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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth....

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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 14/12/2012 11:40:25 AM   

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Well I lost my Job in June which was a Job I absolutely loved. But got a new Job in August and so far am loving this one too.

Swings and Roundabouts.


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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 14/12/2012 1:06:30 PM   

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I got to move house this year, and despite financial worries beforehand, have coped fine. Was a big stress and things but was totally worth it. Meant I got to play lots and lots of Xbox with my flatmates.

Had lots of lols on here, mostly at the expense of [Redacted] [Re-dacted] and of course [REdacted]. In my real life most of the year was coming to terms with things and trying to figure things out.


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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 14/12/2012 1:08:55 PM   

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From: No Direction Home
Oh and I got to meet Swords and Miles (tho not at the same time). Which column you put those in though, positive or negative I'll leave up to you.


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You organisational skills sicken me, Rhubarb.

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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 14/12/2012 1:49:27 PM   

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I'll agree with an earlier poster and say, however sad it sounds, that the single highlight of my year was seeing Bruce Springsteen live. Massive fan of his, and have been watching his live DVDs for years, but this was the first time I could get to one of his shows. I will never forget the feeling when he came out on stage and you realise that it really is Bruce Springsteen in the same space as you, and he's about to absolutely bring the house down for three hours. If this all sounds a bit over the top, I can't overestimate how much I love his music, and how much I buy into the kind of "Church of Springsteen" cult that he has built around him. Needless to say, will be seeing him in Wembley (and hopefully, money and companionship allowing, in a few other venues) in 2013.

That was a single event, but the main reason 2012 was amazing was that I managed (so far, at least) to hold on to a girlfriend - we've been an item for 18 months now and this is the first calendar year where I've been wholly settled like that. It's a nice feeling, though I realise one should never take things like this for granted.

This relationship has led to a couple of amazing holidays (in Lisbon and Seville, both wonderful cities).

Finished my Masters in Musicology which is nice, though finally finishing education really really sucks, gone are my days of seeing 3-5 films a week at the cinema.

All that said, I wouldn't call myself 'happy', it's just the way I am resigned to be!

2013 has some very important things to achieve, namely getting a job (as in a career) and, hopefully, moving out and back up to London.


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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 14/12/2012 4:19:32 PM   

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From: Springfield
*pedant alert*

Singing O Little Town of Bethlehem at a carol service last night (wasn't the first, won't be the last...) I noticed that the line is "Yet in thy dark streets shineth". I like traditional language, so thought it bear mentioning. Also, because I'm an insufferable pedant.
*Waits for somebody, probably Rhubarb, to quote-edit my post to say "an insufferable bore"...*


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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 14/12/2012 4:36:10 PM   

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From: The Lot
Fucking hell.


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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 14/12/2012 4:45:26 PM   
Gimli The Dwarf

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From: Central Park Zoo
The Hobbit. Pretty much the highlight of the last 9 years, let alone this one.


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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 14/12/2012 4:56:02 PM   

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Well last year was my shittest ever, this year started off pretty shit too, but slowly came good in places.

Highlights for me were our best family holiday yet. A week in New York which was simply amazing (desperate to go back) followed by 10 days in Barbados, including a missed flight and a diversion to Florida, which was actually quite fun, considering our baggage was on the way to the Carribean, we were stuck in New York, then stuck in Florida, and we laughed and laughed, much to the bemusement of airline staff and waiting passengers. Whether they expected us to be arguing and blaming each other I don't know, but it was a highlight of mine. Besides, we finally got there eventually.

The second highlight was also seeing Jaws on the big screen (second time at the cinema but this was more special as it's been transfered beautifully). The cinema was packed, the kids loved it, all the first-time viewers jumped in the right paces, which confirmed to me it's the best film ever, and completely untouched by time (in my opinion)

The third highlight was 4 rounds of golf in one day. We had to play at 4 different course with no trolleys allowed. We did it on the longest day, teeing off (in the rain, typical of June this year) at 3.45am, and finally walked up the 18th on the last course at 7.30pm. It was hard but great fun. My feet were fucked after, but between us we raised just over 3 grand for McMillan nurses, which was even more special as they looked after both of my parents when they had cancer.


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RE: Yet In Thy Dark Streets Shineth.... - 14/12/2012 10:14:23 PM   

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From: two counties east of home
O Little Town Of Bethlehem is a favourite of mine, I always imagine this quaint little sleeping town.

I have been having a shitty time of it at work for the past few months but this year has been choc full of amazing treats and events. It will probably make you sick just reading them.

In chonological order...

I took my husband to Manchester to see Coldplay. Only his second gig ever and he was enchanted, as was I. They put on a good show, loved the lights.

Three weeks later we returned to Manchester to see Bruce Springsteen!!

I went to London to attend the hockey at the Olympics. I never thought I'd go to the Olympics anywhere. And I will say this: it was every bit as great as they made out on the telly.

During the same trip I saw my first film in IMAX, Dark Knight Rises, at the BFI!!

For my hen do I went tank driving followed by afternoon tea. I'd never done either and absolutely loved the tank driving!

I got married!

I did jury service, which I really, really enjoyed.

I have just come back from an amazing honeymoon in Thailand.

Mostly though, I am just so happy to be with my husband.

So I have all this great stuff going on, just a shame my work life makes me feel so hopeless.


