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Bond 23 Delayed

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Bond 23 Delayed - 19/4/2010 10:13:59 PM   
Empire Admin


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Take this time to get your act together - 19/4/2010 10:13:59 PM   


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The last two bond movies have been really unconventional of previous bond films. Where are the gadgets and the spy missions? This is more Jason Bourne than James Bond at the moment

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RE: Take this time to get your act together - 19/4/2010 10:48:38 PM   

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Did you ever read any of the Fleming books? The closest thing to a gadget to ever appear was a concealed knife in a shoe. In the most recent two movies, there are similarities to Bourne, true, but also to Bond's roots. Gadgets are fun but they're not the most important aspect of the franchise.

See films first and free at your local cinema!

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even more shades of the DALTON era - 19/4/2010 11:00:56 PM   

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Acclaimed re-invention with a more Fleming-esque serious Bond, followed quickly by an inferior revenge driven sequel...followed by a long wait due to legal wrangling

maybe Craig will be like Dalton and pack it in for Bond 23 in 2014 and give Clive Owen his shot

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RE: even more shades of the DALTON era - 19/4/2010 11:32:26 PM   


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give Clive Owen his shot

Give the most wooden actor of the last 20 years a shot at one of the charismatic roles of the last 40 years?
No thanks.

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RE: even more shades of the DALTON era - 20/4/2010 12:57:11 AM   

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From: Perpendicular Universe London
Clive Owen doesn't need Bond, he proved his worth in other, superior films, I liked Shoot 'Em Up as proof that Owen is the best Bond since Dalton, and being a hobo secret agent, always good.


Fresh update 2010
Original update 2005.

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Great News - 20/4/2010 1:13:46 AM   


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I love the bond movies but never felt the Daniel Craig movies were proper bond movies. Its as if the producers thought 'audiences dont want gadgets, one liners, laughs, car chases or anything else that made the past movies any good, so lets go all serious and boring' but quite frankly thats exactly what i do want, bond not bourne, and so do a lot of the fans! I do believe this will be the end of Craig, he'll get bored of waiting and move on, and he will be too old, and to me thats good news.

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archie119 - 20/4/2010 4:40:51 AM   


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speak for yourself mate.

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Furthermore - 20/4/2010 4:48:01 AM   


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to everyone who wants "gadgets and one liners" Bond back, weren't the first 21 stupid movies enough for you? I mean for gods sake not even Police Academy lasted THAT long. Can the rest of the world, just for once, stand up as the credits role not to hear someone from the back yell out "that was crap, it didn't even have a watch that turned into a laser!". That is all.

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Take a break and save the franchise - 20/4/2010 5:20:08 AM   


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I thought Craig was an excellent choice for Bond and he still can be if they ever decide to let him actually play the character. This is a good time to tear down the new franchise and bring it back with films that are true to the roots.
We want Bond not Bourne with an accent

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"Sam Mendes will have to find something else to di... - 20/4/2010 7:31:56 AM   

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From: Wrexham / Chester
Wasn't Bond the thing stopping Mendes from filming Jesus De Sade parking a bike in a man's arse

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- 20/4/2010 8:57:59 AM   


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Really disappointed by this news, It does seem to mirror the whole Dalton era when after a six year gap he upped and left. I hope this doesn't happen to Craig, he's arguably the best thing to have happened to this franchise.

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Well I'm a huge Bond fan - 20/4/2010 9:25:22 AM   
chris wootton


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Have been for 30 years and I say that Craig is the best Bond yet.. what's with the Craig bashing? The guys a fucking powerhouse! I think if it gets delayed indefinitely and Craig decides to leave, the Bond franchise could die on its ass. It would be such a shame that after all the hard work put in (ok it is a little Bourne but MUCH better!) they can't continue with the excellent run so far.

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RE: Well I'm a huge Bond fan - 20/4/2010 9:40:43 AM   
darth silas

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From: My living room
Hee hee hee!


Star Wars:Episodes 1,2,3,4,5,6.Taken together they are one giant movie and it is the greatest movie EVER.

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RE: Well I'm a huge Bond fan - 20/4/2010 10:16:37 AM   

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From: Punishment Park

ORIGINAL: darth silas

Hee hee hee!

I'm sure all those long serving crew members who were looking toward the new Bond for their next gig are finding it hilarious.

I hope that this gets sorted pretty quickly. I can't see the Bond franchise as a hard sell.


It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known.

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Money (penny) - 20/4/2010 10:39:39 AM   


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I know this is naive but I'm always surprised at this type of scenario; you'd think some people could sit around a table and sort this out. Money problems you say? How about Bonds' license to print money? Surely everyone (and in that I mean the studios) could benefit from this? There can't be a film studio on earth that would not help co-finance this and get all involved the money needed while helping to get MGM back on its feet?

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Bond - 20/4/2010 11:00:02 AM   

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From: Wales
Good old Hollywood. Thick as shit, as always. I hope it doesn't get to the point where we see a repeat of what happened with Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig has to walk. That would be a fucking travesty!

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RE: Bond - 20/4/2010 11:46:54 AM   
The Todge

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Bond is a guaranteed money spinner, so I can;t see this sitting on the shelf too long.

That said, in hindsight, maybe this extra time is a good thing, so they can plan their next course of action more carefully.

