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RE: The Book was better

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RE: The Book was better - 19/7/2011 11:23:07 PM   
film man aidy


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A massive improvement over the previous entry(**1/2 - sorry, it really was THAT dull). Some very impressive set pieces, and a decent way to end the series.
Unfortunately, all the regular showings were full, so I had to plump for a 3-D one. For anybody planning to see this film in 3-D, I implore you - don't bother. Am not a particular fan of 3-D anyway(although I did enjoy it in Avatar), but this really was crap. I don't know what Warner Bros were thinking. It was just so dark, and added nothing to the film - aside from another 2....***1/2
P.S. Didn't get The Dark Knight Rises trailer either, but I did get Cars 2, Spy Kids 4, and Happy Feet 2, all of which look bloody terrible.

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A Fitting End - 20/7/2011 8:43:39 AM   

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Not quite up to the standards of the last two but still very good indeed. Quite intense and really does feel like an extended climax to the last one, which I suppose it is really.

I have only ever seen them all once, and over an extended period of time, so at times all the films leave me with the feeling of, 'but when did...what is...' a feeling of stuff missing but I suppose that can happen when you are adapting such big books. Maybe second viewings will clear that up.



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RE: everything I expected & more - 20/7/2011 8:57:33 AM   


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I have never read the books and only saw my first HP film in November last year, so it is in no way an 'old friend' to me. I generally always enjoyed each film enough to see the next but was by no means in love with the series - I thought there was a lot wrong with them infact, mainly the quality of the acting from the three lead kids and the often predictable plot. I agree with the consensus that Azkaban was easily the best but even that bugs me by having a weak time travel element present. Nevertheless there was a lot to enjoy and I was curious enough to know what happened, despite finding DH Part 1 one of the weakest of the lot.

(I only say all this so you know how I approached the film - if you're like me then you'll probably feel the same after viewing)


I actually enjoyed it a lot and would put it in the top four HP films. It's genuinely poignant at times (Snape's plotline), there is some good action, and it is generally a satisfying conclusion. I can imagine the Potter geeks in particular getting a real kick out of it. The pace is decent and I was keen to see what happened next like at no other point throughout the series.

It still strikes me as a so-so adaptation however. What was the point of the Deathly Hallows beyond giving the characters another bunch of objects to hunt for? And by extension, how does Harry actually kill Voldermort - is it the death of the snake/horcrux or the 'incompatitibility' of the elder wand? It is just all a bit jumbled and unclear to me - every Potter fan I ask about this gives the same answer: "It makes more sense in the books" (or similar). A classic sign of a plot point that has been poorly adapted. Same with the epilogue really - I don't really get the point in it.

I was glad to see Voldemort get more screentime, but he was a bit too Bond villainy in the end - why would he just let Neville give that speech (easily the most cringing element of the film for me)? Why would he not check Harry is dead? Still a enjoyable role though.

I also found the 3D to be very poor too, and I'm generally a fan - not a popular opinion I know!

Overall though, well worth a watch if you got anything out of the other movies in my opinion.

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RE: everything I expected & more - 20/7/2011 1:15:37 PM   


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Let's face it, I've read the books many times, I know the story. I wasn't going to get surprised by anything in terms of the plot. I was however really looking forward to the '19 years later' epilogue, and have been ever since I first read the DH book. However, while I thought the actors did an OK job, aided by a truncated but rather sweet adaptation of JK Rowling's dialogue, the scene was marred by the visuals. I understand that the scene was shot twice, but I hate to imagine how the first attempt must've looked.

After all the talk of Benjamin Button-esque CGI etc, it seems to me that ultimately, the 'ageing' (such as it is) was done entirely in camera, through wigs, makeup, padding and dodgy clothes. The actors looked - to me anyway - pretty much how they do now. Hermione and Ginny have rubbish wigs, while Harry's hairstyle is different (proud now to openly show his scar rather than hiding it behind a fringe perhaps?). Ron's put on a few pounds, Draco is seen so briefly that he may as well not have been there - but THEY ALL LOOK BASICALLY THE SAME!

