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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 10:54:14 AM   


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From: Nakatomi Plaza
Charlize Theron 27th? Somebody has to pay for this. As for Bonham Carter, maybe in the Apes costume. Otherwise no.


Al Swearengen: "Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair or fucking beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man... and give some back".

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 11:28:21 AM   

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From: harlow
I'll stress my point again. Sophie Marceau!.....


"I flew into the wild and fire; I danced and died a thousand times.” ...

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 11:34:00 AM   


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From: Madrid, Spain
Most Empire readers seem to be too young and/or too ignorant to recognize real sex-appeal or to know anything at all about cinema.

Top 30 Sexiest Actresses Ever:

Top 30 Sexiest Actors Ever:


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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 12:07:21 PM   


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ORIGINAL: LastMemories

I think one of the actual issues is that a large number of fan sites (of both Harry Potter and Twilight) tell their readers to vote for their favourites in these polls and as a result we get the slightly (dare I say it) skewed results.

Totally agree which is such a shame.

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 1:18:35 PM   

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ORIGINAL: doubtlesswonder




ORIGINAL: Amelie_Scotland


ORIGINAL: doubtlesswonder

Wow. All of this "Twatlight" stuff is getting a tad boring. We get don't like the books, or the films, but does every single thread where one of the actors is mentioned have to be hijacked? Some people find them might come as a shock to some of you but....wait for it...not everyone likes the same things that you do! I suggest you sit down and have a minute or two for that to sink in.

Ok...that aside...I am shocked that Robert Pattinson was so high, but I can't deny that a lot of people find him attractive. Putting aside what I said, I don't find any of the Twilight cast amazingly attractive (though I can't argue about Ashley Greene, especially her eyes). I really think Jensen Ackles should be in the top ten at least.

As for Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson....well, for one thing, the pictures chosen to be included in the poll don't exactly help their case....they're both stock HP publicity shots, so of course they aren't going to look too sexy! But just take a look at the publicity shots of Equus and Daniel Radcliffe's sex appeal is well and truly there. As for Emma Watson, if you'd seen some of her more grown-up photo shoots, you might be swayed away from your "she's just cute" opinion. She really is a stunner.

I am so happy to see Jason Isaacs and Alan Rickman on there, especially with Alan ranking so high. It's about time those guys got some recognition.

I can't argue with Johnny Depp....I adore him. I can't argue with Megan Foz either, she's most definitely sexy. As for all this "she can't act/she's an airhead etc", I think you might need to re-read the name of the poll. It's a poll of the SEXIEST people....their acting skills and/or intelligence aren't supposed to be taken into account.

But it's so much fun!

Besides, if I have to get called a love hating lesbian who doesn't understand true love or good books everytime I offer my opinion on afformented series, the least I can do is offer a few casual insults now and then. I actually think Pattinson is pretty attractive (mostly when he's in hobo mode for some reason) but this list has always been about the hot topic du jour. The first time I read the list, number 1 was Keira Knightley because of the Pirates films success. Whatever film is huge next year will see its star as number 1. Place your bets now!

Actually, this is a much more lucid version of what I meant. I've met plenty of Twilight fans, and most of them are twats to non-fans. And it is fun 

I find this so odd. I have never, ever encountered a "Twi-hard" in real life. I was actually beginning to think they were a myth. I also remember a time (not too long ago) when Amelie seemed to like Twilight!

Far enough, Amelie, I understand why the fans irritate the hell out of you when they call you stuff like that. But I'm a fan of the books (a debate for another time, perhaps) and I didn't vote for any of them!

This list has nothing to do with the books, the films or the Twi-hards", it has to do with how attractive people are or aren't. All I mean is that saying "that person isn't hot because he/she was in Twilight and I hate it" is the same as saying "Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was a bit shit so Johnny Depp shouldn't be number one".

The list isn't about the books or the films or the "Twi-hards" but it's fairly obvious from a quick glance at the rest of the forum that there are very few of said "Twi-hards" posting here. When the results are obviously skewed by these fans mass-voting, and it isn't very representative of the majority of people who use the forum, then people have a right to be a bit annoyed. (I'm not losing sleep over it mind you, just making the point.)


