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RE: Last Place

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RE: Last Place - 29/7/2011 1:38:15 AM   

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From: Scotland, UK.
Cars was my least favourite Pixar film, but it just got beat by it's seriously disappointing sequel.


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A step away from the usual Pixar - 29/7/2011 3:30:12 AM   
The kUrGaN


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The pacing and feel of this film are a step away from Pixar, and a step towards the kind of animation everyone else generally churns out, which is a shame, and puzzling. There are some nice touches, mainly the nod to British spy films of the 60's and 70's, but it just feels a frantic 'in yer face' blur with none of the subleties and feel of every other Pixar film. Even the 'short' is a familiar and slightly tired Toy Story 3 creation, which fires the first warning shots. It feels very much like a rushed cash-in sequel, and none of the charm of their only other sequel Toy Story 2 (and 3). Shame...hope this is not the shape of things to come.

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- 30/7/2011 5:19:11 AM   


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From: Wellington, New Zealand
16 years ago, Pixar Animation Studios released the first feature length computer animated film in history, Toy Story. What followed was an incredible run of success, an 11 film hot streak that yielded dozens of awards (including 11 Oscars), billions of dollars in box office receipts, and the admiration of audiences and critics everywhere. Year after year Pixar was a company you could rely on, and while not all the films were perfect, they all were at least of decent quality, and light years ahead of their competition from the likes of Dreamworks and Sony. So therefore it’s heart-breaking to say that Pixar’s hot streak has come to a crashing halt in 2011. Cars 2 is not just the weakest film in Pixar’s catalogue, it is the worst high-profile animated release for some time.

If there is one Pixar film that divides opinion much more than any other, it is 2006’s Cars. While by no means a bad film, it just didn’t hit in the same way as films like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, or The Incredibles. It did middling numbers at the box office (by Pixar standards) and currently sits with a 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the only film from the studio below 90%. For director John Lasseter (also head of Pixar), Cars is obviously a very personal film, a nostalgic story about the loss small-town American values in the face of increased modernity. If it’s not a complete success, credit must be given to Lasseter for at least trying to say something meaningful, and in typical Pixar fashion the film stands out in the increasingly crowded computer animation film market for at least attempting thematic depth, and it’s ability to reach audiences both young and old. Cars 2 on the other hand is completely devoid of depth and subtlety, and will more than likely annoy adults while at times being arguably inappropriate for children. Returning director Lasseter takes the worst character from the first film (in my opinion the biggest reason for Cars’ fa

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Stuck in 1st gear - 1/8/2011 5:55:11 PM   


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From: London
Despite Cars1 being the weakest of the Pixar rides, was still willing to get onboard the Lasseter Cars2 vehicle.
The cars & locations are visually stunning - colours and locations leap out the screen with detailed action sequences.
Beyond that, it lacked the endearing charm and wit of previous Pixar flicks, had no real memorable moments and how annoying was that Tow Truck!
Formulaic fun and fluff - guess young kids will love it and it will sell a shed load of merchandise making it a huge money spinner. Hope that means it’ll pay for the next Pixar outing to be a return to something more magical.

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RE: Stuck in 1st gear - 3/8/2011 9:28:24 PM   
Dr Lenera


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In a world populated entirely by cars [and the odd ship and plane!] who talk, agent Finn McMissile narrowly escapes with his life on his latest mission.  Meanwhile, Lightning McQueen returns to Radiator Springs having won his fourth Piston Cup and is looking forward to spending time with Mater and Sally.  When famed millionaire Miles Axelrod appears on TV advertising a new alternative fuel source called Allinol and is organising a new three race competition to use and promote it, McQueen is talked into racing once more.  The opening race is in Tokyo, but once there Mater is mistaken for a secret agent by both McMissile and a gang of bad guys with a secret villainous agenda……….

  Up to now, out of all of Pixar’s movies, only Cars seemed to not receive almost unilateral critical approval, despite it actually being quite a personal project from Pixar honcho John Lasseter, and it wasn’t a big hit either, though you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was due to the huge amount of kid-aimed merchandise that has been shifted since, and of course by the fact that it now has a sequel.  Well, lo and behold, the reviews have been average again, along with some ludicrous complaints about violence [but more on that particular topic later].   I happened to thoroughly enjoy Cars 2, a thrilling, imaginative ride of a movie that is probably the best action film so far this year.  Yes, I mean that, for Cars 2 is more than anything an action movie, an almost non-stop series of car races and chases, and maybe that’s why the critics have been so harsh, because after all action movies, like horror films, are generally looked down on by the majority of mainstream critics. Fortunately it seems that, as is often the case, people have ignored the reviews and turned the film into a sizeable hit.  Though I’m probably the only critic on the planet who will admit this, I personally consider it an improvement on Toy Story 3, which may have been touching and all that, but didn’t it basically remake the first two movies?  I know that what little credibility I may have as a reviewer has probably just gone out the window, but never mind!

