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Decent but not 5 stars

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Decent but not 5 stars - 22/1/2014 11:47:50 AM   

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I really enjoyed the film but I think there's a little too much praise going around for it. The pace of the film is what sets it apart from other lengthy films; it never feels slow or dull. DiCaprio turns in a fine performance but it felt a little too 'showy' for me - I never really believed in him during his motivational speeches to his fellow traders (he just felt a little weak in these scenes). I think he is best when doing subtle comedy like Catch Me If You Can and in various scenes in The Wolf OWS. I felt Jonah Hill did not have the gravitas to play such a character. Also, his teeth were such a stupid prop that it took me out of his performance completely.

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RE: The funniest, most truthful film I've seen in years. - 22/1/2014 5:12:38 PM   


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I loved this film as well and of COURSE it should clean up at the Oscars, BAFTA's, Shafta's, Golden Globes etc etc everything and everywhere!

But it won't and that's fine by me. Funny, spell-binding and thought-provoking entertainment (all the reviews I have read not one person has also mentioned the film's attack on the LEGAL US drug industry after all biggest highs come from drugs that were once available on prescription befoe being banned. Makes you wonder what we're taking?!) and of course a career tour-de-force from a truly great actor.

One thing though, I disagree that the likes of Hugo, Gangs, Departed etc are mediocre Scorsese efforts, they just pale into comparison compared to The Wolf!!!


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THE REAL AMERICAN HUSTLE.... - 22/1/2014 6:11:48 PM   


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If it’s a straight choice between watching this or American Hustle – put your money on Scorsese every time. The Wolf of Wall Street actually lives up to the hype. Bigger, badder with more convincing performances all around from an excellent cast , it’s a welcome return to form by one of the best living directors in Hollywood today. DiCaprio’s tour de force would easily win the best actor Oscar come March - if it wasn’t all so competitive this year – and if there’s any justice Scorsese would get best film. Sure, it’s a tad too long, but in the end you won’t mind because the laughs come thick and fast and you’ll be hooked as all the shifty on screen shenanigans slowly unfold ( Rob Reiner is a hoot). Jordan Belfort as played by DiCaprio is a handsomely seductive devil who entices all his willing cohorts (and the watching audience) into a seedy world of riches, corporate fraud and non stop debauchery. In the end we’re not being asked to judge because it’s clear from the off that Belfort is nothing but a rat with a gigantic appetite for life, a man who’ll say and do anything if it means getting high, getting the girl or turning a quick dishonest buck. But that’s all part of the fun and - when he finally does get his comeuppance – you can’t help but feel just a little bit sorry for him. Admirable? Hardly. But it all makes for a great rags to riches story. This film is worth your money. GO SEE . FOUR STARS

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Could have done with being shaven from the brow down - 23/1/2014 12:01:28 AM   
steve c


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Cant fault the film other than what the title says - needs to be shaven, particularly the office hype scenes. Appreciate however that the copious amounts of fadge are just that though - nicely shaved. DiCaprio doing his Nicholson face to a T and calls on all his Gilbert Grape method acting to carry out most of the best scenes to aplomb. Great performance.

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essential viewing!!! - 23/1/2014 5:50:00 PM   
josh the movie leg


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This is one of the best scorsese film in a long time. An insane and masterclass thrill ride with truly epic performances from Di caprio , hill and margot robbie.

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Another Scorsese masterpiece - 24/1/2014 10:02:46 AM   


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Rating - 5/5

Setting the record for most frequently using the f-word (at 3.18 instances per minute), The Wolf of Wall Street is another fantastic piece from Martin Scorsese. Telling the story of Jordan Belfort who, like a sort of ďtwisted Robin HoodĒ, stole from the rich and the poor and gave to himself, the film delivers on all levels - direction, writing and cast.

Terence Winterís screenplay is an homage to Scorseseís classics, Goodfellas and Casino. The rule-breaking narrative style is once again effective and constantly moves the story forward, keeping us hooked and laughing every second.

This is a film for all Scorsese fans, and for anyone who still needs a reason to be one.

See my more detailed review of it here.


