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The 'Sequel' We've Been Waiting For

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The 'Sequel' We've Been Waiting For - 20/7/2010 12:14:27 PM   

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It was a pretty good film until the ending. Laurence Fishburne had the best performance, Toby Disgrace... sorry I mean Toby Grace marred the film for me with his wooden acting. It's a summer blockbuster which has the overdose of nostalgia and well-paced sequences. However, overall there is something not quite right and I can't put my finger on it...



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RE: The 'Sequel' We've Been Waiting For - 20/7/2010 3:02:50 PM   


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SPOILERS for Predators

Just been to watch Predators, likeable enough way to spend a couple of hours. Adrien Brody was pretty weird casting, he kept reminding me of David Schwimmer/Alister McGowan. Is it just me or does every film nowadays have it's hero strip off to reveal his rippling six-pack just as the heroine used to have to strip off to reveal their breasts? Not that this is a bad thing...

Of course, the black guy has to get it first. Also Larry Fishburn in the Ben Gunn role seems awfully heavy for a guy who's been living off the land for months? I must say I never recognised Topher Grace until he said the immortal line 'Got it, 5 o'clock, bitchraping time' and I thought, "Hey, Eric Forman!" I kept expecting one of the other characters to call him a dumbass.
Couple of things puzzle me, firstly was Grace's character working for the Predators all along? He seemed able to identify a poisonous plant on an alien planet? Unless the Predators brought other species to the planet to improve the game?
Also what was the deal with the conflicting factions of Predators? Was the idea that one faction (the plain masks)are the technologically advanced ones and the gnarly masks are more primitive? How did the gnarly mask at the end blow up the ship?
So presumably Royce and Isobel (who you'd tagged as survivors pretty much from the start) team up with the new arrivals to defeat the predators and steal their ship?

So for me I'd rank them;

1. Predator-the ultimate dumb guns&muscles film, Alien&Aliens/The Thing's slightly less cereberal sister and a film I loved when I was 14

2. Predator 2-much underrated sequal. Wouldn't it have been great if some of Gary Busey's/Adam Baldwin's men-in-black had shown up in the other sequals?

3. Predators- good movie, would like to see what happens next

4. Alien vs Predator- about as good as a film with 'vs' in the title can be (actually that's not true, Frost vs Nixon was wonderful).

5. Alien vs Predator; Requiem- How the Alien series has fallen since the brilliant 1st two? It will always be remembered for the Predalien and the infamous maternity ward scene where the sexual subtext of the Alien films officially became text (although Lance Henriksen's blonde assistant's chestburster scene in AvP came close)

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surprisingly ok! - 20/7/2010 6:28:58 PM   


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after watching the first predator and being terribly 'meh' with it (and as a result, bypassing the sequel) i was enticed into watching this.. what is it? sequel? update? reboot? whatever, i really enjoyed it. ot was tense, entertaining, just the right edge of grimy / gory and certainly a hundred times better than prince of bloody persia....

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RE: surprisingly ok! - 21/7/2010 1:38:49 PM   

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Just seen it. Fun, yet distinctly average and completely lacking in imagination. Still it's fairly satisfying if you're looking for some bland junk-food action.

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Stick with the 1st. - 21/7/2010 4:10:09 PM   


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This is a reboot/sequel of a now flailing film franchise, due in no small part to the 2 awful Alien V’s Predator movies and an underrated sequel.  The first film was one of the action films of the 80’s and stared some of the butchest actors of the day.

This new film comes from producer Robert Rodriquez and director Nimrod Antel (whose previous films have included the Die Hard in a truck, Armoured and the horror film Vacancy.)

It must have been an interesting project and a delight for any fan of the original to get a chance to be apart of this movie.  This shows in pretty much every aspect of the film.  The whole films plays out as a 105 minute advert to the Arnie original.  Even dialogue is reused from the original movie. 

The film starts out well as we follow a man (Adrien Brody) plummeting toward land, tossed from an unseen craft. After pulling his shoot and landing we are quickly introduced to others who were in the same situation as himself.  Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Walton Goggins, Oleg Taktarov, Danny Trejo and Louis Ozawa Changchien make up the other survivors in the forest world. 

The infighting between them is soon forgotten as they are assaulted by the equivalent of predator dogs.  Nasty 4 legged creatures with long tusks and horns come charging at them. (Which look very cheap and cheesy.) 

This is followed by a lot of talking and then the discovery they are on an alien world (strange suns and planets over head) which they all take very well considering.  It is strange that a film that starts out so forcefully and quickly spends a lot of it talking and jumping to the correct conclusions about the situation they find themselves in.