Things get off to a really cracking start with an extended action scene which takes elements from several James Bond movies, especially The Spy Who Loved Me and Tomorrow Never Dies, as McMissile spies on mysterious happenings in a ship warehouse and is chased in a wonderful sequence around the ship and underwater, where he turns into something resembling Bond’s undersea Lotus Esprit.  Then we switch to Radiator Springs, the sleepy small town where much of the first movie was set, and for about ten minutes the movie starts to resemble its’ more leisurely predecessor.  There’s a great continuation of that film’s ‘tractor tipping’ gag where McQueen and Mater ‘tip’ a tractor that is so bit it almost kills them when it falls, but there’s little time for hanging about, because McQueen is off to race again, this time accompanied by Mater.  The original Cars had action at the beginning and at the end, but for most of its duration was quite a slow [though not at all boring] affair with a distinct message about the benefits of slowing down and savouring life.  This message has clearly been forgotten in this sequel, and once we arrive in Tokyo it really is action all the way.  Of course there is some comedy, such as a scene with Mater trying to cope with a Japanese toilet full of incomprehensible gadgets, but not that much, certainly not enough to please most critics it seems.  The plot, which takes in mistaken identity, switched and possibly lethal oil, a vague ‘green’ element, and other things, is surprisingly complex, but it never allows the thrills and spills to slow down for a minute.  The countless chases occur on diverse locations, often feature gadgety which would make ‘Q’ weep and sometimes reach surreal heights, such as the cars doing martial arts!  These scenes are also filmed in a way so that you can see everything that’s going on, a rare thing these days in action movies!

This brings me to the film’s most criticised aspect – it’s supposedly excessive violence.  We certainly have cars beating each other up, shooting at each other, many deaths and one mostly off screen torture, but they’re cars for Christ’s sake, it all takes place in a fantasy world with little connection to reality, and I very much doubt any young kids would be traumatised.  Watch an old Tom And Jerry cartoon and you’re probably see more brutality than the entire duration of Cars 2.  Possibly it would have been better off with a ‘PG’ certificate [which bizarrely the first movie has], but, whilst I do have issues about certain things that are aimed at young children or that young children can easily see, such as the horrid glut of sexist, crude music videos that you get on MTV all day long, I really don’t see a problem with Cars 2 at all. You still get the usual messages that Disney still sees fit to put in most of their films, such as the importance of friendship and ‘be yourself’ anyway, though I rather liked it that McQueen was pretty much the same shallow, arrogant character he was at the start of the movie!  Mater though is a little too annoying and I wished at times he would just shut up!  I must mention that visually this movie is stunning, almost like Speed Racer in its wondrous brightness, and the detail of the various locations is very clever indeed.   Certain landmarks, such as Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower, have been subtly altered so they fit into this car dominated world, and as someone very familiar with Central London, I couldn’t believe the incredible detail in some of the shots, many of which only last a few seconds, and the way certain places have been slightly changed.  Cars 2 has one of the best realised alternate realities I’ve seen in a movie for ages.

Once again Owen Wilson and Larry The Cable Guy are perfect voicing the characters of McQueen and Mater, but for me it’s Micheal Caine as McMissile, clearly relishing the chance to ‘play’ a tough secret agent like Harry Palmer again, and John Torturro with a wonderful Italian accent as McQueen’s greatest racing rival, who stole the show for me.  There are also great cameos from a really eclectic variety of actors and actresses including Jason Isaacs, Franco Nero and Bruce Campbell!  Sadly motor racing fans will be disappointed that Lewis Hamilton is hardly in it and only says one word.   Now I must say that one of my complaints about film scores at the moment is that there seems to be a shortage of actual themes, certainly of memorable ones, but coming out of Cars 2 I actually had composer Michael Giacchino’s groovy theme for McMissile going through my head, something which hasn’t happened in ages.  Giacchino, who has already done sterling work in Up, The Incredibles and others, excels himself in the exciting but often catchy score for this film, and I think he should have a go at a Bond film, as he’s perfect.  The spectre [sorry!] of 007 hangs all over Cars 2, and some of the folk at Pixar must have a thing about Bond, as The Incredibles had a strong Bondian vibe.  Not that I’m complaining.  Ignore the critics and the [admittedly many!] naysayers, Cars 2 is a terrific, rollicking piece of escapism that, appropriately, races from beginning to end at top speed.  Maybe it’s rather empty, but not every movie, and certainly not every animated movie, needs to leave you with food for thought, nor be full of emotion!  I’m a little disappointed though that Pixar seem to be getting more and more into the sequel business, with Monster’s Inc 2 being planned.  Saying that, I'd happily sit through another Cars instalment.


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RE: Stuck in 1st gear - 4/8/2011 12:38:14 AM   

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This was utter crud.Dull meandering nonsense that achieved the rare feat of boring adults AND children alike.
Lassiter made a decent attempt at an unconventional story the first time around,but this is epic in it's lack of anything approaching quality.
Overly long and simply boring.Avoid at all costs.
1 star.


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RE: Stuck in 1st gear - 15/8/2011 3:54:27 PM   


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I was initially really angry that they even thought it was a good idea to think of making a sequel. 

I only went to see it because I have a Cineworld card and it was on... Honestly I had low expectations for it. There was no need for a Cars 2, especially with it been a spy film!! What a load of crap.... I have to admit though I was entertained for a bit of it... I loved to middle of the film, it was even better when I made myself believe it had nothing to do with Cars..