According to the timeline, this epilogue is happening around 2017, so why have Hermione and Ginny come dressed as 1950s housewives? When Daniel Radcliffe is having his touching scene with his son about what house he'll end up in, why does it still seem to me like he's a bloke in his early 20s rather than a contented father in his mid 30s?

Why, oh why? etc... Anyway, it's only a film, and an enjoyable one at that. The pacing is totally barmy, and anyone who hasn't read the books will be totally lost on the finer points of the plot. Judging by past form, any deleted scenes will hardly prove treasure troves of lost important exposition either! The film does take a rather cavalier attitude to a vast cast. Some of my obervations on this:

- Does (two-time Oscar winner) Emma Thompson really only appear for a few seconds, totally in passing and without speaking at all?
- While the Molly-Bellatrix duel has a particularly spectacular climax, it's appallingly rushed and edited to the point of confusion. I'm surprised that 'the line' was even there at all.
- Given that so many of the more popular Hogwarts pupils didn't get to speak at all, I think it was a bad idea to give Cho Chang a few lines. Katie Leung's acting was, and I'm being polite here, somewhat rusty.

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Enjoyable - 20/7/2011 1:42:12 PM   


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The finale was enjoyable but I have no love the saccharine epilogue & genuine hoped Yates would drop it. The movie missed a trick by not finishing the film in the destroyed hogwarts. They could have used it to convey the contrasting feelings of loss & hope, pain & relief, sorrow & comfort. Finish on the necessity to rebuild Hogwarts & a better society not simply "Happily ever after"

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Go along for the ride - 20/7/2011 2:05:43 PM   


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I think I came to this film expecting an adequate job of the second half of the Deathly Hallows. What I got instead was the most exhilarating film I have seen in many years. From the start to the finish the pace never let up and there was no time for my critical faculties to look for faults. I don't tend to look at a film for faults, but even I had to admit that some of the earlier entries though intensely enjoyable were hit and miss when it came to adaptation of the source material. This one, for me, chose the correct scenes time after time. I even enjoyed the 19 years later scene which made me cringe when I read the book. This was beautifully observed and subtly played by Radcliffe in particular. For the first time since Azkaban I will definitely be seeing this film in the cinema once again. I saw the 3D version, by the way, and found it really enjoyable and well done. It's only the second 3D film I have watched because I am not a fan of the technology. For me at least the Gringotts sequence was worth the extra money. A fitting end to a series that has often reached the heights and remains enjoyable for my whole family even at the 20th time of watching the DVDs at the insistence of my daughters!

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RE: Go along for the ride - 20/7/2011 6:34:32 PM   

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From: Istanpool
So that's all then. I sort of feel sad that HP series came to an end.


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RE: Go along for the ride - 21/7/2011 6:59:39 PM   
Dr Lenera


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  And so the saga of Harry Potter comes to a close, and for this critic it's not before time!  There have been undoubted highpoints in each film, and the third and fourth movie were reasonably good, but for much of the time these films are just dull, seemingly too constrained by the necessity of sticking to J.K.Rowling to be truly imaginative, and especially since the mediocre David Yates, the director who thinks taking the colour out makes a film dark, has taken over the series.  How I wish somebody like Terry Gilliam or Guillermo Del Toro would have done one of these!  Still, I must admit, this final episode is one of the better ones and does at times have real dramatic weight.  It moves at a surprisingly fast pace, has probably more action than the last three of four films combined, and even has the odd good plot twist in what generally has been a tediously stretched out and weakly plotted saga.  It also dares to get quite dark, until a mawkish happy ending rights things, and I'm probably the only one who thinks such an ending is out of place considering how supposedly 'mature'  each film is supposed to be.  In fact it didn't even make much sense to me in terms of the story.  Yates actually shows himself to have considerably improved as a director, with some terrific camerawork and the odd really well staged scene, such as a snake killing partially seen through the other side of a window, though he still lacks a real flair for fantasy, and the battle scenes come across as a poor imitation of those in The Lord Of The Rings.  The effects are mostly fine and occasionally quite interesting visually, though the performances by the young cast are little better than they were ten years ago, and Radcliffe is downright awful in some scenes.  There is that wonderful older cast to enjoy of course, many of whom are given great moments to shine.  Generally better than expected, if you dislike Harry Potter [in which category I don't quite place myself, it's all just kind of okay in my opinion] you may be pleasantly surprised, though it'll hardly make you a convert.  Then again, I love The Lord of The Rings and even prefer The Chronicles Of Narnia, so what do I know?