On there wanders they discover of the predator camp we see the “classic” predator strung up on some kind of totem.  A raging gun battle soon breaks out between the survivors and the “super” predators.  This leads them to fall over a ravine into the water below (familiar anyone?)

This leads to Alice Braga explain about the overview of the story of the first film and what these creatures are, and of they set again, only now to meet a scavenger in the form of Larry Fishburne, I wont give out any spoilers but soon the rag tad band find themselves on the run again.

This is where the film really looses its sense of anything really.  Walter Coggins who plays a convict, who at the start of the film is trying to kill one of the group and who 10 minutes before in the film was talking about raping people and doing coke jumps to the defense of the remaining survives armed only with a shiv. All this only 5 minutes after another valiant survivor injured in the Predator attack sets off an explosion taking himself with it, so loving action clichés delivered so close to each other as well.
There is a show down between the Yakuza Louis Ozawa Changchien drawing a samurai sword and waiting while the others escape for a Predator to come (another lazy reference to the first film and Billy.) 

They throw in a stupid plot twist about a survivor late on that lasts all of 2 minutes and the film ends with an open ending with a sequel wanting to be made.

It’s not that this is a bad movie but such a pointless one, even the music is reused from the first film.  As a 3quel it is impossible to judge on its own merits partly because it relies so heavily on what came before it and has ideas that are never really explained, like why the 2 Predator races are fighting.

The acting is all fine and the direction is quite good in places and I feel he can go on to so much better than this.

Stick with the first.


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RE: Urghhh! - 22/7/2010 2:34:35 PM   
Emyr Thy King


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From: London



ORIGINAL: kenada_woo



Can't understand the hate this is getting....

But to put it up against films in its genre such as The Relic, Pitch Black, even Outlander to name a few off the top of my head...its not even better than those.

Disagree. Pisses all over The Relic and Outlander! Pitch Black is probably it's equal in my opinion. 4 stars for me.

Someone above stating that it wasn't realistic enough  What isn't realistic about a gang of mercenaries, enforcers and serial killers being abducted by aliens and placed on a planet rife with life outside our solar system?

The planet should be named "New Australia"; "New Zealand" has already been taken.

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RE: Predators - disappointing - 22/7/2010 2:39:18 PM   
Emyr Thy King


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From: London

ORIGINAL: sharkboy
(otherwise we'd have had shape-shifting IDF chicks too).

Don't you mean "shaped (and) charged I.D.F chicks"?

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One word sums it up..... - 22/7/2010 4:16:04 PM   


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RE: One word sums it up..... - 22/7/2010 4:55:45 PM   


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Average, and to me average means disappointing. I don't hate it but I felt nothing when I left the cinema.

Perhaps this shows that there really isn't much you can do with the Predator concept.

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RE: One word sums it up..... - 23/7/2010 11:25:41 PM   

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From: Star Lite Star Bright Trailer Park



Average, and to me average means disappointing. I don't hate it but I felt nothing when I left the cinema.

Perhaps this shows that there really isn't much you can do with the Predator concept.

Oh I don't know. You could turn it into a batshit crazy example of everything that's good about late 80's, early 90's action cinema. With Danny Glover.


'We can take these Deadites! We can take them.....with science."

"We'll get 'em. We'll throw the book at them. Assault and kidnapping. Assault with a gun and a bourbon and a sports car."

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RE: One word sums it up..... - 25/7/2010 8:22:28 AM   


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Well apart from being bored at times and considering walking out, the rest of the time i was laughing at the pathetic attempt of making a film. How in gods name they could screw it up this badly is beyond me, from the endless re-do's of scenes from the 1st one, to the plot holes and baby talkin (were not idiots!) As for the spec effects (CGI) what was that grenade fire ball?!!! must have cost £5 at most.  I found the predator dogs a irritating mix of the dogs from Ghost busters and Willow, but not as good as either.  The best bit of the film was clearly the end credit song, unfotunaltly this was spoiled also by the guy next to me who gave his review "well that was as c*#p as the 1st one" poor misguided child, shame i had to remove his skin to show him he was wrong.

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RE: The 'Sequel' We've Been Waiting For - 26/7/2010 10:43:29 AM   

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Predators was about as good a sequel as I could have hoped for, I fear for the series as no one seems to bring anything really new to it and the sutdios don't really have the balls to take it in a new direction.
I did enjoy the film though and although it went a bit down hill towards the end, I didn't like what was done with Topher Grace's character (as obvious as it was) I think there was a good idea that could have been mined if they had taken him in another direction, don't really want to say to much more without giving a spoiler away.


