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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - 14/12/2011 4:22:16 PM   
Empire Admin


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RE: RE: - 27/12/2011 11:41:36 AM   


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I`m agree with the rating, it`s three stars. Plot is average, characters aren`t enough sophisticated.


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RE: mission impossible - 29/12/2011 9:25:00 PM   
film man aidy


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Is Ving Rhames totally absent in this one? All the promotional stuff suggests so...
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RE: mission impossible - 30/12/2011 10:49:49 AM   
Dirk Miggler

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Good but not great. Plot seemed a bit strung together and the film feels a good 25mins too long. But there are fantastic sequences, dubai standout and all the cast are pretty solid although I wasn't overly impressed with Renner in this.

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RE: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - 3/1/2012 10:00:29 AM   

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From: Yorkshire



Wow - so many people insist on the 4 stars and it is a solid effort with spectacular action scenes and stunts, but yesterday I rewatched III and have to say the previous mission had more depth, emotional punch and drama, and, of course, the best villain in the series so far.
3 and a half? 

I'd agree with this. A solid 3.5 stars for me...failed to top M:I 3 in terms of all-round entertainment and consistency.

I'd be tempted to add a half star on for the IMAX experience (which was at times breathtaking), but I'd also take off half a star for the lacklustre last chapter of this film (the Mumbai segment). At times this veered dangerously into cheesy Bond territory- Anil Kapoor pitched his character very badly - and the final battle was both unimaginative and ridiculous. And the less said about the magnetic suit and touch screen car the better.

All that aside, the Kremlin break-in and Dubai sequences were first class - looking around in the cinema people were totally immersed. The Burj climb is one of the most impressive action/stunts I've seen on film in recent years.


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RE: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - 3/1/2012 10:21:30 AM   

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Great little action flick. 

Problems (SPOILERS obvs)-
Totally rubbish chase in a sand storm. Least cinematic scene of the year?
Utterly void main villian. No character whatsoever.
Axing the interesting antagonist way too early.
Dull magnetic vest sequences.

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RE: Enjoyable but not as good as MI3 - 6/1/2012 7:45:25 PM   
Private Hudson

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BTW was The Syndicate mentioned at the end? Just looked up Wikipedia and they were a Mafia like organisation in the original series. So perhaps that's where MI: 5 will be headed?

Though give me a banana republic anyday!


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RE: Again i dont agree with empire! - 17/1/2012 5:42:45 PM   

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From: Istanpool
Watched it the other and thought it was better than I'd expected. 4/5


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RE: Again i dont agree with empire! - 18/1/2012 7:45:46 AM   

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Hey Muzzy, long time no see!!!


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RE: Again i dont agree with empire! - 20/1/2012 12:31:23 PM   

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From: Chair
Decent if formulaic light hearted action fare, no better or worse than its predecessors (except MI:2 which was crap). The IMAX sequences are the films strengths with the tower climbing scene and the Kremlin explosion being the highlight. Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise were enjoyable but I thought Jeremy Renner was wasted as a side character. The film is let down by clunky dialogue and some really corny "acting". Overall a fun film but only really worth it in IMAX and will probably suffer on dvd/bd.



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RE: Again i dont agree with empire! - 21/1/2012 1:10:04 AM   

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From: Oireland
A bit too long for me (as the actress said to the bishop) with some unnecessary subplots but still god fun.

More Ving Rhames next time!!



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RE: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - 3/4/2012 8:33:26 PM   

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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Well well Mr Cruise you certainly are looking your years these days, no matter how much makeup you trowel on yourself you can't hide it Sir. Yep despite the clear amounts of money he spends to try and keep himself looking about 35, Mr Cruise is really starting to look out of place in these types of films. His dyed over straightened hair changes shape in almost every scene and his skin complexion is looking shaky with many wrinkles breaking through, he wouldn't admit it but I think Bluray is a fresh curse for these aging movie heart throbs lol!

So a thoroughly middle aged Cruise leaps n bounds around yet another impossible mission with his rather oddly cast team of specialists. The first film was quite decent and slightly unique, almost a young Bond adventure, the second had pretty visuals but was merely a huge ego trip for Cruise while the third is possibly the best as a serious action film but not overly violent or bloody.

The main big issue with this fourth film is thus, we all knew everything about the film before it was released, the big flashy stunt in Dubai was no surprise, with all the hype they killed any big surprises in the film. This problem, although a common issue, wasn't the only problem of the over hyping, the other HUGE problem was that one stunt basically made this film a one trick pony. By this I mean the rest of the film is really rather mundane, nothing special, the only good tense fun part is the Burj Khalifa stunt and that's it, after that its back to being rather mundane again.

