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RE: Films of 2011 List

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 29/11/2011 12:29:14 AM   


Posts: 4
Joined: 29/11/2011
1. Another Earth
2. Drive
3. Water for Elephants
4. 50/50
5. Immortals
6. Crazy Stupid Love
7. Midnight in Paris
8. Captain America
9. Sucker Punch
10. Thor

11. Our Idiot Brother
12. Limitless
13. X-Men First Class
14. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2
15. Bridesmaids
16. Insidious
17. Moneyball
18. Bad Teacher
19. Friends with Benefits
20. I am number 4
21. Fright Night
22. Source Code
23. Something Borrowed
24. Rise of the planet of the apes
25. Green Lantern
26. Red Riding Hood
27. Horrible Bosses
28. The Inbetweeners movie
29. Attack the block
30. Real Steel
31. The Green Hornet
32. POTC: On Stranger Tides
33. The Rite (only saved from the bottom spot by Anthony Hopkins performance)
34. The Change Up (awful)
35. No Strings Attatched (awful)
36. Age of the Dragon (never made it all the way through)

I have also seen Tree of Life, but I don't think it's fair to compare a movie like that to the rest. It's a peice of art, and personally I appreciate it in a seperate way to films with a more coherent plot. I wasn't the biggest fan anyway, because it felt a little preachy with the loud choir music and the heavily religious monologue, but there were some gorgeous shots in there.

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 5/12/2011 9:08:41 PM   


Posts: 8874
Joined: 13/4/2006
Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen, 94 Mins) 7.5/10
The director's most accomplised work in more than a decade. Like classic Allen you have the spikey character interactions, the sharp observations and the flawed characters. There is a nicely assembled cast, with strong lead role for Owen Wilson who nicely down plays the drama, and delivers fine dry reactions. The expermental plot takes a bit of time to kick into gear, but once it gets going is very rewarding. The pay off to the film is very good, and one I didn't see coming, it leaves the viewer to think, and also is quite sweet. So having lost his warmth previous, Allen refinds and reminds us just what a charming storyteller he can be.

In Time (Andrew Niccol, 109 Mins) 5.5/10
An interesting idea which over stretches itself and the film itself in design just felt like sub-Matrix, or just a big screen verison of Spooks. Justine Timberlake was unconvincing in the lead, and although Amenda Seyfried does her best, there was not enough invested in their relationship. Cillian Murphy is on chilling form in support. This had its moments, but overall was nothing to write home about.

We Need To Talk About Kevin (Lynne Ramsey, 112 Mins) 9/10
A psychigally precise account, completely cold, dark and unwatchable in places. An vivid colour sceme, sharp direction and passionite performances make this a compelling, yet deeply disturbing film. One of the boldest films of the year, as well as one of the finest.

With a bit of luck I should finish up the year by seeing The Future, Wuthering Heights, The Awakening, Ides of March and Hugo.

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Post #: 182
RE: Films of 2011 List - 6/12/2011 9:29:53 AM   
Qwerty Norris

Posts: 4011
Joined: 26/10/2005
From: Edinburgh
Pleased that you really liked WNTTAK Elephantboy. The first time I went to see it I was still pretty fresh from reading the book again so naturally there were certain "developments" that left me a little unsatisfied. I'm glad though I went back for a second viewing because as a film based on its own merits it works brilliantly - a shoe-in for making my top 10 of the year.

Agree partially with Midnight In Paris too, it's by far the best thing (and best looking thing) Allen has done in years but I have to be honest the contemporary stuff REALLY grated me!

I've seen the black power mixtape, the deep blue sea, dream house, my week with Marilyn and...err....Happy Feet 2. Will get those up once I've caught up with Hugo, 50/50 & Another Earth over the weekend.


Qwerty's Top 10 of 2013 (so far)

1. Zero Dark Thirty
2. No
3. A Hijacking
4. Behind the Candelabra
5. In The Fog
6. Good Vibrations
7. McCullin
8. Beyond the Hills
9. The Place Beyond the Pines
10. Wreck-it Ralph

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 6/12/2011 10:56:45 AM   


Posts: 8874
Joined: 13/4/2006
Thats fine, I have not read the book yet, but I almost dread it based on the film. Anyway the film is in my top three of the year.

