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Ball Rolling On Rambo 5

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Ball Rolling On Rambo 5 - 31/8/2009 8:46:32 AM   
Empire Admin


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Post your comments on this article
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Guily Pleasure? - 31/8/2009 8:46:32 AM   


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This could be awesome!

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Stop! - 31/8/2009 8:48:35 AM   


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I thought that Rambo 4 was a good finishing point on the series (spoilers) when sly returned home to american soil to see how things had changed, I thought that was a telling sign that the man was finally at peace, kinda guessing i was wrong lol.

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he should have left it at 4 - 31/8/2009 8:53:07 AM   


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From: london
to be honest i think he should have left it at 4. as it was already a risky task making 4 after it was so long since part 3

but lucky enough he pulled it off really well. but as for part 5 im sure it could be a really well done movie but it go very bad and just undermind every thing about part 4.

i see this as a American version of TAKEN..

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RE: Stop! - 31/8/2009 8:54:46 AM   


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From: Penicuik - ass end of nowhere.
Oh yeah, I'll look forward to this one...!

(in reply to hellboyx)
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ok.... - 31/8/2009 10:06:23 AM   

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From: ZONE 2
....I love Stallone and the Rambo Films but I reckon the Fourth was the perfect ending to his story, no need for a Fifth unless he has something reeeeally special planned. THE EXPENDABLES is still the one I'm looking forward to the most right now.

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RE: Ball Rolling On Rambo 5 - 31/8/2009 10:07:16 AM   

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From: The Eighth Dimension c/o Buckaroo Banzai
Good, striking while the iron is hot, Stallone still energized and ripped from working on The Expendables, awesome.


"Bleed, bastard."

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RE: ok.... - 31/8/2009 10:07:21 AM   

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From: Punishment Park
As long as he keeps the violence quota to the same level, then I am there.


It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known.

(in reply to Snake-Eyes)
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Geriatric killing machine! - 31/8/2009 10:30:34 AM   


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Yey! Rambo 4 was impossibly bloodthirsty and an easy watch, so if he keeps 5 the same (and hopefully a returning role for Julie Benz, preferably in a tight sweater), then file under' guilty pleasure'.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 9
- 31/8/2009 10:35:40 AM   


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this plot is mentioned in the dvd extras as a first draft idea for Rambo 4 but according to Sly didn't really get to the heart of what the character was about. 4 was great fun but perhaps best o bow out on a high?

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Post #: 10
F**K OFF..... - 31/8/2009 11:51:05 AM   


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From: eeaarrrttthhhh

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Awesome - 31/8/2009 12:36:55 PM   

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From: Perpendicular Universe London
Walt Kowalski, Harry Brown, John Rambo, New wave of elders with weapons righting wrongs, I for one always look forward to another Stallone film.

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Post #: 12
- 31/8/2009 1:09:00 PM   


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4 was terrible, when will people learn that enough is enough

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Post #: 13
Bring it on! - 31/8/2009 1:25:43 PM   


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Here's hoping that with this and the Expendables we're gonna see more of a return to 80's style action.
Rambo 4 was one of the most enjoyably daft action movies in ages. Nice to see some good old blood and guts for once.
You can keep all your so called modern day action heroes, none of em are a patch on Sly and co.
I for one can't wait!

< Message edited by farewelandgodnight -- 31/8/2009 1:27:01 PM >

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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RE: Bring it on! - 31/8/2009 3:48:42 PM   


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From: Leeds
Sa-weet! Stallone is the man and I look forward to a new Rambo film. I'm pretty sure Stallone is the only one trying to keep the old school action film alive...Y'know films with violence and bad language, not for kiddies.


"You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig."

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Not Necesary,but... - 31/8/2009 6:18:50 PM   
darth silas

Posts: 4938
Joined: 1/10/2005
From: My living room
Rambo 4 would have been a decent ending for the franchise,but if Sly turns out a great film(and doesnt show every key scene in the trailer)then im all for it.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 16
RE: Not Necesary,but... - 31/8/2009 11:39:23 PM   


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Hmm,I wasn't a fan of the last one. I genuinely thought Rambo 4 was tastelessly violent. I'm rarely bothered by violence in films, but the combination of the fairly extreme gore and the supposed awareness raising about Burma came off as just exploitative for me. I left with a pretty bad taste in my mouth. I understand that what happens in places like that is horribly violent and such, but I think most people watched the film as an action thrill ride (which it delivered as) not a moral message.


