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RE: Better than thor

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RE: Better than thor - 2/6/2011 12:01:03 PM   


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From: UK
For once, I completely agree with EMPIRE! After all the positive early word, I went in with relatively high expectations and was disappointed. There's some decent stuff in there, and if you just want two hours of super-powered mutants tossing stuff at each other you'll probably find it satisfactory, but anyone interested in continuity or decent dialogue should turn their brain off. Michael Fassbender was superb as Eric/Magneto though. It's above the dreadful Origins: Wolverine and X-Men 3, but miles below both of Singer's movies.



Green Lantern review

Kung-Fu Panda 2 review

X-Men First Class review

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- 2/6/2011 12:18:06 PM   


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Excellent film. Very exciting. The acting was all solid and the plot was good. My only really gripes were the slight exposition of some powers, a bit too long and some of the lesser known X-men (like Havoc) were underdeveloped. Otherwise tho, easily the best X-men since X2 and better than the first film.

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Wow. - 2/6/2011 12:35:01 PM   

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From: Wales
I don't know what this Empire reviewer was smoking but I think this is possibly the best comic book movie I've ever seen. Much better than anything Marvel has made so far, better than the Spider-Man films. Up there with X-Men 2 and better than the Dark Knight.

A perfect, rollocking, clever, enjoyable, well told, entertaining, no-holds barred movie. Five stars and then some!

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Empire is losing it! I loved it!! - 2/6/2011 1:11:31 PM   


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Saw it last night and loved it! On par with X2 if not better. I don't know what is happening with Empire, first they got Rango's rating wrong and now this. Both marvellous movies made for film fans and yet such a tepid review and rating. I guess the 4 star review is being reserved for Bayformers 3 I guess. As for the criticism of this being rushed, the Magneto-Prof X dynamic packs more punch in a single film than the similar Anakin-Obi Wan one in the ill-judged Star War prequels (which inexcusably kept getting decent ratings!). But while I continue reading Empire, i have stopped taking the reviews serioulsy long time ago. for the rest, go watch this and have a good time...

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RE: Empire is losing it! I loved it!! - 2/6/2011 1:33:36 PM   

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From: Jungleland
Seen it last night and wasn't expecting much due to a lacklustre PR campaign and not very enthusiastic expectation.

It was fantastic. Going in with a low expectation of it probably helped me think a lot more of it, but it really did blow me away. Fassbender was brilliant, even if he did as has previously been said fill the 'Wolverine' role from the previous films. McAvoy was a great Xavier, I think he really managed to capture Patrick Stewart in his manners and his voice. I liked Nicholas Hoult. We have all been teenagers who don't like the way we look. His need to be normal is probably one of the core themes of any X-Men film and he captured that in a teenager.

I would have liked to have seen Havoc fleshed out a bit more, just so we know more about his character and his family. And the film wasn't really made better by Ron Weasleys guest role but his faces were funny.

The effects were a bit spongy, I really noticed this in the first scene with Lensherr and Schmidt, but to be honest, I was much to wrapped up in the story to really notice it that much.

I would love to see a second film with Magnetos rise as the core storyline as he is easily the most intriguing character in the whole franchise.

Anyways, a brilliant comeback for a franchise that lost its way a little bit. More please!

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Bad review Empire! Shame on you. - 2/6/2011 2:13:28 PM   


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It was easily as good if not better than Thor. I enjoyed it, really good fun. I'm glad was in that world for two hours. Vaughn is a solid bet.

Too many characters? I'm no expert but from my minor knowledge of the comics and cartoons, didn't they always have loads of them running around blowing shit up. Isn't that one of the cool things about it?

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RE: Bad review Empire! Shame on you. - 2/6/2011 2:30:59 PM   

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From: London
My take on X-Men: First Class

It’s clear that director Matthew Vaughn and scriptwriter (one of many) Jane Goldman are the perfect mutation when it comes to comic-book adaptations. After manipulating the rules to comedic effect with 2010’s wonderfully OTT Kick-Ass, they have now strictly adhered to them, confining the justifiably maligned Last Stand (on which Vaughn quit(?) during pre-production) and Wolverine movie to the scrapheap, dialing down the kitsch and overly colorful costumes, and the results are truly first class.

