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Graet movie. Not 'art' like 'The King's Speech' but huge fun!

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Graet movie. Not 'art' like 'The King's Speech' but hug... - 25/5/2011 11:41:43 PM   


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Brilliant movie. For the first time ever 'Empire' is utterly wrong. Great fun. Blackbeard menacing, Capt. Jack funny as ever. Mermaids breathtaking (both for beauty and for the drama they provided through both scares, romance and tragedy combined). Probably the best in the series, only thing it lacked was a 'davy Jones' style monster...but that's just 'monster movie' loving me!

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RE: Graet movie. Not 'art' like 'The King's Speech' but... - 26/5/2011 12:55:23 PM   
Dr Lenera


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In London, Gibbs is on trial for piracy, but his judge is actually Captain Jack Sparrow in disguise, and they escape the court.  Hearing that an impostor Sparrow is auditioning pirate recruits at a seaside bar, he goes to investigate and finds it's an old lover of his Angelica, whom he seduced while she was in a convent.  Angelica captures Sparrow and he find himself aboard a ship lorded over by Angelica's father Captain Blackbeard, who wants Sparrow to help him locate the Fountain Of Youth.  Meanwhile Sparrow's old rival Captain Barbossa, who has abandoned his pirate ways and is now a servant of the crown, is also searching for the Fountain Of Youth…………. 

Upon its release in 2003, Pirates Of The Caribbean:The Curse Of The Black Pearl seemed to take everybody by surprise.  Apart from being the first pirate movie that hadn't flopped since the 1950s!, the way it resurrected all the hoary old pirate cliches, revelled in them and gently mocked them at the same time was masterful and a very skilled balancing act.  It had the feel of an old fashioned matinee movie but with a knowing modern attitude and of course laced with the best CGI.  It also created one of modern cinema's greatest characters in Captain Jack Sparrow.  Now many critics feel things went wrong with the first two sequels, Dead Men's Chest and At World's End, I don't entirely agree, the former was almost as fun as the original in my opinion but the latter was definitely a bloated, confused, often stupid and, most bizarrely, often dull mess, albeit with a few great scenes and ideas.  During the run up to this slightly belated fourth instalment, we heard much from people involved with the film about how this one was going to return to the more straightforward and fun style of the first movie.  I'm happy to say that, for the most part it does, and works very well as a seafaring adventure film on it's own, though it does have quite a few problems, sad to say!

After a wonderfully pulpy opening scene, we waste no time in being introduced to our hero, who now is Sparrow for once, rather than somebody badly played by Orlando Bloom, and we launch in into a breathless series of chases and escapes, with the highlight being a great carriage chase.  Perhaps to compensate for the slow movement of At World's End, the pace of the movie is immediately far faster than the other films, and it's great!  Of course we soon get into the main journey, and surprisingly the film still refuses to slow down.   Interestingly, at this point, the film also starts to have a surprisingly dark tone.  Most scenes are set at night, and Dariusz Walski's cinematography has a real Gothic look to it.  Then we get into the film's greatest sequence, a lengthy battle with mermaids, and it's great to see mermaids portrayed like the mermaids of pirate folklore for once, vicious and nasty.  What makes them particularly effective is that they are not shown that clearly.  Dead Men's Chest and particularly At World's End threw the CGI on to the screen in bucket loads and the quality of the effects seemed to diminish the more they were used.  In this episode, it's used more sparingly, and it actually increases the effectiveness of some scenes, especially those involving the mermaids.

About half way the film starts to slow down a little but remains fairly exciting, though scriptwriters Terry Rossio and Ted Eliott can't resist throwing in a bit of the double cross stuff which helped to bog down At World's End.  It's not too much here though.  Unfortunately, the horrible spectre of Twilight rears its ugly head, with a subplot involving a man and a mermaid.   Of course there's nothing wrong with the basic idea, which has been the subject of many stories and indeed films, from Splash to The Little Mermaid,  but here it's been Twi-fied  [I've decided, I'm going to use this word, which I made up a while back when reviewing Beastly, whenever I deem fit], so you get lots of intense glances where people actually look like they are about to be sick, awful acting, and horrible dialogue.  Now this stuff isn't in the film enough to totally ruin it, but they could have removed it with no loss.  Sadly once we get to the Fountain Of Youth, the film totally loses the plot in more ways than one.  Of course it's a common problem with quest movies that they rarely exploit the thing that is being looked for once it is found, and perhaps it's understandable, especially when sequels might be forthcoming, but Rossio and Eliott obviously didn't know what to do towards the end of this movie so they copied situations and scenes from Indiana Jones  And The Last Crusade. There's a bit of brief sword fighting that seems pathetic compared to the full on climactic action of the other three films, things kind of happen that don't make any sense, and then it ends with some laughs and suggestions of a sequel.

