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V For Vendetta

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V For Vendetta - 13/3/2006 10:19:36 AM   
Empire Admin


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Post your comments on this article
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RE: - 15/3/2006 1:28:25 PM   

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i so badly want this film to be good and i have heard mix reviews some people love it others hate it so i hope it lives up to my expectations
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RE: theyve done it again - 16/3/2006 5:48:22 PM   
Paddy Bateman

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can the wachowskis do no wrong?

Course they can, and they have in the past. Why not again?


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divided opinions - 16/3/2006 5:59:19 PM   


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From: London
The reason I am looking forward to this is because of the dividing opinions.  When you make a sharply political film (which V seems to be), there can be nothing worse than being met with a half hearted shrug at the end.

I like how the Waschowski Bros really seem to be working from their own blueprint.  I adored Bound, The Matrix and yes, even the Matrix Reloaded.  I thought Revolutions was a massive disappointment, but their commitment to marrying intelligent, thought provoking cinema to fevered action moments is pretty inspiring in a lowest-common-denominator market place.

I hope this film is a hit, because I hate the thought that this sort of ambitious blockbuster will be sidelined.


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RE: divided opinions - 17/3/2006 5:45:14 PM   

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Personally, I loved it.
In case anyone's wondering, I'm not a Wachowski fan-boy, I thought Matrix 2 was okay, and 3 was utter tosh. But this film really gripped me. It's not without it's flaws, there are points where it lags a little bit, but overall, I was very impressed. I thought Portman's accent was fine, as was Weaving's, all giving solid performances. Rea in particular was excellent.
It's a very dialogue driven film, so action nuts may be a tad disappointed, but the fight scene at the end is stunning and pretty brutal.
It also has Stephen Fry in it, which I didn't know, and consequently cheered when he appeared, which was a tad embarassing!
I suspect this film is going to be one of those that really divides people in terms of opinion though.
Personally, I'd give it 9/10.


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RE: RE: - 17/3/2006 6:24:01 PM   
lord of the pies

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some people love it others hate it so i hope it lives up to my expectations

I loved it. It has been a great start to the year for films and Vendetta is up there with the best.


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RE: majority reviews - 17/3/2006 6:28:12 PM   

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A fantastic film with great performances from all involved, perfectly shot action scenes, exciting set pieces with music and sound effects that are equally impressive. Engaging from the first frame till the last, it's the best thing I have seen this year by a very long way.

5/5 A thought provoking and exciting movie that at times is perfect.


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RE: majority reviews - 17/3/2006 6:58:28 PM   

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From: Glasgow
I'm not long back from seeing this movie, and in terms of a review, this is my best shot...

As a fan of the comic book (can't you tell from my avatar) I am aware that I went into this movie with perhaps certain expectations. Expectations however I also knew were likely not to be met. As with all comic book adaptations there are certain parts and story lines which have to be removed or played with in order to keep the continuity of the movie. The important part is that if what has been played with and removed been replaced with suitable material. Material which will allow the characters to develop as they should, and will not take away from the story.
Essentially, anything which will try and "Hollywood" the movie is always a bad move in my eyes.

Now it's quite hard to write a full review without giving too much of the story away. Needless to say though that the movie itself does raise some very interesting points about the role of government and power. Not only the abuse of power, but also how governments are able to gain so much power in the first place. Not least through the use of fear. The fear of different religions, different races, different sexualites. Even fear of your neighbours.... And just how this fear can be bred and used against the people as an assault on their personal liberities.An interesting parallel between the movie and the current governemts of the US and the UK.
One part of the movie I was so glad was not sanitised or changed however was the imprisonment of Evey. Such a hard concept to grasp, the reasoning behind her imprisonment, yet one which does show a twisted sense of logic. I won't go into it any further than to say if it had been played with, then I would have disliked this movie intensely.

Hugo Weaving as V is superb, being able to express a whole range of emotions from behind a mask no less. As is his spoken work, which, with the way V can slip in and out of quoting Shakespere to speaking French is no mean feat. And despite various reviews I have read slating Portman for her performance and her English accent, I would have only good things to say about both. Especially the scene where she is set free. Above all this was the scene that I was most looking forward to.