Charting the evolution that saw Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) become Professor X and Magneto, First Class reboots all the way back to the Nazi concentration camp origins that were glimpsed in Bryan Singer’s heralded installments, right up to the formation of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Meaning that we get to see how some of the series most iconic mutants came to enroll – Beast (Nicolas Hoult), Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) – as well as finding out what created the divisions in mutantkind to motivate their archenemies – Azazel (Jason Flemyng), Emma Frost (January Jones). Throw in Kevin Bacon’s mysterious Sebastian Shaw, a megalomaniac mutant that wronged Erik in the past and the DNA is there for a potential franchise invigoration.

With actors already so intrinsically linked to this Marvel universe, casting was always going to be a major challenge for Vaughn, so for all of the minor niggles you might have with X-Men: First Class, you can guarantee that this ensemble of extraordinary beings won’t be one of them.

The core relationship of Xavier and Lensherr anchors and dominate the movie successfully thanks to the assumed knowledge on the part of the majority of the watching audience, but largely due to McAvoy and Fassbender as the ethically conflicted friends. The latter builds on some certificate testing set-up in the concentration camp to strike the perfect balance between unhinged madman and loyal brother. But it’s McAvoy’s Xavier that wheels off with the honors; cocksure, frequently hilarious, especially during his Oxford campus flirtations, but always with the air of calm authority to make you believe that he will one day grow up to become Patrick Stewart.

Always difficult to stand out within such a large cast, Hoult, Lawrence, and the ever dependable Bacon succeed despite the need to keep the momentum fast for the summer audience. It’s the villains that make the weakest impression; none are recognizable to the armchair X-Men fan, and even then they are reduced to posturing behind Bacon’s bad guy. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this is Med Men’s January Jones, whose one-note turn hints at a better performance on the cutting room floor.

Requisitely spectacular when required, notably during the missile juggling finale, but just as impressive in its stripped back 70’s influenced set design and wardrobe. First Class is also refreshing light of touch in this world of moody caped crusaders and a need to go “dark”. The “meet the gang” and training montages are both very funny, and include a hilarious cameo from a mutant you might recognize.

The themes may not be new in the X-Men universe, the whole Mutant vs Mutants vs Humans debate has raged since the first installment and could test the patience of anyone not willing to sit through the necessary origin story once again, but this is a welcome return that promises greater things ahead.


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Post #: 157
- 2/6/2011 3:38:59 PM   


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I hate to agree with Empire, but for me First Class just didn't fulfil its early promise. The atmospheric early scenes gave way to a frantic middle section and a poor CGI finale. I thought Fassbender and McAvoy were both excellent, but sadly given the talent involved, on and off the screen, it seemed a wasted opportunity

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x-men: some class, not enough - 2/6/2011 3:43:45 PM   


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I totally agree with the Empire review. I think that giving it 3 stars is perhaps more to do with the frustration in that there is clearly an exceptional film hidden in there somewhere, rather than having any sort of correlation with the rest of the cannon.

I dont want to reiterate the points that the Empire review raised, but can i add that i thought that although some of it was fine, some of the dialogue was actually god-awful (groovy?) and despite Kick-Ass being immense, X-Men suffered the same with a real problem with tone (lets have nicknames! / a coin problem).

And a training montage. REALLY?!

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RE: Better than thor - 2/6/2011 3:51:10 PM   
Wild about Wilder

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From: Hertfordshire
Would've liked 2 have seen the cut scene Macavoy was going on about on BBC Breakfeast Wednesday where he & Fassbender take on a 7 foot 3 inch villan, spose well have 2 wait 4 the dvd also he already mentioned the next film as X-MEN 6? so were obviously classing Wolverine as X-MEN IV then???

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RE: Better than thor - 2/6/2011 4:56:49 PM   

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Think 3 stars was VERY harsh. I'd say it was worth 4, 4.5 on a good day. Really enjoyed it.


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Post #: 161
RE: Better than thor - 2/6/2011 5:38:49 PM   

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I think Empires Review is pretty fair, it definitely feels rushed. I can tell which scenes Vaughan had the time to work on properly and which ones he couldn't. It also got a little bit too join-the-dots toward the end.

Saying that, I bump it up to 4 Stars purely for that cameo

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Post #: 162
The Best X-men film IMO - 2/6/2011 5:39:50 PM   


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Joined: 5/12/2009
Had low expectations was getting a bit sick of crap comic book movies didn't like Thor or Iron Man 1 or 2 didn't like X-men 3 didn't like The Wolverine movie but this was good thoroughly good Fassbender and Mcavoy were exceptional especially Magnito because we see how he got bad! And it has the 'F' word in it only once but it's the best bit lol. I like Batman films though thats my only exception plus Kick-Ass but this film has restored my confidence with the X-men franchise.

