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Men In Black 3

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Men In Black 3 - 16/5/2012 10:50:22 PM   
Empire Admin


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Post your comments on this article
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- 16/5/2012 10:50:22 PM   

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From: London
Didn't think much of the first film, didn't bother with the second, not a shock to see that the third film doesn't exactly set the world on fire, especially with what seems like a 'never mind the quality, feel the stars/Imax 3D/whatever we can flog this on' attitude from the studio well before they even had a filmable script to make. Will be giving this a miss.

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Should've been Bad Boys 3 - 16/5/2012 10:55:07 PM   


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that's the only Will Smith sequel that we actually want

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RE: - 16/5/2012 11:30:04 PM   

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The first film was excellent. Inventive, sharply funny, and damn cool to boot. The second one, well the less said about that the better. This one just feels like its a little late to its own party.


I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. - Ron Burgundy

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- 17/5/2012 4:22:16 AM   


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I wasn't sure, I was almost concerned it'd be good and I'd miss it. So I haven't watched it, but it seems like this review reflects my view on the first 2 movie. Now I know to stay away...
But really, Brolin mimicking Jones' Agent K is really incredible...

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Did we watch the same film? - 17/5/2012 10:59:01 AM   


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Ok, so it's not an Oscar winner... but 2 star for an entertaining 90 minutes? Harsh. 3 star at least. Especially when you gave tosh like Piranha 3DD 3 star.

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Red-Faced Men In Black - 17/5/2012 12:09:17 PM   


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"MIB3 still started shooting without a finished script." What a mess. You'll never get a good movie out of that. The first Men In Black got it so right, was a huge hit and even had a hit song from Will Smith. Men In Black II was a ramshackle mess (even the CGI and photography looked awful) and this looks like being the same. They ran the franchise into the ground through laziness and carelessness.

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- 17/5/2012 2:44:03 PM   


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I'm not prone to comments like this, but referring to Nicole Shirtzinger as "Lewis Hamilton's girlfriend" seems a little bitter, really unprofessional and dates the review quite badly.

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The first MIB wasn't exactly a game changer. In fact i... - 17/5/2012 7:32:15 PM   


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From: Cardiff
Hollywood was out of ideas. It was harmless fun, but certainly not strong enough premise to base a series upon. It had out stayed its welcome by the time the sequel came around. Even with the extended hiatus between then and now, the series couldn't come up with anything interesting to say. I'm not suprised to hear that MIB3 is nothing more than cynical cash grab.

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Is this the ABSOLUTE official Empire review? - 17/5/2012 11:17:16 PM   


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What about when it arrives on doovde?

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RE: Men In Black 3 - 20/5/2012 5:06:15 PM   
Super Hans

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From: Watford
Doesn't sound too promising... Not a good sign though when the "funniest" thing in the trailer is Josh Brolin saying "alright" like Tommy Lee Jones.

Shame really - Men in Black was a good, fun film, kind of (if not quite) like a 90's Ghostbusters. Sequel wasn't too great though and it sounds like it's all downhill from there.


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RE: Men In Black 3 - 20/5/2012 5:57:46 PM   

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From: Norwich
If the 3d is of the same quality as was present in the IMAX 3d trailer it will be a masterclass on how not to make a film with 3d. Excessively blurry backgrounds, flatly layered crowds and myriad other factors all of which made it a very uncomfortable experience to watch.


Nothing to see here.

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RE: Men In Black 3 - 20/5/2012 7:05:34 PM   

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I'm not surprised this is getting a 2 star review. I actually prefer the 2nd movie to the first, but both are pretty average movies.


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RE: Men In Black 3 - 21/5/2012 3:49:00 PM   


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Will Smith smacked a dude in the mouth the other day for trying to kiss him; that was more entertaining than this ass water.

Damon Hills girlfriend is an even worse actress than she is manufactured pop singer.


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Harmless fun. - 22/5/2012 12:55:53 AM   


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Nothing amazing but certainly not bad. Brolin's TLJ was golden.