Clearly I wasn;t the only one disappointed with Quantum of Solace.  Really unengaging storyline, unengaging Bourne style camerawork.  I mean Martin Campbell managed to wring more tension out of a few guys playing poker than Foster did with any of the action.  I dunno about Sam Mendes either, some of his films have had action in em, sure but nothing particularly susaind.  He's good at quick smattering of brutality, but I'm no sure his sensibility is suited to this. 

But yeah, give the story a bit more thought this time. Now that the revenge bit is over and done with, let's getting back to spying and intrigue.  Don't show all the Quantum cards yet, either.  If planned carefully this could be a nice return to the days of old. 

Oh and Craig is fantastic, so keep him around.

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RE: Bond - 20/4/2010 11:51:49 AM   
Edward Nygma


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to the risk of sounding a bit like Bulldog from the Frasier TV series...


But yeah I for one enjoyed the last two Bond films and the slightly less camp nature of the films was somewhat refreshing after a ridiculous, if passively enjoyable creation like Die Another Day. I like gadgets as much as the next guy but an invisivle car is not a's a 12 year old's impossible wet dream.


Ben. Affleck.

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RE: Bond - 20/4/2010 1:09:28 PM   


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From: Shropshire
Hopefully they'll now find the time to create a decent,over the top, manical villain with and hare-brained scheme instead of these real world jokers we've had the the last few years.

More like Drax and Stromberg and less like Elliot Carver please!

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RE: Bond - 20/4/2010 2:38:41 PM   

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It's a pity that Forster's lacklustre QoS is once again giving people excuses to bash Craig.

I was a vocal opponent of his casting - among my friends, that is - but Casino Royale proved why Barbara Broccoli is running the Bond show and I'm not. As much as I like Brosnan, but his films weren't all that brilliant after the promising start that was GoldenEye; DAD was silly, but enjoyable hokum on a daft level, while the two in between were just instantly forgettable (a bit like QoS, come to think of it). Craig brought a breath of fresh air that reenergised Bond in a way I could never have envisaged, though credit's due for the direction and screenwriting, as well.

So, despite the last installment's disappointment, I'm very much looking forward to the next one. MGM should just sell their share to Sony and that'd be that. Than let Peter Morgan get on with a THOROUGH rewrite of whatever Purvis & Wade deliver, get a director who doesn't feel Bond's below him and redesign MI6's vodka lounge HQ. It's not that difficult.


'I'm a slasher - of prices!'

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Serves em right.... - 20/4/2010 2:48:09 PM   
Benson The Grouch


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After serving up that guff in Solace that totally killed my interest in the franchise. CR was sublime and I was chomping at the bit to see Solace. Never felt more let down in a cinema. It was toothless and awful.

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RE: Well I'm a huge Bond fan - 20/4/2010 2:55:59 PM   


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From: My House

ORIGINAL: darth silas

Hee hee hee!

Fuck off.

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Blu-Ray - 20/4/2010 3:03:14 PM   


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Joined: 14/10/2005
Love all the Bonds, maybe not Madonna's casting mind you, or the double take pigeon, or king of Bond Sir Sean pretending he is Japanese etc etc. but what films! what a franchise! Want to see more of Craig as Bond. After Sir Sean got to be next best Bond, back to the gritty tone of the books.
They should get a few quid by releasing all the Bonds on Blu-ray.

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Post #: 24
- 20/4/2010 5:57:01 PM   

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From: harlow
This is bad news. Will Daniel Craig be too old for the part by the time they get round to the next one. Be a great shame as it was meant to complete the "Quantum" plot line. And as for the Hobbit...I'm off to weep in a corner.

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Bizz 90 - 20/4/2010 11:27:24 PM   


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'weren't the first 21 stupid movies enough for you?' yea your totally right mate, they must have been really stupid movies to last so long and to have been enjoyed by so many. And by the way the 21st movie was Casino Royale which starred, erm....Daniel Craig, thought you were a fan!

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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No secret agent needed - 21/4/2010 10:56:38 AM   


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It's no secret that MGM have had money troubles, so why now have Eon announced that they have suspended development on the film. There were reports that Peter Morgan had left Bond 23 last week and there have been rumours that MGM would sell the Bond franchise to Warner Bros, Sony or Fox. I believe Eon producers are trying to make this happen. Bond will be out in 2012 to celebrate 50 years of Bond. The only question is what logo will be on the front of the film.

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archie119 - 21/4/2010 11:37:04 AM   


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got me on the numbers front, didn't quite think that one through. On the matter of "they earned money therefore they are good" A) i own all bond movies on dvd and i cherish them as much as anyone (especially when drunk) cause they were stupid but fun, but do i want anymore like them? Hell no. what flew back then will never fly again. The joke just wore off. and B) do you know what else is cherished and makes even more money than Bond? Twilight. doesn't mean they're good.

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Bizz 90 - 22/4/2010 10:41:45 AM   


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I think we'll have to agree to disagree. I know that to keep moving forward you need to keep things up to date, but I just feel that these movies have moved too far away from what bond should be about. Personally I dont think Craig is a good bond, his interpretation of the character is too serious, and that is not even how bond is in Flemings novels. At the end of the day if you think that Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are REALLY better than some of the old bond films (and im talking From russia with love, OHMSS not Moonraker) Then you need to rewatch some of those older movies, and maybe sober this time.

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Bizz 90 - 22/4/2010 10:51:58 AM   


Posts: 38
Joined: 20/4/2010
By the way, dont know where the "they earned money therefore they are good" came from??? Only mentioned that they lasted a long time because they were enjoyed by so many.

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