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Snow White And The Huntsman

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Snow White And The Huntsman - 30/5/2012 10:42:26 AM   
Empire Admin


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RE: Snow White And The Huntsman - 30/5/2012 11:08:24 PM   

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This is a terrible film.


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Dull - 30/5/2012 11:44:16 PM   


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Utterly boring, had no interest in the characters, the very little dialogue that there was was rather poor (especially that 'rousing' battle speech from Stewart) and all emphasis seems to have been put on the visuals rather than any decent story. Kristin Stewart does her best Snow White via Bella by using those 4 go-to emotions she's perfected in craplight - I'm completely bewildered that people are actually casting her in lead roles. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

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Utter disappointment!! - 31/5/2012 1:08:26 AM   


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I literally cannot believe a scriptwriter got paid 3.2million for that!! the characters were all under developed, there was no real story line, it was rubbish….where to start? the love triangle was non existent it lacked any romantic emotion or sexual tension, i didnt believe any of them cared about each other let alone there be any love, the dwarves were barely on screen so when one of them has a “problem” (shall we say so as not to ruin it for anyone) you don’t really give a hoot, the queen altho she was evil did not have enough presence or screen time for the story to really have a worthy villian, a villian needs to be more prominent through out, the second act was too long and boring, and overall there was barely any dialogue of substance through the entire thing!!…infact…barely any dialogue, that script must of only hit 90 pages if that…yet somehow became 2hrs…poor, poor, poor!! more money in hollywood than sense!! i give it 2 stars for visuals and thats it!!…which is only a nod to the CGI guys really!! The trailer is the only good thing about this film!!!!

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RE: Utter disappointment!! - 31/5/2012 8:31:40 AM   
Dr Lenera


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I liked it!!!

Little Snow White’s mother dies during child birth and her father remarries the ruthless Queen Ravenna, who has already conquered several of England's kingdoms and has supernatural powers including the ability to keep young by sucking the life force out of victims. After Revenna kills her father and locks Snow White in a tower, the years pass until the day where Ravenna learns from her Magic Mirror that she will be overthrown by her stepdaughter, who will also surpass her as the "Fairest of Them All". The only way for Ravenna to remain in power is to consume Snow White's heart and achieve immortality. Snow White manages to escape into the Dark Forest and evade her pursuers, but then the Queen summons a Huntsman named Eric to kill the Princess, promising Eric she will restore to life his dead wife.......

A few months earlier, it all seemed rather simple. Mirror Mirror was to be the ‘good’ and even 'artistic' version of Snow White, with Tarsem Singh bringing his visual brilliance to the classic tale,but Snow White And The Huntsman was to be the 'Twi-fan' attracting, 'dumbed-down' version. Then Mirror Mirror came out and it was seriously below par, though certainly watchable. It also seemed very much aimed at the girls, with its bright colours and emphasise on romance and humour. Snow White And The Huntsman now not only promised to be a great deal better but rather more aimed at the boys, with battles, monsters, a Lord Of The Rings feel. Well, it is considerably better, and not just aimed at boys either; it tries hard to put in something for everyone. It seems that this could be the box office hit Mirror Mirror wasn’t, though of course it has a certain film that isn’t to do with Alien and, for a few days, a certain somebody’s birthday in the UK, to contend with!

It deserves to be successful, because this is a really solid fantasy adventure that continues the run of rather good blockbuster-type movies that we have been having recently. Now right from the offset this is a far darker outing than you might expect, even more so than Sigourney Weaver’s 1997 version, with Ravenna stabbing her newly-acquired husband in bed, sucking the life-force out of people, and an Enchanted Forest that is a really scary place to be, with hallucinogenic fungi spores conjuring up things like tree branches becoming snakes and ghost-like beings looming out of the fog. The tone is really grim, and I am not automatically a fan of making everything ‘dark’, but Snow White is a ‘dark’ tale and it all seems very appropriate. In any case, the story is followed surprisingly closely for at least the first half, and even with an increasing number of changes, the tale is told with conviction. Mirror Mirror didn’t seem to believe in what it was telling. This film does.

