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RE: Paul

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RE: Paul - 20/2/2011 12:16:42 PM   

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Bill Hader & Kristen Wiig >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pegg & Frost


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Ha Ha funny, just not LMAO funny. - 20/2/2011 10:13:30 PM   

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It was good, don't get me wrong, I enjoy an anal probe gag as much as the next person, but whilst I liked Pegg and Frosts characters, I didn't like the running joke of the "Christian turned atheist who now feels the need to make up ridiculous swear words every other line". Swearing is funny at certain times, if used carefully and with purpose. It wasn't funny in this film. At all. I may have chuckled when she first said something, but after that, it became tedious. I liked Seth Rogen as Paul, I thought he added a certain charm to the character, almost a level of world-weariness. Bill Hader is great as usual, and the "Big Man" cameo at the end was excellent. Personally though, the film was made all the more enjoyable by sitting and trying to list off each homage and reference. Shame the rest of the audience was made up of the usual "dick jokes are always HILARIOUS" crowd. Whilst I laughed at Zoil shooting his radio, exclaiming "Boring conversation anyway", the rest laughed at Paul imitating anal sex and blowjobs. Hmmmm. Guess I'll have to wait to watch this type of film when every other complete moron has seen it already.

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RE: Ha Ha funny, just not LMAO funny. - 20/2/2011 11:07:12 PM   


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There were quite a few Spielberg film references too.

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Close Encounter... of the Turd Kind - 21/2/2011 12:37:32 PM   

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Although I don't think its fair to compare this film to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, I was at least expecting a similar amount of wit and originality that those films bought to the screen. Instead I found myself watching 1 and a half hours of an extremely predictable story with grown men being hit in the groin and talk of "spaceman balls" (not quite what I was hoping for). It has its moments, there are some genius references to Sci-Fi classics, but with a story more predictable than ET and an ending even worse than that of The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I left the cinema feeling like I'd had a Close Encounter... of the Turd Kind

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RE: Close Encounter... of the Turd Kind - 21/2/2011 1:36:35 PM   


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I left the cinema feeling like I'd had a Close Encounter... of the Turd Kind

That's exactly the kind of 'wit' that you are moaning about being in the film

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Not quite out of this world - 21/2/2011 6:50:05 PM   


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It�s Pegg and Frost, the only thing I could think of when I first saw the trailer was �please be good, please be good, please be good.� But was it?
Let�s put it this way, it was looking bad the moment Edgar Wright wasn�t director or having a single thing with the film. We�ve seen Shaun of the Dead and loved it, we�ve seen Hot fuzz and liked it less but still enjoyed it and as for Paul, well, I still have the Pegg and Frost fever.
The film has a very simple plot and has Pegg�s and Frost�s nerdyness written all over it. The film starts off with two best friends constantly been mistaken for gay lovers, Graeme Willy (Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Frost) as the two are on a road trip of America to discover famous sightings of extra-terrestrial life.
The trips all going jolly when they get over taken by a car that flips and crashes. This is where we hear the most over the top, unneeded, childish, top of the voice �awwwwwwww� you will ever hear. It out did Harry Potter and Co. when they met Fluffy the three-headed dog for the �lets scream really loud even if no one hears us� award.
All of a sudden Paul the alien (Seth Rogan) emerges from the wreck with a cigarette. He�s instantly a hit with Graeme but diehard alien fan Clive is less impressed by the aliens company. The two then set off on their journey to get Paul home. You have plenty of accidental mix-up jokes going on that leads to the arrival of new character Ruth Buggs (Kristen Wiig). Ruth is a one-eyed Christian that argues the point about God with the Sci-Fi geeks and to her surprise she meets Paul who goes against everything she believes in.
Throughout the film the four are been chased by three cops, Special Agent Lorenzo Zoil (Jason Bateman), Haggard (Bill Hader) and O�Reilly (Joe Lo Truglio) who are been ordered around by Sigourney Weaver, except only Zoil knows what�s going on as Haggard and O�

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RE: Paul - 21/2/2011 9:22:21 PM   

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Saw it at the weekend with a couple of friends (we're all nerds of course) and I really liked it. It wasn't as good as Hot Fuzz of Shaun of the Dead but it was a lot better than what I was expecting after seeing the trailer. 

Liked the bit in the bar at the beginning, in which Pegg has to finish his sparkler drink quickly in front of the red necks. The plight of the nerd, could recognize it all too well...  