So whilst I would have criticisims of the movie from a comic fanboy point of view (where's FATE? Where are Prothero's dolls? The change in sequence of the bombings), taken on it's own merits as a movie it is one I thought was fantastic. The fact I thought it could have been better is only the comic book fan in me speaking.

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RE: V for vendetta - 17/3/2006 10:47:43 PM   


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Well, I thought that was very good indeed. A little cheesy at times, but overall, un-flinching entertainment with a far more effective representation of "terrorism" than the disappointing Munich. That film'll get more praise for its deeper intentions, but V For Vendetta, while not at all subtle, was far more thought-provoking, while the idea of an administration using fear to control its people is all-too-familiar. I was rather surprised at the great use of montage at some points, such as during Finch's speech on how an uprising is near while we see people robbing and running around in Guy Fawkes' masks. And I was pleased at the film's sparse use of action scenes, although the final one where CGI wooshes follow V's blades and blood spills from useless goons was very impressive.

A bit too much cliched Englishness (how many times did someone say "bollocks"?) and it all ends rather suddenly, but really, we didn't need a lengthy, tiresome epilogue. I was more than happy with what I'd already got.

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RE: Weaving is God!!! - 18/3/2006 3:41:02 PM   
DJ Rob C: Mark II!

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Absolutely superb movie, top-notch performances, and a powerful message...

Everyone should see this IMO


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RE: Weaving is God!!! - 18/3/2006 4:30:58 PM   

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A brilliant movie very good it was better then i thought it would be worth seeing.

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V for Vendetta - 18/3/2006 4:42:15 PM   

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I just got back from a showing and although i enjoyed it, as a fan of the graphic novel i'm left dissapointed.  Don't get me wrong it's a very good film, but knowing the quality of the source material means I know a better film could have been made.  There are moments of undeniable brilliance, V's television speech and Evey's imprisonment are real standouts and I liked how they handled the flashbacks to Larkhill.  But there were key elements that were missing that would have made it so much better.

The film manages to convey the message of the book well.  It raises questions about giving up freedom in the face of fear, however i doubt the film will reach a wide audience and open up any kind of debate.  Most casual movie goers will decide to see it based on their opinions of the Matrix trilogy due to the advertising for the film.

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RE: V For Vendetta - 18/3/2006 6:07:33 PM   

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I quite hope that in the future people realize that Brits don't bloody say bolloks every 3 secconds, that was rather appalling!
That said, the film was entertaining, but IMO the ending was cheesy and Portman was oh-so-forced.


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RE: The most powerful and important film you will see f... - 18/3/2006 6:38:10 PM   

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I feel energised and interested in politics again (disillusioned former politics student here) and if the idea of that scares you, perhaps this movie isnít for you.

I left the cinema my self wanting to stand and uprise against the god awful government we have. And while that is unlikely in a taking up arms sort of way i just might get politically active again. I have never seen such a pro anti apathy film in my life. Ok that wasnít put amazingly, but its like im 18 again and being an activist. I want to affect some changes before we end up like the Britain and the World shown in this movie.

Sure that may sound reactionary, but its all too possible. Fear is a tool

I am right behind you! Proudly wearing my Guy Fawkes mask and cape.  But seriously, I've been getting increasingly incensed by our government, its reactionary behaviour and the rise in right-wing politics. Just take the shooting of (god help me, I can never remember the poor guy's actual name) the Brazilian guy on the Underground. Apparently wearing a jacket the police deem inappropriate for the weather is a death-sentence in this country now. And was I alone in this, or did anyone else feel the shooting of the young girl (with the glasses, who graffitied over the governement poster) really reflect that situation...?
I hope that more people watch this film and take its messages to heart -- I really fear that the "not too distant future" that V for Vendetta represents could very easily become a reality if we don't learn to accept difference and variety. Life's rich tapestry, people, it's all part of it.  Just felt I had to lighten the tone of my politically-motivated diatribe!


