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- 28/4/2013 3:42:54 PM   


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Joined: 6/10/2005
A bit of a rip off of a Vince Flynn book and a bit of a lost potential. Sloppy bits such as "The Whitehouse" and the ease at which a plane gets into Washington airspace and the way that the defence of the White House is so poor did detract a bit. But still better than the latest Die Hard...

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RE: - 2/5/2013 2:25:04 PM   
Mr Gittes


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Joined: 3/2/2013
I love a good action movie, and I tried to enjoy this. I really did. But it was just too bad. Missed opportunities in the story, painful cliches and horrible shakycam just ruined any enjoyment I may have had from this movie. Surprisingly the CGI blood didn't annoy me too much, because practical effects or no the movie was still pretty damn violent, which has to be admired in an age of 12A Die Hard movies. I was expecting more from Gerald Butler, but he still had a decent amount of charisma despite his awful American accent. Oh, and Morgan Freeman is so criminally wasted in this, it makes Wanted look like The Shawshank Redemption.

So overall a dull and sloppy action movie that others may enjoy but I'd say you're much better off just watching (or revisiting) season 7 of 24. Great television is better than bad cinema. With Olympus Has Fallen, they could have at least executed the action in a manner where I can understand what the hell is happening.

I'm off to watch The Raid again...

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Post #: 32
RE: RE: - 3/5/2013 10:32:44 AM   

Posts: 18422
Joined: 3/1/2006
From: Norwich
Theoretically a good film. The reality a rather bad film. It had every action hero cliche going (hero calling his other half and pretending everything is fine etc.) and whilst there was a lot of action this became rather dull after a while. I zoned out a little by the middle of the film as it became rather boring. Any film in which even Morgan Freeman provides a bland and poor performance is not a film worth watching.

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Nothing to see here.

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RE: Olympus Has Fallen - 6/5/2013 12:50:37 AM   
Private Hudson

Posts: 1842
Joined: 30/9/2005
This was utterly daft but fun.

The White House gets taken far too easily and where are all the planes, helicopters, army and police?

It had silly logic like that, which when you compare it to the likes of Air Force One (which also seemed a bit ridiculous) the characters say and do things that just don't add up.

But Gerard Butler is quite good and he does get some good lines, like the one someone mentioned earlier.

And how the hell did Robert Forster's General get to where he is? He is thick as sh*t. Yes it was a bit patriotic and flag waving, but not as much as it could have been. In my opinion, Air Force One is still the benchmark for these derivatives of Die Hard, with Die Hard (1988) itself being far superior to any of these movies and indeed is one of the best movie of any genre.

If you want to have a bit of fun at a daft popcorn movie and spend 2 hours cheering on a good guy taking on the bad guys, then go see it. Will be interesting to compare it to White House Down.


Watch my spoof movie of FULL METAL JACKET here:

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Post #: 34
RE: Olympus Has Fallen - 6/5/2013 1:02:14 PM   

Posts: 734
Joined: 6/6/2006
Loved it 9/10 for me. Gerard Butler makes for a good action hero. Morgan Freeman is always good value for money.

A silly film maybe but a lot of fun. Very violent and extremely over the top. Loved it

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Post #: 35
RE: Olympus Has Fallen - 16/5/2013 8:38:38 PM   
Sonny Wortzik


Posts: 20
Joined: 16/5/2013
Even though i watched it a few weeks ago, i still cant decide whether it was good or terrible.

Was over the top an borderline laughable at times but at the same time it was a lot of fun, can imagine loads to hate it and loads to love it.

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Post #: 36
RE: Olympus Has Fallen - 16/5/2013 11:08:24 PM   

Posts: 2438
Joined: 21/10/2005
From: Yorkshire
I saw it twice and loved it. I do love Gerard Butler but I'm not biased. I don't blindly enjoy all of his films. The first time I saw it was an advanced preview, and the second a regular showing which seemed much darker (especially once inside the White House) than the first. I hope it's not that dark when it hits blu-ray.

It's just good fun, I think. Cheesy, sure, but I don't think it takes itself too seriously. The CGI is a little iffy in a couple of places but I've seen much worse. I wasn't greatly impressed with Aaron Eckhart, but Butler did get some great lines ("Why don't you and me have a game of fuck off? You go first." Makes me giggle every time.) I also found that, though there was a strong current of "YAY AMERCIA", It didn't feel like I was being slapped in the face with it like happens with a lot of USA-centric action films.

As for Empire saying there's an odd running theme of Banning stabbing people in the head with his knife: hardly. He does it twice. The first is to put a man out of his misery when he needs to do it quietly, and the second is because he promised he would. And yes, there are errors on the newscasts. Not only the "Whitehouse" one, but at one point there is a caption that says "Terrorist attack the White House". But does it really need to be such a big deal? There was a newspaper clip on Bruce Wayne's computer that said "jewel hiest" in DKR, but it didn't get much attention.



"Will someone please get this motherfuckin' horcrux outta this motherfuckin' snake."


"See Mr Grey.
See Mr Grey abuse women.
Run women, run."