I don't think with Midnight in Paris is without its flaws, I did struggle with some of the references and at times felt like an outsider, but mostly it was very good.

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Post #: 184
RE: Films of 2011 List - 20/12/2011 1:34:18 PM   
Dr Lenera


Posts: 4084
Joined: 19/10/2005
Reviews of most of these elsewhere.
Hugo 9.5/10  Wonderful tribute to the pioneers of cinema and a really heart warming treat [yet not schmalzty],plus even good of use of 3D!  My film of the year
Happy Feet 2 6.5/10  Less funny than first film, more exciting and visually impressive though.  First major toon feature with a gay couple?
The Thing 5/10  Dumbed down remake of 83 flick, passable, but pointless and with some really shoddy effects
My Week With Marilyn 7.5/10 I can't stand Marilyn Monroe, but this is undeniably a charming, very pleasing watch
Another Earth 8/10  A touch fustrating,but in the end very rewarding sci fi/drama, superbly acted
Straw Dogs 3/10  Another dumbed down remake.  Why the hell did they bother?
Puss In Boots 7/10
Fun animated fantasy adventure, if unremarkable. 
Twilight 4/10  Slight improvement on the others, but it's still Twishite
Dream House 4/10 Sometimes intriguing, but becomes a mess
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows  8/10  Hugely entertaining action flick, often very clever and certainly improves on first one. Maybe not Conan Doyle, but so what?

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 21/12/2011 7:28:44 PM   
Dr Lenera


Posts: 4084
Joined: 19/10/2005
Arthur Christmas Solid festive fun, some great ideas 7.5/10
Reel Steel
Incredible in its sheer cornyness, but entertaining, and damn it if I didn't want to cheer at times 7.5/10
Jane Eyre Fairly good adaptation, convincing, but a bit underpowered 7.5/10

three I'd forgotten about!

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 22/12/2011 12:52:37 PM   
Qwerty Norris

Posts: 4011
Joined: 26/10/2005
From: Edinburgh
I've now seen Arthur Christmas & Sherlock Holmes; only planning to see Fincher's TGWTDT, Ghost Protocol & Dreams of a Life from the rest of the year (since the Artist has been pushed back up here until January).

Will get these along with the other stuff I've seem shortly before the new year to complete my 2011 list.


Qwerty's Top 10 of 2013 (so far)

1. Zero Dark Thirty
2. No
3. A Hijacking
4. Behind the Candelabra
5. In The Fog
6. Good Vibrations
7. McCullin
8. Beyond the Hills
9. The Place Beyond the Pines
10. Wreck-it Ralph

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 28/12/2011 7:19:44 PM   


Posts: 1288
Joined: 9/12/2005
10.Captain America 4/5 - For me this is Marvel's best comic book adaption to date mainly due to Chris Evan's very worthy performance of making this film worthwhile. The movie overall is entertaining with some good solid action which makes up for the feeling of wishing more than what is actually on offer. Definitely worth watching

9.Crazy, Stupid, Love 4/5 - Although I would have put this at number 10 and it might even creep into everyone's else's list I think this movie is probably one of the best rom-com's ever made with good performances from all involved. But the exception here is that it avoids becoming a cliched and over run movie and knows who it is targeting without feeling like a drab which most other rom-com's do. Watch out for Ryan Gosling's brilliant performance

8.50/50 4.5/5 - Even by reading what this movie was about I thought it would turn out to be like any other cancer movie but it turned to be a bit of a weepie while also playing as a great drama but the movie really shines through Joseph Gordon-Levitt who turns in with a splendid performance to really capture the essence of the character. A worthwhile movie to not only watch but worth having in any DVD list

7.The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 4.5/5 - I think for me this movie only just beats the original as Fincher really has made another brilliant movie to complete his serial killer trilogy. Without saying much about it, the opening credits scene really does make you glue into the entire running time of the movie

6.Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy 4.5/5 - This just misses out on being in the top 5 mainly due to that so many great films have been released this year that it always ends up with one classic movie in missing the top spot. For me undoubtedly, one of the greatest British movies I have seen, performances from all involved are top notch but it's Oldman's performance as George Smiley that makes this movie standout.