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Post #: 37
- 25/8/2011 2:13:47 PM   


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We wanted to see a film that didn't make you tense, wasn't scary and was just good old fashioned FUN! This filled the brief. We had a great time watching this one and took a time out from recent stresses of life. Yes the room was full of kids, but hey it is Summer holiday, but luckily they all behaved! Even saw a reference of my favourite programme in the film too (DC)

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Crash and burn - 14/9/2011 9:03:43 PM   


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With the focus of the first film mainly on Mcqueen; I wasn't sure of what to make of the film when I first sat down. When the opening occurred with Michael Caine I was ready to lay back in my seat and wait for the film to be over and then walk out. I'm not a big fan of the latest animation's produced by Pixar/Disney- but this film took me by surprise- the trend of Spy's and detectives have overwhelmed 2011 which allowed a lot of people to breathe since the vampire saga last year.

I felt the film achieved a level of satisfaction- and did generally entertain me- the message was very clear- but is very much overused by this point that it's glanced over by the audience. I felt the characters were too bland and elements from the previous films were jumped right over- it's more slapstick humor presented by the typical characters- and the mental level of humor is not achieved.

. The stereotypical representations of both characters and places- are very outdated and a lot of pop culture is ignored- which to be frank is quite disappointing; if it were included it would of engaged me to a level which I find it humorous.

while I feel this film would of worked perfectly in the early 00s- I feel that kids would not find this participially enjoyable- and only a minor percentage of teenagers would bother to go see it.

Although I enjoyed the film to a level- I wouldn't watch it again. It's worth a look to those who haven't seen it- but I felt the themes were overused and the plot is way to predictable.

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RE: Crash and burn - 21/10/2011 1:52:24 AM   

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From: HM Prison Slade
More enjoyable than the first one and definitely not deserving the hate. It's for kids, you know - it's not supposed to be groundbreaking art. Saying that, I hope Brave is more daring and original

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RE: Crash and burn - 21/10/2011 8:22:19 AM   

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More enjoyable than the first one and definitely not deserving the hate. It's for kids, you know - it's not supposed to be groundbreaking art. Saying that, I hope Brave is more daring and original

So you´re saying lazy?
I´ll stick with pointless crap.


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Does this bother anyone else? - 29/11/2011 9:36:36 AM   


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From: Cape Town
The Cars universe doesn't make sense. Who built them all in the first place? Why are there farms and tractors that act like cows if they don't need to farm in the first place? How can Mater write a letter if he doesn't have hands? Even fantasy stories should have some kind of internal logic!

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RE: Does this bother anyone else? - 7/12/2011 11:55:03 AM   

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From: Istanpool
I 've seen it the other day and thought i was wonderful, funny and pretty entertaining.


WHOA. I don't believe what I'm hearing. Check out the BALLS on this kid. Hey Spider, this is for you.

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Cars 2 Review - 14/12/2011 12:06:19 AM   
the film man


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Cars 2 is as visually appealing as any other Pixar production, but all that dazzle can't disguise the rusty storytelling under the hood.

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Stil Good Fun to watcg - 10/2/2012 6:05:06 PM   


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Not all films can be perfect and this isn't faultess but the storytelling is better than the original Cars!

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Cars 2 - 23/2/2012 10:57:46 PM   

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From: USA
Confused, boring, stupid. Overblown and over the top. Least favorite Pixar film. Totally missed the mark.

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Cars 2 - 23/2/2012 10:57:47 PM   

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From: USA
Confused, boring, stupid. Overblown and over the top. Least favorite Pixar film. Totally missed the mark.

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A Great Film Which Has Sold Out Tons Of Merchandise! - 31/8/2012 10:57:21 PM   


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Despite only seeing the film once one year ago, I can remember the film quite well. It has some exciting action! (As well as James Bond style action!) It had villains (Chick-Hicks was a bully, not a villain.) And it had some very interesting moments in it as well. I am British myself and seeing what The Cars World Of London would look like made me feel more welcome into this movie, especially with The Big Ben Clock-Tower being one of the highlights of the film. A great film which kids and Pixar fans will sure to love!

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RE: Car Sick - 25/1/2014 8:14:49 PM   


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From the plot, to the pacing, to Mater. Cars 2 is An overblown, bloated, annoying excuse for selling merchandise. It just makes no sense all around without its just for marketing boosts. This is not the way that Pixar should spend their 25th Anniversary. I just simply don't see why the movie Cars needed a sequel. Why don't you give a sequel to great Pixar's like The Incredibles or Finding Nemo? (Nemo is getting a sequel, I know) Why? Just Why? Why would this be necessary? But honestly, the REAL reason I don't like Cars 2 is Mater. I'm sorry, he is jut annoying as f***! I can't stand characters like Mater! Dumb, idiotic but heartfelt hillbilly who screws everything up. Every 6 to 9 year old kid is like to me "but Mater is nice?" he's ignorant as hell. Mater is Pixar's worst creation in my opinion, he's the main reason I wanted to exit out of Cars 2. And I recommend you to leave before you even watch it.

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