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Bale - 8/3/2013 5:26:17 PM   


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Joined: 4/8/2010
Sorry but the success of a Justice League movie (which I would love to see) depends entirely on Christian Bales involvement, and it wouldn't hurt to have the wise cracking Ryan Reynolds back as Hal Jordan.

The chemisty between these two actors portraying those characters would be excellent.

Having Nolan onboard is encouraging, but with the bugdet they would need to make this film happen I can't see it being a true success, not without the actor who has made the role so much his own, Bale as Batman.

And I hope these rumours of Joseph Gordon Levit playing Batman aren't true, bring him in as Robin sure, but Batman is Bruce Wayne as far as Justice League is concerned.

What I want to know is when is a Batman vs Predator film going to be released?.

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No Bale ... no Justice League - 9/3/2013 12:28:54 AM   


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Joined: 8/3/2013
Great idea about having superman save batman at the the end of TDKR.

Put it into the end credits scene of Man of steel but have it so its before Superman has his suit and revealed himself to the world in the Nolan universe. As though its Superman testing himself as a hero for first time, because in the trailer we see him as an adult working on a boat not wanting to reveal his identity. So after witnessing the events in Gotham unfold he realises he cant sit back anymore and must intervene and then thats when he saves batman.

Otherwise if he had been revealed why wouldn't he have flown in to help batman when bane took over gotham. Or when the Joker was causing Chaos.

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Post #: 32
Red Kryptonite - 9/3/2013 3:29:39 PM   


Posts: 91
Joined: 11/6/2008
I think if I was to tackle this project I'd consider making Superman the bad guy - something could happen to him at the end of The Man Of Steel or the beginning of Justice League (maybe an exposure to Red Kryptonite - wasn't that the colour that made him evil?) and he could go on a rampage - what better reason to gather a team of Earth's strongest than to try and stop the strongest of them all? The film could end with Supes being restored to his normal self, and attempting to revert some of the disaster he's created to redeem himself, but in the end he decides to leave Earth for it's own safety... unfortunately his Kryptonian Kalamities have not gone unnoticed, and just as it's strongest defender leaves, a new threat heads to Earth... the sequel could be the JL going to find Supes before it's too late (who could be camping out on Mars for example...).
I'd have Bats in an Agent Coulsen-style recruiting mission, discussing each characters brief origins and powers in a fact-file kind of way with Alfred/Fox/JGL, using his various bat-vehicles to get to them (bat-sub for Aquaman, batwing for Hawkgirl, bat-boat for the Amazon) co-ordinating the attacks and coming up with solutions (in much the same way as the cartoon did) - this way everyone has a role, and there's no need to introduce a new big bad.
It would be a gutsy move by DC to make their flagship character a bad guy, but it would be fun to see Superman versus everyone

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Post #: 33
Depends on filmmaker - 10/3/2013 7:01:51 PM   


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Joined: 18/2/2013
The filmmaker is what makes the character awesome, look at batman and robin and the dark knight trilogy. Look at superman returns and I can already tell that this new version is going to be miles better. its down to filmmaker to tell a story in a good way. FYI joss whedon has honestly done f8ck all to deserve his rep. Nolan' track record both commercially and critically is right up there. Whedon only really has avengers in terms of movies and yet people are cutting him so much slack. Come on people lets get perspective.

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Post #: 34
RE: Depends on filmmaker - 12/3/2013 9:15:13 AM   


Posts: 9
Joined: 11/2/2009
I agree - once a director and/or producer is properly attached to this, then we'll have an idea of how this will pan out. Right now, it still sounds like execs spitballing to the media to try and generate a buzz prematurely.

The last thing DC want to do is try and copy Marvel's business model. Marvel have done a great job flooding the market with efficient, crowd-pleasing actioners of their big name brands. It helps that throughout the process, they've had one voice guiding traffic (first Avi Arad, now Kevin Feige), making sure the whole run has consistency. He's also managed to ensure that each film had a team that was ideal for the tone they wanted. For me, unless Bruce Timm gets directly involved with a JL film, I'll be less interested. I think he's the guy they need at the wheel, even just in a co-producer capacity, to make sure JL is done justice on the big screen.