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RE: The 'Sequel' We've Been Waiting For - 26/7/2010 2:40:31 PM   


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I liked this film better when it was called Predator.

This movie fails ultimately because it doesn’t add anything of worth to the mix. Predator 2 gave us a different kind of protagonist and had the action move to the heat of the city. This takes a step back and plonks us back in a jungle with another ragtag band of hard folk. Except these hard folk aren’t as likable as the last bunch. Instead of Arnie we get Adrien? Instead of Apollo Creed we get Fishburne? (That being said neither of these chaps do a bad job with what they have been given – but we have no real affection for or investment in their characters).

So, allowing that the locale isn’t exactly new or exciting – the first half of the film plods along decently enough, although you do somewhat hear the paraphrased Jeff Goldblum asking “Erm…Are there going to be any Predators in this Predators movie?” I wonder if one hasn’t seen Predator whether this film would work better or worse. To keep them hidden when we all know exactly what they are seems a futile exercise in suspense-building.

However, once the Predators do actually turn up things don’t really improve – which is never a good sign. My main gripe is this. You have made a Predator film seemingly designed to appeal to the fans of the first film. So you take the Predator we fell in love with and have nostalgia for and have him tied up like a chump for the majority of the running time, bested by some less impressive looking Predheads that recall the Predalien thingy from that film AVP Rectum shite.

When you finally have the chance to rectify this heinous mistake you further the error by instead of having our Predator kicking the new Predator’s ass (which was clearly the way to go) you have his head chopped off by the newbie fucker. What’s the point of having all these little throwbacks to the original film if you’re going to take a big juicy piss over the best thing about the film in the first place.

And talking about all the little nods to the original 1987 film. Good grief, at times I felt I was just ticking off moments or lines from either the John McTiernan film or Aliens. You then also have a Bill Paxton-alike character (at least Predator 2 had the good savvy to actually have Paxton fill in the Paxton-type role). As if the comparisons weren’t already doing enough damage, during the final moments we have Brody covering himself in wet mud very looking just like a slimmed down Arnie. The first film made this how this make it difficult for the Predator to see – this film didn’t bother with that – but covered him in mud anyhoo. Say wha now?

AND just when you think the film couldn’t possibly callback to the original any more – it goes and plays Little Richard’s Long Tall Sally over the end credits. This along with the music throughout (Alan Silvestri should have had a credit at the beginning of the movie if you are going to use that much of his stuff) just makes you wish you’d been able to see the first film in a cinema instead of this ersatz imitation.

This isn’t to say I hated it though. I didn’t. If I’d have found this on Youtube done by some passionate fans then I would have been well impressed. But to have this top-drawer Syfy (spit) type stuff (it felt like Starship Troopers 2 in a way) released theatrically seemed a bit much.

If any of the action, which at least wasn’t of the crappily quick-cut shitty variety, had been most impressive then I would have forgiven many of these sins. But here again Predators doesn’t quite hit its mark. A samurai sword battle had potential and is still possibly the most memorable part of the movie but it wasn’t amazing. Having two Predators fight (despite the fact they got the result way wrong) could and should have been fantastic (much as the idea of Aliens vs Predators was back in the early 90s) – but it was only so-so.

Seeing Brody and the newbie Predhead fight at the end made you think is this were we have got to? Instead of a kickass alien fighting a human brick-shithouse we have a iPredator fighting The Pianist. Oh, Stallone, won’t you rescue us?

So with no interesting story or premise (why not have a Predator go back to feudal Japan and have him go up against actual Samurai? And I’ve always hankered for a Predator in the old west after the gift that Danny Glover received at the end of Predator 2); no characters that shine (would a serial killer really decide that NOW, after all this time keeping it together, is the time to reveal his true self?); and no action or gore to at least impress us in the way that Rambo did a few years ago - Predators succeeds in not actually sucking while at the same time being completely pointless addition to the series.


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Missed opportunity - 28/7/2010 12:14:34 PM   
chris wootton


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Does nothing for the series and not even as good as Predator 2. The special effects were woeful at times and they seemed to be going to the same pieces of jungle over and over again. There were a couple of nice touches but overall quite disappointing.

