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RE: AxlReznor's Favourite 666 Albums Of All Time

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RE: AxlReznor's Favourite 666 Albums Of All Time - 5/3/2013 2:00:27 PM   


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From: Great Britain
I've got to make a couple of notable mentions. Because I didn't include movie soundtracks, but there are three movie soundtracks in particular that are very important for the simple reason that we played music from all three of them at my wedding. A bit sappy, I know. These are by no means the only soundtracks I like, but just thought I should single these ones out...

House Of Flying Daggers by Shigeru Umebayashi

There's something about traditional Far Eastern music that gets me every time, and from the moment I heard Zhang Ziyi sing the ancient 'Beauty Song' in this movie, I fell in love with it. When me and my wife were searching for music at our ceremony, I immediately gravitated towards that. The original song was written by court musician Li Yannian, who died in 82BC.

The Lord Of The Rings by Howard Shore

The specific track we used was 'Concerning Hobbits', but there's really not a single bad moment of Howard Shore's amazing work on this trilogy. Every bit as great as the movies were.

Star Wars by John Williams

Almost everyone grows up with John Williams' legendary scores for the Star Wars movies. The track we chose was the 'Victory Celebration' from the special edition, because I don't care what people say, it's just better than the original 'Ewok Celebration'.

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RE: AxlReznor's Favourite 666 Albums Of All Time - 5/3/2013 10:43:55 PM   

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From: Caught somewhere in time
Good thread Axl. Haven't time to run through all of them but comments on the top 20:

Pearl Jam - oddly, this is the only Pearl Jam album I've not actually listened to. Quite like Worldwide Suicide though
Broken - very good, nice and heavy. A great "angry" album. Downward Spiral beats it for me though
Siamese Dream - also very good, fades a bit towards the end,
Sticky Fingers - never really found the Stones to be much of an albums band, most of them tend to get a bit dull. Of the ones I've heard, this is the best though
Bad - not heard
Chinese Democracy - I do like it (well, half of it anyway) but it's not up to the standards of the earlier stuff
Shine - not heard
The Real Thing - I like this one
The Taking - no idea
Ten - first six songs are outstanding, the rest is variable. Vs is a bit more consistent
Stone Sour - never really listened to
Badmotorfinger - this is pretty good, especially the first few songs
Use Your Illusion II - while this is good, I have to disagree with you as I reckon UYI 1 is comfortably the better album. Only Estranged and You Could Be Mine are outstanding on this and I can easily do without the likes of Yesterdays, Locomotive and Knockin' On Heaven's Door. Nearly everything on UYI 1 is fantastic
Nightmare - A7x are another band I've not really listened to
Death Magnetic - not as good as Puppets/Justice/Black for me, but still a nice return to form, particularly The Day That Never Comes and All Nightmare Long
Lateralus - I do have this, but not really listened
Year Zero - like that Pearl Jam album, this is the only NIN album I've not really listened to
Appetite For Destruction - hard to argue, this is pretty much flawless.


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RE: AxlReznor's Favourite 666 Albums Of All Time - 6/3/2013 5:49:48 AM   
Gimli The Dwarf

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From: Central Park Zoo
Aside from Queen, I think I've heard maybe 4 or 5 of the rest of the list

The three soundtracks are all ace though, LOTR is especially magnificent.


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RE: AxlReznor's Favourite 666 Albums Of All Time - 7/3/2013 9:05:35 AM   

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Great thread Axl, I've really enjoyed reading through it. As a grunge kid of the 90's (and a rocker of the 80's), you've included pretty much all of the albums I listened to - and still listen to.

I'll try and rate your Top 20, if you care

20 Pumpkins - Mellon Collie

Good memories of this album. My music loving friend had recently purchased (well, in 1995) over 4 grands worth of Linn music system, and this is one of the albums we would listen to, cranked up to 8 (10 would make your ears bleed ) and for me, I was a Pumpkins fan already, so it was music heaven.
I was sceptical about such a long album, but they pulled it off.
Still remains one of my favourite "long" albums.

19) The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls

Can't say I've heard it. I am, despite my musical tastes, not a punk fan. Sorry

18) Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam

Must admit to not having listened to this since the first month of it's release. I suppose I was entering middle age myself, bought this as a bit of a nostalgic thing, but wasn't really blown away.
Despite doing some great sings, PJ were always my least favourite from the grunge era.

17) NIN - Broken

I first saw these supporting GnR at Wembley shortly after releasing Pretty Hate Machine. I'd promptly bought that and loved it. This was, well, different. Dissapointing at first (it was so different to what I expected) but I grew to love it. I would actualy chose this over Downward Spiral as my NIN desert island disc

16) Pumpkins - Siamese Dream

It starts with Cherub Rock. First time I heard that I nearly wet myself.
Enough said. Brilliant. The best line up as well IMO.

15) Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers

Classic album, classic songs, not much else to say really

14) Michael Jackson - Bad

Well, that Christmas (I'd have been 14) I got a Sony Walkman (with rechargable batteries thank you very much) this was the ultimate album. I listened to it all day Christmas Day, Boxing Day and well into the following year. Michael Jackson was so cool. he could sing, he could dance.
Please note though I was unaware at the time he liked little boys bottoms. Shame this is how he might be remembered, because to be fair, there aren't many instances in music history like there was when Bad was released. Incredible album.

13) Gun N' Roses - Chinese Democracy

I wasn't expecting much, and pretty much bought this album out of voyeurism. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but certainly not good. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a snob when Gn'R are concerned. Until they get Izzy, Duff and Slash, they're just not Gn'R. I didn't even consider Matt Sorum to be anything other than a stand in.

12) MLB - Shine

Good album, not listened to it in years. I can remember we would just find and listen to anything from Seattle.

11) Faith No More - The Real Thing

Almost a crossover band when I was young. I was predominantly into LA rock music around this time, and FNM were a bit different. Billy Gould (and Flea) was probably one of the main reasons I starretd playing bass guitar

10) Duff McKagan - The Taking

Despite him being my favourite Gn'R member (who's autobiography is actually pretty brilliant - compared to Slash and Steven Adlers shameful efforts anyway) I haven't actually heard this.
I even went to CBGB's just to get a T-shirt like Duff. One of my heroes, and even had a beer named after him in The Simpsons. What's not cool about that?

9) Pearl Jam - Ten

Another stone cold classic. Can remember shoe gazing to Alive on the dance floor, shaking my hair in my lumberjack shirt and converse.

8) Stone Sour

Errr, not heard of them to be honest. Dreadful, sorry.

7) Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger

My favourite Seattle band. Seen them more than anyone else, met them twice in fact, love them, brilliant musicians, incredible performers, I could go on all day.
Even when the DJ asked me what song I wanted to dance to at my wedding, I jokingly asked for some Soundgarden.
Sadly, he played fucking Savage Garden. My friends still take the piss to this day.
This still remains their best album. Jesus Christ Pose is mind blowing live.

6) Guns N' Roses - UYI 2

I was there, outside Woolies at 8am, waiting for the 2 most anticipated albums of my lifetime to be released. I can't tell you how excited I was, seriously, it was THE biggest release of the year. They were my favourite band, they were MY band, I had been listening to them since I first heard Sweet Child blasting out of my sister's bedroom, then saw that legendary photo of the band looking like the coolest thign I had ever seen.
I think the album is still the better of the 2, some great siongs on there, depite the fact we all know the probelms in recording it, and how much os a nob Axl actually was, it still remains good, despite losing the raw element which made them so good.
Could they have polished 16 songs form the 2 and made 1 album to rule them all? Yes. There are half a dozen songs across both that really I wouldn't wipe my arse with.
It didn't matter in 1991 though.

5) Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

Errr, sorry, it's not Neil Diamond's new band is it?

4) Metallica - Death Magnetic

Awesome album. I was only a fan of Metallica's after the Black Album was released, but slowly went through their back catalogue. Immense playing, song writing etc, they are a band that have grown and grown into giants of music.
IMO getting better with age.

3) Tool - Lateralus

Was never a big Tool fan, so probably only heard this sporadically, not enough to give an opinion.

2) NIN - Year Zero

Despite being a big NIN fan, I honestly haven't heard this at all. 2007 was a funny year for me, I can't claim to have listened to anything new that year or the 2 years before or after, so it's all a bit of a blur. Will have to sit down one day and check it out. Trent Reznor, for the record, is a genius IMO.

1) Gn'R - Apetite

Still for me, the best album of all time. Great that you have it at number 1, because it's faultless. To think how old it is, how young they were, how much balls they had and still to make a debut album like this is incredible. I'm thankful in a way, as my sister was leaning towards Bon Jovi, I could have gone down that route easily (at 14 years old we are influenced by what gets blasted out of the next bedroom to a point - well, I was anyway) singing about Tommy working on the docks and blow drying my hair.
Instead it was taking heroine and spanking naughty girls. Like rock stars should do
I can't say any more about it. 26 years old and I don't honestly think it has dated.
Despite the fact I do like UYI 1 and 2, if they had only relased this and Lies, they would still be one of the greatest ever rock bands.

I wouldn't normally make a reply this long, but I have to because this has been such a brilliant thread.
Not enough Black Crowes or Helmet for my liking (and for the record I think Izzy Stradlin's solo back catalogue is millions better than any other Gn'R past member) but still awesome just the same. I may have to check out many of the albums on here I don't know or have never purchased.
Nice one AxlReznor

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I've got all the Barbie ones!!!

Yeah but you're old. Really old. Old. Old. Old. Old.

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