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RE: read it dont watch it! - 18/3/2006 9:41:24 PM   

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I went to see V for Vendetta and although I enjoyed it there were a lot of people in the audience who appeared to be disappointed with it (they sat and talked through the whole film after the initial fight sequences).

I was a little worried about the pace of the dialogue at first but after a while it settled down and I really got caught up in the film. Yes Portman's accent is poor but part way through I was so caught up in the story it didn't matter anymore. The fight sequences were very quick and direct which I thought fitted in with the style of the film and the end sequence was fantastic.  



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RE: The most powerful and important film you will see f... - 18/3/2006 10:23:46 PM   

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Shaunette, his name was Jean Charles de Menezes, and he was from the same area I was borne, one of the hottest places in the world (which explains the poor guy wearing a jacket considered heavy by the londoners). I'm glad you've mentioned him, because things like that cannot be forgotten. Just imagine you weaking up, catching a train to go to work and some guy shooting you from the back? He did not even know why he was being killed. There is no reason why wish for security should turn into paranoia and violence.


Last time I was inside a woman was when I visited the Statue of Liberty.

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RE: The most powerful and important film you will see f... - 19/3/2006 12:11:13 AM   


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From: Ipswich

There is no reason why wish for security should turn into paranoia and violence.

And yet we are there already. Amazing film, after a day digesting it perhaps it was in some ways 'dumbed' down from the source, but and this is a big but, if it effects more people because of this, that is undoubtably a good thing.


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RE: The most powerful and important film you will see f... - 19/3/2006 12:38:22 AM   


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there were a lot of people in the audience who appeared to be disappointed with it (they sat and talked through the whole film after the initial fight sequences).

I think that's just your usual cinema audience really. Everyone was chatting and giggling and texting away at the screening I was at too.

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Comic book gold mine - 19/3/2006 7:20:08 PM   

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I thought that V for Vendetta was excellent, and another prime example of the cinematic suitability of comic books. Hugo Weaving was as charismatic as any could be given the difficulty of acting without facial emotion, and created a powerful, passionate anti- hero in V. Natalie Portman, although hounded by critics over her English accent, I felt did little really to hinder the film; she merely lost some of the sensuality that is usual to her accent and I found her performance to be of a very good standard, playing Evey with a suitably bewildered but innocent angle.

The political undertones, are prevented from drowning the film by way of the Wachowski specialised slow motion swashbuckling, with the most slit necks I have ever seen in 2 minutes. The set pieces starting with the Old Bailey and ending with the march of V are astonishing. V for Vendetta has left probably the greatest scene of the year- the destruction of Parliament to the sound of the 1812 Overture.

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RE: read it dont watch it! - 19/3/2006 7:40:37 PM   

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Seen it twice in two days, EXCELLENT. Some idiots came for the action and left before the action begun, ha ha ha!


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RE: The most powerful and important film you will see f... - 19/3/2006 8:31:43 PM   
lord of the pies

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there were a lot of people in the audience who appeared to be disappointed with it (they sat and talked through the whole film after the initial fight sequences).

I think that's just your usual cinema audience really. Everyone was chatting and giggling and texting away at the screening I was at too.

Go during the day on a weekday, it's bloody marvellous.

There was this one bloke in the screening I was in though who laughed a lot especially at a lot of V's 'witty' lines. At least he was getting into it.


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RE: read it dont watch it! - 19/3/2006 9:35:31 PM   


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*SPOILER*    i really liked this film its more of brains than action which is good it took a while for me to get really into it but once it did wow gave me few surprises .
anyway what i didnt get was wasnt the man and that little girl dead but there alive again at the end when they take their mask off for the fireworks ? i didnt get that part can someone explain it to me plz


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RE: V For Vendetta - 20/3/2006 11:08:28 AM   
dr. salvador

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I went to see this film at the Odeon on 18/3/06 and it is one of the best films I have seen in ages. Hugo Weaving was brilliant and Natalie Portman was alos good in this film. I thought Stephen Fry was a good cast although he only had a small part in the film. The plot was very good and the overall acting was very good.

5/5. A masterpiece.