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Olympus Has Fallen - 8/6/2013 3:09:22 PM   

Posts: 27
Joined: 7/1/2013

Promoted by the film’s star as Die Hard in the White House. It’s a risible film devoid of any soul directed by Antoine Fuqua who made the excellent Training Day. This film succeeds at consistently reminding us of better films in the action genre. It joins a long line of forgettable action films in 2013, it’s arguably the worst.

It begins promisingly with a nice set-piece at Camp David. The story centres on ex-secret service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) who is overcoming a Presidential trauma (In the Line of Fire) as the main centrepiece of the film plays out. North Korean radicals take over the White House and take the President (Eckhart) and his staff hostage. Not before an all out assault on the senses that kills hundreds and leaves Banning as the only man left alive to defend freedom and the American way. Clichés start to pile up like “I’m the best hope you’ve got” and “He’s just opened the gates of hell.”

The tropes of the genre are wheeled out to dulling effect. Where most action films this year have softened the violence to achieve a PG rating Olympus cranks the violence up. At about the 25 minute mark a plane with an arsenal of weapons opens up on the streets of Washington. No one could accuse Fuqua of not shooting action effectively but to provide an impact a layer of believability is needed. However for the next 15 minutes or so bullets tear through bodies, knives cut through flesh and explosion after explosion all but destroys the White House. The violence though predominantly aimed at men features a brutal assault on a woman. After being kicked in the stomach and punched in the face she asks the president “How’s my hair? The evil madman Kang played by Rick Yune makes Blofeld look sympathetic. Then it gets dark which means most of Butler’s hand to hand combat is executed in the dark of night.
Morgan Freeman, Angela

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Post #: 38
Some people say it is like Die Hard but isnt Die Hard A... - 9/6/2013 2:24:42 PM   
Dom Brownbill


Posts: 1
Joined: 9/6/2013
If it's pure action you're after, this probably won't disappoint: there are helicopters, Secret Service agents, Gerard Butler, fights, bad guys, missiles and some big-budget explosions.

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luckily it was a free screening - 10/9/2013 3:02:09 PM   


Posts: 2
Joined: 23/3/2013
I felt embarressed watching it to be quite honest. I agree with a previous review that it just reminds you of better action films. The 'funny' lines weren't funny and none of the acting was anything special; and all are capable of much better performances. 30% of it was making fun of North Korea (but could be replaced by any other country that the US doesn't like) and the other 70% was Gerard Butler being the ultimate American hero... whilst doing not very much.

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WHAT'S THE OTHER ONE LIKE...? - 10/9/2013 4:37:15 PM   


Posts: 382
Joined: 14/7/2008
Die Hard in the White House? Twice? In the same year? And how long did it take those (barely a dozen?) North Korean terrorists to take over the whole place?
5 minutes? 10 minutes? I didn’t realise that Hollywood still churned out genuine propaganda movies. RED DAWN and ACROSS THE PACIFIC immediately spring to mind. This film comes across like a John Milius WET dream – big, dumb and about as subtle as a concrete slab in the face. The plotting is simple a, b, c, and the villains are slapdash insulting racial stereotypes - but the whole thing is played with such straight faced gusto and sincerity I wondered if I was watching some old US war department home security video (or lack of - in this particular case). When they hoisted the stars and stripes at the end and they all stood around saluting each other you’ll either throw up or laugh your head off - but by that point I kind of gave up trying to actually enjoy it. The good ol U S of A triumphs again…….YEEE HAWWWWW!!!! ONE STAR

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RE: WHAT'S THE OTHER ONE LIKE...? - 3/12/2013 1:33:25 PM   
Vitamin F


Posts: 632
Joined: 6/10/2005
From: Norn Ireland, so it is

Ok, so it's another "Die Hard In a ..." film, so far so unoriginal. But this one has so many Die Hard moments that the term 'blatant rip-off' is pretty valid. The fact that not one of them has any of the class of the original says it all.

This can be enjoyed with the brain switched off, no problem there, and you (probably) won't be bored for the 2 hour runtime, but at the end of it all it's nothing more than a very pale and soulless imitation of a classic. So why bother?

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Post #: 42
RE: Olympus Has Fallen - 31/12/2013 9:36:26 AM   


Posts: 103
Joined: 28/12/2013
Olympus Has Fallen has excellent action sequences, and Fuqua does a terrific job making Washington, D.C., look like a battleground. For indulgent viewers, this will be enough.

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Post #: 43
Plot weaknesses - 28/12/2014 2:22:09 PM   


Posts: 18
Joined: 20/12/2014
Okay, the excitement was good and the plot relatively good. But why oh why do Americans always go for shoot first and ask questions later?

Conner, the president's son is wanted alive to make the president give in to the asses' demands. The kid is hiding in the partition within the walls. The turd terrorists hear him and open fire with machine guns ALTHOUGH THEY WANT TO TAKE HIM ALIVE. Silly. I've seen this type of stupid plot weakness so many times in Hollywood films I think how much are these scriptwiters paid. Are they really that stupid?

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Post #: 44
A very enjoyable movie - 28/5/2015 3:51:05 PM   


Posts: 99
Joined: 2/5/2006
It's patently absurd to give this movie two stars. Three maybe, but two?? It's a great fun, very solid and tense action thriller of the kind they just don't make anymore. Brought me back to the nineties when they made actual good action movies. Very surprising review Empire.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 45
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