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Post #: 224
- 28/7/2010 5:12:31 PM   
Tom Ice


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Robert Rodriguez’ „Predators” could very easily have been the blood curdling orgy of gore which everybody was hoping it would be. It could also have been that pensive allegory, brimming with the rich symbolism that used to be a staple of classic science fiction films. And when you think of its directors’(and cinematographer’s) European training ( both Antal and Pados studied directing in Budapest, Hungary), you even wish it had that tinge of visual kookiness, that obscure reference or that long traveling shot, full of meaning and dark poetry. What we get instead is a drab recapitulation of the first Predator movie, with the exception that the action no longer happens on Earth, but in some alien jungle, which however, does not differ much from our own blue planet: breathable air, drinkable water, comparable temperatures. Add to that the fact that the flora is pretty much identical to the one on earth, so much so even, that one of the characters can accurately point to earthly hallucinogenic plants. Curiously enough however, there is no indigenous fauna that one can discern.
The film starts the mid-air awakening of one free-falling character, the main one it turns out (played by Adrien Brody) whose parachute opens just as he draws dangerously close to the jungle canopy. He is quickly joined by a host of stereotypical badasses: a Mexican drug cartel enforcer(Danny Trejo), a Russian soldier with an oversized Gatling gun (Oleg Taktarov), an Israeli sharpshooter(Alice Braga), a Yakuza hitman (Louis Ozawa Changchien), an apparently nerdy MD(Topher Grace), an African warlord( Mahershalalhashbaz Ali)and a convicted sociopath wearing a bright orange uniform(Walton Goggins). Later on, they are joined by a rambling, insane soldier who tries to kill them. (Laurence Fishburne).
The muscular looking Brody takes the lead and soon puts two and two together: the planet is an alien game-reserve and they, as well as other unfortunate alien species, a

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predators - 28/7/2010 8:29:07 PM   


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a wasted oppertunity; this film is not so much terrible as bland.. i left the cinema feeling short changed. It was worth watching but only just..... Enjoy.......

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Arnold Cameo ! - 1/8/2010 12:23:28 PM   


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A sequel to the 1987 original with Arnold Schwarzenegger.A stand alone film with a small mention of the Arnold classic.shame no cameo from Dutch.A well rounded cast lead by Adrian Brody.a surprise cameo from a not often seen face who really is enjoying himself.plenty of action and humour although its sometimes unintentional but funny all the same.we get to find out that predators like to hunt there own kind aswell as have pets ! some great action and fight sequencies which dont hold back on the gore factor.there is a big supporting cast and some are shamefully underused.this is a shame because there's a obvious attempt for us to get to know each of them with a little back story on each but then they are quickly dispatched one by one but not before one last sarcastic remark of course.i personally like the yacuza character and his final confrontation was predictably a big knife fight but really least we got to see this one after only getting a glimse of billy's end in the original.some nice twists along the way and overall you do get a worthy sequel.lots of potential for a follow up as this opens up so many doors for development of the predator universe."if you at all like action and fantasy with a slashing of gore then your gonna love this kind of film.

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predictable - 3/8/2010 10:34:23 AM   


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predators hunt people.....we get it. Nothing new to see. Yawn yawn.

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RE: predictable - 5/8/2010 12:30:18 AM   


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Right, just got back from seeing Predators. I enjoyed it, but there we're so many missed opportunities.


Firstly, the predator fight could have been so much more. All we got was some fast editing and the original predator getting a total ass kicking within a minute. It should have been the standout action moment, yet it wasn't.

Next, the effects were not even on a par with the original in my opinion. The fireball moment was a disgrace to special effects as well as the 'invisible' moments.

I'd also like to mention the relative throw away characters we had in the film too. I mean, come on, you go to the trouble to get Danny Trejo in the film and they kill him off first and foremost without even a fight, yet they keep the unlikeable convict to near the end.

As I've said, the film had tons of potential but in the end they produced a film that will sit behind the original and Predator 2 in terms of quality, action and storytelling (and that's even letting Pred 2 off with the 'I can see heat imaging even without my helmet on Predator!'.


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How difficult is it to make a Predator Movie?? - 5/8/2010 2:47:27 PM   


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One Star guys - One star. Thats how much you gave AVP-R - However the love affair with Mr Robert Rodriguez means that this earns 3 stars and a 'Good' rating. There is nothing here that is done any better than AVP-R. I struggle to understand how it is so difficult to make a Predator movie. Like the idea - game reserve. So how about huge energy fences keeping them in a 5 mile radius. Somebody gets fried! How about the classic predators chasing them - who needs the whole blood feud plot line- pointless. Topher Grace - Saw that coming from 5 minutes in so why bother. Danny Trejo - gone in 10 minutes.....I would have had him despatching a Predator in a massive fight scene where he gets the shit kicked out of him but keeps on going. There was simply nothing to shout at the screen about... Wasted opportunity. Really - Wasted. Give me Predator 4 - Ill show you! Set it in space - four 'abductees' waking up in a cell on a Predator Ship with one being a shit hot british marine - Step forward the Stath... One of them is a teacher who uses his brain to out smart the Predators and is constantly holding the Stath back from causing a shit storm.... etc etc etc. I mean it - Ill do it. Might do it anyway....would do a better job!