Of course there is still some humour when the dwarves finally appear though to be honest they are one of the least successful aspects of the film. They don’t feature enough, and though we have big names like Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins and Ray Winstone play them, the way they’ve digitally placed the actor’s heads on shrunken bodies just doesn’t look right. Those tired of all the darkness will though be rewarded by a beautifully rendered ‘good’ part of the Enchanted Forest where the colour simply jumps out at you after all the greys and blacks you’ve been experiencing. With fairies riding on animals and a meeting with who seems like Bambi several years on, it seems like you are really in a combination of a live action version of a great Disney movie and a great fantasy painting, and I loved it.

The pacing slows somewhat in the second half and for a while I had scary flashbacks to Twilight with the introduction of two guys who both want Snow White, but thankfully it's not dwelled upon. The action throughout has a rough and ready quality which helps one really believe in the fantasy word created, though as usual some of it is cut too fast for my liking. I like to see action, not be made to feel I am part of it or get sore eyes. By the general standards of these days it isn' t too bad though. The climactic showdown feels a little rushed, perhaps because we tend to be spoilt for action climaxes these days. An opening battle hints that there will be more of its like to come and it isn't really so. I would love, one day, to see a version where they use the ending from the original story, with things such as Ravenna made to wear iron shoes and dance herself to death.

The special effects, including the best looking troll I’ve ever seen in a film, are great throughout. Ravenna’s occasional aging is done seamlessly and often quite subtly. Her whole part of the film is very well done indeed, especially the creepy being that comes out of her mirror. Considering how close Snow White And The Huntsman is to the horror movie in places, I was reminded of Countess Elizabeth Bathory here, and Ravenna is absolutely superbly played by Charlize Theron, who sometimes allows to feel a little bit of sympathy for her, suggesting past events which have shaped her into the cruel villainess she has become.

I was, I must admit, disappointed in Kristen Stewart. A capable actress when at a very young age, she was abysmal in the Twi-shite movies but, considering she is so very nice to look at and was the main reason I sat through those awful films, I hoped it was just due to the material. Sadly, she’s still quite weak here, with a constant pained expression as if she needs to take a dump. She just doesn’t seem natural, though I will say she has a ‘movie star’ presence. Chris Hemsworth, who has improved considerably since Thor, is really fun as her brawling, drunken love interest, but his part seems a little truncated. There is awkward editing here and there and the film doesn’t totally flow, but overall first time director Rupert Sanders does a really impressive job here, just about keeping control of a big, major studio production while giving it some artistry. Snow White And The Huntsman is far better than it has a right to be. Maybe the talk about live action versions of two other fairy tales which made classic Disney films, Beauty And The Beast and Sleeping Beauty, is not so worrying after all......

[rating: 7.5/10]


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Under-rated - 31/5/2012 10:50:39 AM   


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I genuinely enjoyed this! granted I was there purely to squirm with delight at Chris Hemsworth swinging a hammer- axe, sorry, axe- but aside from some attempts at accents almost as shocking as the infamous kevin-costner-does-english-folk-hero-with-broad-america-twang, in general I thought it was a pretty good time-passer, not too hollywood effects-heavy in most scenes, Kristen Stewart is midly palatable, and of course there's teh eponymous huntsman... oh the huntsman... solid 3 star film in my opinion, now, about that Prometheus review...

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RE: Utter disappointment!! - 31/5/2012 11:52:09 AM   


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I literally cannot believe we were watching the same film!!

I wont argue with costumes, cinematography and CGI, all superb, and the best bits of the film being the scene where she enters the dark forest and Charlize Theron was a great character, believably evil, and yes the aging looked good, but where was she for half the film?! occassionally she popped in for a cup of tea to say "hi, i'm the nemesis by the way" but other than that the villian of the peace was hardly used, and the only thing about a decent story is the constant battle between good and evil, thats why you root for the good guy (or gal in this case) but if you rarely see the bad guy (same again!) then you never truly feel there is a threat or care much who wins.

the dialogue was so poor it was shocking, firstly, where was the dialogue?? very little was said, secondly when it was said it had no emotional impact, i didn't feel inspired to rise up and fight against the queen when snow white made her speech, if i was there i would of thought to myself, "oh ok then got nothing else to do today, might as well give you a hand if you need it!!" it barely had any punch to it.