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RE: read it dont watch it! - 20/3/2006 11:25:49 AM   


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Er... because V "is all of us" or some other dumbed-down nonsense. Bad film.

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RE: V For Vendetta - 20/3/2006 12:28:51 PM   

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From: Belfast
An epic sick fuck of a movieÖ

Öand I think youíve got to respect that.

Having no experience of Alan Mooreís book it was probably a healthy underestimation of the subject matter that became the reason I was impressed so much with V. Masked fisticuff hi-jinks veils what indisputably belongs in the high-end of Sci-Fi. The non-indulgent conscious-pricking Science Fiction of 1984, Brave New World and The Handmaidís Tale. V the movie may fail to carry those auspices entirely, its stylistic failings are many and to be honest ball-achingly bad, but despite these it does enough to affirm the notion that Moore more than probably belongs in that canon of affected and affecting writers. Largely due to the consideration and time afforded to the description of the UKís ďfuture historyĒ the tale becomes a cautionary one that is depicted through real-world television footage of British riots. Chancellor Sutlerís regime is the paradigm of implacable Conservatism, and the London of 2016 sits in an efficient stasis of Eighties Thatcherism lasting into the 21st century (replete with all the flashy tat of breakfast television and yuppy broadcasting).

I think itís fair to say the film only works if you believe the political right-on intent of Alan Moore in the first place, at the end of the day the intensity of the anger with which Vís deployed serves to suggest that the core of this movie is fucking hardcore. Equally, the inveterate commitment of the Wachowskiís to be uncompromising in their vision is a no-brainer frankly. That rueful sense of self-importance is where they came a cropper in the Matrix sequels, but here itís actually the one and only saving grace of a movie that bears the same verbose prolix in itís nonsensical dialogue, bad acting and a pigeon-chested Messianic sentiment that defined their big unwieldy trilogy. The difference here is the apparent discipline of a story they didnít invent and the willingness to make this movie a surprisingly nasty affair. Director McTeigue has obviously bought into it as well and through the undoubted clutter comes a dark intent to make V for Vendetta both nasty in thought and deed. At various junctures thereís an apparent and unsettling similarity in the misanthropy of both John Hurtís startling turn as Sutler and that of V himself. The clash is brilliantly brutal and unremitting.

Acting kudos can go immediately to John Hurt, Stephen Rea and eventually to Hugo Weaving (when you get used to him). It pains me that the same canít really be said for Natalie Knightley (sorry, Portman) whose grips with the English accent make her overly arch in generalist scenes (although sheís more than affecting in her scream or murmur imprisoned sequence). V is another big film with tangential strands of backstory and flashback that make it seem longer than it actually is. You can either view this as exorbitant bollocks or generosity depending on how involved with it that it makes you feel. For me, it was full immersal and I left the cinema feeling that Iíd seen something entirely new from some chronically strange and pissed off people. Youíve got to respect that.

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completely blown away - 20/3/2006 2:42:06 PM   

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OK firstly I've never read the comic book so had no preconceived ideas about this film before I saw it.  This in my opinion is one of the best films made in a very very long time-4 stars Empire? You must be mad.  When complete drivel like King Kong can get lauded?  No way.
This is not an action pick and in no way should be compared to the likes of Spider Man or X-Men.  Nor is it even close to the pale attempts at seriousness from the likes of Batman Begins (which I also loved in a different way). This was a thinking persons film.  I left the picture completely blown away by it all and it raised so many important questions.  In the political climate of today I think it hassome damned important issues that should be brought to people's attention-like how they are manipulated by just about every one around them and how choices are slowly taken away.  But even ignoring the politico-commentary this was a bloody goiod bit of movie making.  Hugo Weaving was absolutely wonderful-how can anyone with no face give such a human and actually I thought a subtle performance.  Natalie Portman was pretty good actually-so her accent wasn't perfect-who gives a stuff?  Stephen Rea also gave a fine performance of a generally decent chap caught up in the whole thing and they were helped by a great supporting cast (Stephen Fry and Rupert Graves were also pretty great).   A bloody good film-I'm definitely going again as soon as I can

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RE: completely blown away - 20/3/2006 3:39:58 PM   
Johnny Pneumonia

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4 stars Empire? You must be mad.  When complete drivel like King Kong can get lauded?  No way.