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RE: Really?? - 22/7/2011 3:44:17 PM   


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reviews aren't about stars, more about an interesting point of view or insight.
what if the last part rather about nostalgia? If you seek for flaws, you will find some.
The film was OK, though I prefer the old school parts.


"Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one"

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Post #: 129
Mrs Weasley's Big Moment - 27/7/2011 3:29:17 PM   

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I'm a big Harry Potter fan and really enjoyed this film, my one disappointment though was Mrs Weasley's big fight with Bellatrix. Seemed to me that we cut to it very quickly and then away as soon as possible, so we didn't really see how powerful it actually was.

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WANT TO SEE...... - 1/8/2011 6:10:10 PM   


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Deathly Hallows part1 & 2 in one massive chunk.....
If you're going to bring an epic franchise to an end, this is the way to do attention Mr. Lucas......
Action, pathos, death on a massive scale. The kids have all grown up - and thank Christ for that..... is it worth reading the books after all this?
I'm sorely tempted..........FOUR STARS

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RE: RE: - 2/8/2011 3:20:15 PM   

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ORIGINAL: Wild about Wilder

A fitting finale to a magnificent contribution to the British film industry "GOD KNOWS WHAT WERE GONNA DO KNOW" with this lot in charge.
As really know the character on screen having not read the books (reminded me too much of Gaiman's The Books Of Magic) i've followed them from start to the end & it's amazed me how they've managed to keep the film, location & cast British considering it's backed by an American film studio I think if it had been any of the others it wouldn't have happened so a big round of applause should also go to W.BROS.
As for the film I think it more than made up for the slightly slow part1 & gave minor characters a chance too shine Mrs.Weasley(nice Aliens reference), Neville & Proffesor Madonigle (I know i've spelt that wrong) some really great action scenes a thouroughly exellent 4stars.
1 more thing glad I didn't see it in 3D as long sections were pretty dark & with the glasses on which lose a lot of the brightness would have been nearly impossible to watch.

It is a terrific film and the best of the series after the deathly slow Deathly Hallows Part 1. I would say that Return of the King still tops climatic endings for me of a film/book franchise on the big screen but this comes close. One other thing you point out at the end of your post Wild about Wilder is certainly true the 3D glasses made it hard to see (mine were clean!) what was happening being tinted and most of the action being set at night and in dim rooms. Normally I love 3D but this is the first time I`ve noticed how dark it makes movies sometimes look and this was the dimmest movie I`ve ever seen with the 3D glasses on. Whatever you do see it in 2D I may do again in this time in 2D it was ridiculous!   



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2.Robocop. (1987) 3/5
3.Devils Due.3/5
4.American Hustle. 4/5
5.Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. 3/5

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RE: Empire Sellout. . . - 2/8/2011 3:21:14 PM   

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ORIGINAL: theoriginalcynic


ORIGINAL: adambatman82


ORIGINAL: jonson


ORIGINAL: horribleives

Back to the film, anyone heard whether it's worth seeing in 3D or not?

A few reviews I've read have said the 3D isn't much cop.

Yeah, its terrible. It reminded me of a lenticular magazine cover.

Ah, once again we disagree Adam

You could actually see what was going on in the night scenes really?



Last five movies seen & rated by me.

1.12 Years A Slave. 4/5
2.Robocop. (1987) 3/5
3.Devils Due.3/5
4.American Hustle. 4/5
5.Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. 3/5

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RE: Empire Sellout. . . - 3/8/2011 1:35:56 AM   

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Surprisingy good end to the franchise.Not a fan,but those i know who are say there are a few plot issues.Who cares?