i didnt buy for a second that there was any love between snow white and the male leads, very oddly, the closest it seemed genuine was when it was a lie lol that is the only time it seemed that their was any connection romantically, so thats quite amusing, but when it was the ACTUAL romance it was zip, nada, nothing, the characters never seemed in love or genuinely fond of each other, and as actors the three lacked chemistry, it was almost like a fish a dog and a rabbit had tried to like each other!!

the dwarves were pretty much non existent which was a shame as if they had more screen time i think it would of lifted the film a bit.

the second act was soooooo slow, it was like being on a hike you didn't want to be on, ok lets walk a while fine, but there are only so many amazing CGI goblins and fairies and what not that you can look at before saying "ok so is anything actually going to happen here or are we still just sight seeing?"

the story was so lacking in being an ACTUAL STORY, it was completed disjointed story telling. things weren't always as crystal clear as they need to be for an audience, not because i'm thick but because you have to be able to look at a character and say "oh right ok, i know why he/she would do that or react like that or think that way" but many times they just "did things" that we were to just accept they would do without having been given enough of their personality to accept that they would do that in that situation e.g. i fully understood why chris hemsworth character drank bcos he was depressed over the death of his wife, things made sense, i bought into that perfectly well, but why exactly would the EVIL RUTHLESS COLD HEARTED QUEEN decide to keep snow white for years locked away, why not just have killed her asap if you hate her that much, there has to be a valid reason for having kept her alive, you cant just say "bcos i wanted to so ner ner ner ner ner" thats not good enough, whether it is a fairytale or not there must be a decent reason why she was kept alive for years, i mean she wasnt paying rent for the cell so what was the Queen gaining by keeping her still, if the queen looks were fading fast then why wait years to kill snow white, why not just take her heart immediately and bring in some more beauties to kill after, or did she like snow whites personality too much to kill her before, that was so weak in the story line, everyone must have a decent REASON for a decision that they have made and that reason needs to be believable even in fiction, you cant just say "because it happens alright, i wanted to keep her for kicks?!" not unless it is stated that i'm keeping her for kicks, a bit of venom from the Queen on the matter, otherwise she's not so evil after all or snow white would of been dead long before, even the prince was stunned "oh you are still alive, how come? didnt think you would be but ok then that a nice surprise and here you are da da dum!!" an audience must know properly why she was kept and not just killed, or was snow white just a pet?

the trailer was amazing but the film was a total let down, and not through anything visually cinematic, thumbs up to the director on that score, it looked amazing, but you dont go to the movies to just see something amazing thats why you go on holiday to Egypt, you go to feel something amazing, be it fear or happiness or watever, and whilst watching it evoked no emotions worthy of being a good film, essentially what was terrible was a poor story with unbelievably weak dialogue (when there was some!) and little depth or backgrounds to each character!! i barely cared about any of them...maybe the troll at a push!!

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RE: Utter disappointment!! - 1/6/2012 12:18:35 AM   

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Yeah, I really liked it. I can see why some are having the issues they are, but one's enjoyment of the movie largely depends on how you feel Snow White herself is depicted. I was sold on how she inspired everybody to rise against tyranny. I think people expected a smiley Disney princess, instead of what they've written here. It's a pretty dark and gorgeously made production. Not without fault, with the Prince's inclusion the one aspect that doesn't really work at all. Yet there's plenty to like here and I enjoyed it much more than last week's Men in Black sequel.

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- 1/6/2012 9:19:08 AM   


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A bit all over the place and Empire gets the rating and the review about right. There's just too much in there and a lack of direction, but there are also some well handled moments.

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RE: - 1/6/2012 12:23:23 PM   


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I agree with most of the complaints above.

Atrocious script, terrible acting at points. Looked great, felt poor.

I find it hard to understand why everyone complimented Snow White so much, as a young girl she resembled a newt, later her looks were more in liking to a monkey.

Gotta admit I couldn't stop laughing but for all the wrong reasons.

A film in which Kristen 2X4 Stewart is constantly fawned over as being incredibly beautiful whilst being in the midst of an inexplicable love triangle and a terrible script? Hmm, familiar...