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RE: Another Scorsese masterpiece - 24/1/2014 10:08:53 AM   
Dr Lenera


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In 1987, Jordan Belfort takes a stockbroker job at an established Wall Street firm. His boss advises him that the way to succeed is to forget the idea that the client should get some money from a sale, and to adopt a lifestyle of sex and cocaine. The firm fails after Black Monday, and Jordan finds himself out of work. His wife pushes him to take a job with a Long Island boiler room which deals in penny stocks. His aggressive pitching style soon earns him a small fortune. He befriends Donnie Azoff, a salesman who lives in the same apartment complex as him, and, recruiting several of Jordanís friends, some of them experienced marijuana dealers, and his accountant parents, they form Stratton Oakmont. Despite the respectable name, itís essentially a pump and dump scam, where the workers swindle money out of people by selling them rubbish. An exposť in Forbes dubs Jordan the ďWolf of Wall StreetĒ, and soon hundreds of ambitious young financiers flock to his company and its debauched anticsÖ..

569 utterances of the ĎFí word. Thatís a hell of a lot, and itís easy to see why there has been much publicity about the fact that Martin Scorseseís latest film contains such a high number, to the point that it now holds the record for the number of times the word has been used in a feature film [for the record, Summer Of Sam, Nil By Mouth and Scorseseís Casino are second, third and fourth]. Iím the kind of person who thinks one ĎFí bomb can be more powerful than twenty and really dislikes the increasing use of foul language in society, especially by the young, so I went into The Wolf Of Wall Street with some trepidation. Actually, while there are many scenes where the ĎFí word is thrown about, itís usually restricted in large mentions to those particular scenes, and while its use in those scenes comes across as puerile and a whole load of macho, testosterone crap, thatís exactly the point. The stockbrokers in the film may be essentially thieves in that they swindle huge amounts of money off people, and therefore reprehensible criminals as bad as the gangsters that more commonly populate the films of Scorsese, but theyíre also little more than children, discovering they have a huge playground and can do what they like.

Talking of gangsters, thereís no doubt that Scorsese is deliberately echoing his great Goodfellas and Casino [which in some respects is a better and more interesting movie] with The Wolf Of Wall Street, not just with its supposed cautionary rags to riches tale of a crook but its structure and many of its devices. The Ďheroí Jordan Belfont not only narrates parts of the film but tells us that he always wanted to get rich. Therefore there is both a certain predictability and a certain familiarity about this picture, but if it works then why not do it again, and there is no doubt that The Wolf Of Wall Street continues the really strong run of Scorsese films that began with Shutter Island and Hugo [I feel he was rather more hit and miss for quite a while before that and even his hits missed the mark a bit], even I still donít think it reaches the heights of his early masterpieces. For a start, while its three hours keep on moving, with Thelma Schoonmaker doing her usual fantastic job of editing, the film is sometimes very repetitive Ė I mean how many times do you need to see Jordan and his cohorts indulging in their Bacchanalian excesses? There have been accusations, and this is nothing new for a Scorsese picture, that the film is glorifying the hedonistic lifestyle it depicts. Iím not sure thatís the case, and in any case to show this kind of thing a responsible filmmaker should show the attraction of it and how people can get caught up in it. The problem is that thereís just too much of it, and Iím not saying that to be prudish: in fact, while thereís all sorts of debauchery going on, most of it is only briefly shown. Iím saying it because it got a little boring.

The opening cleverly goes from what seems like an advertisement for the Stratton Oakmont company, an advertisement which makes out the company to be really nice and caring and wanting to help people, to a party in the office where they are dwarf-throwing, and to Jordan, in what is a typical evening for him, snorting cocaine from a hookerís vagina. Jordan not only narrates but breaks the fourth wall in actually talking to the audience about his life, and right away Leonardo DiCaprio is incredibly charismatic in the title role. Jordan Belfont was of course a real person, whose memoirs the film is based on, and Leo doesnít look much like him, but he does give the impression that he could sell ice to Eskimos. More disturbingly, he helps make you often admire him even while you hate what heís getting up to and his seemingly total lack of a moral compass. This is the closest heís come in a Scorsese role to the iconic roles that Robert De Niro played for the director, especially in Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. Thereís a superb early scene where his boss Mark Hanna, played by Matthew MccConaughey in a great little role, takes Jordan to a fancy restaurant and, in a few minutes, verbally sucks the impressionable, ambitious Jordan into the morally bankrupt, greedy and callous life he will go on to lead. Jordan never seems to care about all the people he swindles, but more to the point I donít think he even gives the effect of his Ďdealsí much thought. He just wants to get rich, and gets trapped in the life that comes with it.