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4 stars wtf? - 3/8/2011 2:16:12 PM   


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4 stars could only be given to the events in the story, rather than the film itself. It was rushed, emotionless, and even had the evil Lord Voldemort turn himself into an awkward comic character in time for the final battle. It is impossible to find any emotional attatchment to the characters and thier plight unless you've seen the earlier films or read the books. Also, the fundamental flaw with all the films is that Daniel Radcliffe is not Harry Potter. Harry Potter is wee, scrawny, with uncontrollable messy hair and green eyes. What he isn't is a square-jawed plank of babe magnet with whatever hairstyle is in fashion. Everything that made this film good was done by JK Rowling.

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- 9/8/2011 12:19:36 PM   


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From: somewhere else
What a great final!! It really is epic, as the trailers already promised! I was so excited when the movie started and also shed a few tears while watching... Alan Rickman was brilliant as always and the effects left me stunned. In my opinion the 3D is quite unnecessary, for me it didn't add that much to the movie. I will surely miss the Harry Potter movies, it was a great time...bye...

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Really good - 9/8/2011 5:01:25 PM   


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Okay, I know David Yates isn't the best director and this movie probably isn't the best in the series (this title would go to either 'Prisoner of Azkaban' or 'Goblet of Fire'), but 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part Two' deserves the Five Stars I gave it.
It's the perfect ending to an epic series, and while outsiders surely won't enjoy it, fans of the series will be satisfied.
I won't compare the movie to the book, as we all know the books are all better than their respective movie adaptations, I'm here to review the movie. And for a movie, it's the best I've seen so far this year.
I hope this film will prove to be a strong Oscar contender next year, not just in technical categories, but also in acting (Alan Rickman and Ralph Fiennes both deserve the Best Supporting Actor Award, moreso Rickman who, I'm sure, brought tears to everyone's eyes as he played Severus Snape in the movie than the latter) and in the precious Best Picture Award.
The Soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat was amazing and it really made some scenes even better than they would be with different music. The Statues' scene, alongside the 'Statues' track from the OST, could be, in my opinion, one of the best in the series.
The Prince's Tale, fueled by an amazing performance by Alan Rickman, was very emotional and easily understandable, something David Yates surprised me with doing so perfectly.
Bottom line: If this series ever had to end, this movie is the perfect way. (5-Stars)

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GOOD SEND OFF..... - 10/8/2011 6:47:01 PM   


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After the slightly lacklustre half blood prince, the saga of Harry, Hogwarts and all comes to an end. And what a climax.
I love seige movies.....Assault on Precinct 13, Two Towers, Iron Clad, the Alamo - and this is up there with the best of them.....
Hogwarts takes a real battering in this final chapter - which lends an air of gritty urgency and danger to preceedings and Voldemort turns out to be the right bastard we all thought he'd be, giving Harry and co. something to really strive against. Someone give Rowling another big pay cheque and tell her to get scribbling!!!!

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Hallow, Goodbye - 15/8/2011 12:08:24 PM   


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this film was brilliant, i never expected it to be so good, i went and saw it because i had grown up with harry potter films and it was a weird sensation watching a harry potter movie and thinkinh this is the last one. brilliant everything in this film, it made you laugh, cry and the end was just perfect. i think it was the best harry potter film ever, and its my 2nd favourite film of all time. Bye Harry, we will miss you.

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Post #: 139
Hallow, Goodbye - 15/8/2011 12:08:28 PM   


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this film was brilliant, i never expected it to be so good, i went and saw it because i had grown up with harry potter films and it was a weird sensation watching a harry potter movie and thinkinh this is the last one. brilliant everything in this film, it made you laugh, cry and the end was just perfect. i think it was the best harry potter film ever, and its my 2nd favourite film of all time. Bye Harry, we will miss you.