(in reply to darth silas)
Post #: 17
- 1/9/2009 12:57:38 AM   


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From: Bognor regis
Hell, I was sold at Rambo, BRING IT ON!

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 18
- 1/9/2009 4:30:46 AM   


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Joined: 16/2/2009
kill em all kill em all

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 19
- 1/9/2009 10:19:33 AM   


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Joined: 2/12/2005
Sadly Sly somewhat resembled the Pepperami Man on steroids in the last one.
I'm hoping Rambo V will go 'leftfield' and be a musical.
Well, I can dream.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 20
So what the hell is this one gonna be called? - 1/9/2009 1:05:33 PM   
Mr Grizzly

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Joined: 22/9/2006
From: London
John? 6th Blood?

Loved the last one in a guilty pleasures, don't tell anyone kind of way but enough's enough, really Sly! Surely there's more mileage in an Expendables sequel - roping in the Norris, Segal and JCVD....

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 21
Rambo vs Incontinence - 1/9/2009 11:17:14 PM   

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Stallone can do action and I'm as eager as everyone else to see The Expendables, so why on earth does he have to return to his Rambo series?
There must be a dozen good scripts out there that he could be involved in, there's no need to go overf the same shit again.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 22
RE: Rambo vs Incontinence - 5/9/2009 11:42:48 AM   

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From: ZONE 2

I dunno about this one...

sounds a bit lame. I LOVE RAMBO but this is sort of straying off course.


"When you have to shoot, shoot don't talk."

(in reply to tetchy)
Post #: 23
RE: Rambo vs Incontinence - 5/9/2009 11:49:45 AM   


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The science fiction angle at least gives a tired franchise an attempt at steam. I look forward to it, providing the super soldiers are out-there enough (I want men built like bears).

(in reply to Snake-Eyes)
Post #: 24
RE: Rambo vs Incontinence - 5/9/2009 12:05:08 PM   

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ORIGINAL: tetchy

Stallone can do action and I'm as eager as everyone else to see The Expendables, so why on earth does he have to return to his Rambo series?

Probably so he can churn out film after film without having to create a new character.

(in reply to tetchy)
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I hope Rambo 5 is as good as Rambo IV - 5/9/2009 7:24:26 PM   


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From: Earth...somewhere in space
I only watched Rambo IV last night, and as such I have only watched it once, but I have to say I thought it was awesome.
I personally thought it was a perfect no-brain actioner, and after my initial hesitation I loved every blood soaked minute of it.

Rambo IV looks like it was filmed in the early nineties or late eighties, and that to me is what made it so amazing - I think it captured the old skool.

Its a bit of a dodgy way of making people more aware of the problems in Burma, but at least it is making people aware, if they wern't already. But I am not reviewing it on that front, I am merely reviewing it as an action film, and in that way its perfect.
I actually enjouyed this film more than I did the classic Rambo, mostly because this film was relentless.

Bring on Rambo V.

I hope its good.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 26
RE: I hope Rambo 5 is as good as Rambo IV - 6/9/2009 9:12:27 AM   


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From: South Wales
I just hope he slowly sails up and down some more rivers in the new one, I would like to see at least Eight trips back and forth.

Only kidding, I liked Rambo, especially when he was shooting legs off of people.

(in reply to TrainOfThought)
Post #: 27
RE: I hope Rambo 5 is as good as Rambo IV - 6/9/2009 9:38:24 PM   
Frank Castle

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Joined: 14/10/2005
From: Parts Unknown
Rambo vs universal soldier!! sounds great!!


" guys its ok, he just wanted his machette back"!!

(in reply to captainrentboy)
Post #: 28
RE: I hope Rambo 5 is as good as Rambo IV - 6/9/2009 11:14:40 PM   


Posts: 66
Joined: 16/8/2009
Or maybe Sly wanted to make a new Predator flic
The old feud is on


"You are my Lucky Star"

(in reply to Frank Castle)
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