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First Glimpse Of New Robocop

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First Glimpse Of New Robocop - 17/9/2012 8:44:39 AM   
Empire Admin


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Post #: 1
Robo? - 17/9/2012 8:44:39 AM   


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The new Robocop suit looks just like a black version of what we have seen before in Halo, Iron Man, The dark Knight etc etc. The original 80's suit was pretty unique, (Which incidentally is one of my most favourite movies)! Not a fan of re-make / imagination so this has something to live up to, jury is out for me on this.......

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Post #: 2
- 17/9/2012 9:15:52 AM   


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Looks awful. Really hope thats just a prototype or something, just resembles a grey iron man, real lack of imagination there in updating the iconic robo suit.

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Post #: 3
- 17/9/2012 9:21:22 AM   


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I don't have the same rose tinted recollection of Robocop, i saw it when i was eight or nine, but years after it had been released. Because of this, I don't put it on the pedestal others have, which is why this new look doesn't outrage me, for many different reasons. First of all, this could be any number of things: maybe it's Robocop, maybe it's a prototype or even villainous second generation version, or just a sort of S.W.A.T armour. Secondly, if it is Robocop, then this could be just one version: it could be an assault or stealth mode to the suit, maybe the suit has a camouflage or adaptive colouring, so this could just be the colour Robocop turns when he's in stealth or S.W.A.T mode.

Of course this speculation could be just that, and maybe after the success of The Dark Knight, Halo and Iron Man they've decided to go for a real world approach to Robocop. Because lets be honest, if Robocop happened in real life, this is what he would look like.

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RE: - 17/9/2012 9:33:23 AM   
Wild about Wilder

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From: Hertfordshire
Hopefully the rest of the suit might be added on in post production.
If not this just looks SHIT!!!

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Post #: 5
not looking good is it. - 17/9/2012 10:45:25 AM   


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i like the clunky design of the peter weller suit,it was less human than this. this thing looks like your friendly superhero to me. that's not to say i'm dissapointed as i was repelled by the idea of this remake to begin with so expectations are low anyway. if that film does can avoid boring me to tears it'll be a success.

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Post #: 6
Problem with remakes is - 17/9/2012 11:18:49 AM   


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everyone slags it off for being a remake, then moans when they try and make it different from the original. Word from the set is that for every 10 ideas Padilha has, he's only being allowed to implement 1 of them. However, if it turns out half as good as Elite Squad 2, it will still be worth watching. Anyone who hasn't seen that film, should get a copy immediately.

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Post #: 7
Reminds me of... - 17/9/2012 12:22:15 PM   


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Post #: 8
Robocop or batman - 17/9/2012 12:28:51 PM   


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Give him a cape and it could be the 2015 reboot of Batman !!!

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Post #: 9
Oh no! - 17/9/2012 12:51:57 PM   


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I have been dreading this remake from day one and unfortunately this just reaffirms my original concerns. This looks like a guy wearing a super hero suit and would be better placed in G.I Joe. I do hope this film ends up being good but this suit looks terrible. It had better be an 18 too!

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Post #: 10
RE: Oh no! - 17/9/2012 1:09:51 PM   

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From: San-Diago, which is German for 'Whales virgina'...
Potential Spoilers:

Whats scary about this photo isn't the suit itself; its that concept art of the suit was leaked including a scene from the film where they are prototyping different kinds of suits....including the original suit where they claim it "looks like a guy from the 80's" and they "wouldn't buy that for a dollar!!". The writing in it is just terrible, truly fucking terrible.

The film company came out and denied it all; said the concept art wasn't right and the scene didn't exsit...but well here we are with the exact same suit from the concept art...


I just wish stuff like, I don't know, the slow & systemic CRATERING of this country could inspire the same call-to-arms as Batman casting

(in reply to guysalisbury)
Post #: 11
- 17/9/2012 1:21:23 PM   


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To me it looks like a man in a rubber suit it doesn t look half as good as the original. This film will proberbly be yet another crap remake.

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Post #: 12
Just watch Dredd 3D... - 17/9/2012 1:53:57 PM   

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...coz it's fuckin brilliant.

As for the suit in these pics, at least they're trying to look different and it'll prolly look better in the final film. The main thing they have to get right is the story, wit, and attitude, then the suit matters less.

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Post #: 13
Roboflop - 17/9/2012 3:25:14 PM   


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Joined: 17/9/2012
Trying to be different to the original is absolutely fine, so long as it looks good. This looks absolutely dire! The cool thing about the original suit, is that it was supposed to look intimidating to would-be criminals and it worked. If this thing came at a pair of muggers in a side alley, they'd think it was a Comic-con Nerd dressed in a Metal gear solid costume and shoot the crap out of it. Not to quote the Comic book guy from the Simpsons, but "WORST COSTUME, EVERRRRR!!!"

