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Please don't follow this review

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Please don't follow this review - 21/6/2011 3:21:19 AM   


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From: Edinburgh
Just found out that this review was online an our befor the first "press screenings" began showing. Really enjoyed the film and have to say shame on you Empire... you guys need to get yourself sorted!!!

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RE: Please don't follow this review - 21/6/2011 7:26:06 AM   

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$200m to make $125 in marketing and $52m on the first weekend. They had better hope there isn't a lot of drop off.


Nothing to see here.

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RE: Please don't follow this review - 21/6/2011 8:50:25 AM   

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ORIGINAL: J_BUltimatum

Just found out that this review was online an our befor the first "press screenings" began showing. Really enjoyed the film and have to say shame on you Empire... you guys need to get yourself sorted!!!

I think someone is developing a bad rumour with this. If you read upthread, Newman went to a second press showing on the same Wednesday - the review was posted after the first.


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RE: Please don't follow this review - 21/6/2011 12:43:54 PM   

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I only finished watching this about an hour ago, and I'm already struggling to remember much about it. It wasn't dreadful, but there was almost nothing to it. Cliched, few action scenes, wasted and barely-developed characters, one-note bad guy(s) and vanilla performances. Take away the bells and whistles and it's practically a B-movie, and not in a good way.

Shame. 2.5/5

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RE: Please don't follow this review - 21/6/2011 12:47:57 PM   

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From: The ickle town of Fuck, Austria

ORIGINAL: superdan

I only finished watching this about an hour ago, and I'm already struggling to remember much about it. It wasn't dreadful, but there was almost nothing to it. Cliched, few action scenes, wasted and barely-developed characters, one-note bad guy(s) and vanilla performances. Take away the bells and whistles and it's practically a B-movie, and not in a good way.

Shame. 2.5/5

I actually think it's a prime contender for magnificiantly bad sci-fi...


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RE: Please don't follow this review - 21/6/2011 3:22:07 PM   
The Hooded Man

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ORIGINAL: sanchia

$200m to make $125 in marketing and $52m on the first weekend. They had better hope there isn't a lot of drop off.

If they're only going to spend $125 on marketing then they can't complain.


Counting the minutes until the over zealous mods lock this thread too.

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RE: Please don't follow this review - 21/6/2011 6:17:30 PM   

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From: Norwich
It got them a nice advert in the classified.


Nothing to see here.

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Stay away Kim - 21/6/2011 7:18:23 PM   


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From: Doncaster
....I think Kim Newman should stick to his horror films as he obviously has got little time for this genre.I saw this today with my wife,(who can take or leave these types of Kim...),and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.An engaging hero and superb visuals plus a few chuckles made a nice afternoon.Please go and see it so they make another.For me,you cannot have enough superhero films.

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RE: Stay away Kim - 22/6/2011 12:15:28 PM   


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From: My House
I went into Green Lantern with low expectations and that may well have been a good thing. It's kinda rubbish, but entertainingly so. The problem is that you'll have forgotten about it by the time you get home

Ryan Reynolds makes for an engaging enough hero but he's left without an effective villain to play off against. A big smokey cloud thing and a lumped headed Peter Sarsgaard are distinctly underwhelming. Mark Strong is far more effectively villainous and he's one of the good guys. Of the supporting cast Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett are largely wasted in thankless and rather pointless roles. Blake Lively looks pretty but fails to make much more of an impression.

The scenes on the Lantern Corps home world look great and there really ought to be a lot more going on there. We see hundreds of them but we only get to know a couple of them in somewhat perfunctory scenes.

Overall a bit like the Fantastic Four it's fun but instantly forgettable

2.5 stars

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RE: What a totally predictable shame.... - 22/6/2011 7:37:41 PM   


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I watched this last night and enjoyed it except for one tiny thing.

Paralax threatens earth and attacks a city some inocents die, before being led away into space. Where was Superman, or Wonderwomen etc? Now im a die hard DC fan, but at least marvel reference other characters and make 'excuses' as to why certain characters are not around. The only reference Superman had was as a birthday cake.

and yes someone might suggest the events leading up to Superman Returns as to why he wasent referenced but still, Superman 2 they had type writers 5 years later (assuming you ignore 3 and 4 and count Returns as the new 3) and they have flat screen tvs etc.