I've criticised the script several times in this review, and it is very flawed, with far too much of it consisting of Sparrow being captured and then escaping in an elaborate and funny way.  I think they should have had a new writer alongside Rossio and Eliott.  Now this movie's script was actually based on a novel called 'On Stranger Tides' by Tim Powers and I wonder if the writers had trouble adapting it into a POTC movie?  The writers do succeed though in the amount of time devoted to Sparrow though, they resist the temptation to have him on screen all the time, even though he is basically the 'hero' this time round.  The bickering between him and Angelica is also good, funny but nicely barbed, and this part of the story ends in a surprising and brave way which I certainly did not expect.  This episode is smaller in scale than the last two movies, maybe even the first, and, while it's nice to have a more focused story, there aren't really any fantastically memorable sequences except for the mermaid attack.  Apart from some of Sparrow's antics, which, despite what some critics have been saying, remain tremendous fun because you just don't know what he's going to do some of the time, there's a dearth of originality, and that's a shame, because the film is certainly entertaining and has it's heart in the right place.

Rob Marshall takes over from Gore Verbinski but I defy anyone to notice the difference. I've read reports that the action scenes are overly fast and choppy like in many films these days, but it just isn't so, at least in the 2D version.  I personally don't like characters looking like cardboard cut outs, action hurting my eyes and the picture being too dark, so I don't bother with 3D anymore.  I really wish they'd give this clapped out gimmick, which is still a long way from being perfected and more than anything else an excuse to raise seat prices, a rest, but it doesn't look like they are going to, so I will keep on moaning about it!  Johnny Depp is as wonderful as ever as Sparrow, he look like he's having fun every minute, though he does seem like a rather kinder Sparrow here and has possibly lost a bit of his edge.  Surprisingly he is almost matched by Penelope Cruz who is a great foil for him [and really shows up what a poor actress the incredibly overrated Keira Knightley  is], while everyone else has enormous fun playing pirate.  Composer Hans Zimmer seems mostly to be content with rehashing themes and motifs from earlier films, some of which might be nice to hear, but compared with his great work on At World's End [why did the worst film have the best score?] it's a severe disappointment.  On Stranger Tides certainly entertains, it's solid viewing for the family and there's not enough of that at the moment, while it gets things right more than it gets wrong.  It's better than At World's End, that's for sure.  However, I really dislike it when a film is great for its first half, then goes downhill and has a poor ending.  It can't help but send me out of the cinema with feelings of both irritation and disappointment, and sadly I felt both those things after On Stranger Tides, as enjoyable as it certainly is.



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RE: Graet movie. Not 'art' like 'The King's Speech' but... - 27/5/2011 3:11:35 PM   

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From: The Royal County
An incredibly boring film. I was thinking I was going to be pleasantly surprised as I was enjoying it at the beginning. After about 45 minutes or so my interest was pretty much gone, it's just a mess and criminally dull. Still some enjoyment to be had from the performances of Depp, Rush and Lovejoy.

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It's a different film. It's a very different film! It's a different shark!

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Absolute Fun! - 29/5/2011 12:44:25 AM   


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From: Rotherham
I was worried this would mark a death for the 'pirates ' series, but I was relieved when I came out of the cinema, already looking forward to more.
I do think the reviews have been quite stingy and it's a shame that these big summer event films tend to be viewed out of the context of what they!.
The formula maintains what made these films essential viewing and drops the aspects that were getting stale. The general feeling I got from people I know wanting to see this was that it wasn't going to feel the same without 'Will and Liz', well it survies perfectly without them and the pace picks up from the word go so they're more or less forgotten about which is perfect for a series pushing on into new waters.
Depp's captain Jack does what it says on the tin and it's great to see him back on the screen. Geoffery Rush's Barbossa is hillarious in full dandy mode.
New character turns from Cruz and a scene stealing Mc Shane are an absolute delight.
I shall agree with one aspect of the review on the site and it's the fact that we dont get to fully learn more about the new charcters, hopefully though we'll have a number 5 for all that.............