I tried to groan, Help! Help! But the tone that came out was that of polite conversation.

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 1:55:33 PM   


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Where was Javier Bardem? Has no one seen Vicky Christina Barcelona?
And, no Owen Wilson, Joaquin Pheonix, Adrian Brody, James Stewart ?

Cary Grant, Hugh Jackman and Clive Owen should have been higher!

Bloody Robert Pattinson, you can't be a sex symbol when you're about 12 years old!
Wheres all the real men!

(in reply to Seamus. Pat.)
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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 3:17:49 PM   


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I could have voted in this thing.  But I didn't.  I fail to see the logic in voting in a poll where the terms of voting are not clearly spelled out.

Is HIGHER to mean position 50, as in lacking appeal, or does it instead mean position 1, as in they're so hot that your undies just fell off?   Same for LOWER. 

And aside from that glaring fault, it should also be noted that half of your choices are lame.   How you could put this deal together and skip Jeffrey Dean Morgan is beyond comprehension.

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 7:32:36 PM   

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I really miss Jason Lewis, Shemar Moore and Patrick Wilson from the 50 sexiest men! (Instead of Daniel Craig, Daniel Radcliffe, Zac Effron or Shia LaBeouf for example...)
Robert P. is a little bit exaggerate on the 2nd place, isn't he?

GUYS!!!! Emma "Hermione" Wattson is really the 3rd sexiest for you?????? If she really is, it's very pathethic.......


"The only thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return..."

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 7:39:33 PM   

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I almost forgot Jeffrey Dean Morgan....(HarleysMom you're right!!!)...

GIRLS!!! You had to chose the 50 sexiest men NOT BOYS!!!!!!!!


"The only thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return..."

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 8:13:21 PM   

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From: Yorkshire

ORIGINAL: Serestyen

GUYS!!!! Emma "Hermione" Wattson is really the 3rd sexiest for you?????? If she really is, it's very pathethic.......

Firstly, not only guys vote for their sexiest women, you know. Girls do too

Second, I think a few people in here need to find a dictionary and look up the word "opinion". I myself think Emma Watson is incredibly sexy (sexy doesn't necessarily mean huge boobs and skimpy clothes), but I'm not going to tell people who think she isn't that they are wrong or "pathetic".



"Will someone please get this motherfuckin' horcrux outta this motherfuckin' snake."


"See Mr Grey.
See Mr Grey abuse women.
Run women, run."

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 19/10/2009 9:55:25 PM   


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From: Belfast
SJ gets my vote for No. 1 but not surprised to see Twilight & Potter cast members so high. A lot of topical voting where younger readers seem to make up the majority. I'll agree with one thing though - Emma Watson is very sexy indeed!

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 20/10/2009 6:57:15 AM   

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From: Weirdville
Well i expected Megan Fox to be number one to be honest she's number one of most polls these days i must say i am sad to see Angelina not at the top spot she is still a natural beauty an looks as good as she did when she started out if not more so infact..but hey Megan still good as well.
As for Depp being number one on the mens ...well saw that coming as well ...good choice i guess

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 20/10/2009 11:38:54 AM   

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Damn me for not checking this thread more often. Missed my chance to defend myself against ridiculous comments. 

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 20/10/2009 1:52:17 PM   


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From: Doncaster
how the holy heckers is Anna Faris not on this list?!
not cool!

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 20/10/2009 3:22:47 PM   

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1. Emma Bleepin' Watson?!

2. Why couldn't I vote Rachel Weisz higher?

3. I seem to be one of a very few who's pleased with Helena "Mrs. Burton" Bonham-Carter's placing. She's Hot, you guys!

Also, not really surprised she didn't make the 50, but I voted for Holly Hunter. Just to say.


I was trying to stick this in the comments on Helen's blog entry:

"It'd take a pretty brazen person to seriously argue that Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp isn't attractive."