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RE: Yet In Thy Dark Streets Shineth.... - 15/12/2012 7:52:01 PM   

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Without question the highlight of my year has been my mum taking out a loan in order to pay all my debt, meaning a substantial amount of credit card debt gone that I otherwise would have struggled with for years. An unbelieveable weight off my shoulders, and means the amount I pay her a month is a great deal less than I was, so more disposable income
Other than that it's been a very up and down year, but celebrating my little girl's first birthday last week was another high point. High hopes for 2013, my fiancee is loving her new job, I've pretty much decided to do an open university course and I'm planning to get back playing football after a long break away from it.


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RE: Yet In Thy Dark Streets Shineth.... - 15/12/2012 9:09:43 PM   

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From: A park bench, with a newspaper quilt
A good year for me that's ending on a high note. Had a complete cluster fuck of a 2012 when I had a messy split from my girlfriend. It was about halfway through this year that I finally got over her (I think) so I'm back to the old Rinc. Just started a new relationship with someone I've been friends with for over a year so things are looking great in that department.

Work is great, I love teaching and it's by far the best job I've ever had. It's extremely tiring, there are too many incompetent teachers and managers and there is more beurocracy than you can imagine. But it's so rewarding and I'm doing really well at it. I'm totally sleezing my way back to the top 80s style.

My family are great and we welcomed a new addition with my sister having a little boy. Went on two awesome stag dos for schoolmates who I've known for years. I also live in a nice house with nice housemates. I ran the London Marathon for the second time and it went better than the first. I still suffered from quite a few injuries and I also hurt my shoulder in the gym which meant I had to have physio for a while and prevented me from doing quite a few things. It was irritating but it's ok now. Running the marathon was once again a brilliant day, one of the best of my life, particularly the last mile which I really went for.

All in all I've enjoyed this year.

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RE: Yet In Thy Dark Streets Shineth.... - 15/12/2012 10:31:19 PM   

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From: The ickle town of Fuck, Austria
Finally rang that fucking bell in the Undead Church in Dark Souls. Yay!


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RE: Yet In Thy Dark Streets Shineth.... - 16/12/2012 1:17:51 AM   

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From: 41N 93W
I had quite a good year really, I graduated and got a first in my degree (I choose to be smug about this while I can), had a very uneventful summer, moved to a new city and being slowly inched towards 'adulthood' (taking out a loan, having to sort out stuff like taxes and savings accounts etc). It doesn't feel like as much of an upheaval as I'd expected yet - probably since I'm still in university like a bum - but that's set to come in 2013, so it's possibly going to be a big year for me (whether it's in a good way or a bad way, I have no idea). The one thing that did strike me this year though was how long I've been around here, I've known some of you since I was on the verge of finishing school which seems like an insane long time ago.


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RE: Yet In Thy Dark Streets Shineth.... - 16/12/2012 2:24:07 PM   


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From: The North
For the first time since 2007 no family members or friends have died but other than that it's been shit.

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RE: Yet In Thy Dark Streets Shineth.... - 16/12/2012 8:03:42 PM   

Posts: 2252
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From: Carlisle
I've had quite a decent year

Spent a week in New York in January, even got to walk around Central Park in the snow.

Did my first marathon in May, not as quick as I wanted but I finished it.

Started a new job in August after becoming a bit stale in my old one.

My youngest brothers wedding in August.

Became a daddy.

Only downside is hurting my knee 2 weeks before the Great North Run which meant missing it and not being able to run since, but hopefully that'll get sorted/heal early in the new year and I can get back at it

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RE: Yet In Thy Dark Streets Shineth.... - 17/12/2012 8:58:41 PM   

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From: Just stick a pin in a map
Another up and down one here. It's the lack of money and my feller's ill health that brings the down. Crohn's Disease is probably the biggest bitch out there, especially when the only medication available on the NHS isn't working.

BUT, I've had a major change in direction. I'm acting, I'm writing, I'm editing and I'm having a whale of a time. I'm not getting paid for any of it, but I'm getting a fairly high profile and I keep being asked back by the same director. The first film I was in has now been bought by over 100 cinemas in the States and his film company is the fastest growing media company in America. Not too bad for turning up to an audition because I was bored.

My son was born in March, he's just cut his first tooth. He's ridiculously cute and an absolutely loveable little boy.

My daughter started secondary school and is flying. She's doing really well, settled, popular and top of her class in almost every subject.


That's me that is!

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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 17/12/2012 10:34:05 PM   

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From: Punishment Park


ORIGINAL: steffols


ORIGINAL: matty_b

I saw Bruce Springsteen live. He was awesome.

I saw Pulp, my favourite band, play probably their last ever UK gig. It was incredible.

I had a bit of a reunion night out with all my old flatmates from uni. It doesn't sound like much, but considering some of us hadn't seen each other for about six years and we all made the effort to come and had a brilliant, brilliant night, it still makes me smile thinking about it.

Oh, and I got an invite to steffols' wedding.


I actually intend to have an 'Empire' table for those on the forum who I am friends with! So keep an eye on your post Matty .

'Mum, these are my friends Matty B, Rhubard, HomerSimpsonEsq, Paul_ie86 and Olaf, I've never met them before either. Fun huh?! ' Sooo excited for that moment.



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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 18/12/2012 9:42:51 AM   

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Don't worry Girv, you can be my plus one.



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RE: Yet In The Dark Streets Shineth.... - 18/12/2012 12:27:39 PM   

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Fucking hell.


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