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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 - 14/11/2012 1:35:00 PM   
Empire Admin


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Awful - 14/11/2012 1:35:00 PM   


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From: Edinburgh
If this has the best action and effects of the saga, then cinema is doomed! It was awful with unbelievable CGI wolves and fight scenes. All I can say is thank god this "saga" has come to an end as it has been a constant eyesore in multiplexes all over the world. I would say at least we won't have to put up with this rubbish anymore but Meyer has another piece of literary rubbish being given a movie treatment next year, which is exactly the same but with aliens instead of sparkly vampires.

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RE: Awful - 14/11/2012 5:11:22 PM   


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To say cinema is doomed based on the effects of this saga is a weird statement. If it's crap, then it'll just fall into the background, labelled 'avoid', and just ignored when it comes out on tv. After seeing the trailer it does look terrible. Motion blur is this effects teams friend.

ORIGINAL: J_BUltimatum

If this has the best action and effects of the saga, then cinema is doomed! It was awful with unbelievable CGI wolves and fight scenes. All I can say is thank god this "saga" has come to an end as it has been a constant eyesore in multiplexes all over the world. I would say at least we won't have to put up with this rubbish anymore but Meyer has another piece of literary rubbish being given a movie treatment next year, which is exactly the same but with aliens instead of sparkly vampires.


Yeah, well, that's just your opinion, man.....

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- 14/11/2012 10:50:09 PM   


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I don't really know the story (In fact I don't know it at all) but the lines 'Jacob’s (Taylor Lautner) given up his corner of the love triangle, in favour of a profoundly weird but delicately handled crush on Bella’s infant daughter' ummm, what the fuck. How does twilight even get away with peadophilia no matter how 'delicately handled' it is. I'm not outraged just really confused

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Why the Volturi should be allowed to win - 15/11/2012 1:17:56 PM   


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From: Here
The Volturi should be allowed to win and kill Bella and her brood for naming the kid Renesmee. I'm mean seriously it's like the kid was the spawn of a Hollywood and pop star. As for the film it's like the previous ones crappy. If there was any form of realism in this movie the 100 year old bloke would tell the teen angst whingy spoiled brat to take a hike. He's a vampire, he's supposed to be the epitome of the one night stand not some love struck bloody puppy that's Taylor Lautner's job. With a bit of luck this is the last we'll see of the three main actors (I use this term loosely) however Robert Pattinson has some potential if he can stop staring at the floor. Eye contact man! You're supposedly a 100 year old superhuman thing and you can't even make eye contact.

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RE: - 15/11/2012 9:51:48 PM   


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ORIGINAL: edjones95

I don't really know the story (In fact I don't know it at all) but the lines 'Jacob’s (Taylor Lautner) given up his corner of the love triangle, in favour of a profoundly weird but delicately handled crush on Bella’s infant daughter' ummm, what the fuck. How does twilight even get away with peadophilia no matter how 'delicately handled' it is. I'm not outraged just really confused

the storyline goes like this :-

the werewolves (including jacob) "imprint" on their soulmate, jacob has imprinted on renesmee... not because he's got a crush on her but because he is destined to be with her when the is an adult, until then he will be there to help her any way he can weird i know but it doesn't sound quite as creepy in the book.

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Enjoyed it - 16/11/2012 2:00:49 PM   
captain jack harknes

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From: South Wales
CGI baby creeped me out but I really enjoyed the film and loved the ending. I'm a fan of the books and watched all 5 films back to back culminating in this one at midnight and I wasn't disappointed.

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RE: Awful - 18/11/2012 3:18:02 PM   


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ORIGINAL: J_BUltimatum

If this has the best action and effects of the saga, then cinema is doomed! It was awful with unbelievable CGI wolves and fight scenes.

Everytime I watch a Twi Movie I feel the same. I mean they have a big budget and everything. Is it really that hard to make action and CGI scenes not look completely ridiculous?
Terminator 2 was filmed 20 years ago, and the special effects back than where just brilliant!
Harry Potter could do it as well.
And Bill Condon is an Oscar winning director, so I suppose he knows some tricks or two about making a decent movie.
But when I think of Calisles wig aIone, just don´t know what to say, cause it´s sooo bad! Can´t they afford some blond wig or what´s going on there?
I am a Twi-Fan, but believe me, they don´t go easy on us!!