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RE: What a totally predictable shame.... - 23/6/2011 6:57:46 PM   
Dr Lenera


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For centuries the Green Lantern Corps have been protecting the universe. However an ancient monstrosity called Parallax has been steadily growing and kills several Green Lanterns.  Abin Sur, a highly skilled Green Lantern, confronts the monster and is mortally wounded.  He crashes on Earth and his magic ring, something which all Green Lanterns have, chooses fool hardly, hot headed pilot Hal Jordan, to be the next Guardian.  Hal, who refuses to commit to his childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris and has almost been sacked from the air force due to a botched training exercise,  is not sure what to do though discovers he has great strength and is soon transported to the planet of the Green Lanterns……….

Green Lantern has had mainly poor reviews and hasn’t been too successful at the box office either, though it’s certainly not as bad as that. As with Thor, it goes for a mainly light approach, with some laughs that do actually work, but sadly ends up being more The Fantastic Four than Spiderman, with disappointingly little action [why do so many recent superhero film resolutely fail to deliver in that respect?] and just no real edge at all. I wonder if there is a much longer Director’s Cut in the offing? The opening sequence is almost incomprehensible unless you’ve brushed up on your DC comic books and because no attempt is made to ground anything in something resembling reality and nothing is deemed worthy of explanation, it’s hard to care at times.  The whole story in the film seems rushed, but it still just about remains entertaining, with an especially fun training section, and is a visual feast at least.  Though all the effects are done through CG, some of them are really quite inventive and almost have a surreal feel about then, such as Hal creating……….a racetrack during an action scene, and Parallax, sort of a giant rock head with tentacles, is a rather unusual menace.  I also loved some nicely wierd touches such as some ancient Green Lanterns perched on the top of huge stick-like rocks with their cloaks going almost all the way down to the bottom.  As often seems to be the case at the moment, the climax is a little lame, with the great concept of Parallax attacking Earth thrown away.  Ryan Reynolds is typically likeable and typically uninteresting, while Peter Sarsgaard gives a fun performance as a villain.  Not horrible, and should shut the kids up at least, but could have been so much better.


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RE: What a totally predictable shame.... - 26/6/2011 6:58:55 PM   

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Green Lantern wasn't as bad as some reviews suggest, but it was a bit iffy in places, seemed a bit by-the-numbers and stank of studio interference, with a mostly uninteresting romantic sub-plot, an almost completely superfluous and thoroughly unmenacing human 'villain' in Hector Hammond/Peter Skarsgaard, and a completely unconvincing and thoroughly unmenacing vague CGI cloud-like shit-monster as the main villain (when will Hollywood learn that vague, cloud-like shit-monsters don't work and any superhero is only as interesting as his villains? Here they actually took 3 quite interesting DC/GL villains from the comics and merged them into one not-nearly-as-interesting shit monster amalgamate).

Ryan Reynolds actually does fine as Hal/GL, and Mark Strong is as solid as ever as mentor/doubter Sinestro. Blake Lively ranges from fine to iffy, but the part doesn't do her any favours as written and most will hate her just for wasting our screen time on a boring sub-plot that we don't really want or need. I thought some of their scenes were actually good and relevant to the character's development, but too much time was wasted on the will they/won't they bollocks. Great scene with the two when he turns up at her house masked though. :thup:

However, they spent far too much time on Earth and not enough in space/Oa, and they saved the most interesting part of the movie until the completely-ripped-off-from-Marvel post-credits scene  [spoiler]involving Sinestro and a yellow ring...[/spoiler].

It's like someone wrote a great SF/Superhero script and then some executive balked at the lack of 'grounding' or anything to attract the 'girlies' so needed to cut short the actual interesting bits, drag us back to Earth for much longer than we wanted/needed to be, add all this completely unnecessary romantic 'will they/won't they?' baggage, meaning that any real character development, not to mention the kick-ass sci-fi action this movie needed and should have had a lot more of, is put aside for these... irrelevancies.

You're marketing this to the wrong crowd if that's what you think we want you numpties! WALL TO WALL ACTION is what we want. Yes we want character development too - the hero is only as interesting as the man in the suit - but what we don't want is to be bogged down by irrelevant shit that has nothing to do with anything and which we just don't care about!

The script itself is the biggest problem - the actors do their best with some very dodgy dialogue, but parts of it make no sense whatsoever and it generally feels like it was thrown together by committee than anyone's coherent vision of what a Green Lantern movie should be.