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- 29/5/2011 12:53:41 AM   
plum bob


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I felt like weeping when the credits roled - huge disappointment!

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BRILLIANT - BRING ON PIRATES 5!!! - 30/5/2011 6:06:53 PM   


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Good news girls: Johnny Depp is still hot, hot, hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the disappointment of the shite that was At World's End, its good to note that this is a return to form for the Pirates franchise. This has clearly set up the next installment - which is very welcome indeed (Note to Disney - just get it out 2013 so momentum is not lost).

The 3-D was very nice adding depth and texture to the Pirates world. The cinematography looks more striking in 3-D than 2-D. In particular the scenes in London and at the fountain of youth were stunning.

Like all of the Pirates films, with repeated viewings narrative threads can be picked up that might have been missed before. The narrative is a hybrid of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The new characters quickly replace any memories of Keira, Orlando...that skinny guy from the Office. In particular, Penelope Cruz is a superb addition to the Pirates franchise. Kevin McNally and Geoffry Rush are superb - and are just as significant to the success of the franchise as Johnny Depp (they are the franchises unsong heroes).

To quote Helen O'Hara (Empire reviewer) "An overly complicated plot"...what?!! Pretty simple really - a race to the fountain of youth!! If you like Pirates of the Caribbean (swashbuckling, sword flights, mystical objects) you will love this film. IF you hate them, or dont care for them...then why are you bothering in the first place.

This is an excellent film...NOW HURRY UP WITH PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5!!!!

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GOOD WATCH. - 30/5/2011 7:17:16 PM   


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Jack is back! Thank god, this installment, no one was really sure about, it did prove to be an exciting pirates romp, which was undeniably better than the third installment which to be fair, had lost the plot, this film also seems to have made the same mistake, the story for this pirates adventure is over complicated, overlong and wrewned by the lack of enjoyable characters and a decent villian, the villian in this installment is Black Beard, pirate royalty but the thing is, he is a terrible villain, but this is by no means a bad movie, of course this installment was a bit disapointing, the reason? A bad villian, no decent characters, over complicated story, bad romance between Cruz and Depp, and surprisingly this wasn't very fun. The third installment with it's long list of flaws, had decent action sequences and a few funny gags, this film lacked in that department. This film had an upside! Thank God, this was nearly a bad review, okay to begin with the mermaid massacre was brilliant, and well filmed, and yes, creepy, there is a few shocking deaths, especially spoiler* Black beards Piranha 3d-ish death, which shocked me and other viewers alike. and of course the mermaid massacre which in all fairness was the most nail biting scene in the film, while with the other scenes you are filled with a sense of predictable boredom because like most horror films, you can see everything coming, Stephen Graham appeared but his character dragged down the whole thing and made you wish he had been killed off. The black Pearl is absent in this installemt which is a shame but lets get to the point, this is better than Pirates 3 but doesn't match 1 or 2, this is by no means a masterpiece but it beats the diar pirates 3 and proves to be a suitable time killer (trying to put it nicely.) which will amuse the kids, (the patient ones atleast.) Cruz was sexy as ever, but that doesn't make a good character unless youre Julia Roberts, almost brilliant and far from perfect, this is a decent adventure romp, and lets hope that if there is a fifth installment it will be better than this.
The amazing thing is we miss Keira and Orlando!
Thumbs up to the mermaids. This is better than expected but also not as good as expected.

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A definite improvement - 2/6/2011 9:07:52 AM   


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From: Kirkcaldy
Oh come on Empire - 2 stars? Have you all lost your sense of humour recently or something? OK so it's way too long and the plot is just nonsense but this is a definite improvement on the last one (which you gave 3 stars). Johnn Depp is excellent as usual though I do agree that he just doesn't seem to be having as much fun as he used to. There just wasn't enough of the old Jack magic from the first film that we want. The action scenes were well done but at times felt a bit contrived (the 'oh I think we need another action scene in now so let's stick one in here' type scenario). Ian McShane was the standout for me as Blackbeard and dare I say it probably overshadowed Depp's Captain Jack! And as for missing Knightley and Bloom - get a grip! Didn't miss them at all. Cheer up Empire.