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M.I.B. - 24/5/2012 6:19:15 PM   


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You know, M.I.B. actually has a different means "Mutual in Bed", and it's awesome...try a search for it on youtube!

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It was like Shrek the 3rd!!!! - 25/5/2012 10:06:47 PM   
Teddy Bear


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My review of MIB3.

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It was like the 3rd Mighty ducks movie! - 25/5/2012 10:08:49 PM   
Teddy Bear


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Plus where was Will smiths song?

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It was like the 3rd Mighty ducks movie! - 25/5/2012 10:08:53 PM   
Teddy Bear


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Plus where was Will smiths song?

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RE: Men In Black 3 - 26/5/2012 1:07:40 PM   

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From: Oxford, UK
The real heart of the film lies with Michael Stuhlbarg, evoking the spirit of Robin Williams' Mork (including a bit of fourth-walling at one point). His character Griffin is a humanoid-alien who can see all possible outcomes of a situation, the joke being that he's never entirely sure which universe he's in until events occur. Griffin is funny, touching, and more interesting than any other character in the film.

In Short: Building on the strengths of MiB, but not falling into the traps of MiB2. Tricky starting, great ending. Better than it has any right to be, in all honesty.

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RE: Men In Black 3 - 27/5/2012 1:14:53 PM   
DJ Rob C: Mark II!

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From: Christmas town
I was a bit worried at first given Empire and Total Film's reactions, but then seeing Ebert and Roeper's seperate positive reviews plus a few in the papers and so forth, I was a bit more positive going in... and I really dug this, yet another hugely enjoyable blockbuster this year.... I can't really nitpick because the only nitpicks I'd have were explained like how J is the only one noticing K is gone... other than that, there was a fantastic villain in Boris, great new additions to the cast like Thompson and Brolin, plus a few great surprises which I won't spoil (suffice to say one of my favourite comedy actors of the moment makes an appearance) and one heck of a good ending which made me almost shed one or two tears.... really surprising stuff, I'm going for a 4/5


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RE: Men In Black 3 - 27/5/2012 9:23:38 PM   
Dr Lenera


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Boris the Beast escapes from his prison on the Moon with the help of a female helper and a cake containing an alien. He returns to Earth with one mission: to go back in time to 1969 and kill Agent K, who had cut off his hand and imprisoned him in 1969. K also created a protective shield called the Arcnet to protect Earth from alien invasion. Agent J awakes to find himself in an alternate reality where K has been dead for 40 years. It seems that Boris was able to travel back in time to 1969 using a time jump device and kill K, in the process leaving the planet vulnerable because the Arcnet has not yet been put up. J acquires a time jump device himself and prepares to travel back in time himself to set things right, though it involves jumping off the Chrysler building…..

Here come the men in black ,they won’t let you remember…..

Whenever I think of Men In Black I automatically think of not the film but the Will Smith song from it. This is not because the film wasn’t any good but because it takes me back to a good time in my life when, at one particular point in my lengthy period of working at my local cinema, I had an especially fun group of colleagues to work with and go out with at every opportunity. At least once a week we’d go to our local nightclub and they would always play the Men in Black song at least twice a night and of course I would always dance to it! I actually did not mind the first sequel even though it was the ultimate example of a sequel playing it safe, basically rehashing the first film but unsurprisingly failing to recapture all of its charm. This belated third episode is hardly something I have been looking forward to and indeed one would expect it to be a disaster considering its troubled production which included multiple script rewrites, a discontented star and a three-month production shutdown as writers and studio executives scrambled to fix a project that nearly fell apart.

At a final cost of $250 million — though some sources claim more - it is easy to consider Men In Black 3 as a typical example of a stupid money-wasting blockbuster, and indeed many are doing that, sometimes influenced I think by, if you count internet message boards as your main guide [and perhaps you shouldn’t], an increasing dislike of Will Smith. This is a dislike I don’t entirely understand – for me his ‘clean’-living, family guy image is one to admire, and so what if he follows a dodgy religion and wants his children to follow in his footsteps? In any case, I can tell you that Men In Black 3 is thoroughly entertaining and, far from just being superior to the maligned second movie, it is, in my opinion, at least the equal of the original film. In fact, I think I actually enjoyed it more.