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RE: The Best X-men film IMO - 2/6/2011 7:43:26 PM   


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I enjoyed it. Wasn't really expecting much after The Last Stand and Wolverine, but it was certainly better than those two. Fassbender is certainly the next Bond on this evidence, and he and McAvoy worked well together.

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Post #: 164
RE: The Best X-men film IMO - 2/6/2011 8:15:13 PM   


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From: Surrey
Never known forum reviews to have such a love/hate direct split as this film, every one is 'Empire got it right / You're way off Empire'.

Will be seeing it at the weekend.

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RE: The Best X-men film IMO - 2/6/2011 11:16:20 PM   

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From: Punishment Park
Leaving the cinema tonight after viewing X Men: First Class, a couple of things struck me.  

As Layer Cake was Daniel Craig's audition tape for Bond, Vaughan has basically given Fassbender the same thing here. There are shots, and moments straight out of Bond. In the unlikely event that Fassbender wants to do it, he would be amazing.

How the film embraces the 60s in a similar way to Star Trek. Everything is big bold, a little silly, and a whole lot of fun. They even go for the yellow uniforms! It also feels at times like a Rodger Moore era Bond movie – and that is in a very good way. 

I was amazed at just how much the movie shits over The Last Stand. I had heard that there were continuity issues between this film and the first three but the reality is….the only genuine continuity problems come when faced with The Last Stand. This is Singer and Vaughn's revenge for what happened on that film. Plotlines no longer make sense in TLS, characters no longer make sense in TLS, even character motivations no longer make sense in the context of TLS. It fits snugly into the Singer films, but anything after that is basically discounted.

I loved the film dearly. It is the equal to X Men 2, and far, far better than any of the other Marvel movies from recent years. It has style, humour and a genuine scale to events. It also has ideas, and subtext and a playfulness not seen in many other superhero flicks.

It is the best directed of the X Men films – the others all have a workmanship feel to them, but this one has the stamp of Vaughan - montages, the use of soundtracks etc

The acting is on par with the other three X Men films – Magneto and Xavier being the heavyweights and the others ranging from very good, to a little bland.

Fassbender is amazing, McAvoy is just as good, and the girl playing Raven also has a lot of personality.

Highly recommended.

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RE: The Best X-men film IMO - 3/6/2011 11:06:10 AM   

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From: Southampton
Gotta agree with Rgirvan44.

I enjoyed this hugely. Although the plot involving the Cuban Missile Crisis is ridiculous, it is at least a decent attempt to tie the X mythology to actual events - I'm just not sure it was necessary. Otherwise though, the story zips along at a snappy pace, taking in all manner of locations and giving the X Universe a far larger feel than it has before. The allusion that the discovery of nuclear power and its use being responsible for the mutants genetics is a nice plot point.

This is a prequel in a similar vein to 2009s Star Trek; it honours the canon but doesn't feel like it has to tie-up exactly with the original trilogy. In fact, an early scene from The Last Stand now no longer fits - assuming that we're all going to be hugely pedantic about continuity. Even so, watching X Men afterwards does feel like a natural continuation of the story. If First Class were not to get a sequel - it wouldn't matter.

Fassbender and McAvoy are excellent and well cast in their roles. This is an origin story/backstory which compliments the perfomances and stories of their counterparts in X1/2/3.
Making Xavier a bit of a womanising party boy was a nice touch whilst the film goes to great lengths to give Magneto some depth to his motivation.

The supporting roles are all pretty good, with a sufficient array of super powers displayed to carry the films many set-pieces. Thankfully, although not all of the mutants are fully developed as characters, the film never strays into The Last Stand or Wolverine territory by having too many characters simply to please the fans.

Overall, a very pleasing entry to the franchise.


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RE: X-Men: First Class - 3/6/2011 12:09:28 PM   


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Mathew Vaughan has recently stated that he has some 'really big ideas' for the next instalment in the X-Men franchise. Maybe he should have concentrated on the ideas (or lack thereof) in First Class because it's a complete dog of a movie with very little to recommend it.

The positives: Fassbander.

The negatives: Everything else.

I'm not joking. Empire correctly stated that the film felt rushed and compromised and that much is completely obvious but they were way off with their 3 star rating. A sense of dread sets in right from the beginning with a scene so cringingly awful that it prompted guffaws and sniggers from the full house at the screening on Wednesday night; a young Professor X and Mystique exchange some Syfy Channelesque dialogue that establishes their 'connection'. It's really surprising to find such terrible, hurried scenes in a film that is almost unwatchably slow at times.

