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RE: What Are Your Favourite Plot Holes...?

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RE: What Are Your Favourite Plot Holes...? - 14/1/2013 4:18:50 PM   

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ORIGINAL: Cool Breeze

Batman Returns.

Where are all the Gotham city cops when an army of rocket carrying penguins are marching down the city square? Come to think of it where is anyone at all during this scene? The whole city looks deserted!

And why are a bunch of circus clowns able to kidnap EVERY Gotham City vips children with ridiculous ease? Dont they have expensive/well trained security?

And where did the penguin manage to get complete blueprints to the Batmobile and discover how to break Batmans security system for the vehicle and take control of it?

Its just a movie!! gawd!

Would you go into a city filled with Penguins with rockets on their backs?

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'Man of Steel!,Man of Shit!' -fairyprincess

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RE: What Are Your Favourite Plot Holes...? - 14/1/2013 4:23:38 PM   

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From: Banshee
I don't even like seeing those little fuckers at the zoo, they stink.

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RE: What Are Your Favourite Plot Holes...? - 8/2/2013 11:57:09 AM   
chris kilby


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ORIGINAL: the Sheriff

I watched the Cannonball run the other day and noticed a rather big plot hole.

As all the racers leave at the start they clock in at a time clocking indicating that the race is based on time taken similar to a time trial.

When we reach the end they are running the finish line in a first past the post finish, when clearly since the all arrived the same time it would be the person who departed last that would win as they complete the course in the shortest time.


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RE: What Are Your Favourite Plot Holes...? - 8/2/2013 12:00:41 PM   
chris kilby


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ORIGINAL: jobloffski

Theatricality and deception.

If everybody, including us, believes we are watching Batman fly to his death, and the film doesn't show us Batman escaping, we may forget that Batman even had an escape pod in his CAR so the chances of there being no escape option in something that flies are pretty low.

Before the Bat flies out over the water, Batman causes an explosion in the city that the Bat flies through. Previously, when learning to disappear, Bruce is show how things that explode can create a distraction to allow a ninja to escape, aided by the attention of others drawn to the explosion.

Before flying out across the sea, Batman causes an explosion and uses the cover of that to eject an escape pod from the Bat and survives the explosion that happens at sea because he was never in it. It's a writ very very large version of how Batman always operates. Why would nobody find this pod? Even his CAR had a self destruct to prevent anyone getting hold of it after it crashed.

How does Bruce get into Gotham without being seen? Through secret tunnels in and out of the city known only to the Wayne family, referred to in Batman begins.How would Batman get out of Gotham? While Gotham reels in shock in the belief that Batman has just died he just sneaks to the nearest sewer, while the attention of all is on the mushroom cloud.

Such an escape is totally true to established ideas. Not explaining this in the film is totally true to Christopher Nolan.

Do I know this is how it went down for sure? No. But I surmise it based totally on information gleaned from everything up to the ending. The entire psychology of the character of Batman in this trilogy is built on the idea of theatricality and deception in order to make people see what Batman wants them to see. The ending is merely the crowning glory of this modus operandi


(I still think Nolan cheated a bit, though.)

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RE: What Are Your Favourite Plot Holes...? - 8/2/2013 4:09:36 PM   
Mr Gittes


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Bloody hell. This is quite a thread. Thanks for bringing me here.
Also, someone's bound to have pointed this one out already but in The Dark Knight, how do Gordon and Batty manage to keep the lid on Harvey's evil acts if Ramirez did indeed "live to fight another day"? Did Harvey's pistol-whip wipe her memory?
And I'm really surprised more people haven't mentioned the Citizen Kane plot hole.

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RE: What Are Your Favourite Plot Holes...? - 9/2/2013 12:22:48 AM   

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From: No place in the 'verse
Near the end of Back to the Future when Doc drops Marty off at his house at night, he backs out of the drive and accelerates off up the road, a few seconds later you see the flashes and bangs to indicate he has gone. That's cool, I mean he got up to 88mph pretty quick but never mind, pacing and all that. But when Doc returns from the future and collects Marty and Jennifer the next morning, he backs onto the road as before but some reason now there is not enough road to get up to 88?! If you thought you could do 90 in a mall car park, Marty, I'm sure that looong road stretching out in front of you should suffice.

Maybe Doc is just a really slow driver.

I don't care though, cos the DeLorien takes off and it's amazing.


Can't look Can't look

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RE: What Are Your Favourite Plot Holes...? - 11/2/2013 2:27:23 PM   
chris kilby


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Bloody hell. This is quite a thread. Thanks for bringing me here.

You're welcome.

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RE: What Are Your Favourite Plot Holes...? - 15/9/2014 9:31:20 AM   


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ORIGINAL: chris kilby


ORIGINAL: DancingClown


ORIGINAL: chris kilby

Speaking of Sly, how come Apollo Creed doesn’t whup Rocky’s white ass? As Wesley Snipes famously said – always bet on black. Unless you’re his accountant, obviously…

How is this a plot-hole?

It is highly implausible.

Aside from the racial aspect, this isn't BBC Olympic coverage with Colin Jackson after all, it's pretty clear cut that Apollo is in bad shape due to not taking the fight seriously, Rocky just being a local bum and all, and as such he barely beats him.

Rocky II, when Apollo is in top fighting shape, there's yer plotholes. But then we have to consider robots, brain damage, Tommy Gunn and Sage Stallone's acting in the pantheon of interesting creative decisions taken by Sly over the course of the saga.

Indeed. In the original Rocky it is noted by the commentators that Rocky had already lost 20 fights. So who were these other 20 guys he couldn't beat that he managed to beat the world champion at the top of his game?

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