You say it like a 4 star review is a bad thing...

This film had the potential to be important in so many ways - from a social and political angle, reimagining Alan Moore's ideas in the current climate could have made V For Vendetta the new Fight Club, discussed for years to come. Cinematically, it could've been a landmark after the overindulgence in comic book films of the last few years, two fingers to the popcorn trash of the Fantastic Four and a healthy slap of realism after the stylization of Sin City, a real companion piece to Batman Begins.

But no. Only the sheer power of the source material keeps this film remotely afloat. I laughed out loud at the Daily Mail review, 'The Citizen Kane of Stupid Cinema' they dubbed it, yet after seeing it they werent a million miles from the truth. In my own opinion this film does more damage than it does good. If your hero is a suicide bomber you better have some pretty good intellectual weight behind that decision. The graphic novel backs this notion up unquestionably - debatable it remains, of course, but you cant accuse Moore of not having an argument of sufficient depth to support his ideas. Here V really is just a screwed up terrorist, fighting an enemy so cartoonish as not to pose any threat at all - and from his big TV screen, John Hurt really does just come across as a miserable old man.

Some of this wouldnt be so bad were the film set in a heightened reality a la Spiderman, but McTeigue gives us so many bizarre views of London - from establishing shots looking just like today's London, to darkened alleyways from a Dickens adaptation, to the Leader's screen room looking like something out of Equilibrium. In this world V looks like a buffoon, and his mask, which should be such an intimidating symbol, is so overused as to lose any authority at all.

So many bad moments. V's opening monologue was hilarious for all the wrong reasons, when he's supposed to be intimidating and mysterious. Evey was given appalling dialogue. Stephen Fry's character was a good idea overused and provided the worst scene in the whole film with his 'hilarious' TV show. Old age pensioners and little girls taking to the streets with their masks on was stupid. And the slo-mo knife fight was so awful it almost made me cry. A ruined opportunity. Alan Moore was right all along. Just fuck up Watchmen and we'll have the full house. 

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The ideas resonate more than the film... - 20/3/2006 4:29:51 PM   


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From: London
I saw this on Saturday afternoon and I am still trying to sort my way through the film.  I haven't read the comic that its based on, but I know as a film, it works only intermittently.  V isn't much of a character - Phantom of the Opera with a slice of pretentious political science student thrown in.  I generally loathe the "tortured artiste" as they tend to be insufferably narcissistic and I don't believe V is too far from this dynamic.  I thought Hugo Weaving did some wonderful vocal work, but the character had no resonance.

Natalie Portman is different - she is undoubtedly one of the best actresses of her generation, and has been for a decade.  Her accent never bothered me much - it may have strangled some of her natural vivaciousness as a performer, but it is hardly one of the worst in history and fixating on a less-than-perfect accent is often a lazy way to critique a performance.  I thought whenever the character of Evey was given some juice, then Portman delivered - she is best in the film when she doesn't have to pretend like she isn't clued in and can just be a confident woman (apart from the slightly embarrassing re-birth scene in the rain, her role and acting improves immeasurably once her hair is gone).  But the role is basically Neo Version 2.0 and Portman is too alert and intelligent an actress to be able to carry off the believable naivety which the part calls for (itís why she was so believable in Leon).

The rest of the performers range about - Stephen Rea isn't directed strongly enough and he seems to disappear off screen even as he is the focus of a scene.  John Hurt is decent but horribly one-dimensional, but the real stand-out is Stephen Fry - just a beautiful example of actor and role enriching each other.  I think McTeague does solid, unspectacular stuff with the visuals - the Waschowski Bros may only be writer/producers, but the film's aesthetic is still on bended knee towards the Matrix.  The action stuff is flat and unconvincing (whoever thought having the wooshy effects around the spinning knives in the final fight scene should have stayed quiet), but I really liked the design and execution of the lesbian flashback.