Megan and Johnny, yeah.

But I would argue that Angelina Jolie is too statuesque to be attractive (by which I mean literally "like a statue", rather than "tall").

She's too angular, too chiselled too like someone's idealised, perfected, set in cold stone vision of human beauty.

Now, a few years back, when she had a bit of roundness to her, yes!

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 20/10/2009 5:21:55 PM   


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Sam Worthington ahead of MARLON BRANDO? In Streetcar Named Desire? The world must be mad.

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Post #: 136
RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 21/10/2009 9:02:03 AM   


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Ooooooohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy gooooooddddd!! You know this list is f**cked up when Robert Pattinson is second, Megan Fox is first and about half of the bottom of the guys I would put in my top 10 or 20. I think many of the older men are overlooked because of stupid teenage fangirls who have nothing better to do then internet stalk their favorite actors (RPattz, Zac Efron etc) and mess up these votes. You know the world is wrong when Henry Cavill isn't even mentioned, Daniel Radcliff is higher on the list then Jensen Ackles, and Jeffery Dean Morgan and Joaquin Phoenix aren't even on the it. Boo! This vote is a fail, EPIC FAIL!!

This is how my list would probably end up looking for Top 50 Hottest Male Actors Of Today

1. Jensen Ackles
2. Gerard Butler
3. Johnny Depp
4. Christian Bale
5. Colin Farrell
6. Henry Cavill
7. Ryan Reynolds
8. Keanu Reeves
9. Ben McKenzie
10. Billy Zane
11. Russell Crowe
12. James McAvoy
13. Cameron Bright
14. Chris Evans
15. Joaquin Phoenix
16. Jeffery Dean Morgan
17. Jim Caviezel
18. Ben Affleck
19. Edward Norton
20. Benicio Del Toro
21. Tom Cruise
22. Chris Pine
23. Logan Lerman
24. Josh Hutcherson
25. Channing Tatum
26. Ryan Phillipe
27. Giovanni Ribisi
28. Hugh Jackman
29. Viggo Mortensen
30. Brad Pitt
31. Robert Pattinson
32. Daniel Craig
33. Liev Shrieber
34. Robert Downey Jr.
35. Sam Worthington
36. Heath Ledger
37. Dominic Purcell
38. Taylor Lautner
39. Ewan McGregor
40. Jonathon Rhys Meyers
41. Jake Gyllenhaal
42. Brendan Fraser
43. Eric Bana
44. James Marsden
45. Will Smith
46. Matt Damon
47. Clive Owen
48. George Clooney
49. Orlando Bloom
50. Antonio Banderas

Obviously I realize people will disagree completely but this is the way I would vote lol :)

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 21/10/2009 9:31:56 AM   


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Wow ummmm hate to burst your bubble but indeed Jensen is dating Daneel Harris and has been for over two years now. The dog is theirs, Daneel bought it for him as a present. ( He is also no longer married to Stephanie Ware. So maybe before you start pointing fingers you should do some research. I'm not here to quibble or "act like a reporter" I'm just merely setting the facts straight.

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 21/10/2009 12:38:51 PM   

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ORIGINAL: igotnewlegs

I'm also beginning to think, with so many (too many) twighlight stars and Emma Watson placing so highly, the readership of this website is far younger than I thought it was.

or it's full of groomers

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 22/10/2009 1:52:31 AM   
Liv B


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Oh my sweet Christ. How is it possible that Jon Hamm, the man who brought to life such unforgettable roles as Red Headed Cop and Young Pilot #2, can be missing from the list?

To see him overlooked in favour of young whippersnappers like Robert Pattinson (who I would actually have a go on, but only to be polite), purely because they've been in Actual Proper Films, Ones That Don't Have Keanu Reeves In, is frankly GALLING.

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 22/10/2009 7:12:30 PM   


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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 23/10/2009 2:37:01 AM   


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Honestly, am I the only person in existance with proper working eyes?!
Robert Pattinson as number 2? How did he even get on that list? Twilight sucks, and his head and face are mis-shaped.
Megan Fox? Totally predictable... But, she's not all that hot as people make her out to be.