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Post #: 14
Serve the Public trust - 17/9/2012 6:58:09 PM   


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This suit fails to meet all of OCPs prime directives

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Post #: 15
Does not look like a robot - 17/9/2012 7:14:38 PM   


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looks like a suit, and that is just idiotic. Robocop with its iconic main character, who does NOT look just like an armoured guy, is my most cherished movie (hate the other parts/TV-Series) and this reboot/remake looks awful, sorry.

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Post #: 16
Noooo! - 17/9/2012 7:24:45 PM   

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From: Bristol
Think it's been said already but this looks crap. Like a cheap batman/iron man combo. Where's the metal? Robo is made of metal!!!

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Post #: 17
Fick right off - 17/9/2012 8:23:59 PM   


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Basically you have destroyed the costume. Absolute embarrassment . Only hope is he gets up grades how it looks later in the movie

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Post #: 18
Fick right off - 17/9/2012 9:21:41 PM   


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Basically you have destroyed the costume. Absolute embarrassment . Only hope is he gets up grades how it looks later in the movie

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Post #: 19
Wow! Someone just lost their job! - 17/9/2012 9:39:06 PM   


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I'm not a big fan of rebooting classic films, but that will not stop film companies from doing so. However as has previously been said, film reboots get moaned at for either being too similar, or dissimilar, to the original. The main problem here is that they have strayed so far from the original suit that it is the equivalent of basing the new batsuit on squirrels rather than bats.

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Post #: 20
RE: Wow! Someone just lost their job! - 17/9/2012 11:07:03 PM   

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Sweet. A Mass Effect movie! Oh, this is Robocop? Well, that's shit.
Couldn't he, I dunno maybe have looked like say, a robot?

Not so much a bad design, but a bad Robocop design.

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Post #: 21
well - 18/9/2012 12:10:11 AM   


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this is horrific I guess ONe Direction may as well write the theme tune

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Post #: 22
New Robocop suit - 18/9/2012 9:26:29 AM   

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People are waaay overreacting. Condemning the film to suck after one image? I admit I'm not overly impressed by the look of the suit, but come on... And we also have to remember that this isn't an official image; it could well be something the filmmakers have done to purposely throw the media off target. Nolan's been known to do that many times.

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Post #: 23
Just stop. - 18/9/2012 9:51:43 AM   


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I call to all film lovers around the globe to stand together and in one voice shout for a governing body that Monitors all requests to remake a film. Quality control so-to-speak.Robocop is a gem and needs no updating. Is the industry so lacking in creativity that new films and fresh storylines are hard to come by? rehashing great films is getting tiresome. If it aint broke don't fix it; just go build something new. When will we have enough? Will it be when we gaze upon a CGI Jaws? Ben Hur being fast and furious? More money for independant films and a spending cut on on big, pointless cash cow perversions. Its as if Simon Cowell now owns the movie making business. Expect some processed wannabe in the lead roll of the remake of Star Wars soon.

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Post #: 24
Fick right off - 18/9/2012 9:53:31 AM   


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Basically you have destroyed the costume. Absolute embarrassment . Only hope is he gets up grades how it looks later in the movie

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Post #: 25
YAY! A BANDWAGON! - 18/9/2012 10:21:42 AM   


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it seems pretty popular nowadays to whine about stuff. I think the whinometer is about to explode on this one. spilled milk anyone? whether you like it or not, movies will be remade. some well done, some not so well done. there's no doubt that Robocop is a cheesy classic. quotables all over the show. BUT this is a remake. for this generation. would you prefer they remake it a la the Psycho remake from a few years back? shot for shot? na. with today's technological advances a big clunky silver guy doesn't make sense. whether you agree with the remake or not, its a different beast from the original. and another point...the suit? I like it. I understand why people don't like it - lack of imagination etc.... but what would a cyborg cop nowadays look like? a big clunky slow moving silver guy? no. lighten up people. I hope this movie rocks. but word on the grapevine is that its in trouble already. you're all right...I f*cking hate it!!

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Post #: 26
- 18/9/2012 10:51:08 AM   


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It just looks like one of those stereotype sci fi cop designs. It doesnt really look uniquewhere you can say "hey thats robocop" but who knows

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Post #: 27
We can do pretty much what we want to him....... - 18/9/2012 11:43:22 AM   


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Whats going on with his right hand. I thought we agreed on total body prosthesis?

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 28
This looks an awful lot like crappy G.I. Joe... - 18/9/2012 2:02:26 PM   


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I really hope that they enhance that thing via CGI just like in IRON MAN...

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 29
RE: This looks an awful lot like crappy G.I. Joe... - 18/9/2012 8:13:04 PM   

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From: somewhere near barstow on the edge of the desert
Saw these images over thr weekend when it first hit the web. To say I was disappointed is a massive understatement.

The only thing I thought might be improved upon in the remake might have been the suit. I love the original and Weller in that really sold it.

Here is some cool concept art that is INFINITELY better:


"Well that's just, like, you're opinion, man"

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