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Evil Dead

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Evil Dead - 7/4/2013 11:41:09 AM   
Empire Admin


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Is it scary as we're lead to believe - 7/4/2013 11:41:09 AM   


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Ok so I did read 'the splat shocks aren't hugely frightening', does that mean the film isn't scary, thats all I've been looking forward to know since I saw the brilliant (scary) trailer and the poster proclaimed 'the most terrifying film ever', does it live up to this hype, cause personally I've not seen any genuinely scary movies in a long long time and I think it would be quite an achievement in our mucho desensitized day and age to actually succeed in making one, but the trailer did make it look like it might be possible. If it is I can't wait to see it comedy or no!

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RE: Is it scary as we're lead to believe - 7/4/2013 4:25:14 PM   

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If a film says it the scariest film ever, chances are its not.

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Why make it funny - 15/4/2013 12:01:41 PM   


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Empire I maintain what I have said in the past you really are a bunch of tossers in reviews! Why have a horror film that laughs at its self! There is a real lack of good horror movies that are truly catering for the over 18 market why should it be the same as the originals? You still have this way of building something up and then knocking it flat. Are you connectedto the Daily Mail?

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I chose C - 15/4/2013 1:03:10 PM   


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Option C) i thought, like most people who have read this review i presumme, that the reviewer was merely listing all the other "classics" that have been remade as Evil Dead now joins those ranks. Duh!!

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I chose C - 15/4/2013 1:03:13 PM   


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Option C) i thought, like most people who have read this review i presumme, that the reviewer was merely listing all the other "classics" that have been remade as Evil Dead now joins those ranks. Duh!!

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Uuuugh - 18/4/2013 7:09:26 PM   


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Slick, by the numbers and professionally made. Three things an Evil Dead movie should never be. I found it utterly charmless and boring.

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RE: LOUD NOISES!!! - 18/4/2013 9:02:40 PM   

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From: Manchester
To quote the genius that is Brick Tamland; "LOUD NOISES!"

It was a lot of loud noises rather than actual frights. I think when the poster said "the most terrifying film you will ever experience" what they actually meant to say was " the most loud noises in 90 minutes you will ever experience".

Despite that observation, I actually quite enjoyed it. It tried to push the envelope in the area of gore so it must be applauded for that and I wasn't ever bored, so yeah I think 3 stars is about right, maybe even 3 and a half.


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RE: Evil Dead - 18/4/2013 9:25:39 PM   


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Thirty-three years ago, a young upcoming filmmaker named Sam Raimi, along with producer Robert Tapert and actor Bruce Campbell, independently made a low-budget horror (originally titled Book of the Dead) which took the simple premise of five kids staying in an isolated cabin in the woods where gruesome stuff happens and blended it with Three Stooges-styled humour but with blood and gore standing in for custard pies. Since its initial release, The Evil Dead has spawned a franchise (including a musical) with Bruce Campbell being a legend in the horror genre and as a fourth instalment is apparently coming, a remake has arrived and the question is: does it live up to its brilliant source?

When a group of five friends are meeting at an old cabin deep in the woods, amongst them recovering drug addict Mia (Jane Levy) and her brother David (Shiloh Fernandez), they arranged this getaway as Mia's opportunity to become clean after her addiction caused her to overdose to the point of clinical death. When Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) discovers a book known as the Naturom Demonto and reads a passage from it aloud, an evil is awaken and brings bloody horror to the young adults.

Produced by the creators of the original trilogy, Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez makes his feature-length debut which has been advertised as “THE MOST TERRIFYING FILM YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE”, which seems as a sign of overconfidence from the filmmakers. This use of marketing is similar to the original film which used a quote from Stephen King who highly praised it and he was not wrong as The Evil Dead was a ferocious experience which was so bloody yet humorous, you don’t know whether to scream or laugh. In the case of this new version which was co-written by the unaccredited Diablo Cody, it’s approached a straightforward “serious” horror where the gore is pushed to its extreme, as well as characters being brutally tortured though none of them match the over-the-top brilliance of Bruce “Ash” Campbell.