Let's be honest - nobody wants to see a JL full of also-rans and 'young stars.' We want the classics done well. I agree with the earlier poster, in that DC's big names are arguably so iconic that a series of origin movies is unnecessary. We already know the main points in the big three's backstories because they're so engrained in popular culture. And anyway, a good writer/director combo would be able to convey the characters and backstories of each pretty quickly with a well-constructed opening credits sequence - think of the titles to Spider-man 2, which gave viewers a quick recap of everything that had gone before in a matter of minutes.

Of the options suggested for what to bring the team together, I'd go with a 'thing' rather than an 'army.' A re-skinned Avengers would be cynical and pointless, and the big dumb actioner was perfect for Marvel's painfully hip image (nuff said). Of course, a big ruck or two wouldn't be unwelcome, but the JL were always better at saving people than beating bad guys up (and I don't care what Kevin Smith thinks - if Superman punched anyone on the jaw, he'd kill them). I'd prefer a disaster movie, maybe with an environmental catastrophe engineered accidentally or deliberately by a tweener antagonist. For all Superman Returns' faults, I thought the Saving Metropolis sequence was excellent, with the hero saving people just in the nick of time.

For the JL team itself, like I said, I'd want the classics. The iconic line-up for me will always be Bruce Timm's JL team, as that was what relit my fandom - Supes, Bats, Wonder Woman, GL, Flash, and Martian Manhunter. Strangely, as he wasn't really that big a deal, I got totally switched off when the rumour came out that Manhunter wasn't going to be a part of it (and if Nolan is on board, I can't see him being included). Sure, Batman is an outsider, but Manhunter really was a stranger in a strange land, looking for a new home and someone to connect with after the death of everything he knew. He's like elements of Batman and Superman all rolled up into one. His psychic powers also give him a watcher-like quality which could aid in that ever-problematic backstory-telling.

Continuity from previous films is a new phenomenon brought on by the marvel model, and I really am not fussed about it. I think I'd prefer a separate story because it gives the filmmakers more options. For instance, I like the idea of JL being set years in the future, pitting an aging Batman, holed up in his orbiting station, almost entirely reliant on gadgets, versus a frustratingly eternally youthful Superman, as well as younger heroes with increasingly fantastical powers. I think it'd make for a different story and a more interesting one, without sacrificing the core of the characters we know.

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Post #: 35
RE: Depends on filmmaker - 13/3/2013 4:07:46 AM   


Posts: 19
Joined: 18/2/2013
I dont know if i agree with you on that,superman returns was essentially a disaster movie and thats why so many people hated it as they never got to see superman in action, it was basically a disaster movie. I would not want that for a Jl movie while there could be scenes of them helping save lives and prevent natural disasters getting worse i would want it to be action packed with them fighting against other super villians.
To me marvel is overrated when you consider all 6 of there phase one movies and 3d have made only a couple hundred million more than the last 6 dc movies (im adding returns and green lanter) and to me dc arent even trying yet.
A justice league movie with batman and superman would gross more than avengers, as long as it has action and a great story.

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Post #: 36
How...? - 13/3/2013 8:30:34 AM   
Mr Gittes


Posts: 551
Joined: 3/2/2013
Very good feature, but I'm still not convinced that they can pull this off. I know, people said the same about Avengers but, as Empire pointed out, that movie had a lot going for it comparatively and yet it was still a miracle that it worked so well. So if this is a bigger challenge, which - I think we can all agree - is the case, how in the hell are they going to pull off an even bigger movie miracle? I'm not a cynic, I just don't see it happening.

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2015 way too soon! - 14/3/2013 5:31:23 PM   


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Joined: 2/7/2006
first of all, I think if green lantern wasn't a massive flop it would have been a slightly easier task to help the justice league move forward. I think Reynolds and Mark Strong were great choices for main characters...but script and CGI suit just was a king size no no. Avengers worked so well because the movies leading into were so good, the main issue everyone had was "how will the hulk play out in this?" which was smashed! Warner would have to lead in with along with man of steel at least a wonder woman and green lantern film or flash. Dumping them all in at once would be a monumental risk even for Nolan but i dont think he would do that... i think they will take eveyone by surpris on the angle but it will depend on how man of steel does...and in my eyes,they need to do a superman film with a decent Lex Luthor, not a joker with side kick but a Lex portrayed in the Justice League cartoons. Everyone thought.. "Catwoman in the new batman film....nah!" but Nolan smashed it into the top corner so if his is on board for J.L then it will take everyone by surprise on the angle of he film. Anyway he is doing Intersteller now so is either Justice League in 2016/7, Superman Trilogy or no J.L. !

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