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Average at best - 22/2/2011 9:36:10 AM   
Bill Clay


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I generally have no issues with pop culture references, in fact I quite enjoy them, but it seems that Pegg & Frost wrote the script off the backs of their DVD collection. The ridiculously overused collection of references got tiresome very quickly.
The 'David Brent awkward silence moments' were not funny. The gay jokes at the start fell flat, almost drowned out by the groan from the audience, Messrs Pegg and Frost are no John Hughes.
The biggest issue I had with this though was Kristin Wigs role, normally very watchable, all she has to work with here is terrible dialogue, blurting out a string of nonsensical curse words is not funny. It really isn't.
Seth Rogen as Paul however saved the film from total disaster, he puts in a great performance and gives the film the only laugh out loud moments, impressive CG too.
Joe Lo Truglio as the nerdy agent deserves recognition also.

Not the worst you'll see this year but I was very disappointed.

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RE: Average at best - 22/2/2011 11:11:49 PM   
Shifty Bench


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I saw it at the cinema today. When it started, I got a bit worried as a lot of the jokes fell flat. The Comic-Con stuff just wasn't funny to me but I think as soon as they meet Paul, it becomes a fun film. I enjoyed it, even the verging on mawkish ending.

And I'm proud I got a lot of the references


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RE: Average at best - 23/2/2011 9:12:47 AM   


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I had the same thing with the film right until Paul himself appeared, it did just feel a bit flat and although I'm a longtime fan of Pegg/Frost neither of them really seemed on form. Nice cameo from Jeffrey Tambor though: "Did you buy a book?" "No" "Well then fuck off".

However thankfully the rest of the film was good fun and better than I expected, yeah the ending was a bit cliche on the surface but as an adult comedic riff on ET I think it was judged just right. Great effects too, Paul was surprisingly well done and the action was really nicely staged - nothing that will reinvent the wheel but showed that some serious talent was working on this.

If I've got a criticism then it was Seth Rogen as Paul - I like the guy's work but because his voice is very distinctive I found it distracting too often. I like the character and he gets some great moments but I would have preferred the filmmakers to have used a less recognisable actor in the role.

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Post #: 40
Predictable - 23/2/2011 9:45:29 PM   


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Lots of funny bit but the plot was so predictable i was groning at a the end no where near as good as shaun of the dead could have been much more intersting with a script that uses elements that haent been used so many times ��

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Paul is ace...better than most aliens! - 24/2/2011 9:26:46 PM   


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I thought Paul was quality. Its good to read a positive review. You can always rely on Empire. Paul was pretty good on Earth...some aliens were rubbish:

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RE: Paul is ace...better than most aliens! - 26/2/2011 8:43:37 PM   
Dr Lenera


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To be fair, the idea of two English sci fi nuts going to America and encountering a real alien isnít a bad one, and maybe there will be a good movie made from that idea one day, but this film certainly isnít it.  Although it begins reasonably well with some rather gentle but still sometimes funny  jibes at sci fi freaks [ I loved the toilets which say ĎMaliensí and ĎWomení, and the sight of Pegg and Frost re enacting a bit from an episode of Star Trek in the desert is pretty funny too ], things quickly go downhill once we meet the title character.  This is one tedious movie, consisting mostly of film references to everything from Aliens to The Blues Brothers, and incredibly repetitive humour, where things that are funny at first are just repeated....and repeated....and repeated.   A person fainting at the sight of Paul-repeated ad nauseum.  A strict Christian woman who swears-repeated ad nauseum.  Mentions of anal probes-repeated ad nauseum.  It just gets very boring very quickly.  Writers Simon Pegg and Nick Frost seem to have forgotten how to write jokes and donít seem to have a clue on what to do with their concept.   The final third throws in some reasonable action and climaxes with a Close Encounters Of The Third Kind rehash which could actually have  been quite sweet and emotional if we cared.  Pegg and Frost here display none of their past chemistry and although Paul is quite a convincing alien, heís voiced by the obnoxious Seth Rogen.  While just hearing Rogen is better than seeing and hearing him, itís not enough to make Paul into a likeable character. Then again, no one in this shoddy movie is likeable, which is mostly a waste of time for its makers and its audience.