Influenced perhaps by the Back To The Future trilogy, and especially the underrated second picture, Men In Black 3 marries the ‘alien investigation’ , detective story element of the first two films with the subject of time travel. The story gets fairly complex early on, while many will spot many holes in the tale – I personally have never totally ‘bought’ the concept of someone meeting themselves in the past or the future – but it plays fair with the audience and never, I think, gets out of control. The style and feel of the first two films remains, thanks to Barry Sonnenfield returning as director, but this one really benefits from being tied to a story which has some different aspects. Where I think the film falters is in not giving enough time to a few of the threads which develop; I know Sonnenfield likes to keep his films within a certain length, but this one could have done with being just a little bit longer. Saying that, though, Men In Black 3 could have done with removing one particular character, an alien called Griffin who can see multiple futures and doesn’t know which one is the real one. As played by Michael Stuhlborg, he’s a total, in-your-face irritant and, while the concept of his ‘gift’ is promising and leads to some good scenes especially one at a baseball stadium, the character so annoyed me I just wished he would be killed off!

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones show they have lost none of their chemistry in the early scenes and the wonderful idea of aliens being amongst us and everywhere is maintained, especially in a terrific scene which perhaps confirms some of the suspicions we may have about Chinese food. Agent J’s time-jump scene is an incredibly vertiginous bit of business, with even the prelude to the actual jump making me glad that I hadn’t gone to see the picture in 3D [which isn’t really worth it from what I’ve heard], because I still felt a little dizzy. The travelling back in time is nicely done with lots of glimpses of bits from the past including even some dinosaurs, and when we arrive in 1969, the period is well evoked. Some of the jokes are of the kind you would expect, but there is a certain intelligence at play too, especially with a great Andy Warhol gag which really made me laugh and substantiated my view that he was actually a pretty crap artist really. Despite the setting, there is much fun gadgetry including the coolest-looking bike variants since Return Of he Jedi , and the return of Rick Baker ensures that, despite the increasing use of CGI, enough physical effects remain.

Much as before, matters progress in the manner of a weird detective tale, with a few bits of action thrown in including a great road chase which is shot better than 99.9% of road chases you see in films today because you can actually see what it going on! This is not to say the direction by Sonnenfield lacks style, because he keeps things moving at a great pace by cutting each scene to the bone, and every now and again the camera will swoop into a location at dizzying speed. It’s been too long since the director of The Addams Family and Get Shorty has last hit cinema screens [hey, I even liked Wild, Wild West]. Now of course matters in this film lead to an action climax, here set at Cape Canaveral with more dizzying high-level stuff, and it’s pretty exciting, though of course it seems like both our heroes have developed superhuman strength and resilience. What surprised me more though, was a rather touching plot twist that followed which moved me somewhat. In fact, there seems to be a straining to a more emotional dimension throughout which is not really followed through. We are given hints, for example, of why Agent K became the up-tight, emotionless shell we all know, but they are just hints. I wonder if a director’s cut will surface…….

Will Smith, basically playing the same character he usually plays, is as likeable as ever and doesn’t seem to have aged since the last film, but the big surprise for me is Josh Brolin, not an actor I generally rate very highly, but here doing a very good impersonation of the young Tommy Lee Jones. It’s nice to see Emma Thompson in this kind of movie but to be honest her character is given short shrift, like many of the other most interesting elements of the film. Men In Black 3 frustrated me at times, because it seemed like there was a more detailed, serious movie trying to break out of the generally light piece of fluff that have. If, though, you ask was I entertained, I would reply with no hesitation: “yes”. The opening weekend hasn’t been as good as expected, but I’d like to see another Men in Black adventure, be it with Brolin or Jones. This one is really fun, inventive and the time flew by….which is appropriate, I suppose.