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Flawed but satisfying. Sort of. - 18/11/2012 3:57:58 PM   

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From: Oxford, UK
Of faults, it has many; including a couple of moments where I actually laughed out loud in the cinema. yet as flawed as it is, it never becomes 'awful'. Because in order to be watching the fifth Twilight, you pretty much have to have enjoyed the other four; there's no other excuse for being there. And since the main offenders in the list are also inherent to the previous installments, there seems little point in underlining them at this late stage.

For a Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is very much on-par. That should tell you all you need to know.


More reviews and rambling like that ^^^ at: >>> <<<

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RE: Flawed but satisfying. Sort of. - 19/11/2012 9:42:18 AM   
Wild about Wilder

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From: Hertfordshire
Apart from the rather excellent (going on past Twiglit fights) battle scene it just seemed to plod along forever & was probably the weekest of the series.

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Casting... - 19/11/2012 2:11:31 PM   


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I saw this last night and it was nothing but aload of padding. Part 1 finished three quarters through the book so the director/producer had nothing to go with so ended up with a lot of fillers. My other issue was the baby, now I know that they tried to combine both parents features into this child but why not just get 6 or 7 children that look similar and fit the bit and use actual people. The CGI did nothing apart from make me wonder why they bothered. Of all the films this was the most disappointing and realistically, if The Dark Knight rises can be nearly 3 hours long, why not do this with Part 1 and make a better film.

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RE: Casting... - 20/11/2012 9:57:14 AM   
Dr Lenera


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Bella is a newborn vampire. Her senses are sharpened, she’s beautiful, and she’s strong. She is also thirsty for blood, so the Cullen family won’t let her see her baby Renesmee, who is growing at an alarming rate. When Bella finally gets to see her, she learns that Jacob ‘imprinted’ on her baby and snaps and attacks him. Missing her father, she is lost as to how to break the news of her transformation to him until Jacob takes the matter into his own hands by exposing himself as a werewolf to him. Irina, a sister of the Denali clan, misidentifies Renesmee as an “immortal child,” which is one of the highest crimes under Volturi law. The Volturi head from Italy to destroy Renesmee, and it seems Bella and co. need to recruit some help…..

Why do we do it? So many of us do things that we regret, then proceed to do them again and again. A good example is drink. I lost count the number of times in my younger years when I woke up with a splitting hangover after a night out on the lash and said to myself “never again, it’s not worth feeling this bad the morning after”, only to do it all over again soon after. At least though with drunken nights out I usually had a good time. With the Twilight film series, I didn’t even do that. I watched each film and afterwards said to myself I won’t bother with the next one, yet found myself being drawn back again and again. Maybe it’s because they are ‘major’ movies and I feel I ought to see them, if only just to say how crap they are. Maybe it’s because of Kristen Stewart, who may be the only good thing about this franchise and but not because of her acting. Maybe…..o sod it, it’s not worth thinking about! I try to treat films fairly, and I will say that the first movie was just about watchable, if still quite poor. The second and third ones though I found almost unwatchable with their awful acting, horrid dialogue and idiocy so all-encompassing that I would have thought any teenage girl with brains would have found it all appallingly condescending.

Well, I’m no teenage girl and therefore not the target audience for these films, but I like to think I am broadminded enough to appreciate a good film even if it is not aimed at me or my ‘cup of tea’. I was virtually dragged along to the cinema to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel but even though it wasn’t really to my taste I could appreciate that is was a decent movie. With The Twilight Saga though I am at a loss. I don’t even buy the romance as it’s so terribly written, overwhelmingly tedious and drawn-out, with much of the second and third film simply replaying the same scene over and over again with minor alteration. In fact you could sum up much of Twilight as consisting of;

Kristen Stewart looking miserable

Robert Pattinson looking constipated

Taylor Lautner taking his top off

……which obviously seems to be enough for some, though I remain dubious that a series with such a depressive and passive heroine throughout most of it is a good influence on inpressionable young girls!