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Post #: 43
It Pauls through, just. - 26/2/2011 8:47:31 PM   


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Good, cinematic entertainment? You can count on it. A good, fresh comedy? Far from it. Paul is full of forced jokes, based on unnecessary vulgar language and ridiculous, hasty set ups. On top of this, the visual gags are pointed out by the characters because they assume the audiences are too stupid to pick up on it themselves. For example, as seen in the trailer, Paul is dressed as a cowboy to go undercover on the highstreet. Pegg's straight-man to Frost's usual bumbling comic character states 'We are just a normal family, walking through the street, with a cowboy'. This exposition is pointless. We don't need a fucking commentary. Take Airplane!, for example. One of the best sight-gag based films of all time, each joke is dished out one by one, with no dodgy artificial flavours thrown in from the film-makers. It would appear that Pegg and Frost feel that certain images are not funny enough on there own, resulting in Pegg's unoriginally named character Graeme Willy irritatingly stating the obvious. This is made worse by the fact he apparently mutters it to himself. Such a transparent technique is laughably amateurish and one should expect better because Pegg and Frost are a genuniely talented duo.

My full review at

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RE: It Pauls through, just. - 28/2/2011 5:47:13 AM   


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... Pegg's unoriginally named character Graeme Willy irritatingly stating the obvious.

So how many other films have characters in called Graeme Willy then ?

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RE: Paul - 28/2/2011 5:28:24 PM   


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This is a funny film some of you are taking it a bit too serious.

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It's not fat, it's power - 3/3/2011 2:23:58 PM   


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I loved this film. Saw it on the first night of previews, expecting it to be a bit sub-Fuzz, and was astounded at how much I adored it. I've seen it three times in just over two weeks. The trailers don't do this film justice at all.

One of the reasons I like this film is that we don't get to see Nick playing the blundering sidekick, this time. He's a much stronger character with a much more central role. Simon, meanwhile, gets to play a lovably naive Graeme, who is slightly in Clive's shadow. It's a huge change from their usual standard and something I was really glad to see.

I'd definitely recommend this film to anyone who has any knowledge of sci-fi.

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Paul - 18/3/2011 9:04:07 AM   


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From: Kirkcaldy
A good effort at a buddy/road trip/riff on popular sci fi movies comedy. I agree it takes a wee while to get going but as soon as Paul arrives on the scene it really picks up. Rogen is superb as Paul, the dope smoking foul mouthed alien, and it's a welcome return to form (even though he's just doing the voice). Pegg's his usual geeky self but Frost is a bit left in the cold I felt with not a huge amount to do (expect piss himself - quite funny!). Some really good (if obvious at times) movie references and the alien with 3 tits gag just keeps giving!

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Paul (just don't pronounce the l) - 23/3/2011 12:14:36 PM   


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The moment I heard Seth Rogan was going to voice the alien, my hopes sank for this film. And upon watching it, I was rewarded with the sad satisfaction I was right. His voice is totally wrong and does nothing for the charcacter. In addition to this all the jokes/homages were VERY obvious quite clumsy. There were some nice touches now and then, but on the whole I was very disappointed. To say that it is broader and more accessible than either Shaun or Fuzz means one thing to me: more American, and therefore less clever and much, much less funny. The jokes reminded me of other poor films along the lines of Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, etc. Under the expert guidance of Edgar Wright in the third and final Cornetto film, I hope Pegg and Frost pull it back, because this was just plain bad. And 4 stars? 4??

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really really funny - 9/4/2011 10:05:46 PM   
Zayd Awan


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There is nothing wrong with this film, what could be changed to the films credit however os Edgar Wright directing because when those 3 get together, magic ensues.

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RE: really really funny - 11/5/2011 5:27:19 AM   


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I loved the movie although I am NOT a fan of Seth.  Just think he's icky. I didn't like the Christian "turn coat" theory either, but just because I am a Christian.The over "potty mouth" will make certain various groups won't buy the DVD when it's hit the stores, but oh well, you can't please EVERYONE. There is something to be said that everything has been done by Hollywood they are just rehashing old crud, but I wasn't disappointed, I got my money's worth in laughs and giggles.


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Breezy - 22/5/2011 10:33:04 AM   


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From: Malta
Although it definitely doesn't compare to Pegg and Frost's best work, Paul is quite an entertaining comedy with a twist. Sometimes it tends to be uneven with its comedic tones, but it works nonetheless.

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Edgar Wright! We need you! - 3/6/2011 11:04:48 AM   


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Paul – The screenplay from Simon Pegg and Nik Frost promised so much. I was anticipating a comedy along the likes of HOT FUZZ and SHAUN OF THE DEAD, faced paced, witty and intelligent. Instead, what we are given is a weak, shallow movie that relies on the assumption that people who watch this film are morons. The comedy is virtually non existent and it may as well have been a 1 hr 40 minute debate on religion – at times I thought I was listening to a BBC 4 documentary.