That is how I saw this film, I really wanted to see the Burj Khalifa stunt, it looked amazing and I was shocked to hear Cruise had done such an extreme stunt, when I saw the sequence I wasn't disappointed either as its a very sweaty palm inducing scene haha and executed brilliantly. But that was it, the whole film revolved around that one stunt! I was merely watching and waiting to see that stunt, like waiting for the Titanic to sink in 'Titanic' or the attack on Pearl Harbour in 'Pearl Harbour'...the rest was just filler.

Don't get me wrong the rest of the film is fine its just not particularly exciting, impressive or sensible that's all. The cast are all average, the humour is average, the ending is weak and Cruise never seems to get hurt much despite falling from great heights many times, jumping out of speeding cars or even driving a car deliberately off a ledge from a huge height (the dumbest least believable scene), he also never seems to have to fight anyone that actually looks threatening.

In short the film is average accept for that one sequence in Dubai, the third M.I. film is still the best as this new one really seems to be pushing the boundaries of how much of a believeable pummelling and battering 'Ethan Hunt' can take. We get it Tom...your the unstoppable action hero...even at 50.

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RE: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - 18/4/2012 10:52:11 PM   
King of Kafiristan


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From: The States
I had some good fun with this. It wasn't quite what it could have been, but all in all it was enjoyable and had some memorable moments.

My complaints:

* The atmosphere was a little flat. Individual sequences worked well, but at times the story just seemed to kind of amble along without the tension you might expect given the end of the world scenario.

* Worst bad guy yet for the series. A great idea for a villain, but in practice he had no verve, and never felt like much of a threat. There wasn't enough personal animosity between him and Hunt, and in general he just kind of faded into the background. We knew we were supposed to dislike him, but he just wasn't that interesting. Even PSH from MIII, in a part that was extremely thin and underwritten, managed to be more loathsome and menacing than the baddie here in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE GHOST PROTOCOL.

* Despite having extremely well thought out and pleasing action scenes, the film didn't give them enough room to develop or breath. The best moment of the film, the Burg Kalifa sequence, was criminally under developed. We needed to see them entering the hotel, in awe of the structure's height, going up and up and up in elevators, in order to establish the mind bending geometry and stakes. Instead we just smash cut to a hotel room on a high floor, and until Cruise gets out there to climb, there is little sense that they're even on location and what's outside those windows isn't just a green screen. The climb, though visually spectacular, needed a bit of that Spielberg touch, with things slowed down so that the individual beats, the fear of being out that high, are allowed to build and build. The moments we do get are great, but it's all a little quick and nonchalant. Given the photography and location stunt work (involving Cruise himself), I think they should have done more to have him really out there maneuvering around, afraid that each new handhold might give way.

* I love the 'team' aspect of these films, but Paula Patton was just bad, Renner felt lost, and Cruise wasn't in it nearly enough. His 'ALWAYS BE RUNNING' secret agent stylings needed to be up front and center to a greater degree. He's a movie star, and his charisma should have been used to drive the plot and the team forward. He should have been always the one reminding us of the stakes. Instead there was a lot of fairly amusing light hearted banter and bickering, but it felt like a movie, in the end, without a lead character.

What worked: inventive, well thought out action sequences with a great sense of geography. Great stunt work, and some wonderfully tense moments.

*The opening prison escape was pretty much a delight from start to finish

*The sandstorm chase felt real and thrilling. Great tension and you really respect Hunt as that guy who will just never give up. Easily could have fit that bit into a Daniel Craig BOND MOVIE without losing a beat.

* Though I ultimately found the Burg stunts a bit lacking in terms of the depth they're treated with (he's just moving around out there so quickly that it doesn't really sell Hunt's fear at the heights), individual moments like jumping through the glass, or doing the long arc jump to try and get through the open window, were pretty great

All in all I was left wanting more, more of Cruise and more MI tension. I got a taste with this, but it didn't quite sate my appetite.

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RE: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - 19/4/2012 3:45:48 PM   


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The next MI should star Pegg in the lead role, he was the only one thing that drew a positive for me.