5.Senna 5/5 - Right into the top 5. This documentary chronicling the great life of one of my favorite sportsmen of all time really does beg the question, how on earth did the academy fail to recognize it without an Oscar nomination. The best part about this documentary isn't the Cinema release that everybody saw it's the original cut which is on the blu-ray which I felt should have been released. It's so much more than documentary, in my own opinion, should have been a contender for best picture

4.Moneyball - 5/5. A very cleverly, enjoyable, superbly constructed drama all on a sport which isn't popular in the UK as it is in the US, but for me I loved every minute of seeing it. You might wonder as to why it's in my top 5, it's mainly due to Steve Zaillian's and Aaron Sorkin's cleverly written script that really makes Brad Pitt's performance stand out above everyone else. You also see a side to him that he rarely shows in his other movies - without a doubt a enjoyable and fantastic movie from start to finish and deserves any awards it gets nominated for

3.Hugo 5/5 - For me, my film experience isn't that great with regards to black and white movies apart from seeing Paul Newman movies but when I went into seeing this I wasn't expecting much from it despite reading the reviews for it. But while watching it, you find yourself immersed into a world which Scorsese has crafted so well that it makes you actually fall in love with black and white cinema. For me, one of the best Christmas movies I've seen in ages and without a doubt the second best use of 3D after How To Train Your Dragon

2.Drive 5/5 - This movie just missed out the top spot mainly because with Warrior, Hardy's performance really gives the movie the top spot. Anyway, Drive in my own opinion, is a personal favorite of mine, for two reasons: Nicolas Winding Refn's direction and Gosling's performance which for me should deserve an award for putting in a Cool performance yet again. I won't go into much as many people might not have seen it, but there's two things which make the movie worth while apart from the excellent performance of Gosling, the 80's music which Refn has chosen so carefully that it manages to work in every scene and really turns Gosling's performance into an eye-catching performance, the second thing is his toothpick, you might be wondering as to why, it's mainly because once you watch it, you just want to copy him

1.Warrior - 5/5. Without a doubt my movie of the year. Yes, it's cliched in that it goes for every other sports movie, but it's the performance of Edgerton and Hardy that really makes this movie without a doubt the movie of the year. Many might argue that it should be further down the list, but when you watch the fight scenes, it's so well done and constructed that it makes you wanna get up and start cheering. The movie should really be contending for awards.

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 29/12/2011 11:18:49 AM   


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Joined: 13/4/2006
Yeah I know CSL was slated upon release, but any film with the likes of Gosling, Carrell, Moore and Tomei has to be worth seeing. Is it out on DVD yet,might rent it for the new year if so?

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 5/1/2012 5:44:29 PM   

Posts: 125
Joined: 29/7/2007
From: London
Took me a while to put this together but I finally have a top 30 for 2011 - great year for celluloid all told:


Top 10 of 2013 so far:
1. Mud
2. Philomena
3. Before Midnight
4. The Way Way Back
5. Spring Breakers
6. In The House
7. Django Unchained
8. Only God Forgives
9. Tattoo Nation
10. Iron Man 3

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 8/1/2012 10:55:51 AM   
Dr Lenera


Posts: 4084
Joined: 19/10/2005
Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol  Fine action movie and probably the best of the series, with Bird certainly proving himself with live action  8/10
Kill List Tedious opening gives way to a gripping, disturbing journey into the heart of darkness. Great Nic Roeg style editing throughout  8/10


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RE: Films of 2011 List - 9/1/2012 11:50:46 AM   

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Joined: 28/4/2006
The films that have made the biggest impression on me that have been released in 2011 I`ve seen in no particular order are;

1. Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon (yes I know it has plot holes and some dodgy acting but those special effects were
    mindblowing and boy was it exciting to me anyway).
2. Black Swan.
3. Source Code.
4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
5. The Kings Speech.
6. We Need To Talk About Kevin.
7. Tree of Life.
8. Hugo.
9. Tintin-The Serch for the Unicorn.