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- 1/6/2012 7:06:21 PM   


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i really liked this film. it was a different take on the snow white legend, giving us a more war based film. some of the scenes were gorgeous and yeah the script wasn't fantastic (apart from hemsworth speech to a spell bound Snow. liked that one) but there was some funny moments. The film isnt about how pretty Snow White's face is, ( at the risk of sounding cheesy) her beauty comes from inside and that she is a genuinely good person who cares what happens to others and is willing to fight for them. how many people can say they're selfless?
And you get used to Hemsworth's accent eventually i mean HELLO fantasy world maybe thats how they speak!

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dull - 1/6/2012 9:32:03 PM   

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From: Torun
Not as good as you imagine

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RE: Utter disappointment!! - 1/6/2012 10:07:21 PM   


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A child or a teenager might of wanted a Disney Princess, at 40 I don't really think that is of much interest to me, so I didn't expect a smiley Disney Princess at all, so I'm not in the "some people" bracket, I am fan of films made by Tim Burton so I wanted a more dark and gothic movie, but what I did expect was a decent film, i'm not arguing with the look of the film, as i said before, visually the film was good, but the script was an utter disgrace!!

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Avoid! There's better summer movies out there... - 1/6/2012 10:19:49 PM   

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Extremely disapointed by this expecting an epic fantasy movie but was given some expensively charmless, unimaginitive predictable waste of time. To be positive the Queen is the best thing here but what does that matter when the rest is such dross. Stewart is rushed along with such pace we are not allowed to even understand or invest in her character at all...her performance doesn't help either. Whilst Hemsworth, think Thor without the charisma, or anything else likeable. As for the visuals, yes sometimes impressive otherwise frankly strange. The attempt to get away from the cutesey disney image seems ironic considering some almost sickly sweet moments in the middle. Comparing to similar fantasy films its unfortunate that the film lacks its own style that say Red Riding Hood and others possess which just adds to the feeling that it isn't as creatively driven as you would hope...or the feeling that money making wasn't far from the writers minds with such desperate attempts to appeal to everyone.

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- 2/6/2012 9:40:58 AM   

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Very disappointing.
The movie looks good but Stewart is as wooden as the Dark Forest. Theron is the best thing in it, but is way too shouty. Hoskins is dire too.
2 Stars.

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RE: - 2/6/2012 2:46:16 PM   

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Does this film have a Space Jockey


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Utter garbage - 3/6/2012 12:19:02 AM   


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Sorry, this is hopeless and Empire is a disgrace for scoring this equally with Prometheus. Are you having a laugh!?! No characterization (the dwarfs, the lost friend), no chemistry between the lead characters (so did they fall in love or not other than one pseudo necrophilic moment there was nothing between them), the cringeworthy speech...... I'll stop, i just wish that awful film would have stopped too.

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RE: Utter garbage - 3/6/2012 3:36:08 PM   
Qwerty Norris

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From: Edinburgh
After the elaborate pantomime that was Mirror Mirror, the story of Snow White seems to be going more in the Game Of Thrones-esque sword-battling direction here - and all the better for it. The well-known story is still very much here, all being with a grimier, sweatier exterior. And despite achieving OTT moments in the shouting department, Theron does very well in the villainous role of the queen & for the second time this year, successfully portrays a character with few sympathetic tendencies in reasonably sympathetic light (the first time being Jason Reitman's Young Adult). Hemsworth, irrespective of projecting an immensely dodgy Scottish accent, builds on his muscular hero persona with a charismatic turn as the Huntsman, whereas Stewart (an actress on a hiding to nothing with the thankless task of portraying the endlessly-wet Bella in the Twilight films) does a good job here as well - and in particular, pulls off the Joan of Arc-like rallying call scene extremely well. It does however lack experienced directorial precision (some set-pieces & scenes feel a little baggy), whilst the talented actors portraying the dwarfs are largely wasted & feel lost in the effort made to super-impose them onto smaller bodies. Overall though, comfortably the better of the two Snow White films this year.



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last nail in the coffin of storytelling.. - 5/6/2012 11:56:57 PM   


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I almost never post reviews as they too often descend into bickering, and at the end of the day if you have already seen this movie and enjoyed it, who am I to tell you otherwise? If on the other hand you haven't seen it, for some reason I feel quite strongly that I would like to tell you NOT TO!!!