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Post #: 140
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2: Review - 17/8/2011 12:46:13 AM   


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From: Ireland
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 is a fantastic film. It has a great story to tell, awesome fight scenes and the actors did an excellent job for their performance. I also liked that this was a more enjoyable story to learn about then maybe in the last part. The special effects and 3D were impressive in this film. I would recommend to go see this film.

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Post #: 141
A great end - 24/8/2011 2:23:06 PM   

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From: The middle of the earth!
The best of them all in my opinion, brilliant a must see!

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Post #: 142
A great end - 24/8/2011 2:23:08 PM   

Posts: 133
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From: The middle of the earth!
The best of them all in my opinion, brilliant a must see!

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Post #: 143
Wraps it up nicely - 27/8/2011 11:49:06 AM   


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From: Kirkcaldy
I've never been a massive fan of the HP films (and not ready any of the books) - all have been good though with some better than others. This final installment definitely falls into the latter category but with a few tweaks could have been better. The start feels a bit jumpy for those less immersed in the Potter world as you try and remember where part 1 left off, the pace seems to slow a little in the middle section, and did we really need the '19 years later' bit at the end (I'm assuming that's in the book though - if not why bother?). The special effects are fantastic and the battle scenes at Hogwarts in particular look amazing. The battles are good but lack the power of those in LOTR. Great performances from all the leads as usual (and Alan Rickman is superb) but I couldn't help feel some of the best characters didn't get enough screen time - Helena Bonham Carter's Bellatrix in particular dispatched way too quickly for my liking. Overall though a worthy end to an enjoyable series of movies.

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Post #: 144
HP Deathly Hallows Pt1/Pt2 - - 3/10/2011 2:34:17 PM   


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From: ipswich,suffolk United Kingdom
The film itself is quite good but for fans of the books, it leaves a sour taste in our mouths - for example, leaving out the Dursleys interaction with harry when he leaves Privet drive at the expense of making sure the Weasley twins bad jokes get on screen is just unforgivable.The last book is not nice to read in parts due to the circumstances the lead characters find themselves in and it doesnt help that in the final film when Voldemort is actually defeated you see his body flutter away piece by piece instead of following the narrative of the book where you have Voldemorts body put aside in a room in Hogwarts not to mention Harry and Voldemorts final duel where the whole school is watching but in the film they are alone. I must say that even though this is quite a negative review, i feel as a Harry Potter fan very priviliged that the whole series made it on to the big screen. Many thanks to all concerned.

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Post #: 145
The Number 1. Film of 2011 - 16/10/2011 12:18:47 AM   
Ciaran McDaid


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Post #: 146
Excellent - 18/10/2011 9:25:58 PM   


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Nort perfect, but by far the best of the harry potter films. exciting, action packed and very emotional. I have never been a huge fan of the harry potter series, but I am a fan. I don't believe you have to fall into either the love or hate category that some cynical movie-goers would describe. This, simply put, is a very well made film. Yes I know it's the second half of the finale to an overlong series that has had its ups and downs, but it balances action, drama, plot and a little humour here and there to create a thoroughly satisfying finale. Those who don't like the film....well they were never going to be pleased regardless of how good it was.

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Post #: 147
truly magnificent - 14/11/2011 7:58:15 PM   


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the story finishes with acting and music that has always been remembered. not only at the end 19 years later but in the rest of the film. one of the best films. that is truly magnificent!. but as i had grown to these films i will always remember them truly and will never forget the boy with the lightning bolt scar.

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Post #: 148
RE: truly magnificent - 6/12/2011 4:25:07 AM   

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From: Chair
I actually think this is one of the better films of the series, probably up there with Goblet of Fire. And I don't get the hatred for the coda, I thought it was perfectly done.


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Post #: 149
RE: truly magnificent - 6/12/2011 10:08:16 AM   


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From: The North


ORIGINAL: Spaldron

I actually think this is one of the better films of the series, probably up there with Goblet of Fire. And I don't get the hatred for the coda, I thought it was perfectly done.

My only problem with it was that rather than spend some of the vast effects budget on convincing ageing make-up the filmakers appear to have just pelted the three leads with talcum powder.

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