While it lacks in humour or even great characters (despite good performances from Jane Levy and Lou Taylor Pucci), the technical aspect of the film is enough evidence that Fede Alvarez has a promising start for his filmmaking career. Alvarez takes a decent stab at building atmosphere whilst cleverly presenting references from before but in a fresh way, such as the book of the dead or the infamous possessed hand. At a time where CGI has become a huge part in the horror genre, Alvarez retains the practicality of the original as the unpleasant gory sequences are done through practical effects while the prosthetic work make the possessed youths look deteriorated.

While it is not the terrifying experience as the original was as well as lacking in humour, Fede Alvarez makes a strong debut with a remake that works with its atmosphere and gore. With plans of already making a sequel, let’s hope Alvarez becomes more successful as an up-and-coming director.

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much ado about nothing - 18/4/2013 10:27:42 PM   


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Remarkable un-scary, not even ONE jump!? No where near as nasty as I thought it would be. As for the gore, it was a bit too comical - the audience laughed more than once. If you've seen the red band trailer, you've seen all the best bits. And the only creepy bit - where the evil girl sings through gap under the trap door - wasn't even in the film!?

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RE: much ado about nothing - 19/4/2013 11:59:46 AM   

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torture-prawn ?

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Chainsawingly awesome. - 19/4/2013 10:27:29 PM   

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From: Oxford, UK
Fede Alvarez has well and truly taken a leaf out of Sam Raimi's book for this exhilarating, and thoroughly old-school, horror flick. His determination to stick-to-the-formula saves the day here, where it's been the downfall of many an imitator. If you can regard 2013's Evil Dead as a companion to the original, rather than a replacement, you'll have immense fun.


More reviews and rambling like that ^^^ at: >>> <<<

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- 20/4/2013 8:30:22 AM   


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would like to know kim newman thoughts,i was dissapointed,and the actor who played david was awful.

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RE: - 21/4/2013 9:09:39 AM   


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From: London, England
I saw the Evil Dead remake two days ago at the cinema, which I thought was very good. I'm not always into the idea of remaking films, but this one and the Maniac remake have been the best ones I watched so far.

It did have moments that brought a touch of The Cabin in the Woods (in my opinion) but there were some differences I noticed in this remake, which you can compare with the original. For example, Jane Levy who plays Mia is a drug addict and I believe her character was meant to resemble Cheryl in the original who did not have that drug problem. Also, at the start of the remake a girl is captured in the woods and later tied up. During that particular scene, you get to see an elderly woman reading from the book before the girl transforms into a demon and is shot by her father. That at least gave us an idea on how the Book of the Dead all started and you do not get to see that in the original, as it started off with Bruce Campbell (Ash) and a bunch of other characters driving on their way to the cabin.

On the other hand, the remake had a lot more seriousness in contrast to the original's comical scenes. The gore sequences were brilliant and whoever did the effects on those scenes really deserves a praise.

In conclusion, I would have to say that the remake and original are both good for different reasons. Although, I would recommend everyone to watch the Evil Dead remake at least once. Really worth a watch.

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Great...if not groovy! - 21/4/2013 1:33:51 PM   


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I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was truely horrific. As a remake of 'The Evil Dead' (1981) - and not the hilarious 'Evil Dead 2' (1987) as quite a few folk out there appear to think - it was perfect. So violent and gruesome I was squirming in my seat and constantly on-edge during every scene! It was so much more gruesome that than the original which was banned for the tree-rape scene and solitary decapitation! I honestly can't believe some of the stuff they get away with in this version! The gore is unbelievably well-done...and constant!!

I don't think we need a remake of 'Evil Dead 2' as no one could replace Bruce Campbell - or even the 'feeling' of 'Evil Dead 2' or 'Army of Darkness' so I hope the new sequel just plays it straight (again) and serves up some more horror and nastiness. I look forward to clearing some space in the collection for the new films to sit by the old ones!

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RE: - 21/4/2013 1:56:33 PM   


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ORIGINAL: seanofthedead

would like to know kim newman thoughts,i was dissapointed,and the actor who played david was awful.