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A return to form... - 3/6/2011 9:04:11 AM   

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From: Manchester, Egland
Based, believe it or not, loosely, on the Tim Powers novel, On Stranger Tides, Pirates 4 seemed about as appealing as hole in the head after the diabolical sequels to the excellent first outing. Then it was to be in 3D, scrap several key characters and shed the direction of Gore Verbinski, in favour of Chicago’s, Rob Marshall. A recipe for disaster? It seemed that way.

Though saying that, Gore had certainly sealed his fate with me, turning what was a well conceived, action adventure romp with some very memorable characters into an unnecessary epic saga which seriously missed the point and derailed itself. One dubious decision taken in the production of Dead Man’s Chest, was to keep Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly’s characters, let alone giving them so much prominence.

Knightly was fine, for the first film,. in fact, she was spot on, but she couldn’t carry the role any further and began to look ridiculous as the series progressed. This should have been the adventures of Jack Sparrow, so excellently portrayed by Johnny Depp, and Geoffrey Rush’s, Barbossa was the perfect pirate. So I was more than pleased to see the continuing adventures of these two characters, with Depp, returning to form after I felt that he had lost it in the sequels.

Penélope Cruz was another pleasant surprise, as never being a fan of her’s, I was dubious but this was casting done properly. She was more than convincing as a pirate and put Knightly’s efforts to shame. But what of Ian McShane’s Blackbeard? Well, another great showing from him, but the inexplicable magic displayed as he waves in his 3D sword around and points it at the camera to remind us that 3D is here, not so much.

But the 3D was pretty naff. You could watch most of the film without the glasses, with the effect being limited to several sequences. It looked good, it was inoffensive and unobtrusive but what was the point again? I don’t think that this film will

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RE: A return to form... - 7/6/2011 12:48:12 AM   


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To be honest i do not know why i bothered with this, i know i hate marzipan and i wouldnt eat it if it came with a new name, same applies here. But i review films for a past-time so its my duty you might say. And you never know it might be a surprisingly good film or a guilty pleasure....nope!
The only reason i give this a generous 2 stars is because i know this film is going to attract alot of people and they will probably lap it up, especially kids, but the most astute children out there will be able to spot a catastrophe when they see one.
It's poor, it's dull, it's not funny, it's badly written and directed, it tries hard for about 5 minutes with the 'mermaid' scene and even Johnny Depp(again the only redeemable aspect) can not save this sinking ship.
Trying to be objective about it is difficult because i have never liked the other films in this series but i am sure deep down alot of fans will be dissappointed. As Mark Kermode said, you spend this much on a film you expect it to be better, at the very least entertaining.


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vexing - 7/6/2011 3:28:30 PM   


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ever imagined, a fountain of youth that may give eternal life to the living and keep them immortal forever. well here, this movie gives the fountain of youth , that is practically impossible but since it is a movie it can be possible. movies are made for entertainment and message for the viewers. the current movie is no where helping in entertainment or message. it is just a blank jar head which has nothing in it. it is purely made up of cheap material and others are been stuffed and burdened. director rob marshall has decided to take on the franchise and give a treat. but probably, he lost his way and came to the track only at the last part. the movie lacks a strong storyline and even though it is, it has been overly stuffed and complicated with mermaid stuff. the tears of mermaid is needed , for giving eternal life. now what we got here! we have to make the mermaid cry. how is that possible? rob marshall has decided to bring a part of romance like thing which can bring the mermaid to show feelings as they are beautiful girls and sometimes deadly too. so what he does? her boyfriend like character is been harassed and as time goes on, tears drop on and then it gets going. on the other hand, how jack sparrow knew about the fountain? in the previous movie, he stole the map of the fountain of youth, but no narration here on what so ever, details regarding the fountain. just one dialog like , the fountain will test you!!! . some scenes are extremely ridiculous and not at all worthy to mention. for example in the climax when, jack exchanges the drink of life and death, the baddie black beard has allowed his daughter to die and whereas she is still asking for why jack has did it? she did not realize that her father needed life more than his daughter. this was the worst scene in the movie. even after it, there are instances where the two fight each other and still they manage to propose each other in the end. what is the world is going on here? are the characters really gi

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It's a Pirates life for me - 8/6/2011 12:21:58 PM   


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Ok, Pirates 4 is nowhere near as good as the first film, which is a bonafide classic. Still, its entertaining, and I could personally watch Jack Sparrow all day.
Word to the wise: Stay in the Cinema until the end credits, as like before with the Pirates films, there is something to wait for...