The first Breaking Dawn film was actually a slight improvement and even brought a few interesting, if hardly original, elements to the story which could have quite easily have been told over two or three films rather than five [no, I haven’t read the books and if given the choice of giving one a go or a stake through the heart, I’ll seriously consider the stake]. I even wondered if the final film might actually be….good. What a fool to think that! Breaking Dawn Part Two is not quite excruciating as New Moon and Eclipse, but that’s like saying having one finger cut off is better than two; both things would bloody hurt and impair you for the rest of your life. With this film, it really feels like they couldn’t be bothered to end things in a decent manner because they knew the fans would buy it whatever. Melissa Roseberg’s script is an utter mess. It spends a lot of time introducing new characters then does hardly anything with them, has the Volturi take their time to attack so that Bella and her friends can conveniently get all the help they need, and then has a final twist which is one of the biggest ‘cheats’ I’ve seen in ages, the kind of thing where you go “what the ****”, rather than “wow”.

Bar the occasional tedious bit of someone moving in fast motion but shot so you can barely see it, it’s all a build-up to a big final battle, and I must admit I got almost excited at the thought of some decent action in Twilight, but once everyone reaches the area they are going to fight on, we have to suffer what seems like half an hour of chat before the actual battle, which is so ineptly done as to be laughable. Despite having some characters who boast special powers like being able to influence people’s thoughts and firing black ectoplasmic ‘stuff’, these powers are not actually used during the fight and everyone just hits each other and throws each other around, while the camera operator obviously has trouble filming what is happening. As usual, the perverse but all-too-common idea that you shouldn’t really see action dominates here. I will say that there are an inordinate amount of heads cut off, but the CGI effects are lousy. Once again, the wolves look awful and during some scenes I kept thinking of films like An American Werewolf In Paris and wondering if there has been much progress at all in that area.

Bill Condon [what on earth has happened to the director of Gods And Monsters?] just doesn’t seem to have much of a handle on the material. Perhaps he realised he couldn’t do much with it. The acting is as weak as usual. Stewart actually cracks the odd smile here and there but still doesn’t really appear to be actually alive. Pattinson tries to get by on silent movie-style hammy expressions. Lautner, as usual, is made of wood. Michael Sheen is a decent villain though, almost single-handedly creating a bit of fear, though it seems like he’s acting in a far better film than this one. Of course you get the obligatory ‘emo’ pop songs throughout which may just make you want to kill yourself. Carter Burwell’s music score is rather good and the film looks good when it isn’t relying on the special effects, with some decent outdoor photography. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part Two ends with images of Bella and Edward’s love from all the films. It’s supposed to be moving and beautiful. I wasn’t touched, but I was very happy. Because “IT’S OVER”!!!



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Post #: 12
- 20/11/2012 10:26:47 AM   
Ciaran McDaid


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Soooooo boring!!!

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RE: - 20/11/2012 6:18:00 PM  1 votes


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It’s been five years since the start of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga coming to the big screen which responded positively to screaming teenage girls and negatively to those who have no interest whatsoever. While the film franchise has had its up-and-downs from the mopey teenage angst of New Moon to the terrific genre expectations of Eclipse (which is the best of the series), the final chapter has arrived and will it satisfy the Twi-hards and will it perhaps enjoy newcomers?

After being brought back from near-death by Edward (Robert Pattinson) after childbirth, Bella (Kristen Stewart) begins her new life as a vampire and mother to their daughter, Renesmee, who is growing at an accelerated rate. When the Volturi mistakenly believe the Cullens had broken vampire law due to the birth of Renesmee, the family gather foreign vampire clans to stand together in case of a final battle.

Even with the series coming to an end and some saying it’s the best instalment which I don’t agree, most likely people will just damn it because of the hair-produced vampires, the bodybuilding werewolves and most of all, the mopey heroine. Although the filmmakers couldn’t ignore the former two, Bella has turned fang-tastic (only without the fangs). From the very first frame, Bella has changed as she not only shows off her new abilities, but becomes a loving mother to a fast-growing human child.