Pretty much all the actors were bad, but got the impression that this was on purpose.

Main two problems for me was it being way too high budget and lacking in the slapstick humour of Rami's film.

It was a nasty piece of work, with entertaining gore moments, but not scary in the slightest.


p.s. could have been much, much worse, get over it people!

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Guts, Gore and Glory - 21/4/2013 10:01:53 PM   


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I dont know how you couldnt love this film! is gory, is beautifully done and its fun! What's not to love!

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Avoid - 21/4/2013 10:10:39 PM   


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Spoiler alert: okay to start off the idea (which doesn't make an entire film) of the sister going into the woods for a detox was super super original I liked that a lot and the fact that the others where like sceptical about anything supernatural happening. Strong start if you can ignore the whole american kids going into the woods being killed off one by one.
The film was more gross out than horror. And the gross outness seemed to have been either tacked on or copied from the original (which I can forgive it is called a remake but come on!!)
One thing looking back on the film is that the pictures in the book took away any element of surprise.
SPOILER ALERT: But this is my biggest problem with the film is that there isn't a main character then in the final act Mia who is the antagonist or working with the antagonist in her for more than
2 thirds of the film at the last minute resurrects from the dead, (how many times is this junkie gona come back for goodness sakes) and becomes a bad ass heroine pun intended. I invested in the character of the brother and Mia was the acceptable face of Evil than I'm supposed to root for her for like 10mins at the end, a bit lazy me thinks.
I did like however Mia's character when she was possessed, she said a few lines and was crazy and that's in a sick way was fun to watch. I was a bit scared but to call it a horror or to compare it to original is a bit strong. BTW CAN TRAILERS STOP GIVING US ALL THE BEST BITS OUT OF CONTEXT!!!!!

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RE: Avoid - 22/4/2013 12:16:00 PM   

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From: Bangor
Not scary, and not really any better than any of the remakes we've had thrown our way of late.

Entertaining gore though.



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RE: Evil Dead - 24/4/2013 10:49:19 AM   

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From: St. Albans, Hertfordshire
I quite liked it, but it does have its issues.

It never overcomes the problems of the original film, and I say that as someone who considers the first film to be entertaining but heavily flawed. I think it's about on par with the 81 Evil Dead.

Apparently Diablo Cody was brought in for a script polish, but the dialogue is so perfunctory you'd be forgiven for not knowing she had a hand in it.

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RE: Evil Dead - 25/4/2013 3:17:21 PM   

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Saw it this morning (along with about 6 other people, one of whom was a 60-ish year old woman dressed in a Sainsburys uniform - legend). I rather enjoyed it, I must say.

I would disagree that the performances were poor, Jane Levy especially was exceptionally creepy as Mia. The rest weren't exactly Daniel Day-Lewis but significantly better than most remakes.

What I did enjoy was that even though it was only 90 minutes-ish, it was very well paced, and less hectic than the trailers suggested, which made the outbursts of gore seem continually escalating, and they certainly didn't skimp on the grue. There were some truly icky and squirm inducing moments though not particularly scary, save for the odd jump.

Can't wait to watch again at home along with the original.

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- 25/4/2013 7:00:49 PM   


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not that fussed about the 'lack of humour'. horror, for me, is a serious business.

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- 25/4/2013 7:00:52 PM   


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not that fussed about the 'lack of humour'. horror, for me, is a serious business.

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RE: Guts, Gore and Glory - 28/4/2013 1:11:21 PM   


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ORIGINAL: jackcarlin18

I dont know how you couldnt love this film! is gory, is beautifully done and its fun! What's not to love!

Oh sorry does 6/10 mean terrible in your world then?

There was humour in there, but mostly it was through lines which I may or may not have meant to draw that response.