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RE: It's a Pirates life for me - 9/6/2011 1:22:13 PM   

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From: Lost At Sea
I saw it last night and I really enjoyed it. It's just a fun easy to watch film, I don't see why everyone has to be so negative towards it. I think I enjoyed it all hell of lot more for it not having Knightly and Bloom in it. Cruz was a welcome change and I really liked Blackbeard.


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RE: Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - 10/6/2011 10:18:57 AM   


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It is really a bad bad time in career of Johnny Depp. His tourist was not good and now pirates. I expected much from him, but the movie was not but a total crap.

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Where the hell is 3-D, guys? - 12/6/2011 5:14:12 AM   


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Who the hell is asaying there is 3-D, guys? I have watched it recently in IMAX 3-D and I have waited till the end for something popping up- I want my Rs. 250 back!

Depp told in an interview that the whole process was shot in 3-D- a big liar just as he protrays true lies in POC series.

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Nowhere near as bad .... - 20/6/2011 7:25:34 PM   


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as the critics would have you believe. An overly complicated plot and less obvious SFX but I somehow enjoyed Johnny Depp's Sparrow this time - mainly because he seemed more like a traditional straight forward hero rather than the two faced coward of the previous films. Forget the damn 3D because it's a waste of time.

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- 30/7/2011 5:24:49 AM   


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From: Wellington, New Zealand
It’s a funny thing about Johnny Depp. Perhaps more so than any other contemporary actor, people often view his presence in a movie as something of a mark of quality. I know many people who will see a film simply because he is the star, and until recently I might have understood why, even if I wouldn’t go quite that far myself. However, since around the time of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film (2002’s The Curse of the Black Pearl), I’ve found myself less and less impressed, or even interested at all, in almost anything he’s done. I’m always willing to give a talented actor, particularly one with as many great performances under his belt as Depp, a chance to surprise me, and win back some credibility, and it was with this mindset that I went into On Stranger Tides. Unfortunately, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the latest entry in Disney’s swashbuckling franchise is by far the worst yet, and my personal admiration for Johnny Depp has reached a new low.

There’s no denying that the success of the first POTC film came as something of a shock to many people, both critically and commercially. Before it’s release, the idea of adapting a theme-park ride to film was seen as a creative death knell by an admittedly cynical part of the movie-going public (myself included), but the film defied critics to become one of the more memorable action-adventure blockbusters of the new millennium, and introduced Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow, one of modern cinema’s most charming and appealing characters. On Stranger Tides works hard from the beginning to maintain the style and tone of the initial trilogy (all directed by Gore Verbinski), while simultaneously making it clear that this is a new story, albeit with a handful returning characters. The problem however, is that the new story is just too overloaded with new characters, vacuous action, and unnecessary, tedious subplots.

It’s very hard to gauge Captain J

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: Review - 8/8/2011 2:17:04 AM   


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From: Ireland
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a good film. It does have funny scenes and Cpt. Jack Sparrow is still crazier then ever. The problems with the film is it doesnt beat the first one that i saw and some things in the film didnt make sense. I would recommend to go see this film.

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Abysmal - 13/9/2011 5:24:37 PM   

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I never thought much of the Pirates films but at least they tried hard and were occassionally entertaining. On Stranger Tides is lazy, pointless and worst of all dull. I gave up after 20 minutes - and I never do that.

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JACK WAT A LEGEND.... - 16/10/2011 12:20:19 AM   
Ciaran McDaid


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Captain Jack wat a legend

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TWO STARS.... - 16/11/2011 8:43:12 PM   


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RE: - 26/11/2011 4:07:05 PM   

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From: North Devon
This got progressively better as it went on, and is certainly a lot better than 'At World's End', I enjoyed the rivalry between Bardossa and Blackbeard and Penelope Cruz added some real spice to a lightweight role previously occupied by Kiera Knightlet. To be honest none of these films have lived up to what I hoped, and I'm not a huge fan of Depp, but as an earlier poster said, this film ticks most of the boxes for entertainment value.



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Knocks spots off 2 and 3! - 27/11/2011 4:13:39 AM   


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From: Birmingham
Whilst I loved the first film I wouldn't dare to call myself an expert on the franchise, but I found parts 2 and 3 simply awful, ass numbingly boring popcorn fodder. Part 4, to me at least, has a good sense of adventure about it, very carefree, which of course comes about from what some of you have called lazy writing. But it is fun, more lke an Indy Jones type of yarn. It's packed with flaws and less than favouarble acting, but I was entertained throughout. Obviously helped me that I had zero expectation going in to view it, but yeah, undemanding and breezy and unlike 2 and 3, I could easily watch this again when it shows on the Sat or Freeview.