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Last five movies seen & rated by me.

1.12 Years A Slave. 4/5
2.Robocop. (1987) 3/5
3.Devils Due.3/5
4.American Hustle. 4/5
5.Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. 3/5

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 9/1/2012 7:34:38 PM   
Qwerty Norris

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From: Edinburgh
Okdokey, time to quickly wrap up 2011 once & for all!


Rubbish. A complete mess. There's a decent idea at the heart of it but it's clearly been compromised by so much interference - resulting in a predictable, jarring & occasionally laughable affair. Rachel Weisz however is always watchable.



Why doesn't Terrence Davis do more drama? Utterly absorbing, beautifully crafted & wonderfully performed. Shamefully snubbed by Bafta - specifically the performances of Weisz & Beale.



Light on drama but heavy on fun. Both Williams and Branagh are great in their iconic roles and lift a sub par film into a more enjoyable place. Comparable to Linklater's "Me & Orson Welles" but nowhere as strong as that.



Fascinating compilation of footage conducted by Swedish television folk and their attempts to paint a picture of the struggle the American black community faced amongst one of the most turbulent times in American history.



A bit too much chauvinistic happenings for my liking; but it's an honest, true & occasionally amusing take on the darkest of subject matters a human being can face. The ending however feels like a cop-out.



What could have been a good nuts & blots revenge / vigilante thriller quickly descends into predictable boredom. Another entry to the Nicolas Cage hall of shame.



A nostalgic celebration of early cinema, one of Marty's best in ages & comfortably the strongest case for 3D to date.



A film when the ideas far outweigh the execution. Solid and admirable but dramatically and technically unsatisfying.



Continues the pattern of the first by being great fun, with the added bonus of a weightier villain in the shape of Moriarty. Both films now represent the best of Guy Richie's career - easily.



Certainly enhanced by the IMAX experience and contains a number of impressive set pieces. Not as dramatically satisfying as the previous effort but still good throwaway entertainment and good to see a big budgeted film with the greater emphasis being more on stunts rather than visual effects.



Has a more consistent pace than the Swedish original and in certain places Fincher does a good job in heightening the suspense (Enya's "Sail Away" and the ten minutes beforehand the key referencing point). Mara does a decent job of portraying Lisbeth but the shadow of Noomi Rapace looms over her at every stage - failing to capture the same intensity which made her such a fascinating character in the first place. Craig also appears to be immune from speaking in a Swedish accent & his interpretation of Blomkvist pales into insignificance in comparison to Michael Nyqvist's. By in large a solid but pointless remake that exists purely to serve the lazy viewer rather than do anything fresh with well-worn material and the film's insistence on subtle Americanism's hinders both the plot & the rapport between the two protagonists. Didn't particularly like the James Bond-esque intro either....



Hyped up the high heavens it might be, but I adored every minute. There are definitely parallels with 'A Star Is Born', but to use that as a criticism completely ignores the utter joy of it. This is not a film that reinforces the need for silent cinema, but reminds you of the simple joy the classic techniques of cinema can create - whether through the close-up, the assembling of images or the physical performances of the actors involved (Jean Dujardian & Berenice Bejo are both magnificent). A funny, sad & euphoric experience that can only be dismissed by the most cold-hearted of us. To quote Peter Bradshaw; I can't wait to see it again!



Not quite fiction, not quite documentary yet strangely entertaining and unmistakably beautiful. Has a neat little insight both into rural Italian life as well as an exploration on the beginnings & endings of life for human beings, animals (specifically goats) and nature itself. It will certainly be frustrating for some but hugely rewarding for others. One of the more unique works from 2011.


