10 minutes were blatent to say the least.

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Mum Dad ,This is my girlfriend, VIKI. - 16/5/2007 2:11:05 PM   


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Will smiths best movie ever.

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I, Robot - 21/1/2009 6:38:19 PM   


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Alex Proyas’s latest sci-fi “I, Robot” is an astonishing science-fiction film with mind-blowing special effects that has been choreographed so well that even the likes of John Woo would be proud of it. “I, Robot”, being Proyas’s first sci-fi film since “Dark City”, the expectations for it were high and many people doubted he could meet them, but thankfully Proyas has not let us down with this action-packed thrilling sci-fi movie.

“I, Robot” is set in the year 2035 with robots being a common use in people’s everyday lives. Del Spooner (Will Smith), a robot hating detective haunted by a robot related trauma, is called to investigate a suicide case of a USR (United States robotics) robotics inventor. However, Del Spooner is reluctant to believe it is suicide but in fact murder that may have been committed by a robot. So when a robot, named Sonny, claims he can think for himself he immediately thinks Sonny committed the murder. This partners Spooner up with another robotics inventor Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan).

Isaac Asimov (a famous sci-fi author) had a great influence on Proyas and this influence is clear through-out “I, Robot”. For example the three laws that all robots are programmed to abide by were created in Isaacs books. Another great influence was Fritz Lang, so any fan of Fritz Lang’s masterpiece “Metropolis” will be glad to know that there are obvious similarities between Sonny and the robot in “Metropolis”. Imagine the robot in “Metropolis” 100 years on and there you have Sonny.

Proyas has cleverly intertwined deeper meanings to this film and as the film runs we discover the many deeper meanings with Spooner (Smith) which is why it captures the viewers attention so well. These meanings are almost a warning to the audience and it helps the audience relate to it because we can imagine that one day these war

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- 28/9/2009 1:44:03 PM   


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From: somewhere else
Though I'm not very fond of sci-fi I actually liked that one. Maybe that was due to Will Smith but maybe also because the story was quite good!!

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- 22/8/2010 11:50:39 AM   


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One of my favourite sci fi movies ever. The future world is brilliantly imagined and Smith and the rest of the cast are generally top notch (for a summer blockbuster that is). The main storyline focuseson a murder-investigation turned conspiracy and the plot moves at a quick pace but not to fast that you miss the production design, state of the art effects or any of the story beats. Sonny is a great creation, funnily enough the real heart of the story is in this machine.
The best thing about i'robot is the action. Early highs include Smith searching for one robot in a sea of identical ones, and a giant robot destroying a house with Smith still inside. There is a breath taking car chase in a tunnel and the finale is truly incredible.

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Let Down By Converse... - 26/6/2011 5:09:08 PM   


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A well-thought sci-fi thriller that does the unthinkable-makes you think! It's a far cry from the days where blockbusters like this were purely for entertainement, not to be intellectual. Just a shame they couldn't make the product placement less subtle instead of shoving it down out throats, as well as Smith's bad performnace, let down by stale dialogue. Though i'd never say that to his face.

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RE: Let Down By Converse... - 3/4/2012 8:51:37 PM   

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I, Robot (2004)

So Hollywood took a classic collection of sci-fi literature and turned it into an action packed bullet time fest for Will Smith, hmmmmm. I think this film had some incredible promise being based on Asimov's short stories and could of been a classic sci-fi offering in the realms of '2001' or 'Blade Runner' but unfortunately Hollywood decided to stick Smith in the fold as the main character just to get bums on seats in the cinemas.

The casting of Smith was really a huge let down for me, a terrible and obvious piece of soulless money spinning simply to make this film into something that would appeal to the younger mass audience. Within the first five minutes of the opening sequence you can see how bad this decision was, we see Smith acting overly masculine as he swaggers about like the film revolves solely around him, his silly looking bobble hat thing which is tipped to the side trying to be cool and trendy, ear studs and a ridiculous outfit combination of black leather pants and a quarter length black leather coat. I mean really, is this a film based on some classic science fiction short stories or just trying to make Will Smith look as slick as possible with a gun, shades and motorbike. Must also point out this film has a small role for the annoying Shia LaBeouf -_-

The film does have some very good aspects in terms of effects that can't be denied, sure we have seen it all before and there isn't anything really outstanding on offer in the sense of 'things looking flashy and futuristic' but it all looks very clean smooth and realistic. The addition of the super sleek Audi concept car looked very nice I must admit but did we really need such a blatant advert in the film? the sequences just looked like car adverts, Audi paid for it yes, fine, but was it needed?
I did also like the robot designs, the older 'protector' robots looked a bit like something from the 'Star Wars' prequels but the newer 'NS-5' robots were well crafted and do have a realistic believeable look to them.

The problems I see with this film, it attempts to compete with classic 'epic' sci-fi films, it tries to be bold and boast a strong plot by constantly referring to the Asimov laws of robotics and using character names from the books as if this will make the film better, serious and closer to the much superior source material. Most of the nine stories by Asimov weren't really action based but simply more about robotic behaviour and mainly how the laws are used to solve problems, simply errors or malfunctions that the robots encounter in their daily routines. This film doesn't follow any of the nine stories I might add, its actually based on another separate story with Asimov's I, Robot notions slapped on top after the rights to the stories were acquired.

The only aspect which connects to one of Asimov's stories ('Robbie') is the way Smiths character dislikes robots, the way they replace human jobs and seem to be taking over the world. Smith of course being a black man also gives the chance to turn the tables on the prejudice hot potato with his character basically being completely against robots and their 'kind', he sees them as trouble, not to be trusted, he wants the robots to be trouble so maybe people will all turn against them. A basic angle yes but reasonably intriguing, a more suitable actor like Washington would have been the better choice to carry this across in my opinion.

This film is big, flashy with destruction, car chases, bionic arms, guns, over the top fights, an overly stupid ending which does spoil plus allot of over used slow-mo action, much focusing on the robots which looks nice but what's the point of bullet time sequences on fully cgi characters?. Whether or not Asimov would have liked this kind of approach I don't know but I'm sure a slightly more subdued slow intelligent piece of work was more in mind.
You do have classic spy novels that have been made into films/TV drama's that aren't filled with all this needless in your face action, at the end of the day this is yet again just another glossy Hollywood action/thriller film which has been thinly veiled with an attempt of serious sci-fi. Yes its a reasonable sci-fi film and better than most other offerings but if you want a film more closely based on an Asimov story then I suggest you watch 'Bicentennial Man'.

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RE: I, Robot - 24/3/2013 10:54:24 PM   


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From: Birmingham
Product placement never bothered me here, the reverse sexism did. I mean the ladies get a long lingering shot of Smith in the shower, when it's Moynahan's turn we see nothing? It's just not fair!!

I love the movie, my favourite Smith picture and I feel it's one of the best action sci-fiers of recent times. I have no affinity to Asimov so I'm not tainted there.


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