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RE: Knocks spots off 2 and 3! - 6/12/2011 9:48:41 PM   
Dirk Miggler

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Just got around to watching this the other day.

That has to be one of the dullest villains to ever grace the Silver Screen !

The film wasn't much better.

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RE: Graet movie. Not 'art' like 'The King's Speech' but... - 8/12/2011 2:36:40 PM   
Pencilton Phoenix


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ORIGINAL: Cyberleader

Brilliant movie. For the first time ever 'Empire' is utterly wrong. Great fun. Blackbeard menacing, Capt. Jack funny as ever. Mermaids breathtaking (both for beauty and for the drama they provided through both scares, romance and tragedy combined). Probably the best in the series, only thing it lacked was a 'davy Jones' style monster...but that's just 'monster movie' loving me!

You said it all my man, you said it all. The mermaid love story was dark and mysterious and was clearly fulfilling the gulf of Knightly and whats-his-face left, which was never ever an interesting romantic arc. For once the dialogue was actually clear. I still don't think I understood anything from the first three films. Depp really has created something special in that character, and despite many feeling bitter about the new level of success and fame Jack Sparrow made for him, it really is among his quintessential characters. I'm just glad they finally made a film befitting of that character. Oh and Penelope Cruz was hot as per usual.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - 30/12/2011 10:44:34 PM   

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From: Neo Kobe
Load of rubbish. Some people seem to dislike the previous two sequels, but I found them to be a decent spectacle and good entertainment, regardless of pacing and story issues. This on the other hand feels cheap and empty - like a bad TV version, no decent set pieces, no wit and totally boring all the way. Why bother with Blackbeard if he gets nothing to do?

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On Stranger Tides - 31/12/2011 6:59:44 PM   


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From: Bicester
Jack Sparrow returns for another adventure starring alongside, Angelica, Blackbeard, Barbossa. In a tale for the fountain of youth but the plot had way too many blows in this pirate franchise production. The only thing which was decent was the mermaids and the waterfall scene Aqua Devida. The 3D effects were shown very little and predictable,yet you were paying a fortune at the cinema. It took a long time for the heavily awaited film to come out for it not to live up to the standard of the previous 3. Most of the time you couldn't hear what the stars of the film were saying pirate talk and standard. The story didn't have a strong enough plot savvy? Was it because it didn't have the main stars keira Knightley/ Orlando Bloom performing? Or was it having a different film director completely Rob Marshall? i hope there will not be another Pirates Of The Caribbean film to come as this will ruin the greatest pirate ever created.

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On Stranger Tides - 31/12/2011 6:59:45 PM   


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Jack Sparrow returns for another adventure starring alongside, Angelica, Blackbeard, Barbossa. In a tale for the fountain of youth but the plot had way too many blows in this pirate franchise production. The only thing which was decent was the mermaids and the waterfall scene Aqua Devida. The 3D effects were shown very little and predictable,yet you were paying a fortune at the cinema. It took a long time for the heavily awaited film to come out for it not to live up to the standard of the previous 3. Most of the time you couldn't hear what the stars of the film were saying pirate talk and standard. The story didn't have a strong enough plot savvy? Was it because it didn't have the main stars keira Knightley/ Orlando Bloom performing? Or was it having a different film director completely Rob Marshall? i hope there will not be another Pirates Of The Caribbean film to come as this will ruin the greatest pirate ever created.

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Could Have Been Better - 6/2/2012 7:25:13 AM   


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Not the worst film ever made, but not the best either. Jack Sparrow is very watchable and good fun here, but I was so dissappointed with how Blackbeard was treated here. There was no backstory to really bring him to life so we never know why all pirates fear him. Was really looking forward to watching this and it just felt like a bit of a mess. If there are to be more of these films, then maybe a prequal of "Jack Sparrow" the early years is the way to go ? How he became a pirate lord maybe ?

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review - 26/2/2012 9:58:34 PM   
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It's shorter and leaner than the previous sequel, but this Pirates runs aground on a disjointed plot and a non-stop barrage of noisy action sequences that unfortunately makes this movie like Empire says, dull and crossbones.

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