This is visually arresting, there is no doubt about that. I would not however go as far as to say it is either groundbreaking or particularly original. The battle scenes are barely adequate in the aftermath of LOTR. The queens many transforamtions are beautifully done but have echoes of most vampire movies and the brothers grimm. The main problem however, with most of these images is that they are simply that- images.
The reviewer was right- this film suffers from flabby storytelling however he lets it off far too lightly with three stars. The imagry should fit the story, it should hit home beacuse it echoes and drives the emotional resonance of the moment. It should not be simply one clever image strung together with another by a few mythic-esque lines. The strings that direct this are neon painted ropes.
The reviewer talks about the majority of funny bits- no one laughed in the cinema I was sitting in. I think by the time the ones quoted above came along most of us had zoned out. I was packed and ready to flee about one hour in.
The acting was adequate. Kristen Stewart is being blamed for the failing of this movie by many, and while I do think she was miscast, I think she was miscast for the movie this failed to be. As it stands, no one I know could have done much better. Charlize does seem to belong to a different film, and therein, once again, lies the central problem- no one really knows or perhaps cares what movie they are actually making. While our queen is pure pantomine, her brother has escaped from Gormenghast, Chris is still making Thor though he starts out in Willow. Maybe if he had taken his top off..? The rest seem to have been compiled of cuts from

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- 6/6/2012 10:00:39 AM   


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I understand Kirsten stewart is comings from a wealthy producers family -and having seen her in many movies I understand this is the only reason she is been cast in movies- But can't hollywood hide this fact a bit? She can't act. Why do they cast her in leading roles? Besides the fact that this was only an okay movie from a good idea, Kirsten spoke American while the rest of the cast spoke English. Couldn't they bother to "teach" her english? Like empire wrote. I couldn't feel anything for any of the characters. None was sympathetic enough. It is funny how in a disney animation with 80 minutes running time you get to feel a lot more than in a two hour movie. Also the lord of the rings theme didn't suit it. It only made it worse because it made me compare it to lotr. I liked alice in wonderland by Burton from where this was inspired but the actress there could actually act and felt real unlike the hobbit that kristen is which looked like a smurf fighting giants. I wonder how such a great cast like charlize -which feels like she is acting in anything they offer her these days- and Thor and the dwarfs got in this joke of a movie. I almost feel that mirror mirror was a better movie.

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You wee lass are the fairest of them all! - 7/6/2012 10:22:33 AM   


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A story you've probably read or heard countless times and no doubt watched several films on. This is a reasonable version with impressive visuals and a distinctly Scottish feel about the landscapes. One of the best bits is the enchanted forest which feels like a jolly trip on acid countering the somewhat gloomy air of the film's other landscapes. For a two hour film though the character development is shocking. The dwarves are given the most short schrift and even the main characters feel underdeveloped in such a way that you wouldn't actually mind too much if Snow White gets strangled by a branch on the return to the castle! OK half term viewing for kids but far from a masterpiece of Grimm adaptation!

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- 8/6/2012 12:40:13 PM   


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From: somewhere else
I have to admit that after the trailers I expected SWATH to be a better movie than it actually turned out to be but I really don't understand why everyone's so harsh about it. The three stars are justifiable as the CGI looks great, the dwarfs are the best ones ever and the actors (plus their accents) are totally acceptable. It had its great moments, some nice laughs and passed the time in a really enjoyable way!

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RE: Snow White And The Huntsman - 8/6/2012 2:48:26 PM   

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From: Southampton
I wasnt really interested in this but the trailer and Chris Hemsworth convinced me to give it a go..

This film is a disappointment. It aims for something approaching the fantasy and grandure of Narnia or Lord of the Rings but ends up being more like Willow with a bit of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves thrown in.

For a two hour film it feels much longer due to uneven pacing and a middle act that really drags, the characters visiting locations and meeting other characters that add very little to the story (the village full of women for example - the film wouldn't miss them), as well as a really uneven tone.