If you thought Breaking Dawn – Part 1 was bonkers, this goes up to eleven as the story pushes forward with the Volturi led by a campy but scene-stealing Michael Sheen coming to kill our heroes as if they were the Sith from Star Wars, while the gathering of other vampires who have different abilities to defend the family is not unlike the X-Men; Lee Pace in particular is having a lot of fun. Although the numerous blood suckers have their moments, you don’t really get to know him as the film is centred on Stewart and Pattinson who are in fine form, while Taylor Lautner as Jacob seems somewhat secondary despite an interesting subplot between him and Renesmee.

Having helmed Part 1 which wasn’t the most thrilling chapter, director Bill Condon is having more fun here with the technical aspect and while the CGI isn’t the most convincing (baby Renesmee is a bit creepy), there are very impressive action sequences, which brings us to the controversial climax. The novel of Breaking Dawn is known for having an anti-climactic finale, so this adaptation does bring a big battle sequence on the ice, whilst cleverly retaining what the fans want.

Nor the best or the weakest of a series that has come to an end, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will not invite newcomers, but it is a thrilling climax for those who have loved Stephenie Meyer’s much-loved books.

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There are few words... - 20/11/2012 11:14:06 PM   


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Joined: 11/2/2010 describe this film, i'm giving it 2 stars, one for the sheer balls-out, unashamed ridiculousness of it, and one for Michael Sheen's laugh, seriously, those three seconds are worth the price of a ticket, otherwise don't bother!

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Poor - 24/11/2012 5:14:20 PM   
Scorpion Jacket


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Dreadful all round, from the acting to the dialogue. The final battle was a cop-out. Wish I'd gone and seen Skyfall a second time instead.

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Twilight: BReaking Dawn - Part 2 - 24/11/2012 6:32:13 PM   


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Twilight Breaking Dawn art 2 :I am grateful to the makers for not making it in 3D and turning it more scarier than what it is already :D

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RE: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 - 27/11/2012 11:33:33 PM   
Minimum Effort

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From: UK
Hey guys, Joey here from Minimum Effort, reviewed this film recently, would love to know your opinions on it.

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- 30/11/2012 10:28:01 AM   


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From: somewhere else
Great twist, perfect end!! Don't care what others might say, I properly enjoyed myself!!
And Micheal Sheen really tops everything ;)

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terrible - 3/12/2012 1:01:17 PM   

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Firstly I have only seen the first one and this one so I admit I maybe missing a lot of plot pieces but i have taken this into account with my review. Also I am not a franchise basher I went into this with an open mind and after reading the empire 3 stars I thought it might even surprise me - it did!

Ok first things first - the CGI - I was genuinely shocked at how bad the CGI was in this film from beginning to end - the baby, the wolves, the vampire 'skills' the battle scene all look low budget from about 4 years ago.

Plot - I am not really going to judge this too harshly as I havent seen all the films in the franchise

Acting - Other Mr Patterson terrible throughout. Stewart really is poor - she seems to think acting means shouting and/or looking like she is about to soil herself. Michael Sheen an awesome actor is terrible in this! he has about as much menace as a tired 3 year old. The rest of the cast just meh to urgh.

Major Issues -

1. if you didnt know before hand you could easily think this wasnt about vampires at all - they are out in daylight, only see 1 human feed, they are basically like low rent x-men with their 'gifts'.

2. The whole peado story line - really disturbing and quite sinister

3. I cannot believe in a 2012 tent-pole film they have an 'oh thank goodness it was all a dream' moment - you could hear the snorts of derision and frustration all around the cinema.

4. Irish characters do not need to be dressed at 19th Century farmers to be 'authentic'.

5. The CGI daughter - no one possibly could have thought this looked good at any stage! Just get different actors to play the different ages!

I could go on but I wont. As I say I went with an open mind and was staggered by how truly appalling this film was on any level. Is it not an insult to Twilight fans that the studio feels it can just spuff out this dross knowing it will make millions?