My biggest problem with this list:
Robert Downey, Jr.
He is honestly the most gorgeous man in the history of civilization. No doubt about it. No one can argue this one! He is the defination of perfection. And while 3 is very high on the list, it's not high enough for a man like him. He should be number 1 by MILES.
Really people! Get your heads straight!!!
He has been so underrated, so underappreciated as an actor, and he's finally getting the attention he deserves. I'm glad that people finally see him for what he is. And that's nothing less than AMAZING.
Maybe next year he will be where he belongs: at number 1! (or in my bed!!)

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 23/10/2009 4:12:07 AM   


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I think there is a mistake with the Vote , as Jessica Alb deserves a higher Rank than 21 , also Charlize Theron Has to be in the first 10 , and Rachel Wiesz is so Cute and Innocent , so the first Five Should be
1.Jessica Alba , 2. Scarlett Johansson , 3. Charlize Theron , 4.Keira Knightly , 5.Rachel Wiesz , 6. Natalie Portman , 7. Amy Adams , 8. Jessica Simpson , 9. Catherine Zeta Jones ( I didn't notice her) , 10.Nicole Kidman

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 23/10/2009 2:38:10 PM   

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From: London
I definitely agree with this!! I voted for her as well!!!


ORIGINAL: Scruffybobby

No place for this lady?

surely some mistake.


I have and always will be, your friend

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 23/10/2009 2:41:45 PM   

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From: London
Here Here, I voted for Ava Gardner and Scarlett Johansson to have a bit a variety!!!


ORIGINAL: ClaraDarko

Most Empire readers seem to be too young and/or too ignorant to recognize real sex-appeal or to know anything at all about cinema.

Top 30 Sexiest Actresses Ever:

Top 30 Sexiest Actors Ever:


I have and always will be, your friend

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 23/10/2009 4:26:53 PM   


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From: Uk
What about Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany or Sam Reilly?! And also Audry Tatou for the girls! Honestly...

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 24/10/2009 1:50:57 PM   


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From: Leeds
Elvis Presley......not the best movie career, but millions of women wanted him and millions of men wanted to be like him....check out the films King Creole/Jailhouse Rock (with the former meant for Jame s Dean i think)

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Post #: 147
RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 24/10/2009 5:02:53 PM   
Ultimo Lee


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From: Manchester
Good: Monica Bellucci, Eva Green, Salma Hayek, Kristen Bell, Charlize Theron, Zooey Deschanel, Freida Pinto, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Megan Fox (too high though)

Bad: Sandra Bullock (In by the female vote?), Jessica Biel, Amy Adams (attractive but never sexy), Jennifer Aniston (YAWWWWN), Penelope Cruz, (Ugly and not sexy)Keira Knightley (never fancied Fucking a skellington) Kate Winslet (see Bullock & Aniston)

Need to be clubbed: Natalie Portman

All the others are Meh

I'd say th best looking in the list is Mila Kunis and Sexiest as ever goes to Salma Hayek.

My 50 would include Naomi Watts, Meagan Good, Jeon-Ji-Hyun (Gianna Jun), Zhang Ziyi, Catherine Zeta Jones, Diane Kruger, Alexis Dziena, Ashley Benson, Christina Milian, Lauren London, Monet Mazur, Rachel Bilson, Rose Mcgowan and Vanessa Hudgens

How Kirsten Stewart is in their and none of these are really boggles the mind

People be crazy

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 25/10/2009 11:31:33 AM   


Posts: 18
Joined: 19/7/2008

(PS I'm white)

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RE: 100 Sexiest: The Results - 25/10/2009 5:04:06 PM   

Posts: 10
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From: Stockton

I'm very happy with Allan Rickman too, he is HOT in "Love Actually"

All hail Johnny Depp, though! The sexiest man to ever live.
BUT I do think Heath Ledger should be higher up 


"Captain, being held by you isn't quite enough to get me excited."

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