It's all very well to make a darker, grittier take on a fairy tale but it still needs to be a fairy tale. For all the magic on show, the film didn't feel very magical. Parts of the film evoke memories of Stardust (a film that judged its tone just right) especially in the Queen who ages through use of magic and needs the hearts of younger more beautiful women to survive - similar to the witches in Stardust. But where that film had a magical central character in Yvaine - a fallen star in human form who's love is the force that defeats evil - this film has Snow White. Hers is a character who we are told is beautiful and fair but the only things we are really shown to prove that is that animals like her a bit. Woudnt it have been better to have Snow White defeat the Queen by using her beauty and kindness - the opposite of the Queen's qualities - rather that that rather limp final battle? Snow White's transformation from damsel in distress to warrior was hardly convincing and inconsistent with anything that had gone before.

Chris Hemsworth does a decent job as the Huntsman but is saddled with an unnecessary backstory about a dead wife and a drink problem. The character could have done with the lightness of touch present in Hemsworth's Thor. I can understand that a conscious decision was probably made to try and not make the characters too similar - including Hemsworth's wandering accent - but had the character been less melancholy it would have helped the film overall. Hemsworth isn't a great actor but he's handsome and charismatic so the film should play to these strengths.

The whole film could have been much better had some of these flaws been identified at script stage and addressed. The film feels very flat and uninteresting as a result even in the supposedly happy ending. Great visuals can't mask this.

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RE: Snow White And The Huntsman - 8/6/2012 3:18:38 PM   


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Disappointed but still enjoyed parts of it. Was expecting a cross between game of thrones and lotr, but got neither tbh. Some scenes were beautiful especially sanctuary, and beach with castle in the background, i actually thought kirsten stewart speech was one of the best motivational ones ive seen in a movie, although she was quite wooden in other parts. I enjoyed the the dwarves aswell and theron really played her part well. The bridge troll had the potential to be awesome but concluded ridicoluosly imo, the dark forest didnt really like that part, some of the scenes were quite disjointed and main gripe was the rushed ending and lack of caring for the characters....pity.

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Not What I Expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 8/6/2012 3:42:23 PM   

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My wife wanted to see it. We saw "John Carter" because I was curious and neither of us really liked that movie. It was my turn. I had wriggled my way out of seeing the other Snow White movie but now I was going to have to bite the bullet. I was pleasantly surprised. The story and special effects, which are very good, are really all just one level of this movie. It's really about different aspects of feminine beauty.

The Evil Queen (played perfectly by Charlize Theron) is very appropriately symbolized by a raven: a carrion bird that feeds off of death for its own benefit. Her beauty is objectified. Instead of allowing herself to be vulnerable she embraces the objectification and uses it to spread death and destruction for her own gain. She is particularly threatened by and benefits the most from the beauty of other women. She also obsesses about youth. Has anyone else met this woman before because I certainly have! Snow White is the flip side of the same coin. She is beautiful without being objectified. She has no symbol but is almost portrayed as Mother Nature incarnate. She inspires, nurtures and heals. Instead of feeling threatened by the beauty around her she reveals in it. She brings out the best in others. It is clear that she does not need anyone to tell her that she is beautiful in order for her to feel that way.

Modern feminism is often laughable. Women can only be "free" and "empowered" if they act as libertine as the worst male philanderer without being criticized for it any more than their male counter parts. They must be objectified to be powerful. To them sex is power. They are symbolized by the Evil Queen in this movie.

This Snow White is refreshing because she is not a sex toy defined by her beauty. Though she is aided by men she is certainly not defined by them or helpless without them. She is also aided by other women for that matter. She knows who she is and struggles to realize her potential as best she can, just like everyone does whether male or female. Her self-realization does not come at the cost of anyone else's, in fact, as she becomes freer so do all those who surround her. She does not need someone else to feel smaller for her to feel better. It's a wonderful message.

No matter how much your little eight-year-old girl begs do not take her to this movie. There was a small child behind me and my wife who often became very frightened by the movie's violence. Take your sixteen-year-old instead. Maybe she will see that there is more for her to be than eye candy


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RE: Snow White And The Huntsman - 8/6/2012 11:23:29 PM   

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Oh! Who will Bella Snow White choose? Her childhood sweetheart, now played by James Blunt, or McThor, with an accent that could be the most offensive thing to Scotland since Mel Gibson's Braveheart?
Leaving aside (as I must) the story structure of a literal Fairy Tale™, complete with its Happy Ending™, there are a number of internal stumbling blocks that I couldn't ignore.
Ultimately, I can't hate Snow White and the Huntsman. It just wasn't made for me. Oh, and the Dwarfs. I should probably mention the Dwarfs. They're okay.