The film gets less interesting as we are shown time and time again the naughty stuff our protagonists get up to, though some of it is amusing. This is the sort of film where a character can come home and find a gay orgy going on in his living room, though as Iíve said before itís mostly very brief. Some of this material had to be cut to gain an American ĎRí rating and, as with Casino, which British cinemas got in a version with extra violence that had been cut by the US censors [though the second DVD release is of the cut US version], the UK version is the full one, though to be honest I canít think of anything that the MPAA would have cut out. Thereís also a hell of a lot of substance abuse, which leads to what is the best drug scene in a film since Human Traffic or even Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas. Jordan has taken a load of out-of-date Quaaludes because the first one didnít seem to work, and, collapsing onto the floor, has to get out of some hotel doors, down some steps and into his car while being totally unable to stand up. Itís totally convincing and very funny in a dark way: I mean I almost laughed out loud, but he also looked like he was having a stroke. DiCaprio exhibits a flair for physical comedy akin to that in the silent days. The whole film is comedic throughout, and there are definitely some good funny scenes, like a wonderfully politically incorrect conversation of dwarf-throwing, though some of it is just crude without actually being funny, as is the fashion these days.

The Wolf Of Wall Street is Paramountís first film to be released entirely digitally, and it really does seem that the days of 33mm film are numbered, with Paramount releasing films solely in this format from now on. Scorsese still shot most of it on 35mm, and his direction is as fresh and vibrant as ever, if not quite as showy as his last two films. Different lenses seem to be used throughout to show when Jordan is Ďwith ití or not. Some of the best scenes are actually just ones of dialogue, like when the FBI agent on Jordanís case pays Jordan a visit and the two play a verbal game of cat and mouse, each person letting the other one know what heís thinking while often saying words to the contrary. It shows brilliant acting by DiCaprio and Kyle Chandler and superb writing by Terence Winter. Sadly there isnít enough tension in the latter stages of the film when it all comes crumbling down for Jordan, though the biggest failing of the screenplay is that it doesnít give enough context to what the Wolf and his pack do. Showing some of the effects of their swindling and fraud would really have helped, but Winter and Scorsese would rather show lots of topless hookers. Maybe they did get a little caught up in the attraction of what they are portraying?

Typically for a Scorsese film, there are quite a few references to other films, if not nearly as many as usual. Iíve seen a couple having sex being disturbed by a yapping dog too many times, but I loved, for instance, seeing the same couple having sex on a bed full of dollar bills like in Diabolik. There arenít as many songs from the period as one might expect, though Scorsese still uses pop music very well and the soundtrack would make for a fun and diverse listen. Overall, there is a slight emptiness at the centre of The Wolf Of Wall Street, perhaps partly because of the commercial disappointment of his wonderful Hugo, a film which into which he poured his heart and soul. Itís immense fun though, as long as you donít mind an inordinate amount of boobs and marching powder, and even Jonah Hill is good in it. Old Marty has still got it.

Rating: 7.5/10

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RE: Bravo! - 24/1/2014 1:39:58 PM   
Filmfan 2

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ORIGINAL: TheMightyBlackout

Although you can't actively 'like' Jordan Belfort, and certainly can't approve of his behaviour and actions, you can't help but admire that he got away with it for so long, and came out the other side with a story to tell. Less of a cautionary tale, more of a cautious boast, The Wolf of Wall Street is far more compelling, and entertaining, than it probably has any right to be in 2014.

As with most of your (wonderfully succinct) reviews, I agree completely.


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jaw dropping - 27/1/2014 12:12:04 PM   


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Very entertaining indeed, if a tad too long. Di Caprio owns this and reminds us that he really has some acting chops. This is all about greed and the environment of greed. And it is scary to think that much of this happened and that will make you hate bankers just that little bit more....

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RE: The Wolf Of Wall Street - 28/1/2014 1:30:10 PM   


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Fully warrants its 3-hour length in my opinion. Di Caprio's charesmatic depiction of Belfort never got tiresome and Hills role as Azoff provided the much needed ying to his yang. I gave it a 9/10

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RE: The Wolf Of Wall Street - 28/1/2014 5:47:24 PM   

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Lewis, you were sent a PM yesterday. Could you read it please?

And if a post has been removed, please don't replace it without checking with the Moderation team.