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RE: terrible - 23/2/2013 11:42:12 PM   

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

'Bella' awakens to her new life as a vampire, her eyes now glowing red and her complexion pale and delicate. She picks up things she has never noticed before, her senses alive and super charged for the first time. Her vision has pinpoint accuracy, her hearing detects the tinyest sounds and her agility is now superhuman. She runs off into the forest with 'Edward' to experience her new vampiric abilities. As she sprints through the trees at top speed, she sees nature in all its beauty, like never before with her new vampire vision. Everything can be seen in slow motion, the insects flying, the flowers blooming, she can hear various small wildlife buzzing, clicking and calling.

Yes, nature and its creatures seen and heard for the first time perfectly in all their glory, beauty, majesty...and then she rips out its throat.

The big finale to the epic 'Twilight' series finally dawns (hehe) upon us, the limp tale continues from where it left off. Unfortunately this means we go straight back into the vampire soap opera we had to put up with in the last deary installment. Its not as bad as the last film in that sense, at least this time we have 'Bella' getting used to her new vampire skills and scowling EVEN more than normal. On the down side we still have 'Jacob' sexually frustrated because he can't do it doggy style with 'Bella' and lots of average young actors with lots of poorly done heavy face makeup.

The effects are still pretty damn ropey all the way through, the CGI is near laughable in most sequences with terrible special vampire skill sequences of super speed. The wolves look like cartoons and characters look like ragdolls when knocked about in the air or where ever.

Worst new effect must be the new born child, was that thing CGI? it bloody looked like it. Jesus that looked eerie, I think it was either a fully CGI baby or a real baby with a CGI face! good god!, no wonder everyone thought it was evil.

The plot on the whole is much more interesting than the last film, overall this film is better than the last as that was terrible. Its all just a prolonged build up to the big fight at the end, but even that isn't entirely as it seems. Anyway the fight has been talked about a lot but frankly I don't see why. Sure its probably the best thing in the entire franchise but its hardly worth waiting for. Plenty of heads being ripped off and arms torn from their sockets whilst vampires and wolves go down in a flurry of sparkly action, but in no way is any of it original or really exciting.

I thought the whole bit about gathering vampire friends from around the world quite amusing, basically a recruitment montage. Its fun but highly generic and cliched, the amazonian female vampires in their tribal outfits, never thought Egypt would have vampires, one bloke from the American Revolution period who doesn't shut up about it (you'd think he would have let that go after a few hundred years) and the hilariously cliched Irish vampires complete with flatcaps, scarfs and dowdy, drab clothes that looked like poor labourers.

I've said before this franchise isn't as bad as many say and I will still stand by that. The first film was OK, second was fair and third was a bit better than them both, best not to talk of the pointless fourth. Yes the film is still chock full of sulky looking younglings, cheesy ass panto style makeup, lots of brooding, lots of dialog about things only the book readers will know of (or if you can remember from the last films, I couldn't), characters that pop up outta nowhere (I lost track), vampires that look and dress like pupils from 'Hogwarts' and of course Miss Stewart doing her best grimacing/pouting ever!

As you can guess the fans will love and probably mums with their daughters too. The franchise was always just an excuse for mums/daughters/teen girls to see some fit firm young men in very very soft acceptable porn, tastefully done of course. I'm sure its close to the source material and it has been good in places but it is a weak romantic tale really, drawn out over five films.

And what is the deal with 'Jacob'? the dude isn't romantically involved with 'Bella' anymore, but he still wants it doesn't he, doesn't he?. 'Bella' still keeps him around why? for threesomes? just to look at his nice body? to abuse him?. He gets a raw deal if you ask me, he gets to babysit their kid and generally be a dogsbody forever whilst watching 'Bella' and 'Edward' get it on. Maybe he likes that?.

This final episode is like the first three, its average and just about kept my attention although the originality of the original is of course long gone. A nice end credits sequence ties everything up in a sweet lovable girly bow, but will we see more of this supernatural heartbreaker? or is it indeed finished...forever?.

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RE: terrible - 19/3/2013 1:15:18 PM   

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What a terrible film. A fitting end to an equally terrible "saga".


"Darth Silas - I love Craig as Bond too. Genius. "- Jackmansgirl 15/7/2008

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