It was ok in parts though, really good in some (the climax is pretty exciting), but overall a bit meh. Like it was made in 1995. The sequel should be better though. If they get to make it...

5/10 (6 if you're really fond of GL and might just be happy they didn't completely rape the character at least)

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RE: What a totally predictable shame.... - 5/7/2011 2:08:58 PM   


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I saw Green Lantern a couple of weeks ago now and having quite enjoyed it at the time I have to admit that it doesn't hold up particularly well to close scrutiny. Whilst the character is quite interesting and I enjoyed the scenes in space and on the Lanterns homeworld I thought the story was rather formulaic and the cast (aside from Mark Strong) rather poor. Also, whilst I thought some of the effects were quite impressive in the film I really was rather disappointed with the main enemy in the film and the final battle which was just very anti-climactic.

In the end I'd score it a 4/10 as I felt it was a slightly below average superhero film and definitely worse than X:Men First Class which I would consider a 6/10.

I actually made a video review of the film if anyone is interested in checking it out and giving me their thoughts:

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Post #: 193
- 30/7/2011 5:20:06 AM   


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From: Wellington, New Zealand
Let me begin this review by mentioning where I stand on comic books. I rarely read many anymore, but in the past I have dipped my toe into a few series and enjoyed them, even forming limited attachments to certain characters, and as such I have feelings and opinions concerning how they are portrayed on screen. Green Lantern was not one of these characters. I was aware of the basic story, had some sense of what his powers were, and I even had a Green Lantern action figure as a kid. But I never read the books, and so, approaching Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern, I really had no idea what to expect. What I saw in the trailers looked cool enough that I was excited by what this film could be, but my usual gut-feeling about how a movie will turn out was absent. After seeing Green Lantern this morning, I’m still at a loss to describe how I feel about it. The film features some of the most interesting and stunning visuals I’ve seen in a while, certainly streaks ahead of this years previous comic book offerings X-Men: First Class and Thor, but, regrettably, the quality of the visuals can’t make up for the muddled plot and dreadful pacing issues, particularly in the film’s conclusion.

There is a lot that Campbell gets right with Green Lantern. Firstly the casting, always of utmost importance in a superhero film, is solid. All participants make the most of their roles, with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan a particularly inspired choice. This is the type of role Reynolds was born to play, and he clearly understands the journey Jordan takes over the course of the film. Bringing his natural charm to elevate the character above the by-the-numbers troubled hero Jordan could have been, he’s the best thing about the whole film. Supports are good too, with Peter Sarsgaard wickedly creepy as Hector Hammond, and Mark Strong as Lantern Corps leader Sinestro making the best of smaller parts. It’s also nice to see Campbell keeping it Kiwi with roles

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Green Lantern: Review - 8/8/2011 2:27:52 AM   


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From: Ireland
Green Lantern is an alright film. Some of the fight scenes are cool and the story can be interesting to learn. The problems with the film is it could have gone into more detail about some of the characters but they didnt and this isnt the best superhero film ive ever seen. I would recommend this film to be a rental.

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RE: Green Lantern: Review - 26/9/2011 8:57:04 AM   

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Not good





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RE: What a totally predictable shame.... - 28/9/2011 11:09:30 AM   


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I liked this movie very much and by reading your review i seems to be very relevant and genuine.

Tv genres

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Post #: 197
- 16/10/2011 11:10:14 AM   
Ciaran McDaid


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Very Disappointing

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RE: - 17/10/2011 11:26:01 PM   
Emyr Thy King


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From: London
I committed a crime earlier in this thread by commenting on the film before I had actually seen it. Plus, reading back through my comments I did come across as a bit of a shit. Although I found a few gems:



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Deviation, did you get that name because of your apparent deviation from any recognisable form of written english? Any point you may have had has been lost because i cant work out WTF you're trying to say. Fail !

It's only amusing because they're having a go at a forum regular straight out of the blocks and of course for certain grammatical errors.


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It was nice knowing you, Lang.

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Wrong thread.  But curious as to why you didn't like the Incredible Hulk?

Because it was a boringly safe, generic adaptation of Greeny, with an antagonist that is woefully underdeveloped, it's poorly directed has a poor, mediocre soundtrack, a Hulk made of spaghetti muscles, only two, barely good action scenes out of a four (more action than Lee's version? You filthy liars),the silly heartbeat thing, terrible performances by Norton and Tyler.

I agree....Ang Lee's Hulk was utter turd...