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RE: Mission Impossible - 4/5/2012 11:10:48 AM   

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Missed this in the cinema and just finally got round to watching it on DVD and it was crap. Utter crap. The story was bland and had been done a hundred times before only better. Not only that it was littered with loads of pointles plot threads that went nowhere in the end. The identity of Renner's character is set up as this big mystery, then its revealed that he was a field agent who failed to protect Crusie's wife who didn;t leave him but was actually murdered and he was in jail at the start for illegally killing the team of assassians who made the hit. This could have set up a really interesting pay off and built a great tense friction between the two characters but its just forgotten about until the very last scene where Ethan talks to Ving Rhames (where the fuck was he the rest of the movie?) . Then Renner finally tells Cruise who he really is only for him to turn around and say his wife wasn't really dead and it was just a ploy to protect her. This would have made some sort of impact if we had actually seen her supposed murder and Renner fail to protect her or if it had any influence on the film whatsoever but it doesn't so it's just some very boring dialogue that ends in a confusing scene where I'm not sure if Ethan is still married or if she's in hiding for the rest of her life or what. To be honest, the first time they mentioned her leaving cruise I was happy to just accept that excuse for the actress not returning, it also set up why he was back as an IMF agent after supposedly retiring last time (twice!), unable to let go of the job, broke up his marriage. That would have been fine, so why all this contrived subplot that doesn't go anywhere or exisit outside of badly written dialogue? Her cameo then when she smiles back at Cruise before he disapeers for his next mission is just pointless and silly, which pretty much somes up the film.

I also don't get all the praise for the action in the film either. Nothing really happened. The action in MI3 was a billion times better and more excited than this. Everything is slow and people stare at each other for seconds during before reacting. The much hyped Spider-Man scene is also crap. What are all the hazards that Empire talk about? The whole thing was massively uneventful and shot so badly it reminded me more of Adam West climbing up the side of the wall in the 60s Batman series. Then it ends in a shameless rip of Die Hard which just isn't as good. The technology in this one is also way too sci-fi, whilst at the same time a bit crap. pegg's character makes a joke about them not wearing masks, a trademark of the franchise thus far, but there's no real explanation why none are used in this installment. Every gadet they use breaks or malfunctions and whilst this is noted in dialogue at the end there is no explanation given whatsoever. It becomes laughable. I mean, sure IMF have been disavowed but did that suddenly half the shelf life of their technology too? Did it invalidate their warranty?

There was also talk that this would be Crusie's last outing in the series, passing over the reins to Renner. Sadly, there's no such luck. Whilst the end leaves it open for Renner's character to return, this is still clearly Cruise's vanity franchise and he's not letting go yet. Probably a lucky escape for Renner too be honest. This film somehow makes him look like a bad actor and even makes Simon Pegg unfunny. Mission... failed!


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RE: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - 7/5/2012 9:58:30 PM   

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Recently caught up with this on blu-ray, and I enjoyed it all the way through. This a textbook example of how to do populist blockbuster entertainment, and I can't wait what to see what else Brad Bird comes up with in the live action movie-making realm.

Fun stuff, and the action sequences were genuinely tense, well staged and spectacular. And I love the chemistry that Cruise had with his new team members. I'm hoping that Paramount and Bad Robot will keep Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and the lovely Paula Patton on board for the inevitable Mission: Impossible 5.


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RE: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - 7/5/2012 10:46:57 PM   
Cool Breeze

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ORIGINAL: MonsterCat

Recently caught up with this on blu-ray, and I enjoyed it all the way through. This a textbook example of how to do populist blockbuster entertainment, and I can't wait what to see what else Brad Bird comes up with in the live action movie-making realm.

Fun stuff, and the action sequences were genuinely tense, well staged and spectacular. And I love the chemistry that Cruise had with his new team members. I'm hoping that Paramount and Bad Robot will keep Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and the lovely Paula Patton on board for the inevitable Mission: Impossible 5.

Yeah i really liked the whole team this time out and for the next film they should keep them rather than giving Hunt an all new team again.Except get Ving Rhames back in there as well.


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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - 20/2/2013 3:55:04 AM   


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I've always said that The Incredibles is the animated Mission Impossible. Filled with breathtaking action, Ghost Protocol pushes the viewers through it basic plot with such grace that it's almost too cool for Tom Cruise.

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Surely it deserves 4 stars?! - 24/10/2013 3:37:15 PM   


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No way is MI4 a 3 star movie! It's easily a 4 star film. It's unfair to compare it to Bourne and Bond as it's a different beast to them. They go for the gritty realism approach, where as this is more of a comedic action caper.

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