But the reason I would still recommend the film is because its ideas are more intriguing than the film that is built around them, and I guess I have to credit Moore with this.  There are real issues to be discussed, but the film is too generic to really address them in any but the most cursory way - its the cinematic equivalent of those white wrist bands that people wore last year to end poverty and thought that that was enough.  The film would have worked far better without the broad brushstrokes needed for a comic book action film - and would have been far more powerful if Evey, and not V, had been the central agent of the film.


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RE: V for Vendetta - 20/3/2006 4:38:56 PM   


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I'm glad to see some people on here who didn't like this film, I was suspecting I was the only one.

I went to see this last night. I didn't hate it but was expecting something more given the good reviews from so many quarters. Now I have to question the reviewers (hello, Empire) who actually thought this was worthy of anything more than "alright."

First of all, the cast for the most part is very good. Portman's accent was alright but it did seem like she was just reciting her lines rather than actually 'acting.' Weaving should be applauded for his delivery of such complex dialogue but the character didn't work on screen. It wasn't so much the mask, he just didn't work. I have to agree with Alan Moore who said V and Watchmen were written specifically for the medium of comics and adaptations aren't going to ever really work unless they change them significantly enough. As an adaptation, V for Vendetta is a failure. As a film, it's distinctly average.

The direction is nothing short of poor and inconsistent. One or two moments are clearly "trailer material" (the rain pouring down on Evey, V jumping off the building) that jar within the context of the scene. The slow motion fight at the end is absolutely dreadful and needlessly fetishistic. I thought the scenes near the beginning in the TV station were great, as was the moment where V kills the female doctor.

The lesbian flahsback was truly, cringingly awful. In fact, this film had way too many flashbacks, it all became rather ridiculous. Evey's "torture" was rather pathetic and, excluding Weaving's impressive accent-shifting (including a bit of Agent Smith!), these scenes really let the film down, particularly when it is such a crucial element to the characters and the film.

The best parts of this film was stuff taken from the comic, the worst and silliest bits were included by the filmmakers. The ambiguity of V as terrorist was lost; the bad guys were grotesquely cartoonish making what V was doing seem more sympathetic and right. It's an intelligent movie for dummies, ramming its "THIS MOVIE IS REALLY ABOUT AMERICA AND 9/11" message down the audiences throats. Clunky dialogue is narrowly rescued by the great actors involved. Special mention must go to Stephen Rea who I think was the best thing in this movie. I really liked the montage about how everything is connected and then his colleague asks him what happens next and he replies "I have no idea."

The film looked dull. A stereotypical American view on London, confirmed by the awful Benny Hill scene.
The multiple Vs at the end were ridiculous - it was an interesting idea, don't get me wrong. I'm sure it sounded like a good idea in the script but it was executed badly.

This is not a thinking persons film. This is a film for people who haven't thought very much and need to be told what to think. V is turned into a Jesus Christ-martyr-messiah character (get a new idea Wachowskis) thereby completely misunderstanding the source material and giving Vs cause a legitimacy that should remain blurred.

Still, it was enjoyable enough action fodder that at least attempts to address actual issues and ideas. I guess its well intentioned, if nothing else. And Portman in that costume was worth the ticket price alone.

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I went in to the film willing to detach my love of the comic, and to take it on it own, so don't think that my complaint is me compairing it to the book, I would say this if the film had no source material:
  They were trying way to hard to make connections with what is going on today!
I really think that anyone with two brain-cells to rub together can see a totalitarian government keeping power through fear is relevent to what is going on today without needing any references to: avian flu, 'orange' curfew and America's war.
Other than that it was an alright film- I agree with a lot of the reviewers when they talk about the films portrayal of the English- it was a bit dodgy.  The action sequences were often needlessly stylised (especially the end fight), and didn't match the more sober tone of some of the other, quite good, sequences.
If you don't mind your action movies to be mindless, and enjoy a cheesy ending, then go and see this film, you could do worse as this film at least has some political message that isn't 'it's fun to kill the bad guys with explosions and big guns'. But really you would be better buying the book, and enjoying its more complex and moving story.

P.S I really don't think this is a film that will polarise people because of its politics, just about if it is a good film or not.

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