I think there's one thing we definitely learned with the "Hulk" (2003): "you don't want to make me Ang Lee"

Now....onto the film itself. I have to say overall I found it disappointing. Considering this is a comic book film there was very little action. The idea of the Green Lantern projecting energy shaped by pure thought is a fascinating route to explore and whilst there were some clever and imaginative use of it in parts, I don't think they went all the way with the concept. We just mostly had guns and flying swords.

Ryan Reynolds was fine but I think he needed to portray more depth when it came to the death of his father. The flashbacks were the right idea but used in the wrong segment. I think they should've been used after that test flight scene and not when he went up against those drones, it just felt wedged in. Otherwise he did all right and even though I understand that many people didn't like how his cocky more humourous take didn't quite square with how he's typically depicted in his literary roots, I thought it worked well. Blake Lively wasn't exactly...'lively' but as others have said, she was there mostly to be saved and smile, flirt and flutter her eyelashes at him. Tim Robbins was fine but not really given much. The same could be said for Angela Bassett. They both deserved larger roles and more screen time. I thought Peter Sarsgaard was way off and at times comical but for the wrong reasons. His screams when his body was mutating were very girly and utterly hilarious - no wonder his father was worried about him. I didn't think he brought any real menace or threat to the role and he seemed like a door stopper who'd be easily flung away as soon as the Magellan cloud came.. He was badly miscast and one other strange thing. Tim Robbins's senator character was meant to be his father, they looked too near in age to me to be father and son! The guy who was the leader of the trio that beat-up Hal, he just disappeared after that little tussle which was pointless. It was only there to show what he could do with the ring.

The bits I quite liked were when the Green Lantern projected a racing car and track to save the downed helicopter (struck by a flying bar tap!). It was a little whacky but it suited the character because only his imagination is the limit. It was a nice touch. I liked the fight with Parallax at the very end when they're in space. I can see why people who have a problem with a villain who's ostensibly a cloud but they made some effort to give him a character and he did have a face so he wasn't quite anonymous, certainly not like Galactus in "Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer".

I thought the score by James Newton Howard didn't have any real bombast and for the most part had a neglible effect on the film. For me it was mostly absent throughout the film, except for some fleeting moments such as the bit where Green Lantern saved Carol Ferris and flew away and right at the end when he's just thrown Parallax into the sun.

I give the film a 2/5 rating. I felt to me to be underwhelming and it could've done with focusing on just one villain and expanding a bit more on some interesting ideas that were toyed with but not fully explored.

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RE: RE: - 18/10/2011 8:25:46 AM   

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I tried to forget this cgi pile of poo!


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Post #: 200
RE: RE: - 18/10/2011 2:45:03 PM   
Emyr Thy King


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From: London
As others on here might say and to quote the titular character of the film: "I know right!"

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Post #: 201
Better than I'd thought it would be! - 21/10/2011 8:38:16 PM   


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From: London
To be fair I've seen worse. Ok it was way to long and a shit load of scenes could of been cut. But for most of the film it was well paced and fun. Ryan Reynolds was his usual self but still watchable. The CGI was a bit cartoon in parts but again it was a easy viewing film.
Don't think it was as bad as some of the critics have said. It kept me entertained better than Thor it!

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RE: GREEN LANTERN - 27/10/2011 4:33:38 PM   


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From: Only The Shadow knows
Watched this online (legally) last night and having now finally seen it I have to say I'm a little baffled about the hate.

From the start I was interested but skeptical and the early footage and trailers looked bad, bad, bad but I still thought it might have something.

Now having seen it I have to say it's certainly generic, mostly "safe" dull superhero fare but certainly not the hate crime a lot of reviewers suggested. It's not good but it's not awful either.

The cast are all game and I very much liked Peter Sarsgaard even if his character was badly written. Likewise Blake Lively who I don't generally rate as an actress (she's pure eye candy) and she had a pretty thankless role but again she was actually pretty decent. Reynolds I was hoping could show another side to his usual schtick ala Chris Evans in Captain America this summer but ultimately he delivered pretty much the same performance he always does - not bad but just boring by now.

Effects ranged from clearly unfinished to pretty decent but overall for a film with a big visual canvas there wasn't a lot to really shout about. The constructs of the ring could have really been something special but didn't really turn out to be anything special at all.