Since when did well written comedic moments take a back seat to foul language? I’m all for swearing if it has a reason, if it genuinely gets a laugh, or if its used to emphasise a point. But swearing for the sake of it just makes it tiresome and boring. Two men travelling in an R.V together apparently causes everyone to ask if they are gay. HILARIOUS. Yes, I am being sarcastic.

The character of Paul was well created and kudos to the animators.

I was, needless to say, unimpressed. Although with the names of Pegg and Frost on the poster, the film will be well received.

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RE: Edgar Wright! We need you! - 10/6/2011 2:27:43 PM   

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Mmm, it was okay, no funny moments stick in my mind though, wasnt really expecting it to be great anyway, cos Hot Fuzz wasn't. Nick Frost hair got on my nerves though.





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Post #: 54
RE: really really funny - 10/6/2011 2:28:43 PM   

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There is nothing wrong with this film, what could be changed to the films credit however os Edgar Wright directing because when those 3 get together, magic ensues.

Yeah like Hot Fuzz





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Paul. - 10/6/2011 4:23:45 PM   


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From the first advertisement (the first of many, many, MANY advertisements) people got excited. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were teaming up again to make the third of the “blood and ice cream trilogy”; everyone was wrong. I told everyone that this wasn’t the third of the “Cornetto trilogy” but they didn’t believe me. There’s one huge difference from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz: It’s American. Obviously, the two main stars are British but it’s directed by Greg Mottola of Superbad and Adventureland and not Edgar Wright. It’s based in America, with less British humour and with nothing but American co-stars. The third of the trilogy is The World’s End, if you were curious and they sat down with Edgar Wright a week after this was released to finally get it started. IMDb says it’ll be done by 2014.

Plot: Two British comic-book geeks traveling across the U.S. encounter an alien outside Area 51.

In my opinion, the reason this film has had mixed reviews was because it was misleading and people thought it was the third of the trilogy. In the adverts, they even had clips from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz so of course there was going to be confusion. It was a bad idea by the marketers. This film was advertised so much that I actually didn’t want to see it because of it. Usually, a film which advertises itself so much uses the best bits in the advert which leads to nothing but a massive disappointment.

Luckily - in this rare case - it was brilliant. Paul was the spawn of chatter between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in the back garden of the Shaun of the Dead set back in 2004. Of course, they’re both busy so it must have taken a while to get a full script going, get it produced, get a director and so on. Either way, it finally arrived in the cinema on Valentine’s day and it’s still here. That’s a relatively long time for a film to be in the cinema. Probably an attem

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RE: really really funny - 14/6/2011 11:08:50 PM   

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From: A wretched hive of scum and villainy

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There is nothing wrong with this film, what could be changed to the films credit however os Edgar Wright directing because when those 3 get together, magic ensues.

Yeah like Hot Fuzz

Yeah,EXACTLY like Hot Fuzz.Smart,hilariously funny with clever in-jokes that aren't force fed and pointless,which unfortunately is the case with Paul.

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Post #: 57
RE: really really funny - 15/6/2011 8:53:14 AM   

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I agree with the in joke comment, in Paul they are just nods to other films, not funny at all. But Hot Fuzz "Hilariously funny". NO





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RE: really really funny - 16/6/2011 4:18:19 PM   
Emyr Thy King


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From: London
I saw this film last night and frankly, I thought it was utterly hilarious! It starts a little slowly  it does have too much gratuitous profanity (lazy script-writing and churlish). I agree with a poster above who said the "conservative christian turned swearing queen" started to grate a little. However, once the gags come in they do fly in thick and fast! For some reason, I thought the kid who did the 'Daniel-san' bit was hilarious and totally worked. I think Nick Frost seemed a little subdued than normal, but he showed deft comic ability nonetheless. I think Seth Rogen did a brilliant job as the titular alien and he brought a warmth and humanity to the role. Kristin Wiig was very likeable and I liked what they did with her character, bar the incessant swearing routine. I think a great alien 'road movie'/comedy which doesn't hit the high-notes of "Hot Fuzz" (incidentally I didn't enjoy "Shaun of the Dead") but delivers pretty well on the comic front.

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Post #: 59
- 2/7/2011 9:49:00 PM   

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I enjoyed this. I expected it to be a bit bland and Seth Rogen usually annoys me but the film grew on me, definitely.

4 stars is spot on.

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