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RE: The Wolf Of Wall Street - 29/1/2014 12:25:49 AM   


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From: S.Wales
First off I didn't hate the film! But... I thought it was a too long film about a hateful character/person, it's quite exhausting spending too long in the company of such a horrible personality. Some of the 'tamer' bawdy scenes reminded me of Benny Hill repeats, or that scene in one of the Monty Python films where a load of naked women chase a man off the top of a cliff!
I'm also not a huge fan of DiCaprio (understatement), I don't get his appeal; I don't see how people find him attractive (a bit like Paul Hollywood) and I totally don't see how people can say he's a good actor (he's like the acting version of Coldplay)! So the fact I didn't hate the film is a minor miracle. I think I just pretended, for the duration, that it was an entirely fictional enjoyable romp and not a depressingly real representation of the money industry.

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poor, flabby shambolic indulgent writing,acting and dir... - 29/1/2014 3:11:59 PM   


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The film and what story there is is weak at best, This is indulgent and messy film pales compared to Scorsese's better films. There is very little to like for me anyway. The main character is totally unlikable and this just making the film long and basically boring. I see enough dickheads in my life with out having to endure it on the screen for three hours.....

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THRILLING Cinema!!!! - 29/1/2014 11:22:14 PM   


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Martin Scorcese at his best!!!

Wolf of Wall Street is over indulgent, over the top, funny, provocative, outlandish, vulgar, obscene, violent, sexually explicit Scorcese, a swearathon epic just the way he used to make,..finally getting back on form again. From it's iconic Scorcese narration and visual slow motion / still impact we are introduced to Jordan Belfort (a brilliant Leonardo DiCaprio) who is first shown the stock market ropes by Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey) order to survive in this job is to "jerk of and use Cocaine,...lots of it". So from the moment go Jordan is hooked,...

This is classic Scorcese,..from it's amazing tour de- force performance from Leonardo you are taken on a breathtaking thrill ride through the in's and outs ( no pun intended) of Stockbroker survival, as after surviving the great Wall Street Job crash of 1987 Jordan teams up with Donnie Azof (Jonah hill a real revelation here) and put together the company called Stratton Oakmont, but as the money comes pouring in and million dollar deals are made by the minute they are soon being spied on by F.B.I agent Kyle Chandler (Patrick Denham) and bad press earning Jordon the title of "The Wolf Of Wall Street". So begins an odyssey of drugs, prostitutes, broken marriages, bust ups, Parties,...and swearing,...lots of swearing. But as in the best Scorcese films, he turns this into an artform.

Check out some dizzying and beautiful sequences charting the explosive antics of Jordan, be it at the offices of Oakmont, to his lavish Yacht parties as his rise to success and becoming multi millionaire reaches boiling point,...the most memorable and funniest moment is when Jordan together with Donnie take a new drug and overdose,...causing Jordan to go into the "Epileptic Phase". This excruciatingly funny sequence see's Jordon literally crawl into his Lamborghini then drive at 20 miles an hour to stop Donnie screw up a multi million dollar deal with corrupt Swedish Banker Jean Dujardin ( a dry Jean-Jacques Saurel).

But the comedic genius doesn't stop there, the film is littered with blisteringly funny moments, Jordan's antics on planes in clubs to Donnie screwing up deals with other wannabe dodgy money laundering characters like Brad (Jon Brernthal) constantly arguing with Donnie about who is the most fucked person from "Fucksville". It's the constant barrage of dialogue fury in the film that keeps it's plot and energy on it's razor sharp from, Scorcese is really the master of this medium on all levels here.

Other characters such as Jordons father Max played by Rob Reiner have great dialogue exchanges, even discussing "Shaved pussies and hairy bushes" is truly a funny delight to behold. All other madcap characters that make up Jordans firm are on sparkling form here, Ethan Suplee as fellow Stockbroker Toby all getting there fair share of money, cocaine and prostitutes...even they are given a class rating system here, from cheapest to most expensive! But this is really Leonardos movie, from his turbulent relationship with beautiful Margot Robbie (an impressive Naomi Lapaglia) to his arrest and eventual time in prison, and countless parties, orgies, bust ups and lots of cocaine, Decaprio thrills and makes even a character of this many flaws likeable and someone you want to root for.

At one point in the film Jordan asks,..."Sell this pen to me,.."..and trust me, will.