Story and script are my main bugbear; despite the interesting mythology I think it just played things too safe and became a plodding generic superhero film. It reminded me of Thor in a lot of ways but I actually enjoyed that film even though a lot of the story beats were signposted quite obviously. I'd say Lantern is ultimately a missed opportunity that could have benefitted from a creative team willing to take risks rather than always playing safe.


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RE: GREEN LANTERN - 8/12/2011 2:29:48 PM   
Pencilton Phoenix


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Hmm, I don't know about the hate, but I certainly thought it was lacklustre.

It was a visually expensive film, and the plausibility of it's story and characters was all over the shop. Like Thor, the plausibility of
the material would have been difficult to work with. Branagh and co nailed it on Thor. But the Green Lantern was all over the shop.
Another thing, I couldn't get emotionally invested in this film. The villain was way too abstract, The hero too much of a goofy joe.
I didn't care about his story or his struggle. Think about the investment you make with Bruce Wayne in Batman. Branaghs Thor
holds its own in the emotional stakes too, but I couldn't find the pulse of Green Lantern. Perhaps the source material simply wasn't
the best or most timely to adapt. I think GL has similar issues to Superman and Thor. They're intergalactic heroes. Thor worked really
well, and when I close my eyes and think back to the best moments of Thor, it's the dramatic intensity that was ever present and especially engrossing between the father and sons. Branaghs strengths from his theatre background bolstered the drama and story into something
tangible and with which we could connect regardless of the far reaching setting. Green Lantern didn't manage to find it's dramatic edge.

I think DC need to be a little more unconventional and more daring with their next hero adaption. I think Aquaman or Wonder Woman
would be great, but even better would be Hawkman, I mean he and his wife curate a museum, but not as a front, he does it as
Hawkman. It's awesome.

(in reply to Marwood)
Post #: 204
RE: GREEN LANTERN - 13/12/2011 4:32:39 PM   


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I find myself of two minds about this film. On the one hand, it's just dreadful. On the other, it's a mishmash of decent-to-good-to-downright great work trapped within too many badly-missed opportunities.

The first 20 minutes or so is a real slog, despite the fact that it contains one of the movie's longer action sequences. Ryan Reynolds is fine once he stops winking at the camera and takes hold of the role more seriously--right about the time Hal takes The Oath (the whole "By the power of Greyskull" argument with the lantern is really, really good work), the film seems about ready to finally roar to life...

...and just then, we get a boring Hal/Carol scene that was done worlds better with Peter/MJ in 2002's Spider-Man, followed by the generic Hero Discovers He Has Powers sequence (again, done much better in Marvel's universe), followed by a trip through space to Oa. Oa is gorgeously rendered in some of the movie's best CGI, and the Tomar-Re (the always dependable Geoffrey Rush)-led tour of Oa is fun. We also get a few minutes of the criminally underused Mark Strong as Sinestro, and again the film looks like it's about to get going...

...and then Hal leaves Oa and returns to Earth, and everything stalls out yet again. The entire movie is like this. Some really, really good work (the last third is simply amazing) is too often undone by bad pacing, bad writing, and bad editing choices. It should be a crime, seriously, to waste Mark Strong and Angela Bassett this badly. Even the extended edition on DVD is wholly unsatisfying--it consists of about 9 minutes of extra footage, most of which we've already seen in the standard cut.

6/10, and that's being generous.

(in reply to Pencilton Phoenix)
Post #: 205
Green Lantern Review - 19/12/2011 2:21:27 PM   
the film man


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Noisy, overproduced, and thinly written, Green Lantern squanders an impressive budget and decades of comics mythology.

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Post #: 206
RE: What a totally predictable shame.... - 22/12/2011 7:09:32 AM   
Harry John


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I hope they make a sequal. I was a little disappointed with the movie but, I want them to make a JUSTICE LEAGUE film. Hopefully next we will have movies of FLASH, CAPTAIN MARVEL, WONDER WOMAN, AQUAMAN

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Post #: 207
Green Lantern - 10/2/2012 5:16:00 PM   


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Utterly terrible

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 208
Okay Green Lantern - 23/2/2012 11:19:25 PM   

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From: USA
Better than expected. Reynolds is solid. But a waste in a lot of ways, especially of a great cast.

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Post #: 209
Okay Green Lantern - 23/2/2012 11:19:27 PM   

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From: USA
Better than expected. Reynolds is solid. But a waste in a lot of ways, especially of a great cast.

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