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RE: The 'Sequel' We've Been Waiting For - 18/8/2010 1:20:00 PM   

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ORIGINAL: robwillphill

It was a pretty good film until the ending. Laurence Fishburne had the best performance, Toby Disgrace... sorry I mean Toby Grace marred the film for me with his wooden acting. It's a summer blockbuster which has the overdose of nostalgia and well-paced sequences. However, overall there is something not quite right and I can't put my finger on it...



Maybe it's the writing. It's a combination of cheesy lines which always include the word "fuck", and terrible exposition uttered mostly by Adrien Brody to tell the audience what the movie is about. We get a guy who's falling from the sky, he lands in the middle of nowhere at some strange planet and then he starts explaining what is going on at every turn... that doesn't make any sense does it? Add a couple of awkward rapist "jokes", plot twist which seem to be made up as they go along (Hey, let's turn the good guy into the bad guy near the climax. Surprise!!) and the most pointless last line in quite some time and what we have is simply one of the worst screenplays of the year.

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"Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man..."

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- 3/11/2010 8:53:22 AM   


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So so, but fun too - 5/11/2010 9:51:02 PM   


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Didn't really do much new, the new bits it did were good and welcome additions to the "least favourite uncle" of the action science fiction genre. Nice to see a very polished production once again from the epic Troublemaker studios. Very watchable, quite enjoyable especially if a fan of the original.

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Post #: 233
Better than i expected - 2/1/2011 12:13:15 PM   


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From: Gloucestershire
After seeing Aliens vs Predator Requiem and that other pile by the Brothers Strause who cant direct to save there lives!
I expected a poor film but in my view it turned out to be better than the 2nd one...It was nice and original and we saw the predators where they belong.....not on a 4 day bender in the city killing mob bosses and disrupting train schedules.

I thought the bit with the Chinese guy staying behind to sword fight a predator was a bit cheesy considering that other guy did it in the same fashion in the 1st one but apart from that it was rather good!

Good to see a director taking this franchise seriously, i hope theres more to come from Rodrig.
Pull the franchise out of mud where it was left by the Strause copycats!

I thought it built tension like the 1st predator.

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Post #: 234
How depressingly predictable... pants - 10/1/2011 9:24:11 PM   


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"A solidly okay Saturday night effort"

Far too much praise considering the richness of the source material and budget / acting ability available.

Commits the cardinal sin of having a group of characters that are neither memorable or empathy-inspiring, so when the cull inevitably begins no-one gives a toss.

Very predictable as it was, but to make matters worse large swathes of plot seemed to have been hacked away to keep an explosions-per-minute ratio ticking along.

Very silly and no more than a pale imitation of the original.

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Post #: 235
Nothing Great, Nothing Special - 5/2/2011 3:04:01 PM   
joanna likes films


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From: Bexhill
Preadtors is a pretty bad film, less action more talk, a ending that screams sequel, Aridan Brody trying to be action hero but fails and not very good special effects. It's slightly watchable but it's nothing great or special.

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Post #: 236
Nothing Great, Nothing Special - 5/2/2011 3:04:04 PM   
joanna likes films


Posts: 972
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From: Bexhill
Preadtors is a pretty bad film, less action more talk, a ending that screams sequel, Aridan Brody trying to be action hero but fails and not very good special effects. It's slightly watchable but it's nothing great or special.

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Post #: 237
Predators - 9/4/2011 1:30:54 AM   
nobody make a move 2

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From: england

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Post #: 238
Predators Review - 2/2/2012 6:28:26 PM   
the film man


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After a string of subpar sequels, this bloody, action-packed reboot takes the Predator franchise back to its testosterone-fueled roots.

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Post #: 239
PREDATORS - 4/4/2012 11:42:46 PM   


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If you’re a fan of the comics, and have some dehydrated thirst and wish to retreat out of the cities and pyramids and back into the lush, green, cool jungle, alongside cold blooded predators stalking you in the mist, you’re definitely in for a treat. And whilst the film that succeeds in being ‘fashionably late’, we also have screen-writers Alex Litvak, responsible for the screenplay of ‘The Three Musketeers’ (funnily enough, directed by Paul W.S Anderson, who began the AVP series) and Michael Finch, working on ‘Theorem’, (2012) to thank for the awe-filled one-liners that made this film so like the original. Not to mention, Nimrod Antal’s moody vision that both the excitement (Translation; horror) and comedy, of films such as ‘Jaws’.

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