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RUBBISH!!!!! - 29/4/2013 10:59:16 AM   


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The actress Jane Levy who plays Mia is the stand out ca... - 11/6/2013 12:52:42 PM   

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If you watched me on my you tube channel yesterday, you would know how passionate I was to see Evil Dead (2013). I remember seeing the original when it was released in 1981. At the time the experience was like a rollercoaster ride and I recall this cherished memory like it happened recently. 32 years later and I hardly slept last night,absolute bleedinganticipation. The memory of the classic film camera shot gliding across the swampy forest, the mist and the foreboding darkness surrounding that cabin...Am I going to relive that original feeling from all those years ago?

Nine rows from the front, dead center block, with six seats either side...I'm sat right in the middle of the cinema as I always do. Then it dawned on me that I'm sitting down 35 minutes before the adverts start, let alone the bloody feature film. I'm that excited, I haven't changed since I was a teenager - always getting to the cinema far too early because I love sitting in a large dark empty cinema space with no one else eating, talking or existing. I just wish that the music they pipe through the speakers before a film starts would set the atmosphere up for the audience...1960's rock n' roll doesn't quite do it before Evil Dead. I remember going to see a double bill of Dalek films and the music before was Jean Michel Jarre's 'Oxygene' album, setting the tone just right and forever being Dalek music. Earlier today in the empty cinema with time to kill - I chill and think about the original Evil Dead, I think about the recent Trailer and its hidden promise of something visually wonderful, that will hopefully thrill, shock and awe me.

The opening scene starts in a very nice gear, I like it...the introduction of the characters and cabin is right on the money. The cabins location, look and feel is wonderful, all is normal and dormant...I felt that excitement similar to when you get an unwrapped present and you just know it's going to be an awesome gift.

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pretty but shitty - 3/7/2013 6:07:30 PM   
hi charlie


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the special effects, cinematography, and set design all looked good but uninspired, everything else was underwhelming at best and jarring when it came to the dodgy script weak character development and a sloppy pacing that made the film seem as if the director's sole interest was getting to the next special effect.

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pretty but shitty - 3/7/2013 6:07:32 PM   
hi charlie


Posts: 138
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the special effects, cinematography, and set design all looked good but uninspired, everything else was underwhelming at best and jarring when it came to the dodgy script weak character development and a sloppy pacing that made the film seem as if the director's sole interest was getting to the next special effect.

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EVIL DREAD - 26/7/2013 2:23:56 AM   


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average remake with 1 dimensional cardboard cutout characters and tonnes of blood n gore thrown in as if it wants to b banned like the original.

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Evil Dead - 14/8/2013 12:42:17 PM   


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Having already watched 2013's Evil Dead before, I knew what I was getting in to when buying this DVD; I was in for a gory-licious treat. This movie may not be suited to everyone's taste by any means, I mean I watched it with my brother last night who absolutely hated it, that's just the sort of movie it is. Me, on the other hand, well I absolutely loved it.

Not being a fan of the original two, I can see 2013's Dead as a fun, balls-to-the wall gore affair that knows what it's doing and does it well. For fans however, they take it as a mediocre, gore-fest with little to no wit; I'm sure there are plenty of fans out there sucked up all the juicy elements Evil Dead had to offer, but from what I'm hearing from die-hard fans perspective its not all that positive.

This short paragraph now isn't about the movie itself, but its presence. Note to fans; Why is it that you all got so annoyed by that lack of humor this year's Evil Dead had to offer? The first and second Evil Dead were unintentionally comedic, so why loose yourself over the fact that there is no comedy in this year's remake? The only thing that made the original two funny was because the acting was so bad and the effects were even worse, it was a movie we could laugh at and still like, so don't get all bent out of shape over the fact that this one has better acting and better effects; however it doesn't have the Ash we all needed... Or did it?

Phew! Rant over. Back to the movie. Well Evil Dead is a horror buff kind of film, it doesn't quite provide what casual audiences are craving, but it's old spice to the modern horror genre is refreshing, ripping away from mainstream horror affairs. It may not be "new" or "fresh", but it's a hell of a good time for what it is. Pulling away from the generic Supernatural sub-genre that is now being over-done in today's horror (The Conjuring, Mama, Dark Skies), Evil Dead is a breathe of fresh air in the genre, and although it's far from perfect and i

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