The X-kids were, I'm sorry, a bunch of gimps. In fairness to them they had very little to work with - flimsy characterisation and stunningly bad dialogue lead to some very poor performances. The adults don't fare much better. Poor Kevin Bacon is completely underutilised and James McAvoy was simply an arse; an irritating arse.

Maybe some of this could have been overlooked had the set-pieces been even mildly diverting or had the story been engrossing. But no. We get a paper thin, obvious plot, stretched to breaking point by a 2 hour plus running time (a training montage only kicks in after about 90 minutes!). And yet again we are served up lazy special effects and a bloated, unexciting finale.

Thankfully the audience I saw it with were lost within the first few minutes. The dullness of the film was mercifully punctuated with bouts of disbelieving laughter - there were people literally rolling in the aisles when 'Beast' first made his full appearance. And that shouldn't be the case but the film so badly fumbled the ball that nobody gave a shit what happened to these kids.

So I'd love to know what Vaughan's (and Jane Goldman's) big ideas are for the next instalment. Hopefully they involve Hit-Girl mowing these losers down with a couple of Uzi's soundtracked by some punk-rock.

Last Stand, Wolverine and now First Class. That's 3 turds in a row for this franchise - how much more shit are they gonna hit the fans with?


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RE: The Best X-men film IMO - 3/6/2011 12:09:30 PM   

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From: The Royal County
Potential Spoilers

Thoroughly enjoyable but I wouldn't say it's excellent. I'd say 3 stars is about right, at a push 3 1/2 but it is defintely a good start and worth seeing. Some great moments in it but a good few cringey moments as well.

One of my main problems is the choice of characters. I don't understand why they chose this bunch as the original X-men. I thought the original 5 were Cyclops, Beast, Jean Grey, Ice Man and Angel (Warren Worthington III, not some girl I've never heard of.)
Vaughn says he only wants to add one more character which pretty much means we're stuck with this lot for a sequel. I'm not sure I want to see most of them again except maybe Beast, I actually thought Nicholas Hoult was quite good, one of the more enjoyable performances.
Also, as pointed out somewhere earlier, Moira not being Scottish and Banshee not Irish?

The bad guys, Azazel was good, Emma Frost was naff but that could be due to Betty Draper's performance. And whirlwind guy, errr who?
Kevin Bacon was excellent as Sebastian Shaw, loved him especially in the early scene in the camps.

Fassbender is easily the star of the show, thought he was excellent. Mcavoy was really good too. Their scenes together are the best thing in this by far.

The big climax was a bit meh to be honest, you can definitely see that it was rushed. A bit more time put into this section it could have been a lot better and it would have been a four star for me. I'm not too sure about the way in which Charles loses the use of his legs, I know it's happened in different ways in the comics so really I suppose they can re-write it how they like.

Overall I'd put it on a par with the first X-men film, very enjoyable and a good starting off point.

Whoever complained about the training montage, that was one of my favourite moments in the film along with maybe the great cameo.

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Hmmmm - 3/6/2011 2:51:18 PM   


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I actually really enjoyed the movie, my expectations weren't too high when I went into the cinema and the first half of the film merits, at most, a two star rating. However, the second half, whilst X and Magneto are gathering other mutants, it began to pick up the pace and the Wolverine cameo was brilliant!! Fassbender's random irish twangs throughout the movie did gain a few incredulous looks from me and my friend, but all in all, it is probably the best X-men film made so far.

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Hmmmm - 3/6/2011 2:51:50 PM   


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I actually really enjoyed the movie, my expectations weren't too high when I went into the cinema and the first half of the film merits, at most, a two star rating. However, the second half, whilst X and Magneto are gathering other mutants, it began to pick up the pace and the Wolverine cameo was brilliant!! Fassbender's random irish twangs throughout the movie did gain a few incredulous looks from me and my friend, but all in all, it is probably the best X-men film made so far.

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RE: Hmmmm - 3/6/2011 3:48:29 PM   

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Gotta side with Empire on this one, 3 stars in right on.  Solid entertainment, but clearly rushed.  Enjoyed the action, performances (another vote for Fassbender here) and cameos but the editing, special effects and ADR all could have used a few more passes.

Still, step up from Thor.


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4 stars - 3/6/2011 5:36:23 PM   

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From: Torun
Best X-men, definietely better then first two. EMPIRE, your reviews are weak, lately.