All in all? Pffft.


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RE: Snow White And The Huntsman - 12/6/2012 5:57:04 PM   


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As fairy tales are making a large return to cinema and television, possibly because of the 2006 masterpiece that is Pan's Labyrinth, not only do we have the current aired TV series Once Upon a Time on Channel 5, but we recently had the Julia Roberts-starred Mirror Mirror and now the action-packed Snow White and the Huntsman. As the aforementioned three feature the eponymous princess who differentiate from each of the medias, the latest depiction features Kristen 'Bella Swan' Stewart from fairy-tale princess to Joan of Arc.

As the ruthless Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) has conquered several kingdoms and plans to take over the entire continent, her Magic Mirror prophesies that she will be overthrown by her stepdaughter Snow White (Stewart). Attempting to consume the heart of Snow White who escapes to the Dark Forest, Ravenna forcefully hires the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to kill the princess.

Based on the screen story by co-writer Evan Daugherty, this version presents a darkness that is more in tune with the original Grimms' fairy tale, unlike the recent Tarsem Singh adaptation. Now being Snow White, it has to tick-box a number of traits that you would expect in the story, such as the Magic Mirror, the poisonous apple and the dwarfs (humorously played by great Brit actors such as Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones, etc.); although the last time I checked, the Huntsman was from a different tale.

Due to the mechanics of the story, it seems a bit obvious that first-time director Rupert Sanders is more interested in surface rather than depth, but boy, what a surface. As a fantasy, the depiction of the medieval battles are less Lord of the Rings and more similar to what Ridley Scott did in his historical epics like Gladiator and Robin Hood, which is a gritty presentation where characters are muddied up and face a bloody fate.

As a director of TV commercials, Sanders presents a level of beauty and grittiness, as best established in the chilliness of the Dark Forest, as well as the enchantment of the fairy land. The latter is the highlight of the film as Snow White and co. walks through the bright green glass and then encounters a great white stag; this very image is reminiscent of Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke.

While there is a lack of complex characterisation, the actors do a decent job in their archetypal roles. Charlize Theron in particular, truly shines as the terrifying Queen as her quiet English accent is chilling enough, but as she raises her voice to top thespian shouting, you want to hide behind the seats. I can't quite say the same about her co-star Kristen Stewart, not because she is terrible, but her innocent portrayal as princess to courageous warrior isn't quite as powerful as her nemesis, which sadly fails for the film to become a two-header as it could have been.

Although this new approach to the Snow White tale doesn't have the complexity in its narrative and characters to rival Guillermo del Toro's magnum opus, director Rupert Sanders presents a spectacular and engaging adventure to differentiate from its infamous Disney counterpart.

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RE: Snow White And The Huntsman - 12/6/2012 6:43:35 PM   

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After getting dragged to see this by the missus who is a huge Twilight fan I thought it was surprisingly entertaining. Visually it was fantastic and I rather liked how the director realised the different uses of magic. The bit where it was suggested the Magic Mirror was all in her head was a quite a nice touch. That said, a lot of stuff was set-up and never got its pay off. Looking back this is obviously intended to be the start of a franchise but even so, I think some characters received short drift. In particular I wanted to learn more about The Queen's brother and how/why he killed The Huntsman's wife. Overall it needed more action, more dwarfs and less of Kristen Stewart looking like she's about to sneeze.


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good! - 12/6/2012 10:35:45 PM   


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With the intention of going to go see snow white it was a lot lot better! It kept me stuck to the end of my chair the whole way through. Reccomend it to all people. The only let down for me was at the end it all happened too fast but apart from that it was brill.

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BRILLIANT VISUALS..... - 11/7/2012 7:05:36 PM   


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Joined: 14/7/2008 always with these SFX driven filmic behemoths. I admit - the trailer was kickass and so I had to see it. Snow White and the Huntsman turns out to be a well mounted, half hearted fairy tale that doesn't make the most of it's great cast. Lord of the Rings it ain't - and a clunky script means it loses a star. Empire are just about right in this case. THREE STARS

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