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RE: The funniest, most truthful film I've seen in years. - 1/2/2014 11:33:50 AM   

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I don't know when those 3 hours went by, an absolute masterpiece!! I loved every second of it. Scorsese, DiCaprio and the rest of the cast have outdone themselves. Leo's role was so amazing, that I think he just can't do something as creative and as exciting as the portray of Jordan Belfort. He was born to be one of the greatest actors to date, but he was most certainly born to play this role. Jonah, Jon Bernthal, Rob Reiner, Margot.. all of the cast, amazing job!! This movie will be a classic 10 years from now. 10/10

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Scorsese does soft boring porn - 2/2/2014 4:49:32 PM   


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An overlong, self indulgent, soft porn movie...dull dull dull.

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RE: The funniest, most truthful film I've seen in years. - 2/2/2014 10:14:29 PM  1 votes

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Oh yeah, this was just fantastic entertainment and a brilliant piece of film making from Scorsese with a HUGE performance from DiCaprio who delivers not only his best ever, but one of the best performances by an actor of the last 10 years at least. Phenomenal, and I see no reason why I can't call him the best actor in the world after that.

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What's your excuse now Oscar? - 10/2/2014 12:49:43 AM   


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From: Belfast
If DiCaprio isn't recognised after this, there is something seriously wrong. The Departed, Blood Diamond, The Aviator, Catch Me If You Can - so many excellent performances over the years. The Wolf of Wall Street might not be everyone's cup of tea, but no-one can argue that DiCaprio isn't absolutely magnificent in it.

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RE: What's your excuse now Oscar? - 10/2/2014 12:12:15 PM   


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Excellent performances all round but honourable mentions go to Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie and especially DiCaprio. A short, early scene, which sees a room full of people watching in awe as Belfort completes a sale, showcased DiCaprio's charisma for me - I almost felt like joining in with the on screen applause. Almost.

Like many other reviews, I agree that it could have lost some of the running time without suffering - about 2 hours in I wondered what the hell else could possibly happen - but at the same time it didn't feel tediously long. The film never lets up which I assumed was emulating the drug-fuelled lifestyle of the characters.


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RE: What's your excuse now Oscar? - 10/2/2014 12:21:45 PM   

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ORIGINAL: Hillsman

If DiCaprio isn't recognised after this, there is something seriously wrong. The Departed, Blood Diamond, The Aviator, Catch Me If You Can - so many excellent performances over the years. The Wolf of Wall Street might not be everyone's cup of tea, but no-one can argue that DiCaprio isn't absolutely magnificent in it.

I'd guess the 'excuse' would be being nominated in an exceptionally strong year and, for some, if not many, not being quite the strongest in that year.


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- 13/2/2014 10:38:24 PM   

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From: Sin City
The new three hour long Martin Scorsese about the money grabbing douche bags on Wall Street shows once again that Leonardo DiCaprio truly is one of the best actors of our time.
He is in every scene and shows a whole number of different emotions. He all makes it looks so very easy and he makes it all so believable without going over the top or becoming fake. Jonah Hill as DiCaprio`s buisiness partner is brilliant as well, finally he gives another great adult performance after his strong role in Moneyball.
The film itself is excellent from start to finish. The pace is really high, never making it feel that it is three hours long. Terence Winter delivers a tight screenplay filled with lots of great humour and fantastisc dialogues. And of course Scorsese`s regular editor Thelma Schoonmaker is of great importance again.
You can easily say that Scorsese is back to his greatest hights and this is without a doubt his best work in many years.


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Post #: 51
Pretty good but not for all - 18/2/2014 4:31:21 PM   


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THis one of those films that splits its audience on one hand its great performances , good direction and story. Plus its really funny , the problem is that that character is not emphatic , female characters have less work to do and too much vulgarity. The Departed and Goodfellas ,Scorsese has the right ingredients in them and better conclusion this comes across as style over substance. Certainly better then Wall Street 2 with Shia le AARGHHHHH!

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Post #: 52
Give DiCaprio his damn Oscar!!!! - 27/2/2014 7:21:28 PM   
Ciaran McDaid


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DiCaprio was SUPERB!!!!

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Post #: 53
That good, I've watched it twice! - 31/3/2014 10:29:41 AM   


Posts: 30
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Let's cut to the chase: this is the best movie I've seen in years.

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