Rating: 7.5/10


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RE: Men In Black 3 - 28/5/2012 9:21:58 AM   

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From: The Royal County
Surprisingly good. Quite funny and there's a good emotional kick at the end. Far better than the awful second one. 3 stars.

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It's a different film. It's a very different film! It's a different shark!

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RE: Men In Black 3 - 28/5/2012 7:54:21 PM   


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From: Bristol
I loved the film, definitely better than the 2nd one, and it was great to see Will Smith back on the big screen. Just wish they had included Frank!

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RE: Men In Black 3 - 31/5/2012 12:54:36 AM   


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cant wait to finally watch it... this weekend


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2 stars? Wrong. - 31/5/2012 10:05:55 PM   
Lucky Day

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From: Dundee
I enjoyed it. It was class. Not everyone will agree with 4 stars but it easily deserves a solid 3. 2 stars Empire? Really? And what's with referring to Nicole Scherzinger as simply Lewis Hamiltons girlfriend? A little disrespectful to a woman who has clearly done well in life off her own back. Plus she did a fine job in the film, doing exactly what was required of her character and doing it well. This was most enjoyable all in all. Much better than MIB2 (not hard) and with plenty of the magic of the first. Will Smith was on his usual fine form and Brolin was excellent, actually so was Clement.

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RE: 2 stars? Wrong. - 3/6/2012 3:37:19 PM   
Qwerty Norris

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From: Edinburgh
Kermode got it spot on in his review by describing MIB 3 as a series of contract obligations rather than a solid piece of blockbuster entertainment. Despite the presence of an excellent Michael Stuhlberg, a good gag involving Andy Warhol & Josh Brolin nailing an impersonation of a younger Tommy Lee Jones, everything feels rather flat. Jermaine Clement (inspired in Flight Of The Conchords & even in the dreamworks animation Rio) is wasted in a largely empty villainous role, whilst even Smith is largely subdued in his trademark crowd-pleasing role. It's also a film remarkably full of modernised product placement despite the predominantly 1969 setting - a setting that it also fails to exploit in comparing past attitudes to ones in the present (i.e. Back To The Future or other better time travelling fare). In a season full of big-budgeted fare, this will probably be the one fewer people will remember fondly. The special effects are also completely rubbish.


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6. Good Vibrations
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10. Wreck-it Ralph

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ronseal - 3/6/2012 11:53:07 PM   

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From: dublin
i cannot agree with empire on this one.
We had a very rainy day in dublin and myself and the wife devoid of choice desid to visit the cinema.
She hated mib 1/2 i liked them and i was v curious to see how josh did with his impression.
After a long row i win yeaaa,two hours later we walk down the steps out into the drab mid winters day..yea yea its summer please tell that to the weather fairys.
I turn to my mib hateing wife!.......hummm she says with a wry smile that is the best of the three :-) not a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon.

There we have it the definition of a winter sorry summer blockbuster...its like ronseal :-)
So if my wife liked it its worth 3* im giving it 3.75*

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- 5/6/2012 9:10:15 PM   


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As much as I enjoyed the first one and avoided the second one, this was rather a boring experience of men in black. The trailer only showed the funny parts and we were counting on more, but the humour in the movie was actually disappointing. the film specials that was shown on the TV, with Will Smith and Josh Brolin, talking enthusiastically about the plot and how much Will missed doing this, was the only reason I went to see because it sounded too damn good. Never-mind the plot, the performances were excellent. I mean. Will never fail to disappoint but OMG. Josh Brolin was really good. we don't get to see much of Tommy Lee which is a shame but Josh was actually satisfying enough. Anyway, it deserves 2 stars with Empire because it just wasn't good enough. should've watched snow-white instead.

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RE: - 7/6/2012 7:59:43 AM   


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From: Delhi
Men in Black III (2012) was good and I loved it

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