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Qwerty's Top 10 of 2013 (so far)

1. Zero Dark Thirty
2. No
3. A Hijacking
4. Behind the Candelabra
5. In The Fog
6. Good Vibrations
7. McCullin
8. Beyond the Hills
9. The Place Beyond the Pines
10. Wreck-it Ralph

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 9/1/2012 7:49:48 PM   


Posts: 8874
Joined: 13/4/2006
Some great reviews there.

Think I will be seeing Deep Blue Sea, 50/50 and Take Shelter to conclude my viewing for the year.

Thing is I am a bit confused if The Artist is a 2011 or 2012 film as far as our Brits are concerned. It was suposed to come out on Boxing Day, but then I think it was put back until last week.

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 9/1/2012 10:03:52 PM   
Qwerty Norris

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From: Edinburgh
Well it debuted at Cannes, has been doing the rounds at the festivals all 2011, was released in London on the 30th December and has been in 2011 polls everywhere. For me, it falls into my 2011 (just)...

Which is just as well because without further ado, here's my top 20 films of 2011 (in descending order for added suspense)

20. ATTACK THE BLOCK (UK, Joe Cornish)

19. THE DEEP BLUE SEA (UK, Terrence Davis)

18. KILL LIST (UK, Bean Wheatley)

17. TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY (UK/France/Sweden, Tomas Alfredson)

16. NEVER LET ME GO (UK/USA, Mark Romarek)

15. SNOWTOWN (Australia, Justin Kurzel)

14. DREAMS OF A LIFE (UK, Carol Morley)

13. HUGO (USA, Martin Scorsese)

12. THE TREE OF LIFE (USA, Terrence Malick)

11. TAKE SHELTER (USA, Jeff Nichols)

10. INCENDIES (France/Canada, Denis Villeneuve)

9. TYRANNOSAUR (UK, Paddy Considine)

8. BLACK SWAN (USA, Darren Aronofsky)

7. THE SKIN I LIVE IN (SPAIN, Pedro Almodovar)

6. MELANCHOLIA (Denmark/Sweden/France/Germany, Lars Von Trier)


4. SENNA (UK/France/Germany/Brazil, Asif Kapadia)

3. DRIVE (USA, Nicolas Winding Refn)

2. THE ARTIST (France/USA, Michel Hazanavicius)

1. A SEPERATION (Iran, Asghar Farhadi)

Cheerio 2011, now it's your turn 2012...


Qwerty's Top 10 of 2013 (so far)

1. Zero Dark Thirty
2. No
3. A Hijacking
4. Behind the Candelabra
5. In The Fog
6. Good Vibrations
7. McCullin
8. Beyond the Hills
9. The Place Beyond the Pines
10. Wreck-it Ralph

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Films of 2011 List - 18/1/2012 12:30:50 AM   


Posts: 2
Joined: 19/1/2007
The Fighter
X-Men: First Class
Animal Kingdom
Kill List
Essential Killing
The Inbetweeners Movie

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 27/1/2012 12:18:16 AM   


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My top 10 of 2011 (Going by imdb date)

1, The Turin Horse (A Torinói ló)
2, A Separation (Jodaeiye Nader az Simin)
3, The Kid With A Bike (Le gamin au velo)
4, Tyrannosaur
5, The Artist
6, Children... (A-i-deul)
7, Elena
8, Melancholia
9, Martha Marcy May Marlene
10, Come Rain, Come Shine (Saranghanda, saranghaji anneunda)

Still got quite a lot of films to see so there could be some changes to this

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RE: Films of 2011 List - 28/1/2012 12:02:37 AM   

Posts: 32
Joined: 27/1/2012
Granted, theres still plenty of films I havent seen yet (Tree of Life, Skin I Live In, A Separation, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, etc.) but for those I have seen, here is my top 20.

1. Warrior
2. Drive
3. The Inbetweeners Movie
4. Shame
5. Midnight in Paris
6. Attack the Block
7. 50/50
8. Hugo
9. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
10. The Artist
11. Beginners
12. The Guard
13. The Descendants
14. The Ides of March
15. Adventures of Tintin
16. Incendies
18. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
19. Submarine
20. Rubber

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