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Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive clips (etc)

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Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive clip... - 6/7/2012 1:52:23 PM   
Cool Breeze

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From: The Internet
This has been really bugging me for a while.It seems with many blockbusters coming out that there is more and more emphasis in potentially spoiling movies by marketing them way too much.Just look at The Dark Knight Rises, there seems to be a zillion trailers for it now that the whole movie must be practically online at this point.Empires coverage of these kind of films tend to go overboard with news stories such as '' EMPIRE EXCLUSIVE! WE FOUND A JAPANESE TRAILER FOR AVENGERS WITH THREE SECONDS OF ALL NEW FOOTAGE!!! ''

Now we are getting such banality as bloody concept art for Iron Man 3.A film which isnt out for another year.Who really wants to look at that? Empire online recently posted an article concerning the actual end of TDKR and Batmans fate in the film.Now in fairness they posted spoiler warnings but why tempt people with articles like that? Apparently the new Spiderman film had an exclusive video clip posted which spoilt most of the film ( havnt seen it yet ).Now we have an ad in this months isue proclaming '' Dont go in empty handed! read all our facts about TDKR before you see it! ''.

I guess what im trying to say is that there is far too much coverage given to films online these days ( Empire online isnt the only offender here, im just using them as an example).I can do without '' exclusive'' news stories about what a manhole cover poster for TDKR means in the context of the climax of the film and having key points of a film being spoilt by saturating the whole film over the internet through seemingly endless trailers/images/video clips.Im doing my best to avoid this stuff but it seems the norm to reveal practuically the whole film before you see it.

I miss the days when a movie got one, maybe two trailers maybe a month or so in advance of a films premiere and the odd interview.Oh and while im on the subject, il be avoiding Empires review of TDKR before i see the film just to be safe.


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RE: Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive ... - 6/7/2012 2:18:24 PM   

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Lets face it, if things like the concept art aren't pimped by the studio, some fucker will end up taking pictures and posting it anyway. Its the way of the internet.

The other issue is smaller websites. If Empire doesn't show these things and others do, people get pissy about it and demand to know why they aren't talking about what everyone else is.

I agree film marketing is over the top, but considering the film industry is so concerned about piracy its no suprise they are doing everything they can to make sure you pay and go and see it.

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RE: Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive ... - 6/7/2012 2:32:55 PM   


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I'm with you there - the joy of discovery is all part of the journey when I first watch a film. There's a similar joy in re-watching films (I'm still spotting new stuff whenever I watch the Back to the Future films) but I like to go in cold for a first viewing. I actually imposed a TDKR quarantine zone around myself a few weeks ago with the threat of violent retribution for anyone who breaches it before I go to the IMAX in 15 days' time.

Generally, if I'm looking forward to a film, I never read any reviews for it before viewing - far too risky.

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RE: Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive ... - 6/7/2012 3:53:15 PM   

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I remember watching as many clips as I could of Wayne's World 2 and by the time the film came out, I'd seen most of the best bits and it wasn't as funny as it would have been if I'd seen it without ruining all the jokes.

When The Matrix Reloaded came out, I was amazed at the sight of Trinity falling out of a window, still shooting at an agent. I really regretted watching the trailer as I could never unsee some of the amazing things shown in the trailer - Neo stopping bullets, the ghost twins, Trinity back-flipping off her bike, the freeway chase and the reveal of Neo fighting dozens of Smiths. I really wish I could have seen that in the context of the film as it's an amazing idea and it would've had a much greater impact if I didn't know about it.

When The Matrix Revolutions came out, I closed my eyes, covered my ears and quietly hummed to myself so I could see the film completely fresh!

This technique has been employed every time a Batman 3 or Prometheus trailer came on at the cinema.
I saw a few seconds of it, so I know there's a baseball game and Bane's in it - that's it.
Prometheus - knew it was kinda, sorta an Alien prequel
Avengers - I knew there was a lot of explosions
The Raid - I knew there was some immense fighting in it (without shakycam!)

I'm so pleased I've avoided the trailers and I'm actively avoiding as many spoilers as I can from now on, which is really tricky!

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RE: Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive ... - 6/7/2012 4:12:00 PM   

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From: Outpost 31 calling McMurtle.
Don't read or watch them, then.



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RE: Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive ... - 6/7/2012 7:49:35 PM   


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ORIGINAL: matty_b

Don't read or watch them, then.

Easier said than done. I tried avoiding trailers for Promethius bar the excellent teasers and viral marketing, but they were on TV loads on the run up release date!

So far I have managed to avoid anything TDKR released after the initially trailer. I want to know as little as possible before seeing it, although I bet that will get harder the closer we get to it opening.

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RE: Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive ... - 6/7/2012 9:13:59 PM   

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I dont get your DKR comment CB, I think thats been on lock since day one. Theres only been three theatrical trailers which is normal as far as im concerned. The most spoilers are on this site, which is why I do my best to avoid that thread in future films. Noone forces you to watch any clips, as tempting as they are. But apparently the 5 odd minute Spiderman trailer- that is excessive. But hey, people are trying to market their films, and ive learned now that no matter how good a trailer is, the film still might be a huge lunking turd that hurts when it comes out of your ass on the toilet.


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RE: Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive ... - 7/7/2012 2:28:07 PM   

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Worst I've seen was before Prometheus. Sat through the usual 25-30 minutes of rubbish that also included an Amazing Spiderman trailer. These ended so I got comfy ready for the main feature only to be greeted by ANOTHER Spiderman trailer, only this was 15 minutes long. Don't need to go and see the film now, seen all the key events.


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RE: Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive ... - 7/7/2012 8:37:41 PM   

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It's a bit harder to get excited for upcoming flicks as I used to be, which might be because of how easy it is to obtain information these days compared to the past. I don't even need to wait for my (ex)monthly copy of Empire or my videogame magazines, as it's quicker to simply log onto my laptop and Google it (and more cost effective).

Unfortunately I can't really avoid much speculation on films either as my mates are the sort of people who will actively seek out every little detail (which these days makes for a lot of little details), and then talk about it loudly when we're together.

It works though.

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RE: Marketing Overload - Too many trailers , exclusive ... - 8/7/2012 2:08:58 AM   

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From: Neo Kobe


ORIGINAL: will1000


ORIGINAL: matty_b

Don't read or watch them, then.

Easier said than done

It's pretty easy to avoid stuff. Online stuff is by choice, TV... well that's your own fault.

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