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A BLAST..... - 3/6/2011 7:26:11 PM   


Posts: 382
Joined: 14/7/2008 much did they pack into this one film. The X Men finally get their movie mojo back and I for one sincerely hope that this film cleans up over the summer - it deserves to. Two for two as regards comic book movies so far this year. Green Lantern better be as good as this.....four stars....

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RE: A BLAST..... - 3/6/2011 7:38:18 PM   
The REAL Bozz

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Decent film. No where nears as great as some would have you believe. The acting and the story are very strong and it has some great set pieces. Outside of Xavier and Magneto there is very little time given to the other characters save Mystique.

On the other hand you have a heavy weight like Emma Frost (Thought Jones did fine, letting the Yank accent slide) reduced to an almost thankless henchwoman role. Sure you can argue it's the story of Xavier and Magneto, that's fine but then don't include a character like Frost and have her vanish for almost the 2nd half of the film. Not an issue for the everyday moviegoer but I'm a hughe fan of the comics and shit like that annoys me and makes me question how this can be anywhere near Begins or Dark Knight quality in relation to character.

Worst thing about the film is the 'BIG' cameo in the bar. If Fox or Synger had any sense they would have distanced this from other films and had a full on reboot ala Star Trek. Syngers films are dull. Personally I think they got a lot of priase as they were the only X films we had at the time. At least Last Stand raised the stakes and had some great display of powers. This should have been a full on reboot. Instead we know excatly where all our characters are going and having seen the outcome it aint that great. Saying that the best thing seeminly will be enjoying the ride.

That aside the look of the film is brilliant and it's was great to see the likes of Angel (The Grant Morrison one), Havoc and Banshee get a look in over the other well known characters. Also some wicked cameos. There is a wicked one in the last act. What a legend. Now off to watch Total Recall!

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Putting My Cards On The Table... - 4/6/2011 3:52:04 AM   


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... and giving this a flat-out 5/5. There are niggles of course but, c'mon, this franchise has made a comeback worthy of Rocky Balboa! The use of real world events (the Cuban Missile Crisis) adds depth to the proceedings, I concede that there is some dodgy CGI, but to me, that works, in some strange way, given the 60's setting (watch any of the Connery Bonds to see what I mean). Speaking of Bond, I know this has been said by previous posters, but when Mr. Craig decides to hang up his Walther, they need look no further than Michael Fassbender. When he and James McAvoy are on screen together, they are dynamite. Their friendship feels so real, which makes the climax of the film so heart-breaking. So, continuity and Fan-Boys be damned! This movie deserves a space on the gold medal podium alongside X2. The bar for Top Dog this summer has been raised.

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RE: Putting My Cards On The Table... - 4/6/2011 10:00:48 AM   


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Thought this was awesome - really interesting plot and I was completely enthralled. Superb - right up there with X2.

When is the obvious bung-filled 12A certificate going to end? Absolute joke again - no way should say an 8 year old watch this?

Doesn't detract from my enjoyment of a quality film though - easy 9 out of 10

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RE: Putting My Cards On The Table... - 4/6/2011 10:55:45 AM   


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Thought this was awesome - really interesting plot and I was completely enthralled. Superb - right up there with X2.

When is the obvious bung-filled 12A certificate going to end? Absolute joke again - no way should say an 8 year old watch this?

Doesn't detract from my enjoyment of a quality film though - easy 9 out of 10

Why not? There wasn't anything in there that would be too much for kids. What exactly do you think was inappropriate for kids?

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RE: Putting My Cards On The Table... - 4/6/2011 1:49:07 PM   
the sangypange

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From: plymouth
saw X men ( the first one last night) on film four or was that the other night...well that doesnt matter the thing is that x men and x men 2 have a qulaity that you cant put your finger on, it was of its time and yet timeless< i feel that the best of the franchise has to be x 2
now i liked first class, but i think the real test is to see if will hold the attention when it comes out on blu ray, I have a feeling that fassebenders performance alone will kae uo for the effects that will become dated in a few years, and this film will be highly regarded, it has too many good qualities not too,
plus i feel that jones's performance is getting too much of a slating on the forum, she wasnt that bad, and i thought the effects were better than some shown in the film


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RE: Putting My Cards On The Table... - 4/6/2011 2:03:05 PM   


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Choppy and predictable, wasted potential (especially with the development of Charles and Eric's friendship).

Genuinely surprised by all the positive reviews, there's nothing new or spectacular about this standard summer blockbuster, even some of effects looked shoddy.

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